Andrea Montanez

Hellbeast Andrea Montanez's dog
Crime: Animal Cruelty

A Roswell, New Mexico woman, Andrea Montanez, didn’t feed her dogs. The 2 starving pooches were seized from her property on August 14, 2012. Both of the dogs were extremely emaciated — just check the picture. Not good.

The picture shows a 3-year-old boxer with its bones sticking out. This is not how a dog should be treated! Ever! The poor beastie!

Roswell Animal Control Officer Andrew Gross responded to an anonymous tip of an abused dog and found the boxer in bad shape.

“My intentions were that we were going to pick the dog up because of its body score, it was extremely emaciated, it didn’t have clean water present, there wasn’t food out there,” said Mr. Gross.

Besides the starving boxer, the animal control officer also found a starving pit bull puppy penned in without food or water but with a whole lot of its own crap.

The dogs’ owner, Andrea Montanez, 33, explained to Andrew Gross that she didn’t have the money to take the dogs to a vet.

Excuse me but wouldn’t FEEDING the dogs have made a trip to the vet unnecessary? And if she didn’t have money to feed the dogs then what the hell was she doing owning 2 of them? Why the hell didn’t she give them away to somebody who could and would feed them? Why not surrender them to the pound where they’d stand a chance of a new, happier life?

Oh, no, instead she chose to starve her doggies. To not feed them or give them water. Or pick up their shit. Sick bitch!

“For me, if they don’t have money to provide veterinary care, they don’t have enough money to provide care for the dog, period,” said Andrew Gross. Amen to that!

The boxer was a whopping 25 pounds underweight. Healthy boxers can be around 70 pounds so that poor dog was in really rough shape.

“For that dog to get in that condition, he was underfed, my guess would be for at least 2 to 3 months,” said Andrew Gross.

Underfed? I’d say unfed.

Andrea the hellbitch Montanez had actually adopted the pit bull puppy from the Roswell Animal Shelter only a month before it was taken away from her! WTF was she thinking?!? She was already starving the boxer for 2 months at least before she got the puppy! Sick twisted twat!

And the shelter does not give away dogs. They make you pay for them. Andrea Montanez paid for a puppy while she starved her boxer.

That tells me that it wasn’t lack of money but rather pure undiluted sadism that made Andrea the hellbeast Montanez deprive the dogs of food and water.

And so the 2 animals were rescued and Andrea Montanez was charged with 2 counts of animal cruelty. Yay! All is right with the world!

In September 2012 Andrea Montanez pleaded no contest to the charges. Municipal Judge Larry Loy fined the bitch $420.

OK, I don’t have a problem with fining the hellbitch. She nearly killed her dogs because she chose not to feed them so there should be a penalty. I would prefer she got jail time but at least a fine was something.

But then Judge Larry Loy RETURNED the dogs to her! WTF?!?!?!

The sadistic witch Andrea Montanez had pleaded poverty, boo hoo, she couldn’t afford to feed her dogs, and the judge hands them back to her? After fining her money she claimed she didn’t have?

True, Judge Larry Loy didn’t see photos of the emaciated dogs since the abusive bitch pleaded no contest. If she’d pleaded not guilty there would have been a trial and the photos would have been used as evidence then.

Still, LOGIC and REASON should have told the judge that returning those dogs to their abuser was a bad idea and just plain moronic!

Andrea POS Montanez did not reclaim the puppy. The poor little thing is at a rescue shelter as far as I know. I hope it finds a good home after all it has been through.

Andrea Montanez did reclaim the boxer, poor beastie. I am sure she was the last person that dog wanted to see ever again.

Andrew Gross said Animal Control will be following up with the sadistic Andrea Montanez to make sure she’s providing proper food, water and shelter to the boxer. If she fails to do so, officers will take the dog away again.

I trust that Animal Control will be checking each and every day, hopefully at meal time.

I truly hope that Andrea Montanez grows a heart and a soul and a conscience and relinquishes the dog to somebody who will give it love and a good home. That’s asking a lot of a hellbeast, I know, so I won’t count on it.

At least she’s being watched so her victim won’t suffer at her hands any more.

And finally, I truly hope that Judge Larry Loy grows a brain. Maybe this unbelievably stupid ruling was an aberration — I hope so. I’d hate to think the judge would be as cavalier in returning abused children to their abusers.

