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Hellbeasts Roys, Brown & Cooke
Crimes: Torture, Murder

Derek Blake, 44, of Great Yarmouth suffered and died a horrific, gruesome death. The poor man had had 104 separate injuries inflicted upon his body. His jaw, nose, breast bone and ribs had been broken. That’s just the start of what he suffered.

The poor man had had the letter J carved into his face. He’d been tortured with a pool cue. He’d been burned and cut. He’d had boiling water poured over his back, sides and stomach.

It took hours for Derek Blake to die on May 23, 2012. How do we know that? Because his neighbours on St Nicholas Road listened to his screaming and shouting for hours.

I’ll let that sink in a bit. The neighbours heard Derek Blake screaming in agony. For hours. And did nothing.

What the hell kind of people live on St Nicholas Road in Great Yarmouth? A man’s screams of agony didn’t inspire in them a single thought of saving him or even of calling police. Maybe they were too lazy, too cowardly, too callous and hellbeastly to bother and to those who sat through the HOURS of screaming, f*ck you all!

Derek Blake

Derek Blake

So why did Derek Blake have to die such an awful death? For shits and giggles is all I can figure. For no good reason at all.

Derek Blake was a loved and loving father and a grandfather. He was an important part of his family. He was also a so-called “happy drunk”. He liked to drink and I guess he liked company when he drank.

On May 23, 2012, Derek Blake went to a local hostel for a night out drinking. It was there he met up with Ricky Roys, 20, Andrew Brown, 42 and Helen Cooke, 19, all of Great Yarmouth.

Ricky Roys had been a useless, disorderly drunk for years. Helen Cooke had been a heavy drinker since the age of 13 and had dropped out of school at 14. And Andrew Brown was no slouch when it came to binge drinking. All three are nasty, worthless piles of shit.

Derek Blake and his drinking buddies certainly drank that evening. At some point they all left the hostel and wound up at Derek Blake’s apartment for more socializing.

Apparently socializing and drinking soon lost their attraction for Derek Blake’s visitors. Those activities were replaced by sadistic torture and murder. Just like “Resident Evil”. Extreme violence and gore.

Andrew Brown began to assault the unfortunate Derek Blake for the fun of it and Ricky Roys and Helen Cooke joined in with alcohol-induced glee. They soon introduced knives, pool cues, crockery and a claw hammer to the party. They cut and sliced and burned and beat the poor victim all over his body and all over his apartment.

Derek Blake’s screams and shouts didn’t stop the killers any more than they brought help. The torture was a “prolonged and sustained” attack.

It is conceivable that poor Derek Blake survived hours after the bloody attack, conscious and in a whole world of pain before he died.

Murder SceneThe killers did make an attempt to clean the blood-spattered apartment after the violent assault and murder.

The morning after, on May 24, 2012, the hellbeasts Brown, Cooke and Roys traveled from Great Yarmouth to Beccles, carrying with them bags of bloody clothing. They were spotted on numerous CCTV images.

Derek Blake’s body was found that very day submerged in a bathtub full of water. He had some articles of clothing on still, and the killers had tried to cover him with carpeting, clothing, towels and bedding.

His killers, despite their attempts to clean up the scene and dispose of the bloody clothing, were really quite pathetic in covering their tracks. It didn’t help that they blabbed to their friends about what they’d done.

Helen the hellbitch Cooke told one of her friends, “We battered him.”

Ricky the shitstain Roys told one of his friends, “It was like something out of Resident Evil.”

The police investigators quickly solved the mystery of who committed this horrific murder but not the mystery of why Derek Blake was tortured and killed.

CCTV image Blake killersDetective Chief Inspector Andy Guy said, ‘The true motivation of why they attacked Derek in such a savage manner may never be known but the extent to which they tortured him was completely incomprehensible and inhuman.”

At Norwich Crown Court Ricky Roys, Andrew Brown and Helen Cooke pled guilty to murder.

In mitigation their lawyers basically blamed the booze.

Judge Peter Jacobs said, “This was a murder involving sadistic conduct. This went far beyond a punishment beating and the infliction of this many injuries confirms you intended to kill him.

“You had been overtaken by the gravity of your own actions. It is obvious Brown took the lead but this must be balanced against the obvious sustained involvement of each person.”

In October 2012 Judge Peter Jacobs sentenced all 3 f*cktards to life imprisonment. Amen to that. Brown must serve a minimum of 23 years while Roys must serve 20 years and Cooke 18 years before they will be considered for release.

Derek Blake’s grieving family made a statement in court.

“This has been a very trying time for all our family. These three people have left three daughters without a father and their children without a granddad. They have also taken a much loved son, brother, uncle and friend.

