Angela Marie Janecka

Angela Janecka
Crimes: Attempted Murder, Felony Child Neglect

Angela Marie Janecka of Henrico, Virginia, is oh so lucky she’s not guilty of murder. That’s not to say she didn’t try. She just didn’t succeed.

Angela Marie Janecka and her husband already had a son who was afflicted with autism when they discovered they were expecting another child. They didn’t want another child. Apparently they were afraid the baby would turn out to be autistic too.

When she was 20 weeks pregnant, Angela Janecka sought an abortion. She was told by the doctor that her pregnancy was too advanced by then.

The Janeckas kept looking and finally found a clinic in Washington that was willing to perform an abortion, but they couldn’t afford the fee.

What to do, what to do? I know Angela Janecka didn’t have many options, but the one she chose is inconceivable and unforgivable.

Angela Janecka ultimately decided to tell everyone, her husband included, that the baby had died in utero. She also told everyone that the doctor insisted she carry the dead fetus to full term. Apparently everyone believed her.

The baby was, of course, not dead, and naturally continued to grow and develop. Angela Janecka explained to everybody that her belly was getting bigger because the placenta was continuing to grow.

Just after noon on August 25, 2012, Angela Janecka gave birth at home in her Aloe Court townhouse. She cut the umbilical cord with scissors, but didn’t bother clamping the cord. The hellbitch now had a live, 8-pound baby girl on her hands. What to do, what to do?

What Angela Marie Janecka chose to do was to tuck her newborn daughter inside a pillowcase and then put the bundle inside a plastic grocery bag. She knotted the plastic bag, intending I’m sure to suffocate the baby, and then she stashed the bundle inside her dryer.

The bitch had 9 months — her entire pregnancy — to think of a plan and that was what she came up with. To suffocate her baby in a plastic bag and hide the body. Pathetic. And evil.

Angela Marie Janecka next phoned her husband to tell him that a doctor had delivered their stillborn baby and took it away in a plastic zip-top bag.

Her husband left work, went home and heard what he thought was a cat crying somewhere in the house. He investigated and was no doubt shocked to find his infant daughter in the dryer.

“Honey, we have a live baby here!” he shouted at his wife. Angela Janecka answered back, “Doctor said she was dead.” As if that explains what the baby was doing in the dryer. Inside a plastic bag. Inside a pillowcase.

The husband called their pediatrician’s office for help but got their answering service instead. The operator called 911 and summoned help for him.

Emergency personnel thankfully were able to save the baby’s life. The newborn infant was put into foster care.

Angela Marie Janecka was arrested and charged with attempted 1st-degree murder and felony child neglect. On April 16, 2013 the 40-year-old woman entered an Alford plea in Henrico County Circuit Court. An Alford Plea isn’t a guilty plea; it just means that the defendant agrees that the evidence is strong enough to convict her.

Angela Marie Janecka will be sentenced on July 24, 2013. She is looking at a maximum of 15 years in prison. The murderous mom is being held without bond until then.

Her husband has custody of their 8-year-old son. The baby girl is living with a foster family.

What is so truly pathetic about this is that Virginia has a Safe Haven law. A woman can surrender her infant, up to 14 days old, to an employee at any hospital emergency room or to an emergency medical rescue squad without penalty. NO WOMAN in Virginia has any excuse to murder her unwanted newborn baby.

Because Angela Marie Janecka chose to try to murder her daughter, her autistic son has no mother, her husband has no wife, and she has no freedom for probably the next 15 years. She should be thankful that she wasn’t successful at murder or she’d never see the light of day again.

I truly hope the baby girl is loved and safe and happy for the rest of her life. I hope Angela Janecka’s son too lives a contented life.

As for Angela Marie Janecka, I hope she spends her time in prison, however long that will be, growing a heart and a soul because it takes heartless, soulless hellbitch to try to kill and dispose of her tiny, helpless baby.

I will keep readers posted about her sentencing in July.

The murderous mother Angela Marie Janecka was sentenced to a whopping 3 years and months. WTF?

Angela Janecka was sentenced to 7 years, with all 7 years SUSPENDED for the charge of attempted murder. WTF? Why?

She was sentenced to 5 years with 1 year and 9 months suspended for the child neglect charge.

The Janeckas gave up their rights to the baby. She is reportedly healthy and being cared for by a foster family. Bless her wee heart, I hope she grows up happy.

