Angela Steinfurth and Steven W. King

Angela Steinfurth and Steven W. King
Crimes: Child Abuse, Murder

Terry Steinfurth Jr. of Toledo, Ohio, loved his baby girl Elaina. He loved her and he wanted her. Trouble was Elaina was in the custody of her mother, Angela Steinfurth, who wasn’t about to hand over the child to her ex.

I don’t know why Angela Steinfurth had custody of the 19-month-old girl. She was no great shakes as a mother. Many of her relatives and her neighbours on Federal Street knew that Angela Steinfurth physically and verbally abused her toddler and her 4-year-old daughter.

Lucas County Children Services had gotten a call in the spring of 2013 reporting domestic violence. An agency worker responded and decided the situation had been resolved.

Resolved? I wish. Trouble was, despite there being many witnesses to many instances of abuse and neglect, there was only ever that one call to Lucas County Children Services. I don’t understand why people hesitated.

ElainaAngela Steinfurth was seen by witnesses screaming at Elaina, “You little bastard!” and slapping her 4-year-old across the face.

Angela Steinfurth’s own cousin Ginger said, “I know the mother wasn’t a very nice mother. She yelled at them and was always cussing.”

Terry Steinfurth Jr. broke up with Angela Steinfurth over the issue of her abusive behavior. He may have been considering seeking custody of his little girl. Angela Steinfurth’s response to a neighbour about that was, “[He] ain’t getting my kid.”

As it was, little Elaina was left in the care of her POS mother and her mother’s boyfriend, Steven W. King. The 2 adults and 2 children lived in Steven King’s mother’s house on Federal Street.

And then came the horrible and foreseeable day when little Elaina went missing.

It was June 2, 2013. Terry Steinfurth Jr. had shown up at the house to pick up his daughters around noon. Angela the hellbitch gave him the 4-year-old but refused to hand Elaina over. A very loud argument ensued, witnessed by the neighbourhood.

One witness said, “They were yelling back and forth, and [Steinfurth Jr.] kept saying, ‘I want my kid! I want my kid!'”

After an hour of fighting, Angela finally went into the house to get little Elaina. After 15 or 20 minutes she came out screaming that Elaina was gone. Suspicious much?

Right away the family began searching for the toddler. They didn’t find her. She wasn’t in the house, or in the yard, or in the neighbourhood. She was gone.

Missing posterThe police were called and a full-scale search began. Police and volunteer groups organized and began checking the entire area. Angela Steinfurth began bleating to the press about how her baby was kidnapped. Somebody must have snuck into the house through the back door and grabbed her!

Riiight. And where exactly was Steven King at the time Elaina went missing? Hmmmm, I wonder if he was sneaking out the back door with a little girl.

The neighbours knew something was very wrong with the whole setup. It just stank.

One neighbour said, “[Angela Steinfurth] was pacing up and down the street, and then she walked up to me and asked for a cigarette. She went from crying to smiling. How do you go from fake crying to a smile? Something ain’t right there. If I lost my kid, I wouldn’t be asking for a cigarette. That’s a crock of shit. If it was my kid, I’d be going crazy.”

Steinfurth home“I think it’s an inside job on the mom, if you ask me,” another neighbour said. “She’s all happy and smiling. That mom messed the baby up.”

Police were having a tough time believing what Angela Steinfurth was saying. For one thing, the clothes she said Elaina was wearing were found inside the house. So the kidnapper took the time to strip the toddler and carry her naked out the back door through the neighbourhood? In broad daylight on a Sunday? Without her screaming for mommy?

Gotta say, a man carrying a struggling, naked toddler would be noticed.

A reward of $10,000 was offered by Toledo Police and the FBI. Search parties and prayer vigils were ongoing for the next few months. They scoured the streets, the parks, and even the banks of the Maumee River.

ElainaEveryone wanted little Elaina to be found — everyone except Steven King and Angela Steinfurth.

The police, tired of getting the runaround from that nasty pair, arrested them on charges of obstructing justice and child endangerment.

