Angela Faye Stoldt

Angela Stoldt
Crimes: Murder, Dismemberment

I am tempted to think that Angela Faye Stoldt of Deltona, Florida, is a raving loon. What she did is beyond the realm of sanity, in my opinion, and beyond the realm of humanity. She acted like a beast born from the flames of hell. Yup, she’s a hellbeast.

Angela Faye Stoldt, a Florida mom, was angry with her neighbour, James Sheaffer. The guy had apparently asked her to act as the payee on his Social Security disability benefits, which she agreed to do — for money. They set up a joint account to make it possible. But then James Scheaffer kept overdrawing the account. That really fried Angela Faye Stoldt. And when James Scheaffer began bugging her to ask her own father for a $4000 loan, Angela Faye Stoldt’s rage bubbled over and became lethal. I mean that literally. Lethal.

Angela Faye Stoldt had a plan for revenge. She prepared by shopping at Wal-Mart and buying some Saran Wrap and rubber gloves. A few hours later, early in the morning of April 3, 2013, she picked James Scheaffer up from his job at Blue Diamond Limousines. She had her 2 kids in the car at the time. She drove them all back to her home on Horseshoe Terrace, and invited James Scheaffer in for a drink.

Angela Faye Stoldt made a special concoction for James Scheaffer — vodka and peach schnapps cocktails spiked with prescription pain medication she’d stolen from her dad. James Scheaffer trustingly downed 2 of the drinks, and not surprisingly got very drowsy.

Angela Faye Stoldt managed to bundle a stupified James Scheaffer into her car, and drove her kids to her parents’ home where she dropped them off. Finally alone with her victim, she drove on to Osteen Cemetery. She didn’t want any witnesses.

OK, I gotta warn you — it’s gonna get icky now.

Angela Faye Stoldt had prepared for what came next. There was no other reason for an ice pick to be in her car. Ick!

The hellbitch casually reached to the back seat of her car to retrieve the ice pick and then stabbed James Scheaffer in his right eye. Holy shit!

Angela Faye Stoldt then grabbed her garrote — a cord with handles on either end — wrapped it around James Scheaffer’s neck and strangled him.

Still not happy, the monstrous hellbeast picked up the ice pick again and stabbed the man in his other eye! And left it there!

Being a fastidious person, Angela Faye Stoldt wrapped her victim’s head in Saran Wrap because she didn’t want blood all over the car seats.

James ScheafferWith her victim propped up in the passenger seat, head wrapped up and ice pick protruding, Angela Faye Stoldt drove home and parked in the garage. She had a lot to do before the kids returned. She needed to rest up, so she pushed the body out of the car into a kiddie pool and then went to bed.

The next morning, all refreshed, she got down to business. Using a knife and a hacksaw — you know what’s coming — Angela Faye Stoldt cut up the body into manageable pieces. She carried the poor man, piece by piece, into the kitchen. Her initial idea was to cremate him.

At first Angela Faye Stoldt put a leg into the oven but the smoke and the stench became overpowering. That’s when the hellbitch decided to boil him instead.

Not surprisingly she couldn’t cook up the entire body, so she piled larger pieces of the body into trash bags.

The kids came home and her daughter naturally asked about the lingering stench. Angela Faye Stoldt told her that a rat had gotten trapped inside the oven. Gross story, but not nearly as gross as the truth.

The hellbeastly mother then recruited her son to help get rid of the trash bags. She told the teenager that she’d hit a deer with the car the night before and that’s what was in the bags. He bought it. Together, Angela Faye Stoldt and her son dumped the bags in various locations around Volusia County.

Afterward, the murdering bitch buried James Scheaffer’s cell phone and driver’s license in separate parks, and then disposed of most — not all — of the pots and pans she used to boil him up.

On April 4, 2013, James Scheaffer was reported missing by his father. Investigators canvassed the neighbourhood and even talked to Angela Faye Stoldt a few times. She told them she was his friend and that she handled some of his financial affairs. She also told the investigators that she’d seen the man on April 5th and April 15th. The last his family members had seen him was April 2nd.

Soon after the police began their investigation, Angela Faye Stoldt began to fall apart. The woman who purposefully stabbed a guy in the eyes, strangled him, cut him up and cooked him, was now losing sleep. She was becoming depressed. She was talking about killing herself. Still she wasn’t remorseful.

Three weeks after the murder, Angela Faye Stoldt confessed to her family. She said she’d drugged and killed James Scheaffer because he threatened to kill her.

On April 21, 2013, Angela Faye Stoldt’s sister called 911 to say the woman admitted to murder and was acting suicidal.

The killer was taken in for a mental health evaluation. She wouldn’t talk to investigators then but they got a search warrant for her house anyway. They found a soup pot with the dead man’s thighbone, kneecap and some soft tissue in it.

When detectives questioned the hellbitch after that, she was quite forthcoming about what she’d done. “Thursday is when I was cooking him,” she said. “Friday is when I was dumping him.”

Angela Faye Stoldt maintained that she’d killed the man because he was going to ruin her life. “I’m sorry, but I put Jimmie where he belonged, in my opinion at the time,” she said.