WJLA article
Daily Mail article and video

29 Responses to Angela Marie Janecka

  1. bengalpuss says:

    Well i don.t think you could get much more wicked than that. If she didn.t want another baby why didn.t she get contraception, the stupid selfish fucking bitch. I really Hope she gets her arse kicked in jail. Just imagine if the husband didn.t come home, no doubt we’d be reading about a murdered baby, fucking evil bastard she is.

  2. moodymagic says:

    I hate this bitch. Suffer long. Thank goodness for the husband.

  3. Thundar says:

    First of all, who’d touch that nasty POS. I guess that shows what a 12 pack will do. Even that might not be enough, the dad probably had a case handy for the occasion.

    • bengalpuss says:

      She is fuck ugly, He’d need more Than a twelve pack to sleep with this thing, probably a shot of morphine, and sticking a paper bag over her head for good measure.

      • Thundar says:

        I think a paper bag over his head also, in case hers fell off.

        • bengalpuss says:

          With the size of mike tysons look a likes neck, i don.t think theres much chance of that head falling off thundar, but still she is an Ugly bastard. She should also get an extra charge slapped on her arse for being ugly, she’d definately be found guilty on that one no worries.

  4. MsM says:

    That woman is the end result of some heavy duty inbreeding…(just had to take a class on the subject, the details are still wayyyy too fresh in the memory) The neck, the ears and the lack of a decent jaw line are a dead give away…evidently it affected her brain as well. What kind of moron does something like this?? Thank God the baby survived!! Poor little thing.

    • 2cute says:

      MsM, those were my thoughts exactly. People’s necks should not be thicker than their heads! But her looks have no bearing on her actions which were totally inhumane. How the hell can any mother do that, even think of doing that?!? She is a sociopath, what with her lying, lack of remorse, callousness and inability to love. I am glad her children are out of her clutches and I hope her husband finds a good woman who can be a good mother to his son.

  5. bulldoggy says:

    I am kind of amazed that nobody googled her lies. If someone in my family or circle of friends gets a medical condition, practically everyone (all the womenfolk anyway) goes on the internet to check it out. So the idea that a doctor would force a woman to carry a dead fetus to full term would’ve been debunked, and the idea the placenta kept growing would have been ruled out too.

    This bitch lied with such a glibness she must have made a career of it. I wouldn’t even believe the son’s diagnosis now unless I had a medical report in front of me. Who’s to say the bitch didn’t do something harmful to him when he was a baby?

    • cleo says:

      I am so stoked — we are 35 people away from 80,000 unique visitors! That is so awesome! Thanks everybody for reading my stuff!

      • bengalpuss says:

        Well done cleo, its because you have a certain flair at writing about these bastards, thats what makes people click onto this site. Im glad you said unique visitors, because my comments alone would be ranging into the thousands, i can.t read about these shitbags without commenting, because im that worked up after reading them, that my only release is to vent my anger and frustration, thanks & keep it up cleo.

    • bengalpuss says:

      Bulldoggy, your right again, mark your calendar. Thats true that the placenta would have basically made her very sick, it would have to be removed if the baby was dead, plus they would’ve given her something to induce labour, so your bang on there. Kinda feel a bit stupid that you bulldoggy, a man thought about that before me a female, well done love. By the way her neck is bigger than a bulls, shit has she been doing bench presses, otherwise msm, must be right and she’s inbred.

      • bulldoggy says:

        Well bengalpuss, it isn’t Bulldoggy Jr that does all my thinking for me. It’s always nice to be told I’m right though. Made my day. I told my Charlie dog and he wagged his tail with enthusiasm. Course he probably thinks I’m going to haul out the treats. Just might – it’s a cause for celebration after all.

        • bengalpuss says:

          Celebration that your right, or because i said you were right? I told tyke that his mummy is brain dead, and he just looked at me and went back to sleep, i don.t get no tail wagging.

      • MsM says:

        It depends on how long between death and the due date Bengal. My cousin’s baby died in utero and she had to carry him a week and a half before they could get her into the hospital to induce labor. She was close to her due date as well. In this case, though, given there seems to be a huge span of time between the ‘death’ and delivery, Bulldoggy’s right. Sooner or later, things would have gotten septic given how far along she was. (Had it been earlier in the scheme of things there could be a chance for a ‘stone baby’, but those are very very rare and the woman doesn’t even usually know she’s pregnant.

