Andrew Clay Ottinger & Kalynn Marie Mazzola

Mazzola and Ottinger

Crime: Child Abuse

Kalynn Marie Mazzola of Waynesboro, Virginia, sure picked a real manly man as her live-in boyfriend. Yup, Andrew Clay Ottinger was a real prize, considering he had once helped hide a murder victim’s body, and was convicted of beating a previous girlfriend’s child.

To be fair, Kalynn Mazzola was a teenager with a baby daughter, which probably meant she was desperate for a boyfriend — any boyfriend — and too young and too stupid to set high standards.

Kalynn Mazzola, 19, didn’t abuse her 1-year-old daughter herself. She didn’t hit her or break her bones. She just stood by and allowed Andrew Ottinger to do that. And odds are she would have stood by and allowed him to do worse to her baby girl. She is a stupid, stupid girl, and very selfish. She was willing to sacrifice her child’s safety because she wanted to keep her loser f*cktard boyfriend.

Mercifully Kalynn Mazzola had a smart friend who knew better. The girl, who was only 16, witnessed some of the abuse when she spent time at their home on Monticello Street in December 2013. She saw Andew Ottinger slap the toddler in her face. She saw the beast force the little girl to stand in the corner with her forehead against the wall. When the girl’s head moved away from the wall he banged it forcefully back into the wall.

The young friend witnessed Andrew Ottinger order the toddler to put her toys in a toybox and then backhand her so hard her feet left the ground and her body hit the wall.

And what did Kalynn Mazzola do while her baby girl was being brutalized? Ummm, nothing. She did nothing to save her baby from her abusive bastard boyfriend. She was not only stupid and selfish, IMO, she was totally lacking in every motherly instinct. A total stranger would have done more to save that child than she did.

The young friend did the right thing — she told her mother. Her mother then spoke to Kalynn Mazzola and tried to convince the stupid, young idiot to leave Andrew Ottinger and get herself and her baby to safety. Big shock — Kalynn Mazzola refused.

I guess Kalynn Mazzola was too dumb to realize that her friend and her friend’s mother wouldn’t let this horrible situation continue. I guess she was too dumb to realize that she was going to have to pay for her outright, conscious refusal to save her baby.

The young friend and her mother did the only thing they could — they contacted the Waynesboro Police Department and reported the abuse. Kudos to them!

An officer was sent to the f*cktards’ house to investigate. Nobody was home at the time, so surveillance was set up on the house.

When Andrew Ottinger and Kalynn Mazzola drove up with the toddler, they were detained by police who couldn’t help but notice the pair had been using marijuana recently.

The police also noticed that the baby hadn’t even been placed in a car seat. There was no car seat. That’s how much this nasty couple of f*cktards cared about that little girl.

The police also learned that Andrew Ottinger was driving on a suspended license. Naughty, naughty, but very minor in the grand scheme of things.

Much more importantly, the police noted that the poor little toddler had welts and bruises on her face and body. She was actually sporting 2 black eyes.

Andrew Ottinger and Kalynn Mazzola were taken into custody, and the toddler was taken to hospital.

It should come as no surprise that the black eyes and bruising were just the beginning of the extent of the baby’s injuries. The doctors found that the poor little girl had broken ribs and older rib fractures that had already healed. She’d been brutalized and abused repeatedly for a long, long time.

The child has been placed with a foster family, and I hope and pray she will fully recovery and go on to live a happy, safe life.

At the end of January, 2014, Andrew Clay Ottinger, 26, and Kalynn Marie Mazzola, 19, were both charged with 1 felony count of abuse or neglect of a child under their supervision. More charges were piled onto the POS child beater at a later date.

In June 2014, Kalynn Mazzola did the first right thing in a long time — she pled guilty. She is scheduled to be sentenced in Waynesboro Circuit court on October 30, 2014. I shall endeavour to keep readers posted — reminders are always welcome.

Now let’s turn our attention to the loser baby-beating boyfriend. He had been released from prison in 2012 after serving time for a September 2011 charge of concealing a body. He’d been sentenced to 3 whole years but over half of that was suspended. Lucky guy.

Actually, he was very lucky. He had originally been considered one of the murderers of 42-year-old fisherman, Sean Placko, who was killed in February 2010. Poor Sean Placko was found stuffed in a duffel bag in James River the following month.

The convicted killer, Christopher Dudley, and Andrew Ottinger were doing drugs at Sean Placko’s home when the poor guy was murdered. With the help of Christopher Dudley’s wife, they packed up the corpse and dumped it in the river.

Prosecutors had no proof that Andrew Ottinger conspired in the murder. He did cooperate with authorities. He pled no contest to concealment of a corpse. Besides the prison term the judge ordered substance abuse treatment as a condition of his release.

FYI, Christopher Dudley was sentenced to 37 years in prison for the murder (long may he rot in his cell), and his wife was sentenced to 90 days for concealment of a corpse — she’d helped her husband because he threatened to kill her if she didn’t.

Back to the baby-beating bastard, Andrew Ottinger. Besides the conviction for concealing a body, he’d had convictions for assault and battery of a family member *shock* and contributing to the delinquency of a minor. The minor was the young son of a girlfriend.