Finally, on September 5, 2013, Steven King told investigators where they could find Elaina. The poor little child hadn’t gotten very far — actually only a few yards. She was in the detached garage of the house on Federal Street.

Amazingly, although police had torn apart the Federal Street house 4 or 5 times, looking desperately for clues, not once had they checked the garage. This was despite video taken that first day showing the side door of the garage wide open. This was despite a cadaver dog indicating the garage was a good place to search.

Police searchOn September 5, 2013, after Steven King told all, police looked up into a small loft in the rafters of the garage. There they found a computer box covered in a tarp under trash and other boxes. Inside were the remains of baby Elaina.

When searchers and family heard the news they were devastated. Three months of searching had left them with little hope Elaina was alive, but there had been the chance of a miracle. Now they all knew Elaina was dead, and were soon to learn she was murdered.

In November 2013 the Lucas County coroner determined that baby Elaina had suffered severe acute fractures to her arms and her legs. He characterized these bone breaks as consistent with “non-accidental trauma”.

Somebody had beaten that poor baby so badly they’d broken her arms and legs. What kind of monster(s) could do that? I guess the same kind of monster(s) who felt no need to seek immediate medical help. I guess the same kind of monster(s) who would rather see the baby die than get in trouble with authorities for the abuse.

Steven King in courtSteven King and Angela Steinfurth were now in deep shit. Luckily for them decomposition of the baby’s body left too many questions unanswered. Damnit! The prosecution, as a result, was not certain it could get convictions for charges of murder.

The investigators and prosecutors knew they were dealing with murder. There was blood on the walls, on the floor, on the baby blanket. Somebody had thrown little Elaina against the wall and broke her badly in a fit of rage.

Somebody did that horrible thing, and somebody killed her, but was it the monstrous mother or the beastly boyfriend? There was no proving which one did what. And so the prosecution made a deal.

Steven King agreed to a sentence of 25 years to life after admitting guilt in Lucas County Common Pleas court. HIS version of events made himself sound almost heroic.

Steven King said he found the baby unresponsive in her crib and having trouble breathing. He tried CPR but blood started to pour out of her mouth and nose.

See, he wanted to save Elaina with CPR but there was all that blood stopping him. Oh, what’s a hellbeast to do? Obviously not call 911.

“She was hardly breathing and she was unconscious. I panicked. I thought she was dying,” Steven King explained. “I covered her mouth and nose with my hand, and held it there until she stopped breathing.”

WTF? He thought she was dying so he stopped her breathing? Was he dropped on his head repeatedly as a child to think that that was logical?

Angela in courtAngela Steinfurth was allowed to enter an Alford Plea in Lucas County Common Pleas court. The hellbitch maintained she was innocent but acknowledged there was sufficient evidence to convict her.

Angela the hellbitch Steinfurth was sentenced to life in prison with the possibility of parole after 18 years.

The prosecution’s version of events was the monstrous, abusive mother was tired of Elaina’s crying, so she threw the toddler across the room, off the bed and onto the floor. She then abandoned the badly injured baby so she could have sex with her boyfriend (how the prosecution knows that I don’t know).

The next day Elaina was suffering from a bump on her head, a black eye and a bloody nose. And we mustn’t forget the broken arms and broken legs.

“Angela and Steven both inflicted serious injuries on this child. The question is, was she dying at the time that Steven King did what he did? We can never answer that question,” said the prosecutor, Jeff Lingo.

FuneralI hate that these two have a shot at parole. I really hope neither sees the light of day again.

RIP little Elaina. The world was filled with people who wished you to be safe and loved. It’s so sad that the hellbeasts who had the keeping of you chose to abuse and kill you instead.

My sincerest condolences to those who knew and loved that darling little girl. I wish all the very best for Elaina’s sister. May she be loved and nurtured forever.

Long may the hellbeasts Angela Steinfurth and Steven W. King rot.