        At the same time, though, some people don’t think to look things up. Some people don’t know how to research. As a writer I research all the time, so much so sometimes I get facts confused because I research too much – so I’ve had to tone it down and research only two or three things at once. lol But, none of these people could have been too computer savvy for all we know and a lot of people take things at face value because they can’t imagine their loved one lying to them. Still, this woman had the fortitude to premeditate a rather complicated lie whether she understood physiology or not so in my book she’s a sociopath all the way around.

        And go Cleo!!!

  6. MsM says:

    Weird, I posted and the interwebz ate it…anyway, Bulldoggy is right Bengal, things would have gotten septic pretty quickly if the baby had actually died. Although, when my cousin lost her baby she had to carry him for a week and a half before they could get her into the hospital to induce labor. She was also very close to her due date. Had this been earlier in the woman’s pregnancy and the baby did die there could be a chance for a ‘stone baby’ but those are exceedingly rare and most of the time the woman didn’t even know she was pregnant. Either way, given that this woman premeditated this whole ghastly plan I pretty much feel she’s a sociopath, no doubt about it.

    As for the googling – not everybody researches. Interestingly, I’ve found that people who ‘research’ many times don’t actually know HOW to research so they’re not always getting the best info anyway. As a writer I research constantly, sometimes too much – to the point I confuse myself, lol – so I’ve had to tone it down a bit. But this family may not even have been computer savvy, maybe they just didn’t care. Like I said, not everybody googles and from what little info we have regarding this family I don’t think the majority would have been educated enough to understand what they would have been reading. Still, the perp was smart enough to plan this all out and not get caught before the baby was finally found.

    And go Cleo!!!

    • cleo says:

      Sorry MsM if it looked like your comment was eaten. Actually it went into the moderation queue. To prevent spam from getting posted I have to put some rules in to catch them and often real comments get caught too. I check several times a day because hundreds and hundreds of comments build up in the queue. I have to sort through them to approve the genuine ones and that is why there is often a delay.

  7. Katy A says:

    Will the baby girl ever find out what her monster mother tried to do to her, what a thing to have to live with.
    If the Dad saved the baby why did he put her in foster care did he not want his baby either. So sad to think of the number of women in this world who can’t get pregnant or like myself have lost a child. I will never understand why life is so unjust.

    • MSM says:

      Katy, he may not have had a choice. The state may have stepped in under the circumstances and overridden his rights.

  8. bengalpuss says:

    If they have overridden his rights, then thats a bit unfair really, because if it wasn.t for him that baby no doubt would be dead. The husband was obviously a victim himself. How that bull necked woman can lie like that, then give birth to a baby and place it into a bag restricting the air to the child so it will smother to death is unbelievably evil. Thank god he came home. And i hope this bitch rots in hell for eternity.

    • MSM says:

      Bengal, they have to confirm (at least to themselves) that the father was not in on the facade before they’ll release the child to him. If he has no intention of divorcing the woman there’s a good chance they’ll never give him the child. Essentially he gets to keep the son because she did nothing to hurt the son (that anybody knows about). As far as the law is concerned she’s a danger to the baby only and as long as he keeps ties with her his rights will be denied to protect the baby.

  9. Anne77f says:

    This hideous bitch is as crazy as she is evil. I was in a holding cell with her in Henrico Juvenile court…where most people are there for custody and such…she actually tried to tell me the baby was born dead. riiiiiiiiiiiiight. and that she tried” to give her up for adoption but because of her other child’s disability the agency didn’t want her perfectly healthy baby girl. CRAZY. She is a truly evil person. I was only exposed to her presence for about an hour but it was one of the worst hours I’ve ever spent. she will get hers in prison and I hope someone ties a bag over her ugly head.

  10. 2cute says:

    Anne77F, it’s a good thing you didn’t have to rub elbows with the beast longer than an hour. Sounds like she’s trying out different lies in an effort to find one that’s semi-acceptable, but there is no acceptable reason for putting a live newborn in a plastic bag. The bitch just hasn’t learned that yet. Hopefully her prison pals will teach her that lesson.

    • Bengalpuss says:

      2cute, lets just hope that her other house mates know what she’s in for. In british jails they have television’s so it couldn’t be hidden, do they have television’s in american jails? I think that she definately should have a bag tied over her head, but it will have to have a wide opening to accommodate that humongous neck of hers. Here’s hoping that she has to continuously look over her shoulders while she’s locked up.

  11. Bengalpuss says:

    Mind you with a neck like, i wonder would she be able to look over her shoulder. She does have one fucked up neck doesn’t she lol.

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