Andrew Frankish & Daniel Frankish

Daniel & Andrew Frankish

Crime: Cruelty to Animals

I was all set to write about a rapist, and then along came this horrific story of abuse and injustice from North Yorkshire, England. It features two nasty shitstain brothers named Andrew and Daniel Frankish, who should in the name of justice be exposed for the hellbeasts they are.

Andrew and Daniel Frankish, formerly of Southampton Street, Redcar, had a family pet — a beautiful bulldog named Baby. What they did to that dog is depraved and sadistic, and there’s a video to prove it.

I’m going to link to the video below, but I must warn readers that it contains such harrowing cruelty and abuse that is better left unseen. There’s no scrubbing it out of your brain.

babydogFor those who can’t bear to witness cruelty to animals, I shall describe the acts in the video clips for you. The video was filmed by Daniel Frankish in October 2013. It shows Andrew Frankish basically torturing Baby to near death for pure enjoyment and thrills.

Baby was thrown repeatedly down a flight of stairs – at least 12 steps. In fact, Andrew Frankish lifted her above his head before he hurled her from the landing as hard as he could. Baby was crushed head first into the ground from head height. She was violently swung around and stamped upon. She was jumped upon like a trampoline, and her head and neck were stomped.

All throughout the video both shitpile hellbeasts laughed hysterically. Daniel Frankish can be heard to say, “See if we can make it scream any more. We should throw it down the stairs by its ears…”

andrew-frankishBaby, bless her dear heart, didn’t fight back. She whimpered and cried, and was nothing less than terrified.

Being a bulldog, Baby was strong enough to survive the attack, but she was injured. It took 3 more months and the loss of the use of her back legs before she was euthanized. That was 3 more months of living with the monsters who heartlessly and sadistically inflicted her injuries and pain.

Now when Andrew and Daniel Frankish filmed their dog torture video, I’m sure they thought it would remain between them. It didn’t. The SD card on their phone dropped out when they were shopping at a supermarket, and somebody picked it up. That same somebody watched the video clips and actually recognized the evil, snot nosed, bastards. The police were alerted, and Andrew and Daniel Frankish were arrested. Yay!

032516-andrewfrankishUK-1But I told you this was a story of injustice too. Last week, the Frankish brothers appeared at Hartlepool Magistrates. Andrew Frankish, 22, and Daniel Frankish, 19, pled guilty to causing unnecessary suffering to their dog by subjecting her to unnecessary physical violence. You’d think that the court would’ve thrown the book at them. Uh, no.

The brutal dog beating thugs received a 21-week sentence, suspended for 2 years. They were given a tagged curfew for 6 months, and were banned from keeping animals for life. They were ordered to pay a mere £300 costs. That is, IMO, an exceedingly lenient sentence, and no deterrent at all to these two hellbeasts.

Fortunately, I’m not the only one who holds that opinion. There is now a petition which has gathered tens of thousands of signatures demanding a harsher sentence for this pair of sick bastards. You can find it HERE.

I, for one, do not trust that either Andrew Frankish or Daniel Frankish will curb their appetite for violent action. They sacrificed their own family dog so they could experience the thrill of torturing and abusing a helpless creature. They sure wouldn’t give a gawd damn about somebody else’s pet.

frankish-brothersI would urge the people of North Yorkshire to keep an eye on their pets when those vicious hellbeasts are around. Heck, I urge them to keep an eye on their children and vulnerable adults too. The Frankish brothers have proven themselves to be bloodthirsty, vicious little pricks. Paying a piddly £300 to the court won’t change their natures. It’ll take public vigilance to keep them in line.

As promised, here is the video link. I don’t recommend anybody watch it.

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334 Responses to Andrew Frankish & Daniel Frankish

  1. Liza says:

    I cannot watch the footage. Just seeing the still pic of the dog’s little face cry out in pain as it is crushed under the weight of one of the sick pr.cks who eventually killed her, was enough to destroy any peace of mind I had. A neighbour of mine has a French bulldog, similar to Baby, and it is the sweetest, most docile little dog, ever. They do not bark or bite, which is probably why these two vile sociopaths decided to torture her. I hope they get what they deserve.

    • Jan says:

      Shame on the Judge.

    • w. janosky says:

      I’m not replying to your comment specifically — I’m just taking the opportunity to add to the discussion and your comment was the first to pop up.

      Here’s the deal: We don’t need a petition, though I appreciate how many caring people took the time t sign a petition. We don’t need a judicial review; the judiciary had their chance and used it to sho how little they care about right and justice.

      All we need is to know where to find these two little cunts and anyone who stands between them and justice.

      As a bonus, it would be nice to now the name, address and phone number of the judge who thought this heinous, sub-human, act of sociopathic terrorism deserved no more than a slap on the wrist.

      All of the effort spent on the petition would be better spent by just telling us where to find these sub-human, after-birth pieces of filth. We’ll take it from there.

      • E. Beach says:

        I totally agree with you and I will find their home address and post it, who knows they may get their proper sentence after all.

        • Jenny Smedley says:

          Their address is Southampton Street, Redcar

          • retribution says:

            If anybody knows where these 2cunts are could you contact me on 07896698008..please..they must be held accountable for their action,s!!!

        • Beverly says:

          Do you think this is the first time those devils abused that dog? People that depraved are serial abusers.If the veterinarian would have done a necropcey on that poor animal they would have found many more wounds. They abused that dog before those films and after. They didn’t have it put down for three months. Don’t tell me the parents were not aware.

      • Bengalpuss says:

        W Janosky, i like your way of thinking, your absolutely right that these two cowardly cunts need dealing with. Like i said in an earlier comment “these two cunts are the sort of people who would shit themselves if they were confronted by a man and only pick on the weak, women and animals” i watched the video and it made me cry, it takes a lot to make me cry, after seeing it i wanted to kill these two worthless bastards, thank the lord they lost that memory card, but saying that they’ve gotten a slap on the wrist. I’m sometimes embarrassed by the pathetic laws that my country dishes out, steal food because your hungry you end up in jail, beat a little dog brutally for no reason at all video it and laugh while your doing it, the poor dog has to be euthanized because of what they did and they get away with it. I don’t usually promote violence but i hope that someone kicks the fucking shit out of these two cowardly evil pathetic cunts, and the judge is deluged with mail and messages of what a stupid twat he is for not giving those two pigs a sentence that they deserved and given baby the bulldog justice.

        • Francie says:

          Nicely said, I couldn’t watch the footage, the photo and the thoughts are upsetting enough, I hope karma pays them a visit. Scary thought that these sick people walk amongst us.

        • Stephen C says:

          I’m glad I’m not alone in seeing how horrible this is and made even worse in the poor judgment of well….the judge….if anyone has any info on the address of either of them I would like that information.

        • Shireen says:

          I could not agree with you more, a demonstration with television coverage
          at the court where the matter was heard may alert the courts that the public are not going to let it go and want JUSTICE for Baby!!

        • CD123 says:

          I was just telling my husband that I think if people got back exactly what they dished out to others, the world might be a different place. That poor dog!

        • Katherine Begley says:

          Kill these bastards. I’ll help. I swear to god I will

        • Susan Bradshaw says:

          Google justice for baby and Andrew and Daniel Frankish. There is now several face book pages sexy up following the boys there new addresses and new names , it’s all there, they can no longer hide any more. Hope that helps you sleep now,

      • Adrian says:

        I agree we don’t need petitions for evil Cunts like this, hopefully both brothers get a some kind of illness and die in crippling pain like that poor puppy went through

        And if anyone knows there whereabouts they should post it on Facebook

      • Sid says:

        It was published that they are tagged to 20 Southampton Street, Redcar.

      • Jeannie Morin says:

        Someone there in the U.K. has to get these monsters.Sadly they may b on this planet a long time. Their wicked “producer”( mom is not a catagory this monster fits)(i read she is a real winner-fruitloop herself) is just as bad. 3 months later….. Keep my comments clean. Dont want interpol knocking.

      • Hattie Lambert says:

        Are they got yet? I can’t stand the thought of those worthless piles of scum still breathing…

      • Just Me says:

        I would “anonymously” donate to a fund that would remove these two POS from this world forever.

        • Katherine Begley says:

          I’m in. Kill them in the most torturous way possible

          • Gilly Ryan says:

            Yes,they deserve to be tortured and (finally,after a long time suffering) killed. How cruel and crazy is a world where these human vermin are allowed to abuse the beautiful innocent animals in the worst ways imaginable,yet any of us would be locked up for years if we did it to the human vermin.

      • I agree with your remarks. justice must be done for Baby’s sake. Send these two to Hell. Please give them the same torture they did to Baby. And by the way where are their parents but hello they are just the same as their dung of sons.

      • Alan says:

        Checked Andrew Frankish FB and he a has a profile pet online. Is he for real?

      • Donna Randolph says:

        Like the way you think

      • Susan Bradshaw says:

        I agree with you whole heartedly, but we must be careful how things are done here, if hate is inflamed here someone innocent could end up in prison for murder, and for what , we can not bring baby back or save her suffering now, she gave her life to expose these vile shits, and we need to work with her, we end up in jail whilst those two bastards get police protection at our expense, I am wondering if the judge was a daft as he/ she made out, perhaps they knew the fate of these two low life’s, and thought let them have what’s coming, why give them the protection that inprisonment will have to give them , let the people decide there justice, may be its a harder sentence , I truly hope so, I would not wish there fate now on my worst enemy, God knows who would want to be them , who would want to wake up in that body and tormented mind,there sentence has only just begun, no one hates what they have done more than me, how eve some thing / some one has made them so Evel , I feel sorry for them as they know no other way, I wonder if they to have been victims of such cruelty , they have learned to think / be / act out this way from somewhere or some example that has been set, someone set the bar that low for them to aspire to, , I would like them both put in old fashioned wooden stocks and have rotten crap aimed at them for weeks on end, fed there own shit even, and be exposed named and shamed, even tattooed animal abuser , but what good would it do but to make us feel better at there humiliation, and maybe make us just like them even God forbid, there behaviour should have been seen and addressed long before it came to this, these people are not that clever, I suspect they have a lifetimes worth of historical abuse on every level, projected onto humans and animals alike, I am not excusing them on any account at all , quite the opisite, I hate them and what they did more than you can imagine, I can not even watch the video fully , they most likely can not be helped there damage is to severe and there souls so twisted and warped, I suspect they have become insensertised , but we are better than this, were educated, there never be forgiven for there crime, and they deserve what ever they have bought into , but in my experience abuse and hatred breeds more abuse , that learned chain of thinking needs to be broken, I expect it goes back generations in there family, maybe we all need to form a 50 deep strong human chain and grow some balls and tell the government we mean business and enough is enough, , this has to stop and now, be true to our selves and stand up for what’s right , we need change , and we need justice NOW, we can not change what’s happened unfortunately , but we can change attuides for future thinking, and send a message to say no more, abuse is abuse, weather it’s animal, domistic, rape, child emotional or physical or sexual, and we all need to pull together to make this happen,

    • sam says:

      i dont cry, it just not who i am, this literally brought the tears streaming down my face. i can stand animal cruelty, even in movies when its not real i cannot watch it. this was completely heartbreaking. im the same as you now, i have no peace of mind after seeing this. i foolishly watched the video and had to stop it after 10 seconds as i became physically ill. i love my animals so much, they are my family. how can these two be allowed to walk around living their lives when baby never got too. this story has really crushed me.

    • Eve says:

      Hi Liz, I too cannot watch the video. I have a 7 year old bulldog very similar colouring to the one that was abused – wonderful, loving nature. I have felt sick to my stomach all day. Animals are more than aware of what happens to them…it must have thought “”what the FXXX is going on” why am I being treated like this. These lads are pure scum, krass, contaminated pieces of SXXX. Yes the mother must have known what the sick CXXXs were doing, I am so glad that I don’t live in their area. For me its worth “getting rid” of these two disgusting creatures, mark my words if they do this to defenceless animals they will in later life KILL humans. They are not “wired” right, of course there will be a person reading this and say…””oh pure lads they had a bad up bringing”. The Judge who gave out that “lenient” punishment needs to be removed from office to!. EVE

      • Irene Alderson says:

        Ive cried from the start about what these barbaric bastards did and carnt think of anything else but revenge for baby and praying it will affect the rest of there cowardly lives and hope very soon they learn what real pain feels like

    • james tricker says:

      If i see this guys I killer them no lie !!!!

    • William Gallacher says:

      Does anybody know were they live or form what town

      • Bengalpuss says:

        Its redcar and if you read thru all the comments you will come across their address, i don’t want to be seen to encourage anyone to beat the shit out of these two weasels. I’m doing my best to make sure that nobody forgets what these 2 bastards did to baby and hope that they have their pathetic sentence reviewed and the pigs are sent to prison where they deserve to be. Its not worth it going to jail for beating the shit out of these two cunts, however if within a reasonable timeframe nothing has been done to deliver justice by the muppets who run this country, they then deserve the shit kicked out of them.

