Andrew Michael Wilson

Andrew Wilson

(Photo: Glenn Beil/Democrat)

Crimes: Murder, Attempted Murder

Andrew Michael Wilson of Wakulla County, Florida, could’ve had it all. He had a young, beautiful girlfriend and a baby boy. Too bad he also had a vicious, vindictive and jealous nature. Too bad he was a hellbeast.

On March 30, 2011, 24-year-old Andrew Michael Wilson released his inner beast and created horrific carnage and suffering in his wake. He slaughtered 2 people and severely wounded a third. And why? Because he’s a misogynistic, rancid asshole who was mad that he got dumped by his girlfriend.

Andrew Michael Wilson had scared away his 19-year-old girlfriend, Gabrielle McKenzie, with his piggish, brutish behavior. Once she got pregnant with his child he had become alarmingly possessive and jealous.

See, Andrew Michael Wilson doesn’t understand that women aren’t possessions. He doesn’t understand that they are entitled to exercise their free will and make choices he doesn’t agree with.

Andrew Michael Wilson figured he owned Gabrielle McKenzie, and he made threats of death and violence to keep her in line. He told her, flat out, if she cheated on him he’d blow her head off and slit the throat of any boyfriend she was with.

Andrew Michael Wilson was even jealous of his girlfriend’s relationship with her own father. Gabrielle McKenzie adored her dad, John McKenzie, and she talked to him almost every day.

In January 2011, after over a year of her boyfriend’s frightening assholery, Gabrielle McKenzie had had enough. She’d probably figured out that things would only get worse if she stayed. She dumped that nasty lard ass, Andrew Michael Wilson, and took her baby boy away. She moved into her father’s mobile home in Crawfordville.

It was very brave of the young woman to try to eject the misogynistic loser from her and her son’s life. Leaving an abusive asshole is a tough decision, and the process is fraught with peril. Victims all too often face escalated violence and murder.

Andrew Wilson

(Photo: Glenn Beil Glenn Beil/Democrat)

Not surprisingly, the worthless shitpile Andrew Michael Wilson did not take the breakup well. In fact, he refused to accept that their relationship was over. He certainly wasn’t about to accept a new man in Gabrielle McKenzie’s life.

Andrew Michael Wilson threatened and frightened his ex-girlfriend, and so she sought and was granted a domestic violence protection order. The fat, fugly hellbeast was barred from contacting her or their son.

The trouble with domestic violence protection orders is that they often serve to enrage misogynistic, rancid rat shit like Andrew Michael Wilson. And that’s what happened here.

Five weeks after Gabrielle McKenzie was granted the domestic violence protection order, Andrew the POS piss puddle Wilson decided to exact revenge. No woman of his was going to dump him, take his boy, and expose him publicly as an abusive asshole.

And so Andrew the turd eater Wilson plotted and schemed to see his ex-girlfriend suffer and die and then to get his boy back! Like nobody would figure out he was the perpetrator! A brainiac he is not.

On March 30, 2011, the soon-to-be killer made himself ready. He drank some beer and took 3 amphetamine pills to get himself mentally prepared. Then, in the middle of the night he drove toward his ex-girlfriend’s father’s single-wide trailer on Field Loop Road in Crawfordville. He was wearing black clothing and he taped plastic bags over his shoes. He put a headlamp on his head, and armed himself with a 6-inch knife.

Andrew Michael Wilson hid his car and stealthily made his way through some woods toward the house. At about 3:30 a.m., Andrew Michael Wilson used a hidden key to enter the premises.

I can only surmise that Andrew the murderous Wilson was surprised to find Patrick Pittman, his ex-girlfriend’s new fella, sleeping on the sofa. He stood silently, staring at the sleeping man for 20 seconds, and then he pounced.

Poor Patrick Pittman. The raging hellbeast slit his throat and began stabbing and stabbing him.

Gabrielle McKenzie, who was sleeping in a bedroom with her baby boy, was awakened by a loud banging noise in the living room. Leaving her son sleeping, she got up to investigate. She saw her out-of-control ex stabbing Patrick Pittman repeatedly. Poor Patrick was screaming, “I’m dying!”

And then Andrew Michael Wilson saw her. He charged at her and she fell. He began to stab her in the hallway.

“Why did you cheat on me?” the monster yelled as he slashed at her. She couldn’t answer anything but “no”. He stabbed her in the shoulder, arm, hands, chest, back, throat and face.

At this point John McKenzie appeared from his room and yelled at the evil bastard to stop. And then Andrew Michael Wilson turned on him. He stabbed the older man repeatedly.

Patrick Pittman, still alive, was able to call 911. He was able to tell the operator the identity of the murderer. Unfortunately for him, the murderer then realized he was still alive and he returned to finish him off.