“While we do not think that any sentence would be long enough due to the brutal, torturous and sadistic nature of Derek’s murder, we believe justice has been served and these people will be locked up for a long time unable to harm any other members of the public.”

I myself hope the 3 sadistic killers never enjoy freedom again — not one single day. They each participated fully in the violence and murder against a helpless victim who had done nothing to provoke such an outrage. They all deserve to roast in hell.

And the neighbours as well who ignored the screams and shouts from the victim deserve to roast. I hope they fester in the knowledge that they could have and should have saved a life and chose not to.

RIP Derek Blake.

Norfolk Constabulary article
BBC article

12 Responses to Andrew Brown, Ricky Roys & Helen Cooke

  1. cory says:

    Useless pieces of shite. Better off dead.

  2. xxx99 says:

    There are no games or movies that pushed these bastards to do what they did and they’re obviously just a sick bunch.

    • terri says:

      They mentioned Resident Evil but I don’t think they blamed the games for their violence. They blamed being drunk as if that’s an excuse. I feel bad for the family losing Derek that way. Too bad he didn’t realize how evil those 3 were. Probably if he had them over one at a time nothing would’ve happened. Those cowards only found the courage to kill when they were all boozed up together. What total wastes of skin.

  3. bengalpuss says:

    Those fucking neighbour’s should be locked up also. How can anyone sit and listen while someone is Screaming for help? Guess they were watching tv and didn.t want to miss the programme what was on, arseole’s. And what the fuck sort of defence is that, that they were drunk, if i have a rare drink, i don.t Go about torturing people. I hope these 3 cunts suffer, like they made that poor guy suffer, horrible Bastards.

    • 2cute says:

      Bengalpuss, is there a law in Britain like a good samaritan law where it’s illegal to not report a crime? I can’t think of a reasonable explanation for listening to hours of screaming — there’s no innocent reason for anyone to scream in agony for hours.

      • bengalpuss says:

        No 2cute, but there is a “Don.t give a fuck” attitude, where people just don.t wanna get involved. My heart aches for that mans family, just imagine that he was screaming and thought that “Any minute help will be here” But no one came. Those fucking neighbour’s wanna be ashamed of themselves, because if i did that i would never be able to forgive myself, knowing i could have saved someone’s life, with just a phone call. And those murdering cunts, i wish all the nasty things that can happen to you in jail, happens to them.

  4. 2cute says:

    I wouldn’t believe anyone could sit through hours of screaming except that’s apparently what they do in Great Yarmouth. My neighbor’s baby was crying for half an hour and I knocked on her door to see if she needed anything. Poor babe had colic but there was no way I could sit by imagining something worse going on. If I heard screams I’d definitely be on the phone to police within minutes. So damn the neighbors who sat on their fat asses and did nothing.

    • bengalpuss says:

      A babies cry when its got colic is really loud, no wonder you knocked on the door, but at least you went to check. Id rather be a nosy cunt than an accomplice, to something that could have been stopped.

  5. moodymagic says:

    What kind of sick sadistic bastards are these 3. Neighbors make me sick as well. I agree with Bengalpuss these pricks need to suffer bad and more. Another great article Cleo

  6. spookie says:

    intolerable bastards.

  7. hayley says:

    I was in prison with Helen Cooke, and she shows no remorse what so ever, but brags about what she has done. I found her to be one truly evil bitch.

  8. jirish35 says:

    I’m all for rehabilitation for those who snap, for those who whose victims didn’t suffer, for those who don’t kill children or elderly defenseless people, and obv for crimes of much less consequence then murder, but England as well as some of the states need to really think about what they are doing with the abolishment of the death penalty. Jail isn’t even bad for these scumbags, they get 3 square meals a day, get to play games and they are hanging out with their own kind as in MOSTLY scumbags. It isn’t even a punishment for a lot of these scumbuckets.

    Anyone who tortures a victim even without killing him deserves the sentence that these losers got. Now add in the killing and these people deserve the ultimate eye for an eye punishment. But tell u the truth, I unlike most people would actually pray for these people to get off if their victim was a relative. Cuz I’d rain down all the laws of Hammurabi on their sorry asses and make hostel look like Disney world. But that’s only if something as egregious as this crime occurred and I am not an advocate of taking law into your own hand. But in some instances the law just doesn’t allow the punishment to fit the crime and in crimes like this, someone needs to actually punish these sick fucks and not put em away for 18 yrs as if someone who could do something this fucked up could be rehabilitated.

    I’m sick of these activist groups for murderers rights and staunch opponents of the death penalty. Invest your time in saving the whales or something. And those people wonder why the world would is going to shit. At least Britain has cameras everywhere. But they can’t see everywhere so your always gonna have sickos like these scum who are gonna need to be punished. Let’s start giving them
    What they deserve

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