      • Liam says:

        Someone give information out about the address, ill ensure they pay

    • goatgirl says:

      Just commenting to keep these little shitstains on the front page.

    • English Bulldog Owner says:

      This poor baby looks just like my 10 year old bully girl who passed away in 2012. I cannot watch the video either. Bulldogs are so child-like and co-dependent on their owners for safety, protection and most of all love.
      These two sick male sociopaths…Where were the parents? What the hell?
      I don’t even know what to say except that this behavioral torture is not going to stop. Animals, children, elderly and anyone who has mental disabilities are at risk of abuse within proximity of these two demented scum bags.
      This is absolute horror.

    • Jenny Smedley says:

      The horrible thing is that video shows an instance of the torture – how often did that poor dog suffer at their hands? Where was the family in all this?

  2. simon says:

    What were the judge thinking in this case. when the monsters have been dealt with the judge should be sacked

    • Tara says:

      Even if the judge had given them the highest sentence and fines he could(which he should have) it would not be enough the laws regarding animal cruelty are not harsh enough but what are we to expect when we see some of the ridiculously short sentences that murders,paedophiles and rapists are given. People who can carry out this level of torture on an innocent animal are sick, if a dog was as vicious as these two it would be euthanized but that is too good for these bastards let us hope where ever they are they are terrified that they will be found and properly punished for their crimes.

  3. Moodymagic says:

    Monsters burn in hell.

    • Irene Alderson says:

      If I was a member of their family I would publicly say where they were hiding and if they shit themselves with fear I would make the scruffy cunts eat it and laugh hysterically
      What goes around comes to arse wipes

  4. Bengalpuss says:

    Shame i live in west yorkshire because i’d love to throw these two bastards down a flight of stairs by their fucking ears. Cruel sadistic cunts they are, probably shit themselves if confronted by a man thats why they’ve picked on a defenceless animal, i fucking hate people who are cruel to animals. The other day i was walking to the supermarket when ii seen this guy hit his dog in the head because the dog wouldn’t come to him when he called it, well i went fucking ballistic on the guy telling him that he was a cruel cunt and i was reporting him, unfortunately i didn’t know this shitheads address so i was stumped, but i’m keeping my eyes peeled looking for the lowlife cunt and will be taking it further, fucking cowards thats all they are.

    • Georgia good says:

      20 Southampton street, redcar, was the address but the family have since been moved into police protection. So we the tax payer re now paying to keep the waste of spaces. The whole family needs to be shot as the mother knew what was happening and took 3 months to take poor baby to the vet

      • American Lady says:

        The family needs to experience the same treatment they gave that dog. A proper bashing and thrown down stairs and against stone walls and then add stomping on their heads for good measure for what they did and participated in against poor sweet lovely bulldog. Justice! we want true justice, not this BS slap on the wrist kind of crap.

      • sam says:


    • Jim Dickinson says:

      Please do look out for them. Evil needs to be extricated from our society by all means necessary.

      • American Lady says:

        I could not agree more!!!! This family is not a group of human beings but the worst kind of monsters without conscious, morals, values, ethics, souls, hearts, brains…aka overgrown worms. These brothers (who raised these things?) are “terrorists” in my opinion! The sentence is TOO lenient and they are a serious danger to society. WHO really thinks they can achieve rehabilitation? Not in this society, maybe in a “clockwork Orange” kind of way…yup, I’d love to see them both strapped to a chair with clamps on their eyes to keep them open and they be plopped in front of appropriately violent painful material for days with them receiving shocks every few minutes. Then the material should change to cuddly bunnies and puppies and the worms are given chocolate and cake and then back to shocks and violence….do that back and forth for 6 months….that’s probably the only thing that might change them enough so they’ll never hurt another living creature and we can all feel safe even if they remain alive.

    • AngryLittleMexican says:

      Just disgusting! These were her ‘people’ and she was betrayed and poor thing didn’t even understand why! Ugh makes me sick bc we all know kids and babies are next for these two bastards.

  5. Bengalpuss says:

    Oh and i’ve signed that petition, what good it’ll do, pathetic sentences in the uk for animal cruelty, it makes me sad knowing these beautiful creatures can be so badly treated and fuck all is done to the wicked bastards miss treating the animal.

  6. Georgia good says:

    Why did the mother of these devil offspring do nothing about baby being paralysed for 3 months!!!!! She must have know what was going on. She raised these vile excuses for humans after all. She is just as bad as them. The whole family should be put down. I hope these people get what they deserve.

    • Bengalpuss says:

      Georgia good, i thought the same thing, you can’t tell me that the mother was oblivious to what those two bastards did, 1)the dog would’ve been petrified everytime one of those bastards went near her 2) baby must’ve been in pain and no doubt had broken bone’s and 3)if that was my son that did that i would boot his arse to kingdom come. I live in west yorkshire and these pair of cunts live in north yorkshire. The family have had to leave their home and go into hiding due to the public reaction towards these pieces of shit. Cowards they are.

      • A Voice For Baby says:

        Exactly…both of you are right.I would love to get my hands on the parents! I live in the US and it would be worth the plane ticket to get my hands on any one in that circle who closed their eyes to this. And why are the police protecting THEM? Really…why?

      • Catt says:

        My son would have the police called on them by me, I would get a restraint order and he would be no longer allowed to live with me
        I wonder if the abused the dog after that because the dog probably had to pay for the trouble they got into. Why did it take 3 months for the dog to lose control of ita back legs?
        Yep if they were my kids they would be launched down the stairs. Jumped on at the bottom and kicked right out the mf door. Bye bye brats!! Oh and my dog would have went straight to the vet and they would habe been liable for any medical costs.

        • Bengalpuss says:

          What I can’t get outta my head is the fact that, that was only one time when baby ya brutally beaten, imagine all the other times she was battered? These two cunts need the same treatment to which they meted out to that poor lovely pooch. I truly hope these two bastards get their comupance . “justice for baby”

      • Malni says:

        Had I lived so close to the satans,I would have done something by now…

    • Tanja says:

      That’s what I’ve been saying. Where were the parents? And why would they leave her to suffer to 3 months before doing something. That’s the additional horror is knowing that Baby had to live with them after what they’d done to her. I can’t. I’m mentally gutted over this. Is there any way to contact the mother? She also should be charged.

      • Donna says:

        Please do not let us forget what this murderous family have done A day named for Baby needs to be declared by all animal lovers and anybody who cares about protecting innocent animals Baby’s death should be a reminder to us of how cruel we as humans can be. Such a senseless act of cruelty and for what . This killing and torture of animals needs to be stopped and punishment needs to be tougher , if something is not done to stop this gir animals we will have monsters allowed to be on streets looking for bigger victims, they will not stop if we don’t stop them. It is not normal to torture and kill for pleasure, these people need to be put away and pay a big price for their savage behavior The video was found in March so a day called Never Forget Baby The innocent Bulldog murdered by theses scum bags

        • I watched his film and I began to scream and say “GOD DAM Daniel and Andrew to HELL. Please allow them to be found and tortured and thrown down stairs and on their heads and stood on their bodies just like Baby. GOD DAM THEM TO HELL.

    • Lauren says:

      Their parents should be made to throw them down stairs, stomp on their heads & ribcages, piledrive them headfirst into the ground, & slam them against the ground until their backs, necks, & joints are broken. And then they euthanize both boys before being sterilized so they cannot have any more children.

    • Jamie Dunkley says:

      Agreed. The mother is a poor excuse for a human being, along with those two pieces of vermin. I really hope I run into these two one day. I am not religious, but I do believe what goes around comes around. Their time will come.

  7. newlove says:

    These despicable people will get what’s due, if there’s any justice, animal lovers will find them and issue out the sentence they so deserve! There’s not a word in the English language to describe them or how I feel. Sick sick sick!

  8. John R says:

    Where do they live…I will find them and torture them. Watch
    your backs Frankish!

    • Peter T says:

      Yeah and if they do eventually go to jail which I pray for, some real jail hard men who love dogs will be waiting for this cowardly scum and real justice will be done.
      I dont wish death or harm to anyone but with these 2 cunts I would celebrate it!

    • LeeBag says:

      The freaks did live in my town but our entire area is after their blood and they’ve been moved to a safe house somewhere under police protection. Hope the bastards get found.

      • C steel says:

        So do I! keep looking they can’t hide forever. The footage was heartbreaking poor little thing

      • Lina says:

        Burn their house down so they have nothing to return to!! They abused a precious, innocent life – now it’s time they suffer. Citizens must seek justice if the law doesn’t!

        • Donna says:

          The time has come to stop treating animal abuse as a slap on the wrist or nothing at all. These bastards start with animals and go onto humans as the are not stopped when they should be. These peoples have no place in society and to think that the tax payers are paying to keep them safe from what they deserve. There is no place on earth gir these people, they do not deserve to even live with any animals only evil such as they are. The mother gave birth to two evil people that dhould of been put down at birth, the police should not protect them from a violent crime that they themselves commited . Hate them and their whole family

    • A Voice For Baby says:

      I am with you…..John lets do it!

      • Xander says:

        And me! Am On My way to Redcar Southhampton Street now, see what i can find out. Police Protection, they Shouldn’t have that right in these cases.

    • Liam says:

      If we all get donations, we will be able to hire someone to actually track them down

  9. Animal lover says:

    You are ugly, evil, piece of shit human beings. I hope you suffer tremendously in your lives and then burn in hell forever…your parents too. Enough with the pathetic human race! Enough!

  10. Maureen says:

    Please please find them and give them hell. I have never seen such a cruel deed, they are monsters and should be treated as such.

    Please expose where they live….tell all of us please

    But what was the judge thinking ….is he a sadist too!

  11. Larry Franks says:

    Please sign is growing..Anna Turley the MP for Redcar has today written to Minister of Justice, Michael Gove MP to get him to examine the lenient sentence….
    Alan Carr tweeted it out today too, we must keep pressure up so that these two get the punishment they should have received as they will never accept any responsibility for their bullying pychopathic behaviour which has no place in our society…

  12. joanne says:

    Please sign this petition. These brothers and their parent/parents are extremely evil sadistic people who need to be punished for their despicable abuse of a beautiful creature. They need to be imprisoned and strictly monitored as they will progress to murder people. The pathetic judge that gave them a lenient sentence needs to be sacked. RIP Beautiful

  13. charlie says:

    You are ugly evil pathetic wimps inside and outside. I hope there will be justice for Baby. Everyone who was supposed to be caring for her should rot in hell. You are pure scum and not worthy of breathing the same air.

  14. Squeaky f says:

    What is the judge’s name?

  15. Ruud says:

    Please give me the adress of these guys. PLS!!

  16. A Voice For Baby says:

    I could not watch the video…. I can only hope and pray that since the court systems failed to give justice to Baby that all animal lovers in the town or surrounding towns where these two abominations reside will exact justice for Baby. Yes I am saying it…..grab both of them kicking and screaming in to the streets and literally beat them just as they did Baby. I will film it and cheer you on! I never thought there would come a day when I could feel such contempt for a human being…..but you 2 are not human! You are disgusting,vile abominations. You need to be rendered completely helpless so you can no longer inflict pain and cruelty on innocent beings.You 2 did not wake up on that day and suddenly become murderers. I have a very difficult time believing no one in your extended family did not notice how messed up you 2 are. Parents it is your responsibility to raise productive members to unleash on society not messed up sick fucks. Just because it is your child does not make cruelty acceptable.You saw nothing odd in these two pieces of shit, ever…… Really. Shame on you….Shame on anyone in that family or circle who did nothing to protect Baby!You are just as guilty.

    • Bengalpuss says:

      A voice for baby, believe me when i say that if you did see the footage that these two bastards recorded of baby being beaten you would be crying your eyes out. I just can’t wrap my head around why somebody would decide that they would have some fun by brutally beating and inflicting horrendous cruelty to the family pet. And its a load of bollocks that the mother didn’t know something awful had been done to baby. That poor sweet pooch must’ve been in awful agony and petrified everytime one of those two awful cunts went near her, so the mother must’ve known something had happened. I advise you not to watch the footage, its appaling and distressing to watch, i wish i never watched it now, the vindictive evil bastards they are. If there is a hell, i hope these two twats end up roasting in it.

      • bulldoggy says:

        Bengalpuss, you watched the video? Cleo told you not to. I know I couldn’t handle it so I’m not going to try. But if there’s a hunting party started looking for this creepy pair I’ll bring my dog Tully. It’d be worth the plane tickets.

