Andrew Summerfield

Andrew Summerfield
Crime: Animal Cruelty

I love Britain, I really do. I haven’t visited Britain since 1988 but have very fond memories of the people I met and the places I went. I am saying this because I don’t want readers to think I am anti-Britain, what with all the thugs and brutes and hellbeasts that abound there. I’m talking about hellbeasts like Andrew Summerfield, the dog killer.

Yes, dammit, another freaking British dog killer! WTF is wrong with these people? Is it inbreeding? Genetic mutations? Something in the water? Collective brain damage?

Andrew Summerfield, 44, from Colchester, Essex, is a sick, disgusting, sadistic hellbeast. Just ask his bull terrier Barney. Oh yeah, you can’t, because Barney is dead.

Andrew POS Summerfield must have really hated that poor dog. I mean really, truly loathed that dog. He treated that dog like I’d like to treat “yobs” like him.

In July 2011 this pathetic excuse for a man, Andrew Summerfield that is, shot Barney 10 times with an air rifle. Ten shots! How that must have hurt! And Barney wasn’t dead yet.

Andrew the worthless POS Summerfield then changed tactics — he got the meat cleaver out. Barney, as if he wasn’t suffering enough, was soon suffering much, much more.

Andrew the demon spawn Summerfield inflicted 8 head wounds with the meat cleaver. He managed to slice off a quarter of the front top of the poor dog’s head. OMG, I saw the picture, and really wish I hadn’t.

Still Barney wasn’t dead! And so Andrew the waste of skin Summerfield slung a noose around the dog’s neck, pulling it so tight it cut into the dog’s flesh.

And still Barney wasn’t dead. Holy hell! Barney’s like Rasputin, he just wouldn’t die! So Andrew Summerfield dumped the poor suffering dog on a roadside between junctions 27 and 28 of the A12. He dumped him and left him there to die.

A passing motorist spotted the dog and reported it.

Sgt. Arin Andrews was one of the first police officers on the scene. He saw how the poor dog was covered with bluebottles and maggots eating its flesh. And Barney was STILL alive!

Sgt. Andrews said, “It had massive injuries and a cord around its neck. The rope was cutting into it, causing it to be distressed. We were very concerned about its suffering.”

Andrew Summerfield sure as hell hadn’t worried about Barney’s suffering! Evil bastard!

The RSPCA said it was among the worst cases of cruelty it had seen in years. A spokesman said, “You cannot imagine the suffering it went through.”

Vets had no choice but to euthanize Barney. RIP, poor boy. (I found a picture of the poor mutilated dog but won’t post it — much too heartbreaking.)

The vets also found a microchip which led them to the owner … Andrew the bloody useless thug Summerfield.

When the police raided his home and found Barney’s blood on the weapons, the lying bastard Summerfield told them he’d sold his dog. Riiiight. He said he had sold the dog the day before for £10, because it had bitten his finger and killed a duck.

Summerfield's air gunThe police didn’t believe him, naturally.

F*cktard Summerfield changed his story then. He said he killed the dog in self-defense! Yeah, they were out hunting rabbits and the dog got aggressive and began foaming at the mouth. He had to kill him! Riiiight.

The police didn’t believe him. For one thing, to shoot a dog 10 times with an air rifle would take 2 and a half minutes while reloading. It’s hard to do while fending off an attacking dog.

Summerfield's cleaverAnd what about the 8 cleaver wounds and the noose? Slight overkill for self defense, doncha think?

No, police rightly deduced that the road turd Summerfield’s story was bullshit and they charged him.

Summerfield was to appear at Colchester magistrates’ court on July 11, 2012 to answer to charges of animal cruelty. He didn’t show up.

ProtestersImagine that, the big macho he-man Andrew Summerfield was too chickenshit scared to show up at court! It’s easy to shoot and stab a doggie but to face justice? Too damned scary for the pussy, I guess.

Maybe it was the wee crowd of protesters outside the courthouse. All those people yelling, “Justice for Barney!” scared poor widdle Andrew.

Magistrate Brenda Pearce dismissed the bastard’s story he had sold Barney before the poor beastie was tortured. Magistrate Pearce knows bullshit when she hears it.