Fully cooperative now, Angela Faye Stoldt led the police to the various locations she had dumped the body parts. They found 56 bones — out of a total of 206. Sadly, James Scheaffer’s head and torso were never recovered.

Angela StoldtAngela Faye Stoldt, 42, was charged with 2nd-degree murder, abuse of a dead human body and tampering with physical evidence. A grand jury later upgraded the 2nd-degree murder charge to 1st-degree.

Incredibly, in September 2014, the hellbitch tried to use Florida’s stand-your-ground law as her defense. That’s the law made famous by George Zimmerman.

In her stand-your-ground motion she claimed that she was in fear of her life, and that in her car on April 3, 2013 James Scheaffer had attacked her and threatened to kill her and her kids.


According to the hellbitch, the victim came at her, swinging his hands and grabbing her. She reached into the back seat where she had her box of camping supplies and grabbed an ice pick. Hmmmm, ice picks are camping supplies?

Anyway, she stabbed the guy in the eye but that didn’t stop him! Still in fear for her life she reached in the back and pulled out the garrote which apparently wasn’t a garrote but instead was a cord used to climb poles. Riiiight.

So using this pole climbing tool which was handily shaped like a garrote, she wrapped it around the man’s neck and pulled and pulled until James Scheaffer stopped attacking her.

Then, for good measure, she stabbed him in the other eye. Totally self defense y’all.

Circuit Judge Randell H. Rowe III rejected the stand-your-ground motion. The public defender then tried to have all of the vicious killer’s statements to police thrown out due to mental issues.

Psychologist Harry Krop testified he’d evaluated Angela Faye Stoldt in May 2013 and aside from anxiety and depression he found her sane and competent to stand trial.

In December 2014, Angela Faye Stoldt, 42, mother of 2, was convicted and sentenced to life in prison. I am so glad about that because anyone who is so cold-blooded and calculating to kill, dismember, cook and dispose of somebody, over money, should be kept well away from the rest of us.

I truly wish the family of Angela Faye Stoldt and the family of James Scheaffer all the best. They’ve been put through hell and I don’t know if the hell will ever stop for them.

RIP, James Scheaffer. And rot in hell, Angela Faye Stoldt, for destroying 2 families and disposing of a life in the most hideous and cruel manner possible.

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12 Responses to Angela Faye Stoldt

  1. awesomeblossom says:

    Oh. My. God. That poor man! This bitch is evil! To bring a dead man into the house where she lives with her kids. To cook a dead man in the kitchen where her children eat! To use her own son to help her dispose of a body! And I’m not even mentioning what she did with the ice pick! OMG she deserved the death penalty!

  2. moodymagic says:

    This doesn’t make sense he was gruesomely stabbed with an ice pick then dismembered all because psycho Bitch was upset about money!!! Keep her locked up. I Agree why no death penalty?

  3. slob says:

    Read this yesterday had nightmares last night. I blame you. The ice pick thing is too gross.

  4. AngryLittleMexican says:

    So it’s just me and her that keep ice picks and garrotes in our cars ‘just in case’?!?! Come on guys, you never know when someone will try to attack you OR ice will build up on your car windows…..or, you know, people owe you some money….LOL what a MANIAC!

    • 2cute says:

      Not at all AngrylittleMexican. I myself take a garrotte along to climb poles when I’m camping. And the ice pick I use to …. ummm …. pick the roots and berries out of my teeth. Very handy.

    • bulldoggy says:

      I use my camping ice pick when I go fishing in winter and have to chip a hole in the ice. I admit it takes forever that way. And I use my camping garrotte as a clothes line to dry my socks. Very handy camping tools these are indeed. Except they’re a lot handier as murder weapons.

  5. PJ says:

    We actually owe Angela here a big thank you. If she had kept her mouth shut the bitch might only have been charged with abuse of a body. The head and torso were never found so it’s not like they could prove she used an ice pick and garrotte to kill him. She could’ve claimed he’d committed suicide and she didn’t want his family to know so she got rid of the body.

  6. Bengalpuss says:

    I could’ve done with someone like her to work in my torture dungeon, but her ice pick and garrote skills were used on the wrong person instead of shitbag hellbeasts. Her picture makes her look like a wild woman of borneo, and are those love bites on her neck? Cleo whats happened to the police brutallity article? Its disappeared? Just curious.

    • cleo says:

      Wow, bengalpuss, you don’t miss a thing. I took the article down because I am getting the opportunity to create facial reconstructions for a Florida police department, and I didn’t want to jinx things by having that article up and maybe tick them off. I am SO excited to get the chance to do more faces!

      • Bengalpuss says:

        We’ve got our own frank bender in our little cleo, that’s great is that love, and i think your facial reconstructions look realistic, some of the clay models and drawings that i’ve seen on the doe network are horrendous, in fact i’ve laughed at some because they are so bad that it would be a miracle for anybody to identify them. Yes cleo nothing slips past bengalpuss on this site, its my second home lol.

  7. AreYouF'nSerious?! says:

    I used to keep a lead pipe next to the driver’s seat to fend off the crazies… Never thought of an icepick!

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