        • Bengalpuss says:

          Yes bulldoggy my good friend, i watched it and wish i hadn’t now. I keep reliving it over and over again. I honestly feel murderous about these two bastards. I thought about you and tully when i read this article and thought “the bulldoggy is gonna be pissed at these two cunts” i’m ashamed that the country i live in and love have handed down to these two twat’s the pathetic sentence. They could’ve been given anything upto 51 weeks & a £10.000, if that cruelty that those two cunts isn’t worth the max sentencing then i’d be mortified to think what is. I don’t promote violence but i truly hope that these two bastards get the shit kicked out of them. Seeing poor baby’s terrified face while those cunts were torturing her really choked me up and if one of them had been near me, put it this way, it would have been worth serving a jail sentence. But i don’t need to do that because the amount of people wanting to kick seven bells out of them is enormous, so i know baby will get justice, but it’ll have to wait because they’re in police protection. The saying goes “you can run but you can’t hide forever” i bet they wish they’d never done that to baby, well its too late now cunt faces, hope you get whats coming to you but 10times worse than what you did to that poor beautiful little dog, pair of bastards you are!!

          • I too watch this horrible film and I cried and screamed “GOD DAM Daniel and Andrew to HELL. These creeps need to be found. I owned a wonderful bulldog who passed away a two years ago, but seeing Baby suffer made me cry and wish I could be there to give those thugs what they deserved and send them both to Hell.

          • Susan Bradshaw says:

            Just sit tight, there where abouts will come out quite naturally , you won’t have to even try to find it, there so vilified and this is not going away, neither should it, there lives will be a living hell from now on in, people know there names and what they did and what they look like, I expect there mentally ill , no excuse , but no one with normal feelings would do this, and they will have to surface for air soon, and they will wish they had not, they won’t get away with it, mark my words, they have it all to look forward to, I have not watched the video, I can’t bring my self to do it, it would make me physically unwell, and I know the images will haunt me for a long time, the story alone already is, but there is one garentee , these vermin will get there just deserts, they will, you see,

        • Xander says:

          Headington to Redcar today, see if The locals know anything about their where abouts

  17. DecentPeopleOnly says:

    Totally Evil

    The Judge Needs to be Sacked

    The UK Needs to Leave the EU and the ” European Convention on Human
    Rights ” and have Public Flogging and the Death Penalty for Sadistic
    Cruelty to Animals as Well as the Death Penalty

    No to Do Gooder Social Liberals

    • Mia Robbins says:

      As an American, I have seen too many sociopaths receive an easy time of it when they have abused children, old folks, the disabled and animals. I have also been appalled at the downfall of the West. We need sane, moral laws and justice, not the secular humanism that rewards laziness and immorality as well as forgives heinous inhumane acts such as the torture and murder of the innnocent Baby. I hope that the UK leaves the EU. I was ashamed of my affirmative action president who has added to the stupidity of the western world by threatening the UK if they leave the EU.

      • Julie Asplen says:

        How on earth can a discussion regarding DOG torture, turn into a discussion about the UK leaving the EU? What relevance can this possibly have to this depraved issue. If there was ever a video I could unsee, it would be this one, and I only got a small way through it. I can cry when I think of it, it’s haunting me. So to start flogging the UK is pointless and irrelevant to the issue. I signed the petition, did you?

  18. DecentPeopleOnly says:

    Arseholes Describes Them as Well as the Rubbish System which allows
    such Lousy Sentences

    • C steel says:

      What will happen when these two have children? Awful thought _ doesn’t bear thinking about!.they have to be stopped

  19. Larry Franks says:

    They will be stopped if we all keep on messaging…
    So, it’s with Minister of Justice, Michael Gove now to present a case to overturn the ruling by some magistrate, totally out of touch with reality, not to mention the mood of the nation…
    The thing is, if Gove and others do nothing, and these two go on to commit further abuse, and you know they will, then all those in high office will be accountable and responsible…
    They have a small window to do the right thing……

    • Bengalpuss says:

      Larry Franks, i wouldn’t hold my breath expecting any judicial justice for baby, british goverment are fucking useless when it comes to sentencing for animal cruelty. The only justice that baby can get now is if someone beats the crap out of these two bullying turds, sad to say but if you want justice in england then your best off dealing it out yourself otherwise if you wait for the justice system to do it, then your gonna be disappointed. I’m hoping somebody will pick these two shitheads up by their ears and fling them down a flight of stairs, preferably a long flight, stand on them and inflict the cruelty to them what they inflicted on that little poor beastie, thats what i call justice.

    • Mia Robbins says:

      We here in the US also have politicians who are deaf and clueless as to the wishes of a majority of the population. There must be a “western spring,” wherein we, the people of the west, have a revolution against the tyranny of the “new world order.”

      • Donna thomas says:

        I cannot believe that a murder and torture of an animal is taken lightly by the justice system, this is absolutely wrong and should be a punishable offense because it’s the act of violence that should be judged . I mean I have seen videos of police shooting animals for little or no reason and not having to get arrested for that themselves, they shoot the dog right in the owners yard, tied up or fenced in. They provoke the dogs and then shoot them, the cops even shot a dog when they entered into a home they had no right being in, so for having no justice for baby and other animals is no surprise since it’s the very law that you look
        For justice that breaks it,

  20. Robert DeWayne Lytton says:

    These low-life Scum deserve the same treatment as that innocent, loving, harmless dog ! I would volunteer for the privilege!
    Since that is not possible, These Criminal Loving states, courts, judges and law-makers etc. need to get off their lame asses and start doing what they are elected and paid to do.
    Stop worrying about the Criminal and their rights, which is all they ever seem to care about and do their damn jobs ! Rant Over !

  21. Janice Milne says:

    What are these two little shits doing now? Are they working? Heaven forbid they work with children, animals or the elderly. Can anyone tell me?

    • Cynthia Powers says:

      Does anyone have their current address? Also I would be interested in their mother’s name and/or current employers.

      • Xander says:

        Okay animal lovers! According to the neighbors on the street, the bulldog torturers are still in the house. Hiding!!!!! They have not moved out. Also, the facebook comments about them having gotten an ass kicking is false. One local on the street has tried kicking the door in but was arrested, no charge!
        I went from door to door in the street and the verdict was that the sentences given by the court was not sufficient. Therefore the case must be looked at again

        • Ceri says:

          You wonderful person, going there to find out about those c**ts, thankyou as I’m feeling really impotent as can’t do anything and all these folk saying what they want to do and you so far only one who has tried anything. Why doesn’t someone do something at night to their place or get them out, is their constant police presence? Cheers anyways, the world needs more of you.

    • Baby will not be forgotten! says:

      Please check out the page Operation Frankish 2 on Facebook. He does claim that he is a caregiver for the Elderly!! Typical PSYCHOPATH – preys on the defenseless!
      The guys running the Operation Frankish page are heroes!!!

  22. Anssi says:

    Just how in the hell did anyone see that kind of punishment that they got as fit for the case?! Just how?! This is absolutely retarded, insane.

    The punishment that they got tells very much about the kind of world that we are living in. Whoever saw it fit to give these guys that punishment, is not much different from them.

  23. Mossad31308 says:

    These abominations can’t hide for ever , they will get what they deserve ! . Two vigilantes in te US – Detroit , tortured a dog fighter , gave him his due justice , cut his ears off , the works !!! as he so well deserved . The bastard probably stole the wrong persons dog ! . I pray these two sociopaths get what they deserve here on earth and again in hell .

    May these two scumb bags suffer unimaginable horrors .

    The judge is blatantly incompetent ! Who in his right mind passes down this type of sentence for such a horrifically brutal crime caught red handed and on tape !!!

  24. Bengalpuss says:

    The petition has nearly 400.000 signatures now, lets hope and pray that with all those signatures delivered the goverment, attorney general give these two bastards a sentence befitting the crime. But i still think vigilante justice is the best bet with these two cunts.

  25. Tina Welch says:

    So many questions…I watched the video (warning:You can’t ‘unsee’ something as traumatising as that!).I literally howled out in horror for the fear,pain and torture that poor dog suffered.
    1) What the hell did the magistrate see that made them decide the ‘appropriate’ punishment?
    2) Does anyone seriously believe this was the only time the dog suffered at their hands? This was simply the only time they were caught at it. I don’t believe it took 3 months for the injuries from that beating to show up so.. 3) What else did they do that finally caused her back legs to give out?
    4) What did the euthanising vet think had caused the multiple injuries suffered and why didn’t they alert the RSPCA, then?
    5) Am I the only one to see a connection between this and the horrific Jamie Bulger case.Those involved were put away for years – although nowhere near long enough for my liking. They are both cases of torture so surely we should be punishing THE CRIME!!? Whether a crime against a human or an animal, the punishment should be the same. Or are they saying it is a lesser crime depending on the victim? So what next? A lesser sentence for an elderly victim because they have lost fewer years?

    • Luanne Ahearne says:

      Hi Tina, I have read all the comments on this as I was equally disgusted with this sentencing. Your comments though mirrored my thoughts exactly so wanted to send you this. I totally agree with you. I am a massive animal lover but not all people are but what infuriates me at times is that people do not get the link between two types of people who are animal indifferent. There is one type who would never see harm to an animal but just don’t wish to have a pet. That of course is fine. But sadistic people who torture them to exercise control are dangers to society because that wish to exercise control could be over anyone who is vulnerable. That is why sentences should be so harsh and it did bring back memories of the James Bulger case. I watch the CI channel on Sky quite a lot and many of these abusers/murderers have started out on animals. The petition is doing very well and so fingers crossed ! The questions you raised are spot on. Kind regards. Luanne.

    • Xander says:

      You say in all cases, what about throwing these two jobs down the stairs a few times? That’s torture.
      Well written though mate. Agree 100%

    • Baby will not be forgotten! says:

      Check out Operation Frankish 2 on Facebook! These guys will NOT rest until they are prosecuted TO THE FULLEST!

  26. Liza says:

    Hi Tina – I am glad you raised the issue of the reality of how Baby died and the very feeble claim by the media that she was ‘put down a few months later after losing the use of her back legs.’
    That’s akin to saying that someone had to have their head bandaged because it was bleeding, without ever establishing the cause or severity of the bleeding. Yes, we can all see when someone is bleeding, or in this case has ‘lost the use of their legs’, but we need to know why, how and when etc. Why didn’t the vet do this? In reality, given the treatment we know this dog was subjected to in just one evening of her pitiful life, she would have suffered severe multiple fractures, internal bleeding, brain damage and more. Her lameness, far from being a common occurrence unworthy of suspicion, was a sign of serious injury, which we now know was deliberately inflicted. But the vet, who would only have done was they were asked or paid to do, would have simply taken in good faith what the owner told them, in the same way that many doctors have in those appalling cases of child abuse, where the abusive parents and guardians tell the clinician that the child’s visible injuries are the result of disease, self-inflicted or a fall etc. Tragically, this little dog would have been horribly injured when she was finally taken to the vet, who would not have x-rayed or scanned her to identify the cause of her collapse. And yet her sadistic killers got off with a virtual slap on the wrist and are now apparently being protected by the police that we fund. If our judiciary made sure the punishment fits the crime then you wouldn’t get large swathes of the population threatening to exact revenge on this sadistic pair and others like them. Time for the law makers, our MPs, to change the sentencing for such sickening crimes.

  27. Bengalpuss says:

    These two pigs could’ve been sentenced upto 51 weeks or fined £10.000 under the animal welfare act, so i’m utterly puzzled why these two cunts were not given hefty sentences? What have you to do then to be given the max? Because if these two pigs don’t deserve it then what will? Just makes me so angry the pathetic sentences these shitbags have been given. Poor baby x

    • Baby will not be forgotten! says:

      Check out Operation Frankish 2 on Facebook! These guys will NOT rest until they are prosecuted TO THE FULLEST!

      • Bengalpuss says:

        I’ve been on that page and left a few comments obviously in my real name. I’m glad that sites like those facebook pages are not letting this slide and are keeping it in the public interest, cos lets face it the goverment and sentencing laws are shite.

  28. I totally agree why are the English courts so pathetic im sure they wouldn’t be if baby was part of their family

  29. DecentPeopleOnly says:

    They are Worse than Pigs

    There are Saadistic Scum and the ” Sentence ” is an Insult to the
    Poor Animal’s Suffering

  30. DecentPeopleOnly says:

    The Sentence effectively Condones what Happened

    The Magistrate Needs to be Sacked

    Victims Needs Rights Not Villain

  31. DecentPeopleOnly says:

    What Happened is of course Evil .

    I Think it is worth Writing as Well as Petitioning to get these
    Scumbags Given a Proper Sentence .

    This Kind of Animal Cruelty Warrants the Death Penalty and Public Flogging by Formal Statute which is why the European Convention on
    Human Rights Needs to be Repealed and why the Country Needs to Leave the

    Rights For Decent People and Animals Not Scum like them Dog Murderers

  32. Kamii says:

    I’m so disgusted and angry at this whole situation. I will never understand how people can do this to a defenseless animal. I hope they get what they deserve. They should be put in prison and let the other animal loving criminals take care of them for good. I hope they rot in hell forever and they keep feeling the pain of flames on them forever. These 2 douchebags are scum and the mother and judge too. How can the mother nog know something happened to the dog are you fucking kidding me?! I have a dog and I even know when he is just a bit sick and she is trying to say that she didn’t know her dog was in severe excrutiating pain for 3 fucking months? I hope she rots in hell with her 2 poor excuses of humans. She raised them to be this sick so she deserves the same pain and agony as the poor little dog. The judge is a piece of shit douchebag and he needs to be taken care of too.