Andrew Summerfield was convicted of 2 offences of causing unnecessary suffering to an animal. His conviction came despite his having been absent.

Justice for BarneyA warrant had to be issued for the chickenshit bastard’s arrest. He was found and brought to court the next day. The protesters were waiting for him. Ha ha!

At his sentencing on July 12, 2012, Magistrate bench chairman David Druitt said, “This was a sustained, brutal and horrific attack on an animal with a clear intent to kill. Two separate weapons were used and you left the animal, assuming it was dead. This is the most serious attack that could be imagined.”

Damn straight it was.

Summerfield’s defense had said that poor widdle Andrew was bi-polar and his meds made him violent.

“He is very, very sorry for what has happened to the dog in question,” said lawyer Hendrika Tatam. “He accepts full responsibilities for injuries the animal sustained.”

Magistrate bench chairman David Druit said that only a custodial sentence could reflect the “gravity and seriousness” of the crimes. That’s my kind of judge!

And so it came to pass that Andrew f*cktard Summerfield, father of 2, was sentenced to 26 weeks in jail. That is the toughest possible sentence the law allows.

Andrew Summerfield the sadistic beast was also banned for life from keeping animals and a seizure order was given for the RSPCA to remove any other animals in his care.

What concerns me now is that Andrew Summerfield is a single father of 2 and says he is taking medications that make him violent. Am I the only one who is concerned? Seriously, I am truly, truly concerned for those children who are in his care.

Barney suffered horribly for no real reason from Summerfield’s rage and violence. I would like to think that the authorities are checking on the welfare of the Summerfield children regularly. The man isn’t to be trusted with animals but he is allowed to raise his kids?

I truly hope that Andrew Summerfield spent his time in prison finding within himself compassion, caring, patience and love. But if all he has to offer the world is more rage and violence then he can bloody well go to hell and stay there!

RIP, Barney. And Britain, please stop creating monstrous animal abusers like this bastard Andrew Summerfield!

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16 Responses to Andrew Summerfield

  1. bulldoggy says:

    OK, how do I get to Colchester? Where does this fucker live? Charlie and I just might wanna pay him a visit. Damn dog killer! My head feels like exploding when I read about fuckers like this! He is seriously fucked up, but nothing that can’t be cured by a cleaver.

    And speaking of paying a visit, I hope that children’s services is on his doorstep every day, twice a day checking on those kids.

    • bengalpuss29 says:

      Bulldoggy, im too upset at the moment to comment, but needless to say im pissed. What the fuck is wrong with this chicken shit, why did he do that to that poor dog. Why, why, why.

    • bengalpuss29 says:

      Well bulldoggy, i have to say im ashamed that lately the articles are about scum from my neck of the woods, but were no all like that. Apart from me wanting to kill every pedo and animal killer, apart from that im sane. What the fuck is wrong with this cunt. Why did he do that to that poor defenceless animal. Tell charlie im upset to and if i ever come across this bastard, i be giving him the biggest and hardest kick in his nuts and say take that you doggy murdering bastard. I want to know why he brutally beat this poor dog, what was his reasoning for doing this heinous crime, anybody know?

    • Andrew Summerfield says:

      If you would like to pay me a visit with your cleaver and Charlie well come on then pay me a visit if you like i shall be looking forward to it.

      • Bengalpuss says:

        You cunt, if someone confronted you you would probably shit your Fucking self. People like you only beat animals and the weak, your nothing but an evil cruel piece of shit who hid from going to court like the pussy you truly are, evil dog killing piece of shit.

  2. 2cute says:

    Another British dog killer? Seriously Britain isn’t it time you revamped your laws and made penalties for this disgusting shit a real deterrent? There seems to be a plague of animal abusers there and the only cure is tough sentencing. 26 weeks in prison is the worst they can do to him? Half a year? Obviously it isn’t enough because there a frigging parade of monsters just like him, each trying to outdo the other in making helpless creatures suffer!

    Take away their kids, put them in prison for years, ban them from public places where there might be animals, post them on an animal abuser registry, put out bulletins to their neighbourhoods to alert people to the fact an animal abuser lives there. Do those things and maybe these monsters will stop.

