Andrew David Thompson

Hellbeast Andrew Thompson
Crime: Animal Cruelty

I hate Andrew David Thompson of Okemos, Michigan. He is a confessed serial dog killer and that makes him without a doubt a hellbeast. The fact that he tortured each and every one of those poor dogs makes him a monster.

An anonymous tip gave him away, and kudos to that person! Jodi Lebombard, a deputy with Ingham County Animal Control, checked out the tip and found a bloodied, wounded dog in Andrew David Thompson’s apartment. She also found items belonging to at least 11 dogs.

When Jodi Lebombard interviewed this murderous bastard, Andrew David Thompson not only confessed to her, he went into great detail about how he tortured and killed the helpless dogs.

“He either throws them on the ground, throws them against the wall, grab them by the neck or hit them. And they’d immediately pass away or they’ll die a couple days later,” testified Jodi Lebombard.

Italian GreyhoundTwelve puppies in total had been tortured and only one lived. They were Italian greyhounds, which are extremely delicate, fragile little doggies that must be handled with care. The picture shows you what a healthy Italian Greyhound looks like. Note he didn’t pick a sturdy or aggressive breed of dog that would have been more difficult to damage or that might have damaged him in return.

“He stated that he had killed them because they defecated on his floor or they peed in his bed or they wouldn’t come to him when they called him,” she added.

Riiight. It was the dogs’ fault that he hurt and killed them. Bad doggies! Because there is no way that Andrew David Thompson tortured the animals because he is a sadistic monster and for no other reason, right? Wrong! Andrew POS dog killer Thompson is a cruel, monstrous hellbeast who got his jollies inflicting pain and suffering on helpless creatures!

And the scary thing is this POS bastard was a medical student at Michigan State University! Can you imagine what he’d do to his helpless patients? Happily and mercifully for us all, MSU has kicked his disgusting ass out of their College of Osteopathic Medicine. Actually, he’s suspended — is that the same thing? They wouldn’t, couldn’t take him back after this!

Hopefully Andrew David Thompson will never, ever accomplish training and a career that puts him in charge of anything or anyone vulnerable to his sadistic fantasies.

The dog killer’s former roommate testified that Thompson would buy dogs from out of state, and then they would suddenly, mysteriously disappear. He’d gone through 3 puppies while she lived with him on M.A.C. Avenue in East Lansing in 2010.

The first puppy, Andrew POS Thompson told her, had strangled itself in its sleep — it got tangled in a blanket. The second puppy fared worse. When Thompson and the puppy were in the kitchen the roommate heard the dog make high-pitched cries. “I picked it up and kind of did a quick exam of it and noticed that its gums were blue, which tells me there was a possible lack of oxygen,” she testified.

Within days that puppy suffered a broken leg.

Jodi Lebombard testified that the sadistic bastard Thompson admitted to torturing that puppy. “He admitted to manipulating the leg. He said he wanted to see just how much pressure the dog could put on the leg. He was pissed off it wouldn’t come to him.”

Thank gawd his future medical career has been cancelled.

When the third puppy “kicked the can” the roommate asked him to move out. Me, I would have called the authorities as well after beating his ass with my cane. Possibly the roommate called in the anonymous tip, but tragically it came after a dozen dogs suffered horribly.

Andrew Thompson, 24, faced 10 felony counts of killing animals, 1 count for abusing a dog that didn’t die and 3 more counts in an East Lansing court. He has pleaded guilty to 3 charges of killing a dog. He faces a maximum of 4 years in prison and a fine of $5,000 per dog which would total $55,000. His sentencing will happen in June 2012.

I truly, truly hope and pray that Andrew David Thompson is handed the maximum. He is only 24 and so he is only starting on a long, twisted career of inflicting harm and pain for his own amusement and pleasure. He must be handed a significant deterrent for the sake of future victims.

