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Ashley Simone Chavez
Crimes: Driving Under the Influence, Hit-and-Run, Manslaughter, Tampering with Evidence, Hindering Prosecution

A couple of stories ago I wrote about a guy who did the right thing — he’d discovered his girlfriend did something completely horrible, immoral and illegal and he turned her pasty ass in to the authorities. That, sad to say, is not always the case. Sometimes, such as in this particular case, a whole bunch of f*cktards gather together to protect one of their own from the consequences of her own f*cktardery.

The particular band of bastards I am writing about come from Portland, Oregon, and the f*cktardery they were trying to cover up involved the death of an innocent woman.

Angela Kaps-CollinsHere’s what happened. On March 31, 2012, Ashley Simone Chavez and her friend/coworker Angela Kaps-Collins went to a Portland Timbers game. Like total loser f*ckwads, the 2 women had been drinking alcohol before, during and after the game. And like total loser drunk f*ckwads they decided to drive home. Ashley Chavez did the “driving”.

I think of it less as driving and more as propelling a lethal weapon with a total lack of control.

As they headed toward Ashley Chavez’s Beaverton apartment, Nancy Schoeffler, 63, went for her nightly walk. At 11:20 pm, Nancy Schoeffler began crossing West Burnside Road near Southwest Tichner Drive. At precisely the same time, Ashley Chavez sped past that exact same spot. Her Honda, of course, hit Nancy Schoeffler and sent the poor woman flying 130 feet.

Nancy Schoeffler did not survive being hit by the speeding car. She died all alone, in the darkened street, with nobody there to help her.

Nancy Schoeffler

Nancy Schoeffler

Nancy Schoeffler had worked as a professional caregiver, and was mother to two adult children, Solara and John. She was a very worthwhile person, much loved, and much missed. She had done nothing in her entire life to deserve the rotten death she suffered.

After striking and killing Nancy Schoeffler, the drunken bitch Ashley Chavez just kept on “driving”, leaving her victim in her wake. Both women knew they’d hit somebody because they not only felt the impact, there was a big old hole in the shattered windshield.

Ashley Chavez didn’t stop “driving” until she reached the parking lot of the Quality Food Center (QFC) on Southwest Barnes Road.

It was in this parking lot that the drunken bitch Ashley Chavez argued with her drunken bitch friend, Angela Kaps-Collins. Ashley Chavez wanted to leave the car there, walk home and report the car stolen. How completely amoral of her!

Angela Kaps-Collins had a different idea. She insisted that she wasn’t doing any walking, that Ashley Chavez should keep on driving to her Beaverton apartment.

“I said … ‘We’re taking care of this, we’re going back to your place, we’re not leaving the car, we’re not leaving anything, we’re not walking,'” Angela Kaps-Collins reportedly said to Ashley Chavez.

Obviously when she said,”We’re taking care of this,” Angela Kaps-Collins wasn’t talking about taking care of the victim, or even checking if the woman was alive or dead, and obviously not taking responsibility for the crime.

It took a couple of hours but the two amoral drunks arrived at Chavez’s Beaverton apartment. And it was here the conspiracy of f*cktardery began.

Billy Collins Jr

Billy Collins Jr

Angela Kaps-Collins called her husband, Billy Eugene Collins Jr., and had him bring over a flatbed trailer. When he arrived, they loaded the damaged Honda onto the trailer and Billy Eugene Collins Jr. hauled it to the family farm. He hid the Honda in a barn.

Ashley Chavez meantime was on her computer, busy googling penalties for hit-and-run driving. I’m sure what she found wasn’t reassuring. In fact I’m sure her search results got her very upset — because Ashley Chavez did not want to go to jail!

The drunken killer phoned her mom and her stepfather and asked them to come over. Oh, fun! When they arrived at the apartment, the mom proceeded to lecture her f*cktard daughter about partying and her stupid, wasted lifestyle. Like the amoral little bitch was gonna listen to her mom now!

Instead, Ashley Chavez tuned her out and began googling for news about the hit-and-run. The news wasn’t good, of course.

And did the knowledge that she’d actually killed a woman make Ashley Chavez remorseful? Did it make her want to do the right thing? Hell no!

And incredibly, the knowledge didn’t make her family want to do the right thing either!