  33. Rick Wallner says:

    why are these two assholes still breathing, if I lived anywhere near them they would both be in the hospital fighting for there lives.

    • Laura says:

      because most people are just talking shit. though i’m glad many are upset, why doesn’t someone shoot into their house already? i’m very far, unfortunately.

  34. DecentPeopleOnly says:

    They are Evil Scum.

    They are Worse than Excrement because what they done led to the Dogs Death

    The Mother is a Disgrace as Well

    The Judge Needs to be Sacked

  35. A. Meadows says:

    I watched it before I read this article. I wish I could unwatch the mortifying, horrific abuse this beautiful girl had to endure. I am haunted, mortified, sickened, and extremely disturbed by what I saw this sweet baby go through. She was so gentile she didn’t even try to protect herself by lashing out at those two vile creatures. Her only escape from her horrific life was to be put to sleep because she was tortured so badly it paralyzed her. I am so utterly distressed about the pain, suffering and confusion baby felt that I cannot sleep and stop crying. The two evil Frankishstein brothers need to be punished and taught a lesson by the law because of the severity of this crime. Two serial future serial killers. RIP sweet Baby, enjoy Rainbow Bridge.

    • K Pep says:

      I am heartbroken over what these pieces of scum did to this beautiful girl. I can’t seem to stop crying over the pain they made her suffer. I know she’s crossed the rainbow bridge and running happy but these two disgusting brothers need to pay for what they did. How did their family not know something was wrong with their fur-baby. My pets are a huge part of my family. How many times did they abuse her before they were caught. I can’t believe no one in the justice system sees a pattern to their actions. I can honestly say if anyone of my family members did this to one of my pets, I wouldn’t protect them from the law or anyone else who felt necessary to punish them. These two scumbag brothers deserve everything they get and more. They can’t hide FOREVER. RIP beautiful Baby.

  36. DecentPeopleOnly says:

    The Politicians Passed the Dangerous Dogs Act 1991 AD quickly enough .

    One Wonders how long before Legislation is Passed that Requires a 15
    Year Prison Sentence to Life for Sadistic Cruelty to Animals resulting
    in Injury and Loss of Life ?

  37. Xander says:

    Okay animal lovers! According to the neighbors on the street, the Pitt bull torturers are still in the house. Hiding!!!!! They have not moved out. Also, the facebook comments about them having gotten an ass kicking is false. One local on the street has tried kicking the door in but was arrested, no charge!
    I went from door to door in the street and the verdict was that the sentences given by the court was not sufficient. Therefore the case must be looked at again.

    • cleo says:

      Dear commenters,
      I am all in favour of signing the petition and of ostrasizing these dog abusers, but must advise against vigilantism. You don’t want to wind up behind bars while these two remain free.

      • Bengalpuss says:

        Cleo, as much as i love and respect you i can’t heed to your advice, these two pigs need to be dealt with love. I’ve tried letting my countries judiciary sort it out but they’ve let me and the rest of the people down. I truly do hope they get a prison sentence because only murder, rape and other serious convictions can be increased not animal sentences. I understand you don’t want anyone doing anything to these shitbags, someone will probably beat a lot of us to the job.

    • Aga says:

      Does any one knows whats going on with them now ? Ddid someone punish them? I would really like to kill them ale to kill their mother

  38. Lauren says:

    Don’t punish the Frankish boys.

    Just kill them.

  39. rob says:

    Can some please post the address of these 2 scumbags, I am trying my hardest to find out as myself and 10 of (my slightly yobish) mates want to go and put these 2 in hospital but am really struggling.

    Ive tried looking online but can only find redcar northyorkshire.

    Any one who posts this I promise to video the beating and post this so everyone can witness just like they have done to this innocent dog.

  40. S Ritchie says:

    Why did magistrates choose not to impose harsher sentence, no way should these brothers be walking the streets. What will happen when they torture a child, I believe they are capable and obviously enjoy inflivting pain and suffering. The Change Petition site gives this as their address – 20 Southhampton street, Redcar. It mention that the older brother is still there but maybe moving out.

  41. Richo says:

    One of them seems to have a Facebook account
    A lot of his remaining friends have blocked personal messages so it might be hard to get anything from them.
    Looks like he has chosen use a black lab photo as his profile pic. I sure hope that dog doesn’t belong to him.

    • Bengalpuss says:

      Just left the lump of crap a message, hoping he gets whats coming for him, fucking cowardly bastard he is.

  42. DecentPeopleOnly says:

    Decent People and Animals Deserve Rights Scum do Not .

    The Law Needs to be Changed so that Sadistic Cruelty to Animals Resulting in Serious Injury / Loss of Life Warrants Public Flogging
    and the Death Penalty

    Liberals are Scum because they always have Sympathy for the Villain
    but Never for the Victim

    • Bengalpuss says:

      Public flogging, DPO, it would be great, put the lump of shite’s in the stocks and throw dog shit at their faces and laugh while its video taped. I’ve discovered that the chance of their sentence being increased is slim. That fucking dumb arse magistrate has a lot to answer to, he needs removing from his job because he obviously doesn’t think that abusing animals and torturing them deserves a custodial sentence, he should be locked up for being a stupid cunt.

  43. DecentPeopleOnly says:

    Wonder if a Politician had Suffered a Pet of theirs being Subjected to
    such Cruelty they would Act Quicker to Change the Law so that Sadistic
    Cruelty to Animals Resulting in Injury Loss of Life would Warrant Public
    Flogging and Capital Punishment instead of Suspended ” Sentences ”

    It does Annoy me how a lot of Politicians are Arseholes and Out of Touch
    in the Ivory Tower of Palace of Westminster

  44. Raul Gonzalez says:

    disgusting euro trash, in Texas someone would do the same right back to them. we dont play that kind of trash. shame on England.

  45. DecentPeopleOnly says:

    England’s ” Justice ” is a Mockery of the Word

    • Bengalpuss says:

      DPO, your right, if it was a judges or one of the muppets running this country pet then we would be seeing a totally different sentence. Fuck the poor and look after the establishment, bunch of useless cunts they are.

  46. Lina says:

    Burn their house down so they have nothing to return to!! They abused a precious, innocent life – now it’s time they suffer. Citizens must seek justice if the law doesn’t!

  47. Elaine McCarthy says:

    I am wondering if a protest (peaceful) but menacing would be any good. Let them see how many of us there are who are wholly disgusted . I live in London but if a protest was arranged I would gladly make the journey to Redcar.

    My fear is that this is just going to die down, lose momentum and eventually be forgotten and those two scumbags will just carry on……as normal

    A protest might also get the media more invoked as well.


  48. DecentPeopleOnly says:

    Indeed those who misrule this Country leave a Lot to be Desired

    They Fail the Poor of this Country with their I Am All Right Jack

    I wish there was Common Sense in how this Country is Governed

  49. DecentPeopleOnly says:

    Looks like Petition about the Sentences of Andrew and Daniel Frankish
    Now has 416,586 Signatures

    Cameron instead of presiding over the Wasting of Millions of Pounds
    of British Money on EU Propaganda Leaflets should at Least do something about the Lousy Sentence of 21 Weeks Suspended For 2 Weeks which These
    Two Sickening Monsters got

    • Bengalpuss says:

      DPO, i can’t believe the cheeky bastard used 9million of tax payers money to send every household in britain a leaflet about why we should stay in the EU. That has made me even more determined to vote out. This is coming from a man that as it turns out with the exposure of the panama papers, had money in accounts that were a tax dodge, this is the people who are running britain, no wonder we’re fucked. 9million!! Absolutely disgraceful, cheeky cunts.

  50. DecentPeopleOnly says:


    The Country Needs a Better Prime Minister than David Cameron.

    I want to Vote to Leave the Corrupt EU Abyss

    In a Sovereign Great Britain Decent People and Animals will have Rights
    Not Murderers of People Child Abusers and Animal Abusers

  51. Alex says:

    Urgently seeking the name of the judge, and his home address. Judgement day has come.

    • Bengalpuss says:

      This was either a j.p (justice of the peace) or a magistrate. The chances of getting the j.p’s names are slim, usually 3 are at the bench, however you’ve a better chance of getting a magistrates name. I’ll see what i can find out.

  52. Shelley says:

    We can only hope that someone will make good on the threats to these two. They deserve all the same treatment they heaped on poor Baby and more, and then they can rot in hell.

  53. Ed says:

    I’m questioning the motivation of the sentence – has nobody questioned the presiding official or is there no accountability in government there? At minimum, whoever is responsible for this fiasco slap on the wrist should be removed from further cases like this, if not all. How much time and money has been wasted by masses because of such incompetence (the twisted little children are obviously wired wrong in the head, but somebody is being paid to perform a role and responsibility that obviously nobody thinks was competent)?

    Also, the parents – what the hell did they think happened to the family pet and should they also be considered in the sentencing if they knowingly covered it up on behalf of their oxygen-wasting offspring?

  54. Pauline NacDonald says:

    Once again the presiding officials dealing with this case and no doubt others involved have proved they are not fit for purpose. When will they be made to account for their action. They are now part of the problem not the solution. These officials should be sacked. The public purse is supporting these twits , lets start by shining the spotlight on them and if they do not fulfill their duties then replace them. The parents of these morons do cover up for them and should be considered for sentencing. If justice is not seen to be done then the public have every right to deal out their own.

  55. Pauline macDonald says:

    Surely someone must know where they are. They must be traced and dealt with. The court has had its chance. Let justice for Baby begin. They will be hoping that in time people will forget and move on . I for one will not . They did not receive a jail term for the cruelty done to that poor dog when they should have. What was seen on the video was one instance , no doubt there would have been more. Please everyone make these low life feel the pain and fear poor Baby had to endure for god knows how long.

    • Bengalpuss says:

      Pauline, i couldn’t agree with you more, the stupid twat that give these two cowards the sentence should be removed from the bench, end of. Poor baby, i can’t get that video out of my head.

  56. Pauline macDonald says:

    Who was the magistrate who heard the case and what solicitor had to represent them, who paid for this representation. There house at 20 Southampton Street Redcar TS 10 2BJ is currently valued at £94140. Surely the tax payers did not pick up the tab for this . Who is paying for the extra protection the police are providing. This is a sick joke if we are all paying for this . Questions have to be answered. I for one will strive to bring this terrible miscarriage of justice regarding this poor dog to public attention for a long time. I will not rest until they are held truly accountable in every respect for their actions. There mother also has a lot to answer. Which vet put Baby to sleep, what lies were told to him to cover up the true nature of Baby,s condition. Who paid the vet fees. Is the vet local. Vigils and flowers at the house are not getting true justice for Baby.

    • Donna says:

      I hope this murder if a beautiful little dog is not forgotten and the names if the killers be remembered , hope they never find a job and get fired if they have one . No one should allow them in their stores , their names should be a symbol for animal torture, baby is one dog of millions that are tortured and killed by evil scum bags like these. That’s why society needs to rid itself of them

  57. Alex says:

    Once we get more names, justice will start. And Hell will descend upon all the guilty ones!

    • Donna says:

      Will be waiting and hopefully good news will be heard, and while they are taken to jail maybe they will fall down the stairs and be stepped on and like drived head first oh yea and have their picture taken and posted for the tough creeps they are, the parents should be made to clean them up as they soil their pants.

  58. Pauline macDonald says:

    Everyone sickened by the actions of Andrew Frankish aged 22 and his brother Daniel Frankish aged 19 should contact Labour and Co-operative MP for Redcar Anna Turley. 10 Millbank Terrace Redcar Cleveland TS10 1ED. EMAIL [email protected].. Printed in local paper Redcar MP calls for tougher animal cruelty sentencing after brutal dog attack. She states she has written to the Justice Minister Michael Gove MP requesting a review of sentencing for animal cruelty crimes. Well a request is not good enough she should in this case demand it be brought back to court. I hope she stands by her words and turns them in actions. As the saying goes ‘ talks cheap’ and this can be applied to alot of MP’S. I will be contacting her to find out what action she has taken , this is in her backyard and a platform for her to show her strength. Hopefully

  59. Pauline macDonald says:

    For those who do not want to contact MP Anna Turley by email, her local office number is 01642 485138, I am sure if she is true to her word she will appreciate your support on this hideous matter. Justice for Baby

    • Bengalpuss says:

      Thats what the frankish pieces of shit are hoping, that after a few weeks everyone will forget, well i for one will not forget what these two cowardly bastards did to that poor sweet dog. British laws are shite, we’ve been let down by them so we are left to deal with it ourselves.