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12 Responses to Angela Steinfurth and Steven W. King

  1. Bengalpuss says:

    Haven’t you noticed that every picture of little elaina, that she looks so sad, i bet that babies life was an absolute misery. And as for not finding her body and she was in the shed on the property where she lived is mind boggling. Hope those two evil cunts who did this to little elaina, get their ass whopped by their new cell mates and the rest of the prison population. Imagine that your severely injured child is on the floor, would you leave them there and go and have sex instead of urgently seeking that poor child medicac attention? Sick selfish self centred evil cunts, burn in hell you lowlife pieces of shite.

    • Chellesbelles says:

      I was just thinking the same thing. How come in every one of her pictures is she not smiling? Little kids are always smiling. Even ones whose lives are bad. How horrible must this childs life have been that she looked like that in every picture? So very sad.

    • Tiger says:

      Babies always have a smile, or at least some sparkle in their eyes. Not this poor little thing. I was in Toledo at the end of July. We went to a science museum there on our way to Minnesota to visit family. I remember going into Dunkin Donuts and seeing her picture on the counter and going back to the car and telling my fiance about it. Even then I said she looked like a sad little thing. I’ve got two little girls of my own and none of their pictures looks so hopeless. These parents deserve to rot in hell.

  2. moodymagic says:

    Why did the police not check the garage to start with. And why didn’t the neighbors and relatives get the authorities involved if they new evil bitch Angela was abusive. Burn in hell you 2.

  3. pixels&cupcakes says:

    I always read the posts on this page, but honestly, I think I need to stop, the child abuse posts especially make me feel incredibly miserable, and a million times more protective over my daughter. I can’t believe someone would do that.. :(

    • Jenni Saipha says:

      I agree that these stories make me feel so sick and sorry and worry about my kids more. A couple years ago, I read on here about a man in my hometown who raped a 14 year old girl, with her parents permission, as payment on a minivan. Ever since then, I come on here and read all these stories. Aside from the bad feeling I get, I feel that reading these stories keeps me aware of what’s happening, how common it is for people to mistreat other people, and strengthens my resolve to be aware of my surroundings, and watch out for signs that a child may be in danger. Just as it was in this sad story of Elaina, people who suspect something like abuse should not hesitate to get involved, and go to any lengths necessary to try to save the lives of these children whose parents don’t give a damn if they live or die or eat or not. Far be it from me to think I know how justice should work, but in my opinion, those convicted of crimes like this should immediately be killed in the same manner as their victims after their conviction. I would also like to see the complacent shitstain neighbors be convicted not giving a fuck. But that’s just me.

  4. Jamaica says:

    What a precious child little Elaina was. What kind of demented sicko would think of harming a child for any good reason?! They deserve whatever they get coming, those depraved sickos.

  5. bulldoggy says:

    I hope both of these losers never see freedom again. I hope they both suffer long and hard. They had a beautiful little girl and chose to break her and suffocate her, and then had the nerve to play the victim. They deserve hell.

    • =^+^=Bengalpuss says:

      Bulldoggy, i don’t even understand why they keep bastard’s like this alive. Should be put to death. Send them to north korea so kim Jong un can take care of these pieces of shit.

  6. Myrthe says:

    Those sad eyes.. Makes me sick to the stomach to see her pictures )): poor little thing!!

  7. ANGRY DAD says:

    This site and these stories is why I will NEVER EVER sit back and do not thinking when you have a slightest clues about any child potentially in danger or abuse. I wish that any child killers, molesters, and abusers will get what you call a “payback” sentence where they get abused the exact same way or more by cell mates. Perhaps this will help prevent more POS from committing these acts if they see a harsher consequences. Maybe this POS rots in hell. RIP Elaina. I’m sure she’s in heaven now where she can be happier.

  8. MsM says:

    Poor little baby. Ya’ll are right, every pic of her is sad. The misery she lived with had to have been absolutely horrible. If these idiots didn’t want this kid why couldn’t they have just given her to her father who DID want her? Seriously, sometimes I think we need to develop a law controlling procreation.

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