Joshua Jeremy Chavez

Joshua Jeremy Chavez

Over the next couple of days, at her mother and stepfather’s home in Sherwood, there were serious discussions being held. Ashley Chavez, her mom and stepfather, her brother Joshua Jeremy Chavez, Angela Kaps-Collins and Ashley’s boyfriend Christopher Michael Rhea put their collective brain cells together to come up with a “solution” to this pesky problem.

One “solution” was for Ashley Chavez to claim she met a man at a bar and that man drove her car, hit the woman and drove off.

Another “solution” they discussed was for Joshua Jeremy Chavez to shoulder the blame. Why him, for gawd’s sake? Why was he expendable and not his sister?

Now to be fair, Ashley Chavez’s mother, stepfather and boyfriend somewhat encouraged the nasty amoral bitch to turn herself in. She chose not to. *shock*

And nobody who knew what Ashley Chavez had done chose to do the right, moral thing and call the police themselves. Instead, they found another “solution”. They all agreed to fix her car and pretend they knew nothing about the hit-and-run.

All these people chose to let the family of Nancy Schoeffler and the police expend all their energies trying to find her killer.

On April 21, police and prosecutors handed out fliers to fans entering the next Timbers home game. They displayed a photo of the victim on a big screen and asked for information about the hit-and-run driver. Ashley Chavez was in that crowd, and she got a flyer, and she most certainly didn’t give herself up to authorities.

Christopher Rhea

Christopher Rhea

See, the plan to hide her crime was already in motion. Her boyfriend, Christopher Rhea, and her brother, Joshua Chavez, had already flown to San Diego where they bought a windshield, radiator and hood. The 2 men rented a van and brought the parts back to the Collins’ family barn.

Christopher Rhea, Joshua Chavez and Billy Eugene Collins Jr. washed the blood off the car and commenced doing the repairs. They needed some help with installing the windshield so they recruited Jose Alberto Torres to find someone to do that. Jose Alberto Torres was a coworker of Ashley Chavez and Angela Kaps-Collins.

Know what? If any coworker of mine found out I’d killed somebody, I’m pretty damn sure they’d be on the phone to police right away. And that’s fine with me because if I found out any of them killed someone, I’d be dialing the police myself.

That’s because we are good, MORAL people!

I can only gather that Jose Alberto Torres didn’t turn in Ashley and Angela because he is, like them, completely lacking in morals.

On May 23, 2012, Angela Kaps-Collins had a bit of a meltdown. I guess the pressure of keeping the secret got to be too much, so over lunch with a friend she confessed all.

FINALLY somebody did the right thing! The Portland police were contacted by this friend and on May 28, 2012, Angela Kaps-Collins was taken into custody. Once there she started talking and she didn’t stop.

Police found the damaged Honda in the barn, and recovered Nancy Schoeffler’s DNA from the license-plate cover. Mystery solved!

Angela Chavez, who was still not prepared to go to prison, hightailed it with her boyfriend. They were heading for Canada.

On June 1, 2012, US Marshals arrested them in Bellingham, Washington.

It didn’t take long for the 6 co-conspirators to be taken into custody and charged. They all were convicted and sentenced on November 5, 2012 in a Multnomah County Circuit courtroom.

Chavez and companyChristopher Rhea, the boyfriend, was sentenced to 60 days in jail.

Billy Eugene Collins Jr. got 30 days in jail.

Jose Alberto Torres pled guilty to tampering with evidence and got 10 days in jail.

Joshua Jeremy Chavez pled guilty and was sentenced to 60 days in jail. “I’m very sorry,” Joshua Chavez said in court. “There’s no excuse for what I was a part of.”

He’s right, there is no excuse. Not for him, not for any of them. And they all, IMO, got off way too easy.

Angela Kaps-Collins, 43, pled guilty to hindering prosecution and got a whopping 40 days in jail. She was given a lot of credit by the prosecution for her cooperation after her arrest. Well, yeah, if she hadn’t said anything, the car wouldn’t have been found and Ashley Chavez and her boyfriend would be tootling around Canada right now.

And that brings up to Ashley Chavez. The 23-year-old woman pled guilty to 2nd-degree manslaughter, driving under the influence of intoxicants, hit-and-run driving and hindering prosecution. On November 5, 2012, she was sentenced to 6 years and 3 months in prison.