  60. Bulldog Lover says:

    Why are these shitstains still breathing?? Even though Baby’s suffering is long over, it’s eating at me knowing those two pieces of shit are strutting around leaving a trail of slime where they go. Has nobody wondered how much more abuse they inflicted on that poor dog in the 3 months she was paralyzed before being put down? Was she even put down by a vet or did they just finally beat her to death themselves? Even more terrifying (if possible!) is what the fuck have these happy assholes been up to in the TWO YEARS since this happened? Does anyone believe that they haven’t abused any more animals in this time? Also, what if animals just arent’ enough and they’ve moved onto torturing humans. Rabid animals are put down, and that’s what these shits are. Fucking die!

    • Bengalpuss says:

      Bulldog lover, i too wonder that also considering they’re facebook profile now shows a black labrador, if they do own that poor dog then straight away they’re breaching their sentence, i hope to god they don’t own that dog. As for the time since baby was tortured 2years ago, the frankish bastards never dreamed the reaction of the public, the cunts probably thought they would go to court and that’d be it, never in their wildest nightmares expected the reaction to their horrendous beating of a poor docile innocent dog. And now they think that the furor will die down after a few weeks, not if i can help it. Waiting for justice from the goverment is a waste of time, these two pos need to be dealt with exactly how they dealt with baby, its only fair in my opinion.

      • Bulldog Lover says:

        I saw that picture too and my blood ran cold. I absolutely loathe those fucking pusbags and nothing would make me happier than the glorious news of their slow agonizing public deaths. That video has haunted me for the last 2 weeks, I cannot get it out of my head. Every day I check for any news about them, and facebook has pages dedicated to finding these fucktards. I’m always disappointed to see they’re still alive. There’s a page on facebook called Operation Frankish. These guys are serious! They’re doing some really great stuff to keep the heat on those douchenozzles. Too bad I’m in the US, because I’d really love to get in on it.

  61. DecentPeopleOnly says:

    The Sentence is an Offence against Meaningful Justice.

    However Brutalised Townie Trance Britain is it is still Evil what
    Happened to that Dog

    They are Clearly Scum

    The Country Needs Common Sense in Government and in the Courts of Justice
    and then British ” Justice ” would Not be such a Sick Joke

  62. DecentPeopleOnly says:

    Of Course the State of the Country is Sadly a State of Evil

    Some Large Peaceful Protests about what has Happened and other Cases
    of Sadistic Cruelty to Animals would Help

    It would Help as Well the House of Commons Stop being an Out of Touch
    Cuckooland Dominated by Morons and Scum Breeding like Pratts in the UK

  63. Kala says:

    These “boys” obviously have too much time on their hands and mom and/or dad need to boot them to the street because there is no way 2 young punks that would do this will turn into anything but socios when spoiled and catered to. I myself think they need to be beat down like the pussies they are.

  64. DecentPeopleOnly says:

    They are Evil Scum

    The Sentence is an Outrage and so is the Seeming Indifference of
    some Politicians at Westminster more Concerned with Serving Themselves than
    the Country

  65. DecentPeopleOnly says:

    Got Pro EU Propaganda Leaflet Today

    Ripped it and sent it back to David Cameron

    Leave the EU the Death Penalty can be Restored For Murder and Sadistic
    Cruelty to Animala

  66. PJ says:

    $500.00 to the person who posts the picture of these two POS getting equal treatment. THese two should not be able to reproduce!!!

  67. DecentPeopleOnly says:

    The State of the UK leaves a Lot to be Desired.

    It makes my Blood Boil how Out of Touch too Many are out There

  68. DecentPeopleOnly says:

    We Know what Happened is Revolting

    I Dread to Think how many more Cases of Sadistic Cruelty to Animals
    there are out There

    The ” Sentence ” if that what it can be Called is an Outrage

  69. Donna says:

    Iam glad to see that this tragedy is not being forgotten , it is not only for Baby but for all animals being tortured and killed . We need to change the laws to protect the animals, it should not be that it matters what is killed it is the fact that a killing or torture had occurred , March should be the month for Baby the bulldog’s murder and put the scum bags name as the murderers

    • Batterseadogsrule says:

      Let’s drive them and their foul mother out of their house and stone them all the way along the motorway to London. We’ll give them a thoroughly appropriate South London welcome. There will be no slapped wrists, and the only thing that will be suspended will these two evil men by their moronic thick necks using razor wire. Whatever’s left of them will be tenderised with baseball bats and their pathetic remains fed to the mangy foxes. Alternatively let’s head butt them, raise them high in the air before repeatedly hurling them down a flight of stairs, and stamp on their backs until their spines snap. Scum. Vicious scum who must NOT be permitted to remain at liberty to torture any other innocent defenceless creature. Sod being stoic and British – let’s mob the fucking family and put them out of our misery.

      • Donna says:

        Absolutely thus cannot be forgotten , they are scum and should not have a place on earth, this was not the first time this poor dog was tortured Iam sure , the look on the eyes of this beautiful innocent being, this poor thing dhould if been living today and if the mother and father had been sterilized these creeps would not have been born and allowed this torture to happen, I am sure they had other ova or cats that they did this to, the are demonic animals, the parents should lose their jobs so they would be forced to live outside, I just cannot stand that they are even breathing air today , this world does not need this kind of trash , get rid of them, why are the tax payors paying gir anything , they are a danger to society and if the law cannot see this they are blind to justice. We need justice for all animals , they suffer in silence and it seems like the justice system has no place for them Never forget Baby and all other tortured and killed animals. Don’t let society forget these bastards name.

    • Bengalpuss says:

      Donna the laws were changed, the animal welfare act, but it seems that they are not being implemented. The cowards could’ve been sentenced to 51weeks in prison and a “10.000 fine, unfortuately slack arse judge didn’t think they should go to jail, useless cunt he is.

  70. Donna says:

    Any update on these cockroaches ? They must be somewhere! Don’t the parents work? They need constant reminders of how much they are hated

  71. DecentPeopleOnly says:

    It Looks like too many Politicians do Not seem to Care Sadly.

    A Lot of Politicians I Despise .

    What they did to that Dog is Sadistic Cruelty and just as Scummish
    are the Do Gooder Liberals who Care about the Villain Oblivious to
    the Suffering of the Victim, Scum siding with Scum.

    The Country Needs to have the Death Penalty and Public Flogging for
    Sadistic Cruelty to Animals and I will be Voting to Leave the EU on
    the 23rd of June 2016 so that there is No ” European Human Rights ” to
    Harm Victims

  72. Paige Dorgan says:

    Join the official campaign page on Facebook

    Or the official twitter campaign account

    • Bengalpuss says:

      Well done paige, the facebook account is brilliant and keeping baby in everyones thoughts. These two lowlifes are expecting things to die down and people forget about what they did to baby, with people like you paige thats not gonna happen. These two pieces of shit need to be sat in jail because they’ve basicaly gotten away with torturing poor baby.

  73. Donna says:

    Just checking to see if there has been any sighting or more punishment for theses two murderers and the mother that is no better than them. If I knew any of my kids did this to a defenseless pet I would throw that kid out and report him or her to the law so that due punishment is received, because this was not done by her and got her to blame it on drugs then she will accept anything that they tell her. She needs to take blame for the torture that was done by these bastards and most likely had other pets or animals that came across their path, and because they are murderers will torture a little child that is defenseless and I hope and pray that this had not already happened. Shame on the judge that allowed these two to go with a little slap because it was a dog , if the next victim is a small child the judge will have it in his shoulder . Never forget Baby and other abused animals that have no protection it seems

  74. DecentPeopleOnly says:

    I Signed the Petition online

    The Law Need’s to be Changed to Protect Animals from such Arseholes

    Given how messed up the State of this Country is I am Surprised that
    they were Not recommended for the OBE in the Queen’s Birthday Honours

    Creep Jimmy Savile got given the OBE

  75. Donna says:

    I can’t believe that this horrible family has not been seen since this horrible torture was found out. Don’t they work somewhere? and if they are how can they still be employed. The whole family has no place here on earth, the crime was so horrendous that if you have any conscience it bothers you everyday . I just want to see the creeps being hated by the public and have no where to hide. They are nothing but scum. Poor baby had no cry left in her, her eyes said everything and she had no one to go to , not even the creepy mother . What happened to the black lab?

  76. Donna says:

    Hope that these creeps are still hiding , will keep checking and hopefully will find fantastic news that they were found . Hope the black lab is not theirs , the courts should have them arrested for violating the court , cannot wait for judgement day

  77. DecentPeopleOnly says:

    Scum they Definitely Are

    It is Reprehensible the Alleged ” Sentence ” considering the Sadistic
    Brutality Committed against the Poor Dog

    A Country Dominated by Liberal Do Gooders is a State of Evil

  78. Donna thomas says:

    Hope this doesn’t go away from our minds

  79. MrFurious says:

    I look forward to hearing about these 2 in the future, and not for abusing more animals.

    I just cannot wait!

  80. Donna thomas says:

    Any update on these two murderers?

  81. DecentPeopleOnly says:

    I Wish the Establishment Cared .

    So Far it looks like another Case of Put the Head in the Sand

    They are Scum those who Murdered and ILL Treated that Dog .

    The Situation Stinks The System Stinks The Oblivious are Oblivion

  82. Donna Thomas says:

    Even if the system (cannot call it justice) fails the poor Baby , the people should never forget who these murders are. They should be treated as scum, let everyone know who they are, should lose their jobs, if found shopping make it as awful for them to be seen as possible . They are terrible people and should know how it feels to be hated and anytime possible make life miserable for them. Protest their existence, let them know they are breathing air that they do not deserve

  83. DecentPeopleOnly says:

    Indeed .

    They are Scum and there are too many Scum out There

    Makes England more Evil Land than Anything Sadly

  84. DecentPeopleOnly says:

    When You get Scum in Office You get Scum in the Oblivion of what should
    be Society

    An Example was Margaret Thatcher a Pro ” Common Market ” Traitor who
    during her 11 and a Half Years of Evil as Prime Minister did Not
    Restore the Death Penalty encouraged Nihilistic Selfish Individualism
    and with her Moronic Mentality of ” There is No Such Thing as Society ”
    Encouraged Social Decay

  85. DecentPeopleOnly says:

    Looks like in Australia Two Arseholes Murdered a Koala and got a
    Piss take ” Sentence ”

    There is a Petition about it

    Not Even a Prison Sentence

    They Deserve Capital Punishment and Public Flogging the Evil Bastards

    Shame on Federal Government for Interfering with Right of States to
    Restore Death Penalty for Murder

  86. Larry Franks says:

    The latest news is that letters have been flooding in to Secretary of State for Justice, Michael Gove MP to intervene and look at the sentence…
    I actually got a reply back from the MOJ with the names Andrew and David Furnish, not Frankish
    I have sent back a 3 page stinking letter to all the top people demanding a proper investigation…
    A fantastic event at the weekend organised by the Operation Frankish Facebook group who flew a plane over the Middlesborough football ground with an ad banner behind with the words”jail the Frankish Brothers” written on it
    And I see this morning one of the brothers was allegedly assaulted, I doubt he was, but managed to call the Police who investigated
    What a shame Baby the Bulldog was unable to call the Police whilst she was being abused…
    If action is not taken by Michael Gove and the authorities with such a massive response, alternative methods will be sought…
    We want justice
    And the police keep saying just contact the authorities to make things happen…
    Well, we are, but you are not listening
    And there are too many of us determined that we will get justice for animals and we will get to the Frankish brothers…
    So authorities, do your job or we will…..

    • Donna thomas says:

      Excellent , what great news, just the fact that they two creeps will have to keep looking behind and in front every day and every where they go , make their lives a living hell . Like you said Baby had no one to call and even if it lived after the torment she received she would init had been protected as she and all the animals do not receive, they creeps deserve to be tormented fir the rest if their lives as Baby and all animals deserve not to have pain inflicted on them by creeps looking to have their sadistic enjoyment satisfied . The fact that justice firs not understand how dangerous this is to not punish people like this before it goes to different degrees and what if thus time something happens to one of the justices family members , animal injustice needs to stop everywhere and be punished for what it really us and that is the act if torture and murder.

  87. Bengalpuss says:

    Oh dear, just read mail online and it seems one of the brothers has been assaulted. Woo hoo, yes yes yes, my day has brightened up now, justice for baby!

    • Donna thomas says:

      Awesome news , I can now feel that Baby may get some justice but I wish she never had to suffer and was living today. It seems that the justice system has no interest I. Doing their job do the people need to do it. Hope head was rally beat up, wish it was on YouTube so we could see the tough guy crying , and then another kick in the face as a reminder of Baby. Nothing is still enough but it’s at leafy something

  88. DecentPeopleOnly says:

    I am Still awaiting a Reply from the Ministry of ” Justice ” .