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11 Responses to Andrea Montanez

  1. bulldoggy says:

    Disgusting. She is disgusting, the judge is disgusting. Charlie and I have never been to New Mexico but I feel like making a road trip and visiting Roswell (ain’t that where aliens landed?). This dog needs rescuing again. Even if the bitch feeds him, she doesn’t love him. You don’t starve the ones you love. I myself would give up eating so that my Charlie wouldn’t go hungry. There’s no picture of this Andrea Montanez but I suspect she’s the size of a house. These f**ktards who starve their animals and kids usually are disgustingly well fed.

  2. 2cute says:

    What kind of judge is this who returns abused dogs to their abuser? If he believed she didn’t have the money to feed the dogs then how does he expect her to feed them after she pays the fine? If he didn’t believe she didn’t have the money then why would he expect her to treat them any better now? Judge Loy needs to be fired for handing out such a moronic decision.

  3. dogwalker says:

    When I see that picture of that poor starving dog I just want to give it a hug. This dog was seized in August and returned a month later so it wouldn’t even have had a chance to fatten up much at all, not nearly enough to get it back into decent shape. And now it’s back in the clutches of that evil woman.

    Boxers aren’t cheap. She probably paid good money for the dog, so why the hell would she deprive it of food and water? Because she’s a cruel heartless sadistic bitch. She’s not an animal lover and should have been banned from owning any more animals ever. What was that retarded judge thinking?

  4. Trace says:

    I hope this witch’s neighbours will be checking over the fence every day too. Looks like that dog has just been chained in the yard with nobody and nothing, what a dismal life for the unfortunate animal. You know if somebody “liberated” the dog from the yard and it wound up with good people who cared about it, I think that would be a good thing. Stealing is bad but putting a dog through the torture and neglect is evil.

  5. moodymagic says:

    Should starve and not give water to this bitch. she how she likes it. she should drop dead so no other animals suffer.

  6. bengalpuss29 says:

    Bulldoggy, i had a feeling that you would be the first to comment on this and i was right. That judge needs shooting dumb fuck he is for giving the dogs back. And that bastard bitch owner needs to be starved in a cage with no food or water, and left to lay in piss and shit. what the fuck was wrong with that judge the daft twat, the animal control officer did her job in getting this cunt to court, only for stupid judge of the year to return the poor thing back to her. the mind boggles! bulldoggy, i bet poor charlie would have been upset if he knew about this, don.t tell him. Its time i should be starting to construct guantanamo basement, for bastards like this and clint, stupid arse he is lol. And also judges that haven.t got a fucking clue, how to deliver a proper sentence. Sometimes the judges piss me off more than the criminal, cos the sentences they dish out are criminal.

  7. awesomeblossom says:

    It’s stupid ass decisions like this judge made that take justice out of the justice system. If there was any justice both of those dogs would be well taken care of the rest of their lives and the evil bitch who starved them should go hungry the rest of her rotten life. I wonder how many pets she had that already died under her “care”. It that tipster hadn’t said anything those dogs would have died and been tossed away like garbage.

    • bengalpuss29 says:

      Couldn’t agree with you more, awesomeblossom. That judge is an arseole and that bitch needs to be starved and forced to lay in piss and shit. Now thats what i call justice.

  8. bengalpuss29 says:

    Cleo, i think you better ease up on the animal cruelty articles for a while. Otherwise your gonna end up giving bulldoggy an Aneurism or end up getting me life in prison, cos i sometimes feel like murdering the bastards, lol. Its upsetting seeing that poor dog in that state. Thats just utter evilness. I don.t by that crap about not being able to afford to feed it. She could have given it some of what she ate, she’s probably another fat bastard eating all the food for herself. My tyke is spoilt, he won.t eat cat food, only chicken, ham and tuna. And its got to be proper, he knows if its that processed crap that they make for sandwiches. Mind you i’ve made the rod for my own back by spoiling him, and if he doesn’t get what he wants, he self harms by eating the plaster off the walls or any kind of plastic. I can.t believe im telling you i’ve got a spoilt cat that self harms, but you’ve got to laugh about it. Thats why it upsets me seeing animals like this. Bastard she is. And the judge stupid arse.

  9. Tasera says:

    Starve the bitch until she’s as emaciated as her dog. Lock her in a cage and be sure to eat lovely-smelling dinners right in front of her and ignore her whines and moans for food. Sew her mouth shut so she cannot beg others for help, just like her dog. Let her stew in her own waste for a few months and see how she likes it.

    That judge… I have no words. It’s an absolute disgrace that anyone would return a severely-abused animal to its hellbeast owner.

    • bengalpuss29 says:

      Tasera, some judges really fucking piss me off. I don.t understand why he would return that poor dog back to the person who basically tortured it. It must have been starving. Thats torture to me. I say get the stupid arse judge, and torture him/Her until they are Emaciated. Let then know how it feels.

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