Ashley ChavezAt her sentencing, Ashley Chavez cried and sobbed (good!) and said to Nancy Schoeffler’s family, “I just want to tell you I am so sorry for your loss.”

Yeah, well too bad she hadn’t been sorry enough to turn herself in right away. Too bad she enlisted her family and friends in the stupid plot to cover up her crime.

And it’s way too bad that her circle of family and friends were all, to a person, willing to engage in amoral and criminal behavior to save the drunken bitch’s sorry ass from justice. Too bad not one of them spared a thought for the victim and her grieving family.

Kudos to Officer Erik Koppang, Officer Chris Johnson and Sgt. Todd Davis for cracking the case. Well done, guys.

RIP, Nancy Schoeffler. I hope your tragic death will stop the next drunk from getting behind the wheel.

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Oregon Live article

16 Responses to Angela Chavez & company

  1. moodymagic says:

    Six years what a joke. All these fucktards and not one knows how to do the right thing. Not one of the rotten family members would turn her in. Makes me sick. That poor woman died all alone.

  2. Bengalpuss says:

    Jesus christ!! Six yrs?? Thats slapping the victims family in the face. I don’t understand why collins her drunken buddy got such a measly pathetic sentence. So she sung like a canary when arrested, but had she not been arrested, she’d have said fuckall. Just glad that finally someone who found out about this nasty secret had the decency to inform the authorities.

  3. 2cute says:

    This story makes me so mad! Who do these people think they are that their princess Ashley is too good to go to prison, she only KILLED somebody after all. They should all have been made to suffer a helluva lot more.

  4. FlyingLeadChange says:

    This is yet more proof of the law of moral attraction. In a free society, we are drawn to people who have the same morals and values as we do.

    Birds of a feather and all that…

    • Bengalpuss says:

      The frightening thing about this case flying leadchange, is the fact that so many people were prepared to say nothing, and cover her tracks. Imagine if that was your family member and you found out all those people perverted the course of justice, how would you feel? Sometimes im embarrassed to be a member of the human race. Just lately i’ve read stories that have blown my mind. A 6wk old kitten was found in the street on fire because some cunt had poured petrol on it and set it alight. Luckily a guy found him extinguished the fire and saved him. He lost his little ears and he was bald and he screamed in pain. They’ve called him justin and he has just been adopted by a lovely young woman. That really upset me reading that, it happened in new jersey. If i knew which cunt did that, then i’d be going to jail because i’d flip. Why would someone do that to a 5wk old kitten. Theres something wrong with society now, the crimes that they do, with not a lot of ppl having decent morals anymore. I also read an article about parents refusing their sick children medical attention because its against their religous beliefs, so the kids die and they end up getting a $500 fine and 3yrs probation. Wtf i’d send them to jail for life. And then i come back to these self centered bastards that said fuckall and tried to get away with murder, and end up getting a poxy 30day sentence. And the dumb arse drink driver gets a measly 6yrs, how the fuck is that justice for the victims family. Like you said flying lead change, birds of a feather, if you lie down with dogs, you’ll end up getting fleas.

  5. Johnnymorales says:

    Anyone wondering why they got a light sentence or for that matter why any convicted person gets a sentence that seems way to lenient the answer is simple.

    The defendant was able to pay for a good attorney.

    Likewise, when you read about some poor schmuck who seems to have had the book thrown at him for a minor crime (say finding a joint in his ashtray) the answer is.

    The defendant had to make due with a public defender.

    We may all have the right to an attorney should we be unable to afford one, BUT

    that does not mean anyone will get an attorney who gives a damn about us or guilt or innocence.

  6. scrappy says:

    Although the short sentences are insulting enough, the more sad reality is that really none of these people will ever truly change.

    As the article clearly notes, they had no moral compunction about the pain and suffering of Nancy Schoeffler or her loved ones.

    They get to keep on living their same selfish amoral lives and let us hope more innocent people don’t end up in their paths.

  7. ANON says:

    That sentencing was a complete joke. These people did everything they could to help this waste of space get away with leaving an innocent woman to bleed to death in the middle of a road, and none of them got more than 60 days?
    And the killer gets a little over six years. Six years for committing four different crimes, including manslaughter.
    This is sickening.