    The Situation Stinks and the System Stinks

    They are Evil Bastards the Murderers of that Dog

  89. DecentPeopleOnly says:

    What Happened to this Dog should Not just be Ignored

    The Least they can do is give them Evil Bastards a Life Sentence

  90. DecentPeopleOnly says:

    They are Scum .

    They are Murderers .

    The Country Needs to Leave the EU the European Convention on Human Rights and withdraw from the European Court of Human Rights so that
    the Death Penalty and Public Flogging can Exist for Sadistic Cruelty to

    Instead of Do Gooders Country Needs More Decent People Indeed Only
    Decent People

  91. DecentPeopleOnly says:

    The 2nd of May 2016 Mark’s the 2nd Anniversary of the Odessa Massacre
    May 2nd 2014

    Nazi Russophobic Thugs Rampaged like Racist Boneheads through Odessa
    and Brutally Murdered People at the Trades Union House . These Scum
    Set Fire to the Trades Union House so People were Burnt Alive and Strangled an Expectant Mother

    Shame on the West For Backing the Nazi Regime in Kiev

    The Nazis were after All Genocidial Murderers

  92. DecentPeopleOnly says:

    Looks like Petition Regarding them Vile Bastards the Frankenscum has
    Got 440,733 Signatures so far

    Is that 400 MPs who Care about what Happened to this Dog I Wonder ?

  93. DecentPeopleOnly says:

    Looks like Middlesbrough’s Riverside Stadium had a Jail the Frankish Brothers Banner Displayed.

    They are Certainly Not Fit to be Called Human and it is Disgusting that
    so Far their Sentence has Not been Increased

    The Country could do with Judges that Care about Victims Not Villains

  94. Bengalpuss says:

    DPO, i know, the whole point of that exercise is the fact that the frankillstein brothers support that football team and are regular visitors to the home matches, what better way to get the word around that we are not going to forget what those two bastards did to baby, the horrible ugly bastards they are. #justiceforbaby

  95. DecentPeopleOnly says:


    British ” Justice ” Needs to Actually be Justice .

    The Frankenscum Brothers Deserve to be Brought to Justice by the British State.

    Good that People Care

  96. DecentPeopleOnly says:

    Victims are who Matter Not Villains

  97. Donna thomas says:

    Let’s not forget the awful massacre that happens in yulon in China. This has been happening since about 2010 so it’s not a culture it is a group of scum and dirty people that enjoy the tittle and murder of cats and dogs, I cannot believe that in this century we have and allow this to happen to animals that do not belong to them, they are part of nature and do not deserve this terrible massacre to take place. If you look at the creeps that kill and torture the animals they seem to enjoy the process, what is wrong with this world, who in today’s time eat cats and dogs , this needs to stop and If it doesn’t stop we need to stop buying China goods and any other countries that continue this barbaric action. We need to tell the Chinese govt now before June when the creeps start rounding up and stealing pets to transport them in deplorable cages for miles cramed in together , many die before they even get to the destination of torture, the Frankenstein creeps are no different than what these people in China prepare for their enjoyment and mostly it is the process that they enjoy. May they all get some terrible disease as these animals are strays also who carry all kinds of disease , stop the yulon massacre now

  98. DecentPeopleOnly says:

    Indeed .

    Instead of so called ” Extremist Disruption Orders ” and running the
    Country like a Tinpot Dictatorship the Country Need’s a Pro British Government that will put Victims before Villains

    This ” Democratic ” Dictatorship is a Blight to this Country like
    Murderers Rapists Animal Abusers and Child Abusers are ….

    The Path to Tyranny is Helped by Obliviousness

  99. DecentPeopleOnly says:

    Still Awaiting a Reply from the Ministry of Justice concerning the
    Evil Outrage of what Happened to this Dog Baby the Bulldog .

    Without Political Freedom of Speech we will be Living in a Dictatorship
    and how then can we Raise the Plight of Animals like Baby the Bulldog

    So Called ” Extremist Disruption Orders ” are a Charter for Tyranny and

    The System Stinks and We Need Far Better Government

  100. Donna says:

    everyday I think of all the suffering that all these animals go through and they don’t have strong laws to protect them. The punishment for damaging personal property is far more than for killing or torturing animals. It is just wrong and the judicial system that represents us do not listen to our complaints . Hopefully the system will change when we get the old people out with old laws that do not understand that it is just wrong to allow this yo happen to animals of any kind

  101. DecentPeopleOnly says:

    Indeed the ” Justice ” System has Little to do with Actual Justice.

    We Need Decent People In Office Not so called ” Extremist Disruption Orders ” and a Tory Thousand Year Reich

    We Need Capital Punishment and Public Flogging for Scum who carry out
    Sadistic Cruelty against Animals

  102. DecentPeopleOnly says:

    Still Awaiting a Reply from the Ministry of Justice with Regards to what
    Happened to this Poor Dog Baby the Bulldog

    We Need New People Running the Country Not Out of Touch Tories and
    Judges that Need Sacking

    Ignorance is Not Strength Ignorance is Sickening

    The System Stinks

  103. Donna says:

    Just hoping to see if anymore news on the creepy brothers getting beat up. It would be great to have that put on video to see them cry and see if there is anymore crying left to them. The mother needs to get kicked in the rear as she is to blame just as much as them. Taking a beautiful dog and cripple it and keep it for 3 months before that put it down? I bet they probably tortured that dog until it had to be put down. This should not be forgotten , need to make life miserable for that scum family, why do they have jobs? They should all be out out on the street. Any more on the black lab?

  104. DecentPeopleOnly says:

    It is Sickening that Decent Homeless People are at the Mercy of the
    Streets whilst Scum like them have More ” Human Rights ” when

    The System is to Blame as Well……It is so Out of Touch….The
    Country Need’s Far Better Government and For the Words British and
    Justice to go Together instead of British ” Justice ” being a Sick Parody of the Word Justice

  105. DecentPeopleOnly says:

    What Happened Decent People Know is Evil , Namely what Happened to that
    Dog Baby the Bulldog

    It also Sickens Me the Testing on Animals at Mod Laboratories

    The Defence of the Nation does Not Need to Involve Marmosets being Infected .

    This is Morally Unjustifiable

  106. DecentPeopleOnly says:

    Got Pro EU Leaflets Today.

    Binned them like the EU Need’s to be Binned.

    I Will Vote to Leave the EU upon the 23rd of June 2016 so the United
    Kingdom can be a Country for Only Decent People where Murderers Rapists Child Abusers and Animal Abusers get the Death Penalty instead of ” Human Rights ” as opposed to the Present Degenerate Abyss where the Villain gets more ” Rights ” than the Victim

  107. DecentPeopleOnly says:

    Still Awaiting Reply from the Ministry of Justice about What Happened to Baby the Bulldog.

    The System is Sick and Stinks like them two Evil Scum

    I Want to See the Country to have the Common Sense to Vote to Leave the EU on June the 23rd 2016 and Ignore the Rubbish David Cameron is Saying .

    The EU has Not upheld Peace in Europe look at Yugoslavia and The Ukraine since Neo Nazis took over in early 2014 .

    Vote to Leave the EU The Death Penalty can Exist for Murder Rape Child Abuse and Animal Abuse Vote to ” Remain ” All them Scum Types get Away with Murder Rape Child Abuse and Animal Abuse

  108. DecentPeopleOnly says:

    Lack of Morality Destroys Society as can be Seen by the Degenerate
    State of the Country.

    Indecent Exposure wherever it be by a Man or a Woman is Totally
    Unacceptable and at the Very Least should Warrant a 15 Year Prison
    Sentence even if done by ” Celebrities ” .

    Where Indecent Exposure Happens where there is Children about and
    Deliberately Before Children Warrants Capital Punishment .

    There is No Moral Justification for Indecent Exposure and Done with Indecent Intent

  109. Donna says:

    Keep the scrum bags in hiding, make their lives miserable every day that they exist. The best thing they could do is to cease to exist and make this world a better and safer place for all our beautiful innocent animals that deserve more than that horrible bunch of thugs The judicial system doesn’t realize that by not punishing people gir crimes such as this just allows terrible people to go on to create terrible crimes and make this world a dangerous place. By the judicial system not taking crimes towards animals seriously makes society look like a bunch of terrible people

  110. DecentPeopleOnly says:

    British ” Justice ” is Sadly a Parody of the Word Justice.

    I Wish Country had Better Policies coming from Government .

    Some Judges certainly Need to be Sacked .

    They are Scum what them Degenerates did to that Dog the Creeps

  111. DecentPeopleOnly says:

    Murderers and Scum who ILL Treat Animals like Baby the Bulldog are
    Definitely Worse than Animals

    The System makes Me Feel Sick

  112. DecentPeopleOnly says:

    The Country is Crawling with Liberal Do Gooders and Out of Touch

    Much Prefer a Country with More Decent People in it and Common Sense
    Social Conservatism

  113. Donna says:

    Don’t let these creeps think that they will be forgotten , post their names and pictures everywhere as pet murders, this cannot be forgotten as they probably think it will be. We must not forget all the beautiful animals that ha rd suffered and died by scum bags like these and their family, hope someone checked out the black lab situation

  114. Bengalpuss says:

    Donna, i don’t think that people will forget what these disgusting bastards did to that beautiful little dog baby. I took a little drive upto redcar last sunday and thought i’d take a look where these two evil cunts live. I spoke to many people on their street and the consensus is that the frankish brothers are hated and haven’t been seen and are in hiding in their home like the cowards they are. Apparently so one neighbour told me one of the brothers did emerge from their home one day but the amount of grief he was given made the dog killer run back home, he didn’t even reach the end of his street, good, i’m glad they are suffering, fucking cowards that they are, a few words make them run home, baby had nowhere to run. People are not forgetting donna.

    • Donna says:

      Thanks so much for your update , just can’t stand the way animals are mistreated and how it must make the weak people feel so tough because they are weaklings and feel so tough picking on a innocent animal that cannot speak for themselves, his ironic it is that if a dog bites someone in self defense the dog is put down with no court, that is the way it should be with people who abuse animals, they are just a waste of dos on earth thank you again for the update it really does make me feel that Baby the Bull dog has people that will not forget her .

  115. DecentPeopleOnly says:

    There Needs to be more Decent People in this Country and this Country
    to be Not such a Gigantic Mess

    I can See Things will get Worse if the Country is Silly Enough to
    Vote to Stay in the Corrupt EU

    I Dread to Think what other Instances of Cruelty to Animals by Sadistic
    Arseholes there will be in our Degenerate Liberal Abomination of a

  116. DecentPeopleOnly says:

    It is Good that there are People who Care about what Happened to
    Baby the Bulldog but the Mentality and Ways of Townies too Many
    is like that of Zombies


    • Donna says:

      I totally agree , people just think that it had nothing to do with them so it’s not their concern, until it affects them then everyone should care

  117. DecentPeopleOnly says:

    Got another Pro EU Leaflet through my Front Door Yesterday and my
    Blood Boiled with Rage

    Will Vote to Leave the EU on June the 23rd so Victims can have Rights
    instead of Villains

  118. Bengalpuss says:

    Ole camoron is trying his best isn’t he? Gotta give him 10/10 for trying, do you think he’s threatened? I had to laugh the other week he was trying to describe the country if we brexit, like some god damn apocolypse. Will it fuck, we will be millions of pounds saved everyday, 54 million a day for european union membership to start off with. We will definately be better off out, trying to scare people mr camoron, manipulative turd ball.

  119. Bengalpuss says:

    Was reading the paper the other day and there was an article about a woman from nigeria being sent back to nigeria with her 3 daughters, she claimed while waiting for her asylum claim to be looked at that her daughters father had arranged for them to be cut (genital mutilation) and she also had been cut, so she was granted leave to remain here indefinately:( turns out that the story was a load of bollocks because the father came back to britain and basically told the truth, if you don’t believe me then check out the wife’s genitals, and he was telling the truth. Its very worrying that the goverment allow people to come into the county and don’t check anything, its laughable seriously, 3years ago a jamaican man was refused leave to remain, so the fella had a new reason to why he was seeking asylum, he was gay? The ploy worked and over night it was amazing how many gay jamaicans we had claiming asylum. Its like those turd’s on death row, when one of the prisoners challenged the sentence by claiming he was retarded and won, it became the law that a person cannot be executed if he is retarded. Well all death row inmates after that ruling was won became retarded, it was definately a case of mass retardation. It stresses me out big time just the thought of what this country has been turned into.

  120. DecentPeopleOnly says:

    A Sick Joke Describes the Cuckooland State of Britain

    For a Better Present and Future Vote to Leave the European Union
    upon the 23rd of June 2016 because the Country Need’s Better than
    either Cameron or Corbyn

  121. DecentPeopleOnly says:

    They are Scum what they did to that Dog

    It is an Outrage

  122. Donna says:

    Never forget what they did , they expect you will, they deserve hell here on earth. This is the justice that Baby at least will get. These scim bags along with the parents do not deserve to live a peaceful life, when you think about what they did and who knows the rest if the story for sure , you just want to see them tortured for the rest of their useless life. Just can’t stand the thought of them.