And then there was the matter of his beating another girlfriend’s child in 2012. He was tried and convicted, but strangely I can find no details. He cannot have been given much of a sentence if he was free to beat Kalynn Mazzola’s baby the next year.

This was the creature that Kalynn Mazzola invited into her home — an abusive bastard who used drugs in the company of a killer, hid the body of a murder victim, and beat and battered people including children.

Andrew Ottinger pled guilty in Waynesboro Circuit Court in April 2014 to malicious wounding and child abuse. At his sentencing in October, in a bid for leniency, his mother was brought in as a character witness. Apparently, in his mom’s eyes he can do no wrong.

“Andrew was one of the sweetest children I had,” said his mother. She said he was “loving” and “helpful”, and “he’s always loved children”. Isn’t that sweet.

Andrew Ottinger took the stand as well. He characterized his brutal behavior as “discipline” and admitted he may have gone too far. And then he tried to disparage the victim. “Wild” he called her, and “prone to temper tantrums”.

Andrew Ottinger then blamed Kalynn Mazzola for not disciplining her child enough which was why HE had to step in and do it. What a hero! *snort*

“All I can do is apologize. I can’t take it back,” Andrew the POS Ottinger told the court.

Commonwealth Attorney David Ledbetter had his turn to address the court as well. He told the judge about Andrew Ottinger’s previous conviction for beating a child, and he described in detail the extensive injuries that had been inflicted on this victim. Apparently the details were so distressing that Andrew Ottinger himself began to sob.

“It’s one of the toughest child abuse cases I’ve ever had to deal with personally,” said Mr. Ledbetter. “This was a defenseless child that he repetitively beat.”

Andrew Clay Ottinger was sentenced to 20 years in prison, with 10 years suspended, for felony malicious wounding, and 10 years for felony child abuse, to run concurrently.

I myself would have preferred that the baby-beating hellbeast had been sentenced to a few decades more than that. He’ll only be in his 30’s when he gets out, young enough to find more girlfriends. I can only hope that none of them will have children for this nasty bastard to abuse.

Kalynn Mazzola and Andrew Ottinger should thank their lucky stars that their victim didn’t die from the abuse. They could easily have been facing murder charges had that 16-year-old friend and her mom not stepped in to save the baby.

If life were fair Kalynn Mazzola would be rendered infertile. That’s likely not going to happen. I can only hope that the twat finally matures and realizes that she is an unfit mother and responsibly prevents future pregnancies. To me, any woman who can stand idly by and allow her baby or child to be beaten is not fit to be a mother!

If life were fair Andrew Ottinger would be barred from all contact with children. That isn’t likely to happen. I can only hope that the people he encounters discover what a disgusting baby-beating turd eater he is, and treat him accordingly.

I wish all happiness and joy for the young victim. I hope she’s living in a loving environment now, safe from all harm.

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14 Responses to Andrew Clay Ottinger & Kalynn Marie Mazzola

  1. 2cute says:

    I hope the little bitch is handed a very stiff sentence. She not only stood by and let her “man” beat her baby, she never took her for medical assistance! That baby’s ribs were broken. Broken! You can’t tell me that baby didn’t scream every time she was picked up. She could’ve perforated a lung! And the stupid bitch didn’t take her to the emergency room. For that she should be sent to prison for years.

  2. 2cute says:

    PS where’s Bengalpuss. I miss her comments!

  3. bulldoggy says:

    Both of them should be sterilized. I’d be generous and allow them anesthetic but only because the baby survived.

  4. moodymagic says:

    Wow so this is how you treat a child you love? Burn in hell both of you. All the best for the young victim.

  5. Bengalpuss says:

    I’m still alive. Just had a bout in hospital. Had a diabetic hypo but i’ve come round now so while sat in this hospital bed. I’m gonna play hellbeast catch up now because i’m board stiff and stuck on a ward with all the grandmothers lol.

  6. MSM says:

    Hmmm, are we sure that girl is 19? Maybe it’s because I’m getting old but she doesn’t look a day over 14! Not that it matters, it was horrible of her to stand by and do nothing while this jackass hurt her child. Still, though, if she’s actually as young as she looks, I could see her being too afraid to do anything lest he beat the crap out of her too. Again, that doesn’t excuse what happened, makes it even more heinous imo.

  7. Krissi says:

    Ugh… What horrible, horrible people.

  8. Goh says:

    I’m praying that foster family don’t abuse this girl because i’ve read too much of news that foster parents doesn’t make any difference too. I pray for this little girl safetiness. God have mercy on her. Amen.

  9. Aletheia says:

    Just how many children did his mother have, anyway, to describe him as ‘one of the sweetest’?

  10. AngryLittleMexican says:

    Good god, 1 yrs old? I mean what are 1 yr olds supposed to be if not wild?! What an asshat fucktard! And seriously, she does look super young but that no excuse, she sat around and watched this bastard harm her baby over and over bc if this baby went through ‘months’ of abuse I mean you are looking at broken ribs at 6 and 9 months old! SICKENING.

  11. Tom Daly says:

    If I had my way, I’d have Kalynn locked up until her childbearing days are over. Alternatively, I’d just make her wear a sign that read “Child Abuser” and then every man who came across her would reject her sexually.

  12. AreYouF'nSerious?! says:

    Yeah, mom, your sweet boy loves kids… Loves em right to death. Tragic.

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