The 911 call recorded poor Patrick Pittman crying out, “I’m dying!” and screaming in terror as he was being stabbed again and again in the back and the head. The call also recorded the murderer Andrew Michael Wilson yelling, “You are going to die in hell!”

It was a scene of unimaginable savagery, and there was one more individual in the house — the baby.

I don’t know what the hellbeast planned for his son, but he was hampered by the fact that he’d severely cut his own fingers. He’d almost severed 4 of them from stabbing so viciously.

The one-year-old boy was left alive, bruised and covered in blood, crying for his mommy and grandpa. The heartless killer left the house and made his way back to his car, trailing blood the whole way. I’m guessing he didn’t realize that Gabrielle McKenzie was still alive.

The horribly injured young woman managed to call 911 but she collapsed before she could say anything. The 911 operator could hear the little boy screaming and screaming.

Crime sceneWhen deputies arrived at the horrific scene at 4:00 a.m., the baby was crying at the screen door. Patrick Pittman, 24, was dead with 47 stab wounds. John McKenzie, 62, was dead with 17 stab wounds. Gabrielle McKenzie, 19, was clinging to life with over a dozen stab wounds.

The killer was nowhere to be found, but thanks to Patrick Pittman, the police knew exactly who they were looking for.

After the bloodbath, Andrew Michael Wilson had managed to get to his car and then he headed to Georgia where his brother lived. I’m sure he was bleeding heavily from his hand. Good.

Less than an hour after the slaughter, the killer tried calling a friend but got his voicemail. He left a message explaining how he’d cut himself badly while “killing the boyfriend” and that’s why he couldn’t take his son with him. He doesn’t explain why the little boy was so bruised.

Andrew Michael Wilson got as far as Stewart County, Georgia. He wrecked his car in front of the home of an off-duty police officer in Louvale. He was arrested and taken to Columbus, Ga. Regional Medical Center for treatment for his injuries. He was subsequently handed over to detectives.

The monstrous murderer divulged a whole lot to the detectives. He told how he planned the killing, how he got into the house, and how he ambushed the victims. He pretty much told them everything.

The vicious hellbeast didn’t fight his extradition back to Florida. On June 18, 2014, Andrew Michael Wilson appeared in a Wakulla County courtroom to face 2 counts of premeditated murder, 1 count of attempted murder, violation of a domestic injunction, and burglary of a dwelling.

The defense attorneys got busy right away. They objected to the jury knowing the 1-year-old was present during the murders but the judge shot that down. Next they objected to the 911 tape where the baby was screaming and screaming for minutes on end. The judge agreed to cut all but the first 29 seconds of the 911 call.

There was no argument that Andrew Michael Wilson was the murderer. The defense argued that the attacks were the results of “unleashed emotion” along with the booze and pills their client had taken.

The defense further argued that Andrew Michael Wilson snuck into his house just to see his boy, but finding the boyfriend on the couch made him snap.

“He sees the man who, in his irrational and immature brain, stole his girlfriend sleeping on the couch that could have provoked an explosion of rage right there and led to everything that happened,” said Assistant Public Defender Steve Been.

“Sometimes people do terrible things without thinking,” he told the jury, and he suggested his client was guilty only of the lesser charge of 2nd-degree murder.

Gabrielle McKenzie

(Photo: Glenn Beil Glenn Beil/Democrat)

The prosecutor John Fuchs put paid to the nonsense that the crime was unplanned. He did a very effective job of reenacting the crime for the jury. He wrapped his shoes in plastic bags, put on a headlamp, and pulled out a knife. He even stood above a mannequin and stared at it for 20 seconds, just as the killer had admitted to doing with the sleeping Patrick Pittman.

It was very compelling, as was the testimony of Gabrielle McKenzie. She bravely took the stand and showed the jury some of her scars.

On June 20, 2014, the jury convicted Andrew Michael Wilson of 2 counts of 1st-degree murder, attempted 1st-degree murder, plus violation of a domestic violence order, and burglary of a dwelling with assault.

Andrew Michael Wilson faces the death penalty. He deserves it. I shall endeavor to inform readers about his sentencing which should take place soon. Reminders are, as always, very welcome.

R.I.P. Patrick Pittman and John McKenzie. I extend my condolences to their friends and family.

I also extend my best wishes to Gabrielle McKenzie and her little boy. I hope they both can live lives full of love and happiness.

Andrew Michael Wilson deserves to suffer, and I hope he suffers daily — horribly and painfully. That’s what murdering, misogynistic, rancid assholes should get out of life. article – closing arguments article – verdict
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20 Responses to Andrew Michael Wilson

  1. moodymagic says:

    This is one ugly mofo. This sick prick better get the death penalty. I hope it is real painful he deserves to suffer. One less sick bastard in the world suites me fine. My heart does go out to Gabrielle and her baby. I wish them all the best.