  123. DecentPeopleOnly says:

    Whatever can be Said about this tawdry ” Modern Age ” it is Not
    Great Britain’s Finest Hour.

    Obliviousness and Ignorance Worse than Pigs summons up the Townie
    Mentality too many

    The Country Need’s to be in a Better State and that Require’s a Vote
    to Leave the European Union upon the 23rd of June 2016

    A Choice between Decency or Delusionality

  124. DecentPeopleOnly says:

    They are Disgusting like Social Liberalism is Degenerate.

    Only Way Things will get Better and Bastards like Them do Not get Away
    with Atrocious Acts like what was Done to Baby the Bulldog is For the
    Country to Vote to Leave the European Union June the 23rd 2016 and
    Repeal All the Thug and Scum Protecting ” European Human Rights ”
    Pantomime so Committers of Sadistic Cruelty and Murder to Animals can
    Get Public Flogging and Capital Punishment.

    The System is Sick. Country Deserves Better .

    • Donna says:

      So happy to see that these creeps are not going to be left alone and the torture of this poor dog will not be forgotten . Never forget the pain these poor animals that suffer in silence and it seems that the courts don’t really care for them. The animals are put down for just existing and having no place to live. I

  125. Peter Hardman says:

    This is typical of British justice, an unqualified magistrate who has no idea what to do with monsters like this slaps them on the wrist. They should be removed from the courts and directed to something more fitting to there skills, picking up litter or toilet cleaning seem appropriate . The case should be reviewed and the boys/men put in jail .

  126. DecentPeopleOnly says:


    It is Disgusting

    Got a Reply from Ministry of Justice Today over 4 and a Half Months
    Later Concerning the Death Penalty

    UnConservative Government is Failing this Country by Not having the
    Death Penalty for Murder Rape Child Abuse and Animal Abuse

    I Will Vote to Leave the EU on the 23rd of June 2016 so the Death Penalty can Exist for Murder Rape Child Abuse and Animal Abuse

    Sick of Out of Touch Politicians in their Ivory Towers

  127. DecentPeopleOnly says:

    Remember Baby the Bulldog

    • Donna says:

      still think of Baby the bull dog and want that awful family to suffer the same, they cannot have a quiet and safe place to exist , they need to suffer the same torture as the poor dog did, no one would care about them, I just wonder why they are not being seen, they need to get tortured everyday and brutally so hopefully we can see these useless pieces of crap receiving the worst kind of pain. Let’s not forget our wonderful pets especially the murdered ones. Love them all and sorry the govt doesn’t care

  128. DecentPeopleOnly says:

    Anti Social Behaviour in this Country Needs to be Ended and the Degenerate State of the Country Turned into a Country For only Decent

    Littering leaving Broken Glass and Not Cleaning up after Dogs Need
    to be Cracked Down on

    Equally the Throwing of Objects Not least from a Height Needs to be
    Stopped wherever it is Stones, Waterbombs or Food . Parents Responsible Adults Need to be Held Responsible for what Children who do this , Whilst
    Children over a certain Age should be Sent to a Youth Offenders Institution and where Parents Show A Degenerate Could Not Care Less Townie Attitude Social Services should Intervene .

    Where Adults Intentionally Throw Things at People wherever it is a Waterbomb , Stones or Food for Instance they should get a £8,000 Pounds
    Fine at least 2 Years in Prison where the Throwing of Objects cause Injury or being put in Fear of Violence there should be a Fine of £15,000 Pounds and a Prison Sentence of at Least 10 Years in Prison
    with the Perpertrator being Banned from coming Near Victim for Life.

    Victims Deserve Rights Not Villains

  129. DecentPeopleOnly says:

    Instead of Party Political Divide and Rule Better Decency Rule

    The Party Political Divide and Rule Pantomime has Harmed this
    Country .

    Better to be British First and Foremost and have Decency Rule
    British Hearts and Minds so Anti Social Behaviour, Sadistic ILL
    Treatment of Animals Murder Rape and Child Abuse is Not such a virtually
    daily occurrence

  130. Lily says:

    I hope people are still furious about this. I know I still am.
    Don’t forget Baby.

    Remember the faces of these two evil cretins.
    Never let them feel that they are safe.
    They’re not, and they don’t deserve to be.

    • Donna says:

      Absolutely agree with you, don’t forget the poor animals with no voice for them! Also the yulon dig and cat massacre is coming up in June don’t forget to boycott any goods from China till the creeps stop slaughtering theses poor pets that star stolen an put in crates that have the dogs on top of each other with no food or water and then torturded, check all pet foods and tous thT r made in China and boycott that whole country it is sickening

  131. DecentPeopleOnly says:

    Indeed they Cetainly are Scum like the System Stinks.

    I am Voting to Leave the European Union Abyss upon the 23rd of June
    2016 so that in the Present and the Future Victims will have Rights
    instead of Villains

    Leave the European Union and There can be the Death Penalty for Murder
    Rape Child Abuse and Animal Abuse ie Real Justice .

    Vote to Remain a Slave in the European Union and the Abyss of Evil of
    ” Modern Britain ” will only most probably Get Worse under ” European
    Human Rights “

  132. DecentPeopleOnly says:

    I Agree the Yulin dog and cat Massacre is Appalling

    I am Not a Vegetarian, Neither are Dogs and Cats but I do Not
    condone Sadistic Cruelty towards Dogs and Cats

  133. DecentPeopleOnly says:

    Anyone who Cares about Animal Welfare and Human Decency Need’s to Vote
    to Leave the European Union on June the 23rd 2016 in the United Kingdom

    Leaving the Corrupt EU means the Country can Ban the Live Export of
    Animals to the Continent of Europe and also have the Death Penalty
    For Murder Rape Child Abuse and Animal Abuse so Scum are Punished and Victims of Scum Not Ignored

  134. DecentPeopleOnly says:

    Cannot Say Impressed with State of UK

    Despair more like

    I will Vote to Leave the EU so the Country can Stop being such an Abyss

  135. A Voice for Baby says:

    Still trying to find out where they have relocated to. Rumors state they have only moved to another part of Redcar. Their current neighbors and their children and pets deserve to know there are psychopathic vermin living close!! Let’s find them before the headlines read Frankish brothers tortured killed another family’s pet or child!!

    Also, please check out Operation Frankish 2 on Facebook!
    They are doing everything possible to bring justice for poor Baby!!

  136. DecentPeopleOnly says:

    What Happened is EVIL like the ” Sentence ” was and is an Outrage

    I will Vote to Leave the European Union on June the 23rd so that
    Victims have Rights instead of Villains

    Repeal ” European Convention on Human Rights ” and Withdraw from the
    European Court of Human Rights “

  137. DecentPeopleOnly says:

    Anyone with Common Sense Knows what Happened to Baby the Bulldog is

    A Clear Vote to Leave the European Union upon the 23rd of June 2016
    will Lay the Foundations of True Justice in the United Kingdom

    Namely that Victims Matter and Not Villains and unlike the Previous
    Years Villains will Not have the European Court of Human Rights through
    Not of course For Victims to Run to or Scum be Protected by the
    ” European Convention on Human Rights “

  138. DecentPeopleOnly says:

    True Justice is about Rights For Villains Not For Villains

    An Independent United Kingdom outside the EU European Court of Human
    Rights and ” European Convention on Human Rights ” means Villains will
    Not have the EU European Court of Human Rights and ” European Convention on Human Rights ” to Run to and British Justice will Actually be Justice

  139. DecentPeopleOnly says:

    A Clear Vote to Leave the European Union will Help towards a Better
    Present and Future

    One where the Villains are Punished instead of the Victims as with our
    Present Degenerate Liberal Murderer Lover Society

  140. DecentPeopleOnly says:

    Victims Not Villains

    A Clear Vote to Leave the European Union on June the 23rd 2016 is a Vote for a Scum Free Country instead of the Thug’s and Murderer’s Paradise within the European Union

  141. DecentPeopleOnly says:

    Decent Society in an Independent United Kingdom Not Degenerate Society
    within EU Entrapment

    As for Pro EU Politicians Vote them All Out and Clean Up the Degenerated
    Mess of Society

    British Freedom Pathway to British Regeneration

  142. DecentPeopleOnly says:

    Hear United Kingdom has Voted For British Independence

    Pathway Open to True Justice and away from Degenerate Oblivion of
    Past 40 Years without ” European Human Rights ” to Protect Murderers
    Rapists and Paedophiles

    Only Decent People

  143. DecentPeopleOnly says:

    Makes Me Feel Sick that Murderers and other Scum have more
    ” Human Rights ” than People or Animals

    Makes Me Feel Sick UK Sick Society cares more about Murderers and
    Scum than the Homeless

    UK Need’s to become an Independent Country so Victims have Rights
    and Scum cannot hide behind ” European Human Rights “

  144. DecentPeopleOnly says:

    The UK going back to Zombie Mode after the Referendum

    Recently it Appears that the ” European Court of Human Rights ” has
    Ruled in Favour of Two Sickos

    NO Wonder the Country is in the State it is

  145. DecentPeopleOnly says:

    Wake Up UK

    Ignorance is Not Strength it is Slavery to Evil

  146. DecentPeopleOnly says:

    It Need’s More than Sunny Weather For the Country Not to be a

    Social Liberalism to Blame for UK being a Thugs and Murderers Paradise

  147. DecentPeopleOnly says:

    So Called ” Life ” Sentences for Murder in the UK more often than Not
    are Not ” Life ” at All.

    NO to the ” European Convention on Human Rights ” and The European
    Court of Human Rights…..Time for Human Rights of People Not to be
    Victims of Murder

    The Death Penalty for Murder Needs to Exist as anything else is a Parody
    of Justice

  148. DecentPeopleOnly says:

    Heard that Thankfully Government has Rejected Despicable Anti British Petition For a Second EU Referendum

    The United Kingdom Need’s Money For Public Services NOT A Sick Society
    where Murderers Rapists and Paedophiles have more ” Human Rights ” than
    the Homeless

    NO to ” European Human Rights ” and the European Court of Human Rights YES to the Real Meaningful Right to live in a Decent Country Free of Scum

  149. DecentPeopleOnly says:

    The Liberal Left Trendy Metropolitan Types fret about Cheap Holidays
    to the Continent of Europe Oblivious to the Suffering of Ordinary Greek
    People Yet do NOT seem to Care about Animals ILL Treated like Baby the
    Bulldog or Human Victims of Murder

    I say this because their Blinkered Support for the EU like the Slave
    Labour Establishment Wastes Money that can be Spent on Public Services in the United Kingdom and the ECHR has Ruled in Favour of Convicted Murderers and Sicko Paedophiles

  150. DecentPeopleOnly says:

    Independent United Kingdom

    Rights For Decent People Not to be Victims of Murder

    Rights For Animals like Baby the Bulldog Not to Suffer at the Hands
    of Arseholes

  151. DecentPeopleOnly says:

    Independent United Kingdom

    Ban Animal Abusers From Entering the United Kingdom and Isle of Man

    Call upon other Governments to Put an End to Animal Cruelty wherever it is Tiger Cubs being Harmed or Dolphins being Murdered

    A Genuinely Ethical Foreign Policy of an Independent United Kingdom

  152. DecentPeopleOnly says:

    Wolf Whistling may NOT be every one’s cup of Tea. However it is Nutty for it to apparently by one Police Force be called a ” Hate Crime ” in
    a Country where people who attack with Stilletos get Spared Jail and
    where Murderers Get Away with Murder as there is No Death Penalty

    Idiotic and Silly Political Correctness Instead of Protecting People
    from Murderers and Thugs and Animals from Arseholes who Throw Dogs down
    a Flight of Stairs

    It Makes My Blood Boil

  153. DecentPeopleOnly says:

    Political Correctness is Slavery and Oppression

    Political Correctness does NOT Help the Homeless the Victim of
    Mugging Assault Murder Child Abuse or Rape

    It Distracts People from the Need For a Decent and Moral Society

  154. DecentPeopleOnly says:


    Namely the Oblivious of too many Pro EUers to what a Mess that the UK is in under the EU Dictatorship with Murderers Getting Away with Murder and
    Thugs wherever Stilleto Attacks or Cruelty to Animals getting Suspended

    Yes to a Better Present and Future

  155. DecentPeopleOnly says:

    Want a Better Society

    One where the Rights of Animals and the Decent Homeless Matters More
    than Thugs who ILL Treat Animals

    One In an Independent United Kingdom

  156. DecentPeopleOnly says:

    Yobs who Behave like Yobs in Cars should be Banned from Driving Cars and being Driven in a Car for the Rest of their Evil Lives

    Yesterday I had the Torment of some Yob in a Car Driving past Shouting at me like an Inbred Idiot turning around Shouting at me like an Inbred Idiot and then Again.