  3. awesomeblossom says:

    He scalped the dog! He shot the dog, he strangled the dog and he mutilated the dog and STILL he has his kids? Either he told the truth and his medicine makes him violent or he lied in court about his medicine which means he has no excuse for being violent. Either way, he’s VIOLENT! Take the kids away! Keep them safe!

  4. steve-O says:

    This is not a man. Not a real man anyway. He is not even a gormless worm. Gormless worms have bigger balls than him. He is nothing but a sick twisted fuckwit. He was pissed at the world and took it out on his dog. Probably made him feel big and mighty, with the power of life and death in his hands courtesy of the gun and the cleaver. He’s blaming his meds but it’s really his rage at being a piss-poor nobody who’s good at nothing, good for nothing, gutless, gormless piece of shit.

  5. bengalpuss29 says:

    Steve-O, he’s saying that his med’s made him do it. Well if i was a judge alarm bells would be going off in my mind. He needs his med’s cos he’s a psychotic cunt. Well then whats stopping him doing what he did to that poor dog, doing it to a human. This guy is a dangerous cunt, walking the streets. Whats his excuse when he kills a human “Well it was my med’s” This guy needs locking up. And its a shame none of those protesters brought a clever with them, then they could have given him first hand experience of whats its like to have your forehead chopped off. British laws, that concern animals are pathetic. The whole justice system is in need of a massive overhaul. We’ve still got some laws that are about 1000yrs old madness. Anyway the laws concerning cruelty to animals definately need changing.

  6. bulldoggy says:

    What will it take to toughen up penalties in Britain for animal abuse? Monsters like this need to be kept away from society.

    • bengalpuss29 says:

      Bulldoggy, it would take getting rid of 600 arseole’s from the houses of parliament, and putting another 600 people in that have actually got a brain and a desire to do something good. Because at the minute the ones that are in power, are either too busy fiddling their expenses, don.t know if you know the story behind that, but m.p’s were claiming expenses for house’s they wasn.t living at and various other claims but the best one was a labour party mp, who claimed on his expenses a garden pond feature that was a castle and had its own Moat Around it. But this is the goverment. I agree with you bulldoggy 1000% The whole sentencing laws need to change where animals are concerned, because now the laws ain.t worth pissing on.

  7. bengalpuss29 says:

    Andrew summerfield is an evil bastard. Im wondering where the children are gonna go while stinkweed is in the shovel. I just hope they get to stay where they’re are, because its gotta be a more safer, pleasant, and happier environment for those two children to be in. Im keeping my fingers crossed and hopefully that piece of human garbage will know how it feels to be hurt. Rest in peace barney.

    • moodymagic says:

      Bengalpuss29 what does stinkweed in the shovel mean? Never heard that before. There is nothing that Barney could have done that made him deserve the torture. I am appalled that Andrew Summerfield is raising those 2 kids.

  8. bengalpuss29 says:

    Moodymagic, stinkweed, is an insult that is said a lot in england. And shovel is another name for prison. So i would say im glad that this stinkweed is going in the shovel. Its called the shovel because years ago in the 1880’s they would be sent to do hard labour, breaking rocks and digging to make roads that could be used to travel with horse and cart and dig for railway lines & they nicknamed it going into the shovel. Stinkweed is used within my family a lot. I’d rather then use nothing at all, but i suppose stinkweed has got to be better than swearing, although it doesn’t sound pleasant. I don.t know how someone can be as cruel as well moodymagic. It really upsets me thinking about what that poor animal went through & for what? The laws need to change in britain where animals are concerned. I think its so sad that they can be tortured like that & the perp gets a slapped wrist ridiculous. And i worry about those two children as well. He’s obviously unbalanced to be a father he he’s doing things like this.

    • moodymagic says:

      Bengalpuss29 thanks for the explanation. BTW are you all healed up from your surgery?

      • bengalpuss29 says:

        Been healed up for a while now moodymagic, no more gal stones for me. Better not be too clever though, knowing my luck i’d end up with kidney stones lol. No im fine thanks for asking.

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