  8. DecentPeopleOnly says:

    Hit and Run Driving Resulting in the Death of the Victim should be
    Regarded as Murder Not Least when there is any Attempt to cover up what

  9. DecentPeopleOnly says:

    Alcoholism is Clearly a Blight upon Morality Decency and Integrity

    Wherever it is Alcoholic Thugs in UK High Streets Threatening Violence
    or Irresponsible Hit and Run Drunkard Drivers it Needs Sorting Out

    I Understand why the USA Banned the Manufacture Sale and Distribution of
    Alcohol in a Moral Sense …..The Sale of Alcohol Needs to be very much
    Halted Not Least to those who engage in Anti Social Behaviour and Drink

  10. DecentPeopleOnly says:

    Irresponsible Alcoholics ashould be Banned from Driving Vehicles

    This might Help Avert the Tragedies of Drink Driving which causes
    Injury to other People

  11. DecentPeopleOnly says:

    Alcoholism is a Blight on the Morality of this Country Fuelling Anti Social Behaviour wherever it is Thuggery Aggressive Begging or Littering .

    The Sale of Alcohol by Non Corporate Shops Needs to be Restricted in terms of Hours of Selling how much Alcohol is Sold and who the Alcohol is sold to .

    Anti Social Behaviour by Alcoholics as with Thugs in General Needs to be Stopped Not least around High Streets and Town Centres in the United Kingdom

    Alcoholics should Equally be Restricted how much Alcohol they can Buy in Corporate Shops and where Anti Social Behaviour has occurred they should be Barred from buying any Alcohol.

    Non Corporate Shops that persist in Selling Alcohol and Not least in large qualities to Anti Social Behaviour Alcoholics should have their Licenses to Sell Alcohol Revoked .

  12. DecentPeopleOnly says:

    Appalling and Irresponsible

    Namely Morons Driving Motorbikes through Pedestrianized High Streets

    They should be Banned from Driving Motorbikes and Get a £20,000 Pounds
    Fine , Where they have Kicked a Person or an Animal as Well they should
    get a £30,000 Pounds and 8 Years in Prison and be Banned from Driving Motorbikes where Injury has been Caused to either Person or Animal they
    should get a £35,000 Pounds Fine 15 Years to Life in Prison and be Banned
    from Driving Motorbikes where Death has been the Result of their Irresponsible Actions with a Motorbike they should be Regarded as Murderers and Get the Death Penalty

    If People cannot Behave Responsibly with Motorbikes they must Not be Riding them
    has been Caused they should

  13. DecentPeopleOnly says:

    Vehicles with Motors should either be Driven Responsibly or Not at All

    People who Drink Alcohol and Ride Bicycles and as a Result there is a
    Collision and a Person or Animal gets either Injured or Dies should be
    Charged Accordingly with Riding a Bicycle whilst under the Influence of
    Alcohol and Apart from Having Bicycle Seized should also be Banned from
    Riding a Bicycle with a Prison Sentence of at least 5 Years for Injury to
    a Person 15 Years for Serious Life Changing Injury and be Charged with
    Murder in the Event of the Death of a Person as a Result of Riding a Bicycle whilst under the Influence of Alcohol

    Where Bicycles are used for Anti Social Behaviour including Following
    Threatening Throwing Things at Victims and Assault they should have the Bicycle Seized and be Banned from Riding a Bicycle and get a Sentence
    According to the Level of Anti Social Behaviour Involved

  14. DecentPeopleOnly says:

    Irresponsible and Destructive Car Drivers Must Not be Driving Cars Simple

    When a Car Driver Intentionally Causes a Car Crash they Deserve to be
    Banned From Driving Cars and Given a 20 Year Prison Sentence where their
    Conduct has Resulted in Injury to a Person or an Animal they should be
    Given a Life Sentence with NO Parole and where it has Caused Death to a
    Person or an Animal they Deserve the Death Penalty as 1st Degree Murder

    Only Decent People For Car Drivers

  15. Chelsea says:

    I met this girl in prison & she has no remorse. She is a spoiled brat. She is rude & has the attitude & idea that she is better than other inmates. She has a bad energy all around her. She is mean & manipulative & a pill popper. The “sobbing” during her hearing was probably fake. Some people just never learn their lesson…

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