    NO to ” Human Rights ” For Scum

    A Country For Only Decent People is an Improvement upon the Degenerate and Evil Mess of Social Liberal ” Modern Britain “

  157. paul says:

    I have just watched the disturbing video of those ever so brave cunts throwing that helpless puppy down the stairs. I personally would like to see the pair of them put in a room of some grown up dogs who would tear into the pair of them. but please please please publish their adress and phone numbers.. e mail me them and ill make sure they get what they deserve, and ill video it too. thank you for keeping this poor dogs memory alive.

  158. DecentPeopleOnly says:

    They are certainly Despicable like ” British Justice ” in handing out
    that Condoning ” Sentence ”

    Sad what Happened to Baby the Bulldog and Sickening too many Politicians
    do Not seem to Care

  159. Accross the Pond says:

    We also have our repulsive dog killing psychos roaming free in society. I commend your hard work in applying heat to the dead ass Frankish brothers. I only hope we in America will continue to be half as tenacious as you have been in dealing with our sickos. Keep up the great work!

  160. DecentPeopleOnly says:

    Thank You for Message and Best Wishes

    Animal Cruelty is Abhorrent just like the Suspended ” Sentence ” Handed
    Out to these Evil Doers

  161. Richard says:

    The appalling, barbaric actions of the Frankish brothers has drawn world-wide attention. Baby didn’t defend herself because she was caring and lovable in spite of the horrific torture she received. The rest of us must never let her memory fade. Find where the cowering brothers are hiding and harass them twenty four hours a day.

  162. DecentPeopleOnly says:

    I Agree that they are Scum

    The UK Needs to become an Independent Country For Only Decent People

    One where Thugs and Scum cannot Run to ” European Human Rights ”

    MPs have a Moral Duty to Help Bring about an Independent United Kingdom
    One where Sadistic Cruelty to Animals is Not Acceptable with NO Suspended Sentences for Thug Scum

  163. DecentPeopleOnly says:

    Important Point

    The Sheople on the so called ” March For Europe ” Failed EU and Europe
    are Not the same Thing should Look at how Worse the UK has Got since
    being Dragged into the EEC and how the European Court of Human Rights
    has let Convicted Murderers be Released and how ” European Human Rights ” Defends Thugs and Scum

    Better an Independent United Kingdom where Murderers Rapists Child Abusers and Animal Abusers Face the Death Penalty instead of Suspended ” Sentences “

  164. Angry Bunny says:

    Does anyone have any recent updates on those two little shits. Has anybody got them yet and dished out some punishment. I read they’d moved from Redcar to Billingham. I’d like to know of any new developments please because they need to pay. We cannot forgot about what happened to that poor dog! There’s a job for someone!!

  165. DecentPeopleOnly says:

    They are a Disgrace to the British Name those Thugs just like British
    ” Justice ” has been on this Matter a Disgrace to the British Name

    Moving beyond “European Human Rights ” the Country Needs to Have the
    Death Penalty For Murder Rape Child Abuse and Sadistic Animal Cruelty

  166. DecentPeopleOnly says:

    Good National Policy For The United Kingdom

    A Country Free of Degenerate Scum

  167. Sav says:

    Please don’t forget what has happened to Baby.
    The judicial system has failed to help – we need to punish these “people”

    The last address I have found from them is: 20 Southampton Street Redcar North Yorkshire

  168. DecentPeopleOnly says:

    The Sentence was and is Revolting

    A Result of the Mentality of ” European Human Rights ”

    The Country Needs a Government that will Make Sadistic Cruelty to Animals
    a Public Flogging and Capital Punishment Offence

    Then British ” Justice ” would Not be such a Sick Sick Joke

  169. DecentPeopleOnly says:

    Shocking that Apparently for Giving Water to Thirsty Pigs I Mean Animals
    Not those Arseholes who did what was done to Baby the Bulldog a Woman could go to Jail for 6 Months whilst those Scumbags were Given a
    Suspended Sentence

    British ” Justice ” Needs to be Sorted Out

  170. DecentPeopleOnly says:

    The None so Blind as Those who will Not See the Oblivious and the Out of Touch have Caused a Lot of Misery and Suffering by their Cluelessness

    I Hope that Never Again shall Scum do to Dogs what Happened to Baby the Bulldog

  171. DecentPeopleOnly says:

    Children Need to be Taught in Educational Institutions in the United
    Kingdom Not the Vile Filth of ” Relationship ” Education which Perverts
    and Undermines their Innocence but Instead Basic Human Decency

    Namely that School Bullying is Wrong Mugging is Wrong and Sadistic Cruelty to Animals up to the Level shown by the Scum who Inflicted so much
    Suffering on Baby the Bulldog is Wrong and that if they ” Choose ” to
    Do these Things there will be Criminal Records and Sentences Awaiting
    of Course Not a ” Suspended ” Sentence

    Basic Human Decency Education

  172. DecentPeopleOnly says:

    Parents who Condone Collude Act the Ostrich or Encourage their Children
    to Engage in School Bullying Casual Thuggery and Sadistic Cruelty to
    Animals are Not Worthy to be Parents and Social Services Need to Intervene

  173. DecentPeopleOnly says:

    All Decent People Know what Happened to Baby the Bulldog was and is

    There Needs to be a Monument to Baby the Bulldog Constructed in the UK
    with the Words Baby the Bulldog Victim of Evil Abetted by Social Liberalism

  174. DecentPeopleOnly says:

    Disgusting that Animals like Dog because Arseholes Leave Them in Cars
    without Water or Fresh Air

    Not only must they be Banned From Owing Pets For Life they should be
    Charged with Murder of an Pet Animal and get the Death Penalty Not
    Suspended ” Sentences ” as with the Sick Joke of British Justice

  175. DecentPeopleOnly says:

    Disgusting that Animals like Dogs Die because Arseholes Leave Them in Cars without Water or Fresh Air

  176. DecentPeopleOnly says:

    Anyone that can Mutilate an Animal such as a Dog should Not only be
    Banned For Keeping a Pet For Life but should get Capital Punishment

    Disgusting Scum that they are

  177. Brandi says:

    Is there an update on these pathetic excuses for human beings? Are they still alive and unbeaten? Because I fucking hope not.

  178. DecentPeopleOnly says:

    To Protect Decent People and Animals

    There should be a Criminal Families Act so where Family Members have
    been Committing Anti Social Behaviour against Decent People and Animals
    they Specifically are Banned From going Near the Victims for Life
    Banned from Required Areas and have to Register with the Police

  179. DecentPeopleOnly says:

    Instead of a State of Evil Better a State of Good

    Pro EU Labour Un Conservative and Liberal Democrat MPs who do Not
    Respect the Referendum Result of the 23rd of June 2016 and are Trying
    to Inflict continued EU Slavery upon the UK are Arseholes and Stopping
    Justice meaning Justice Namely the Death Penalty For Murder Rape Child
    Abuse and Sadistic Animal Abuse

  180. DecentPeopleOnly says:

    When Politicians in the UK do Not Care about the State of the Country
    and are quite Happy to be Wrecking the Country NO Decent Person should
    Vote For Them they do NOT Deserve to be in the House of Commons or House
    of Lords Nor MEPS Nor on the Privy Council

  181. DecentPeopleOnly says:

    Committers of Cruelty to Animals should Never be Allowed to own any more Pets or to go near Pets wherever in public or in private

  182. DecentPeopleOnly says:

    Not Impressed with the ” Sentences ” given to Committers of Animal

    The Obliviousness of the Townie Trance is Revolting

  183. DecentPeopleOnly says:

    I Blame Avant Garde Trendy Liberals for why British ” Justice ” is such
    a Sick Joke

    They have Sympathy for Villain Not Villain whereas a Decent Person has
    Sympathy for Victim Not Villain

  184. Jamie Dunkley says:

    How does one find these two individuals??

  185. Jamie Dunkley says:

    Rumour has it they have moved? And changed surname to White??

  186. That’s absolutely correct, Erika. In fact, that’s exactly what we do in the video! And you are not charged.

  187. Maren Kepley says:

    your style of writting is very refreshing

  188. Herlinda Etzkorn says:

    your style of writting is very refreshing

  189. Sheldon Weary says:

    your style of writting is very refreshing

  190. DecentPeopleOnly says:

    A Parody of Justice the ” Sentence ” Given For the Sadistic Cruelty
    against Baby the Bulldog

  191. DecentPeopleOnly says:

    Moving Beyond ” European Human Rights ” to Real Justice

    Actually Leaving The Failed European Union is Essential to this

    Public Flogging and Capital Punishment For Sadistic Cruelty to Animals
    Not Suspended ” Sentences “

  192. DecentPeopleOnly says:

    Makes Feel Sick what Arseholes too many Scum in the UK are with their
    Sadistic Cruelty to Animals

    Makes me Feel Sick the number of Species brought to Extinction by
    so called Humans who seem the Worst Species of All when One Considers
    the Devastation wrought upon this Earth by too many of them

    Spot the Decent Person where are they UK

  193. DecentPeopleOnly says:

    Anyone who Commits Sadistic Cruelty against Animals must Not ever Again
    be Allowed to own Animals Again

  194. DecentPeopleOnly says:

    One could Say the UK has Gone to the Dogs but Dogs are Not as Destructive
    and Nihilistic Country certainly is Delusional when One Looks at how
    Suspended ” Sentences ” For Animal Cruelty can be called ” Justice “

  195. DecentPeopleOnly says:

    Animal Cruelty is Abhorrent

    It is Abhorrent anyone making a Statement about wanting to Stamp on a
    Dogs Head . They might Think was a ” Joke ” I do Not find it Amusing

    May NO Dog go through what Baby the Bulldog went through or what other
    ILL Treated Dogs have gone through

  196. Gilly Ryan says:

    I wish we who want real justice for animals could watch vids of people torturing and killing animal abusers. does anybody know of any? Throughout human history,people have been oppressed for all kinds of things,such as race etc,which is both illogical and cruel. If l ran the world,there would be a category of humans l would classify as human vermin. These would be those guilty of cruelty to animals,paedophiles etc. These scum would be sent to the torture labs for experimentation of the most painful kind,others would be exterminated in batches,as there’s a lot of them. Parents who breed human vermin would be sterilised,providing they survive the human cull. This would be a wonderful world,where animals would get the love and respect they deserve. And who is the most superior species? Dogs,of course,the most loving creatures on earth. Finally,respect to all of you who hate human vermin as much as l do,l’m so sick of all the nambypambies,who tell us that the worst of these scum can’t help what they do,as they may have have had unhappy childhoods. No excuse,l was sexually abused as a child,and my best friend had the childhood from hell,but we have never had any urge to harm the innocent,and love animals and are both vegans.

  197. DecentPeopleOnly says:

    Scum who Commit Atrocities against Animals should Not have Anonymity simply because they are under 18 Years of Age

    They are Scum and the Country Deserves to Know that also Murderers and
    Thugs as Well

  198. DecentPeopleOnly says:

    May NO Dog ever go through what Baby the Bulldog went through Again

  199. DecentPeopleOnly says:

    Instead of Scatty Political Correctness and Newspeak NO Speak in Schools
    What is Better is to Teach Children that School Bullying is Wrong and
    so too is Sadistic Animal Cruelty

    Common Sense Not Cluelessness Helps to Defeat Cruelty

  200. diana trent says:

    Last known addresses, splitting the spawn of satan apart (more protection that way, i suppose!!):

    Andrew Frankish (committed the abuse)- 57a Collingwood St, Coundon, Bishop Auckland, DL14 8LH.
    Dan Frankish (videoed the abuse) – 49 Belle Vue Court, Stockton-On-Tees TS20 2EJ.

  201. DecentPeopleOnly says:

    Animal Cruelty is Revolting and so Too is Cruelty to Birds

    Gulls are Not Vermin it is Scum who Throw Stones at Them

    They Deserve Public Flogging and a 20 Year Sentence as Well as a
    £150,000 Fine

    Where the Stones Actually Hit a Bird it needs to be a 30 Year Sentence
    and a £250,000 Fine per Bird Hit

    Where the Stone Actually Kills a Bird it Needs to be the Death Penalty For Murder …..Murder is Murder

  202. Scott says:

    These 2 rotten people are a danger to society. Child cruelty often starts with animal cruelty.
    Cannot watch the video – just hope that they eventually get what they deserve – I believe they will, and it won’t be nice…………….

  203. B. says:

    Even if there is no justice in this world, there will be justice in the next. My message to the Frankish brothers is, “You will receive the punishment you deserve in this world or the next!! It’s only a matter of time!

  204. Karen R says:

    I cannot believe that these two vile boys did not get a prison sentence. May the judge hang his head in shame. I hope someone throws them down the stairs and stands on them to. Prison would have allowed that there is honour amongst thieves.

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