So check out this dog killer’s photo. If you spot this presentable looking fellow, DO NOT date him, befriend him or invite him into your lives in any capacity. He is evil.
Hellbeast Andrew Thompson


I cannot get my head around this. Ingham Circuit Judge Paula Manderfield sentenced our pal Thompson here to 5 years of probation, no jail time! The dog killer will also serve 400 hours of community service. He can’t have any contact with animals, which is a relief. He must remain in psychological treatment, work at least 30 hours per week and pay a few thousand dollars in fines and restitution.

Why no jail time? It boggles my brain, it truly does.

CBS Detroit article
Huffington Post article

15 Responses to Andrew David Thompson

  1. dogwalker says:

    I wish I had a pack of rabid rotties and pits to sic on his sorry ass. He deserves to suffer. And please, please, please let him get a lifetime ban from owning anything, even goldfish!

  2. moodymagic says:

    Takes a big man to inflict that kind of damage to poor delicate puppies. He needs to suffer. I personally can only hope he gets what he deserves. May you suffer long Thompson.

  3. Tulipchic says:

    OMG. You really wonder what the hell is wrong with people. So glad he was caught and no other animals suffered. What a waste of oxygen this “person” is. I hope there are a lot of big burly men in prison who really like dogs.

  4. DarkRiderTommy says:

    No, suspended is NOT the same thing as expelled… once you enrol in medical school, it is almost impossible to be permanently expelled. Sexual assault and murder are about the only two things that’ll do it.

    This guy needs to be watched. Long term and carefully.

  5. Minx says:

    I hope he gets the maximum………from the inmates!!
    A dog is mans most trusted and loyal friend after all.

  6. Annie says:

    ( ゚ Д゚)

    What the fuuuuuck.

    When I was a kid I accidentally killed a kitten by stepping on it when it got underfoot. I’m 25 and it still HAUNTS me.

    Fuck this guy. Fuck him in the face. With a rabid dog MUCH less helpless than an itty bitty breed or puppy.

    I wonder if a petition has been made to get him expelled. Stay tuned.

    • bengalpuss29 says:

      I’ll sign your petition and i know a lot of other people will. I hope somebody throws this mother fucker against a wall until he’s dead or broken up and the worrying thing is, that this piece of shit is studying medicine. I would rather die than have that bastard attend to me so annie sort the petition out and the signatures will roll in.

  7. Trace says:

    This creep is evil and he is just getting started. First puppies, next what or who? There should be a lifetime ban of him owning any animals. Yeah, he needs watching very closely. I get visions of him erecting a cage for his victims in a basement dungeon sometime in the future. What a freaky creep!

  8. bengalpuss29 says:

    If im right don.t some serial killers start off by either, being Pyromaniacs, animal abuser’s or both. I don.t think we’ve heard the last of this piece of shit. We’ll be reading about him in the future i guarantee it. And what a fucking coward i bet he wouldn’t throw a big man against his wall for pissing on his floor. And thats what puppies do until you teach them, maybe if he’d have taken the poor little things out for a pee they wouldn’t have done it in his house, i hope someone will do the same to this bastard.

  9. Eve says:

    He’s killed all those dogs since he was an adult. I just wonder who and what he tortured and killed while growing up. This guy is a scary psychopath, and should NEVER be allowed to have power over any vulnerable person or creature. I wouldn’t even trust him with a plant!

  10. Steve says:

    Well, its obvious he’s got a serious personality disorder or something. I mean, who is arrested for animal cruelty then puts frosted highlights in his hair for the court appearance? Narcissism is one of the key traits of psychopaths-and animal cruelty and murder is a HUGE red flag for those without the ability to feel compassion and empathy for other living creatures-a key pathological symptom of serial killers. Police put your magnifying glasses on this creep. It won’t be long until he graduates to other living things he wants to control but can’t.

  11. kathryn says:

    Take a look at the face of a future serial Killer.

    • bengalpuss29 says:

      Thats what i said Kathryn Usually serial killers start out by setting fires and either being cruel or kill animals. Put it this way if this piece of shit ever becomes a doctor, i wouldn’t let him come within twenty metre’s of me, god knows what he’d do.

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