  2. moodymagic says:

    Hey Cleo
    Nice work on changing the look of the website.

  3. BENGALPUSS says:

    I don’t understand how gabrielle was with this fat piece of pig shite? she’s so pretty and he’s a big fat horrible cunt, no wonder he was devastated when she left, he would never get anyone as nice again. What a vindictive spiteful fat twat, i hope he gets the death penalty, and as for his defender saying he only wanted to see his son? yes riiight, with bags over his shoes and a spotlight and knife? stupid arsehole. Rot in hell you fat twat.

  4. 2cute says:

    Why was the baby bruised? What did he do to the baby? Shake him to stop him screaming? He’s a monster who needs to be put down.

  5. 2cute says:

    If he phoned his friend after to tell about the killing did he tell his friend beforehand? Did his friend know he was planning this? If he did and he didn’t warn Gabrielle then he should rot in hell too.

  6. Rhonda says:

    He went over there to kill her and take the boy. She lived and he didn’t get the child. Instead he wound up killing two people, he didn’t even have any real beef with. One of whom he didn’t even know was in the picture until he was there to slaughter his ex and abduct their child.

    Not having accomplished anything he set out to do before going over there, he is now going to rot in prison or maybe spend the next 8-15 years on death row waiting to be executed until finally hooray he gets slaughtered. So… in light of all that now Andrew Michael Wilson don’t you feel stupid? I certainly hope so!

    • BENGALPUSS says:

      Fat bastard would probably need a harpoon as a needle to reach a vein. And i bet he does feel stupid because his plan didn’t pan out lol, i hope he suffers daily the fat piece of shit.

  7. Supermom says:

    Wow, what a story! Nightmare come to life for this family; absolutely tragic. I hope that baby doesn’t remember anything about what happend. His own father, I’m at a loss for words here. I do want to say that I applaud this woman for having the courage to get up on that stand & face her attacker after all she’s been through. May life bring her nothing but happiness for her & her sweet baby boy!

    • bengalpuss says:

      her life will be happy now supermom, because the fat lump of pig shite is locked up. yipee

      • Supermom says:

        Punishments would be much more suitable if they just put us in charge 😎

        • bengalpuss says:

          Just send the lowlifes to bengals basement, i’ve got a few tricks up my sleeve. Im stuck in hospital so i could steal a few surgical instruments, preferably gynaecologist ones, i’d have a field day lol.

          • cleo says:

            Get well soon, bengalpuss! Keep those doctors on their toes.

          • 2cute says:

            Get well soon Bengalpuss. I miss your comments. Good luck snagging those gynecological instruments.

          • Supermom says:

            Whatever the ailment I wish you the best & wish you well!! No torturing the scum until your better!! 😎

  8. Tim H says:

    I don’t know where to start. Gabby is my fiance and you are absolutely correct. She is an amazing woman with strength beyond that of anyone I have ever known. She is beautiful, as you suggested, and though her lapse of judgement in his case resulted in disaster, she is an amazing mother and wise beyond her years. I love her with my whole heart and will be by her side for years to come.

    The end of this story is as unrewarding as the picture as a whole. The Jury recommended 2 life sentences instead of the death penalty, further validating the ridiculous arguments by Def. Attorneys Steve Been and Andy Thomas. Life is not always just, but I promise that Layne will live to be a great man and will have the best father a child could ever have, so help me God!

    As he wished on my buddy Patrick as he was killing him, Andy will “…Die in Hell!” God uses Karma to always get the last word.

    • Supermom says:

      I wish you & your family all the blessings this life has to offer. Sounds like she found someone to love & protect her. May you find peace, love & happiness around every corner!!

  9. bengalpuss says:

    Awww, bless you, its a shame she didn’t meet you before that evil piece of s**t but at least she’s got you now, i wish you all the best for the future x

  10. bengalpuss says:

    Thanks 2cute and cleo, i’ve had surgery twice in 3weeks, bloody absess, they let me loose today so i’m at home with my boy tyke. I thought i could have some of the pus from them and force these shitbags to eat it, but the surgeon was having none of it “damn” but it’s great to be home because whenever you asked for pain relief, they would bring me paracetamol but i’ve got the constitution of a horse so they gave me ketamine, the horse tranquilizer, wow i thought i was halie berry’s character from the xmen films, i’ve lived a sheltered life lol.

    • bulldoggy says:

      Bengalpuss you had us worried. Tully and I were starting to lose sleep. Glad you’re on the mend and Tyke has you back.

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