Amy Hockett & Joseph Pierson

Amy Hockett and Joseph Pierson
Crimes: Child Abuse, Murder

Khaiden Hockett was born on October 11, 2011. On February 5, 2012 the little baby boy was dead. Why, why, why? Because he was born to Amy R. Hockett, and she had no intention of letting him live.

Amy R. Hockett, 21, of Richmond, Indiana, already had 3 little children that she cared f*ck-all about. Amy R. Hockett was disgustingly selfish, lazy, filthy, and unfortunately fertile.

The house that she and her children and her man, Joseph L. Pierson, lived in was full of trash, dirty clothes, dirty diapers, dirty dishes, rotting food, feces and urine. There was hardly any food in the fridge. That’s how this little family lived.

And into this revolting mess came little Khaiden Hockett. He was a healthy 8 pounds 7 ounces at birth. He didn’t stay healthy very long because Amy R. Hockett didn’t intend him to live.

The hellbitch told everyone that little Khaiden had health issues including acid reflux, blood disorders, kidney stones and leukemia. She told everyone that doctors were testing him.

Amy R. Hockett lied. She lied to them all. The only reason Khaiden Hockett was dying was because his monstrous mother decided not to feed him.

By the time the tiny little boy died, he weighed only 6 pounds 2 ounces.

And where, you might ask, was his father, Joseph L. Pierson? Well, he was right there in that filthy, disgusting house allowing the mother of his baby to neglect and starve his baby to death.

Hockett HouseOn February 5, 2012, Amy R. Hockett called 911. She told them that her son had just stopped breathing and was unresponsive. Paramedics arrived right away to 504 South 12th Street, as did fire department personnel and police.

Lieutenant Neil VanMiddlesworth and Officer Pat Smith entered the filthy home in time to see medical personnel performing CPR on Khaiden as he was being taken out to the ambulance.

All attempts at CPR were for naught because rigor mortis had already set in. Khaiden had been dead for some time before his hellbeastly mother called 911.

Amy R. Hockett had her story ready to tell. She told Lt VanMiddlesworth that she’d fed Khaiden recently but because of his acid reflux he threw up right away. She then put him down to sleep but when she checked on him soon after she discovered he had thrown up again and was choking.

All lies.

KhaidenLt VanMiddlesworth then asked to see where the little boy had been sleeping. Joseph Pierson showed him the way. They went through the disgustingly filthy kitchen toward a doorway that was covered by a blanket. As soon as they went past the blanket Lt VanMiddlesworth was hit by the stench of feces and urine. The back bedroom was a complete dump with clothes and blankets on the floor along with piles of used diapers and shit. By that I mean shit, literally.

The walls and most of the window were smeared with shit. Yeah, that’s how the children entertained themselves in that shithole. They painted with their poop.

Joseph Pierson pointed out the swinging cradle that Khaiden had died in. The padding as well as the blanket in the seat were sodden with urine. There was a wet diaper beside the swing, and the floor under the diaper was wet too with the urine.

Lt VanMiddlesworth and Officer Pat Smith were likely revolted by the sights and smells of Amy R. Hockett’s house. I am revolted just hearing about them. There was no mention of bugs and rodents, but you and I both know there were f*cking armies of them in that dungpile of a house.

If adults like Amy and Joseph want to wallow in a complete dump, fine. Let them roll in their shit all they want. But when children are involved, when innocent, little children have the opportunity to paint the walls and windows with poop, when the poop doesn’t even get wiped off ever, that gets my blood boiling.

And when you add a dead baby to the mix, it makes me feel quite murderous and vengeful.

And there was no doubt Khaiden was dead and had been dead for some time. And there was no doubt Khaiden had been starved and dehydrated for a long time. His skin just sagged from his body, and it had that leathery look caused by severe dehydration.

When the medical staff at the hospital removed the suspiciously new diaper from his body, they found sores all over the little baby’s genitals and butt. He had an open, untreated sore on his tailbone. His skin was peeling and scaly. And the poor little baby was filthy. He even had dirt between his toes and under his toenails.

So we know for sure Amy R. Hockett and Joseph L. Pierson never washed the baby, never changed the baby, never fed the baby — or if they did it was hardly ever. Not enough to count, anyway.

But there was one more thing the medical staff discovered. The back of Khaiden’s head was flat. That means the poor little baby was left alone in that pee-soaked swing, sitting in a saturated diaper, starving in the back room and he was never picked up. He was left in that swing long enough to flatten his skull. He was left, completely unloved, completely neglected, in pain, and all alone, to die.

And the fact rigor mortis had set in by the time paramedics got there meant nobody checked on him for hours.

And the clean diaper he had on was put on after he died and only for show.

The coroner ruled his death a homicide. And what a horrible homicide it was.

Officials immediately removed the 3 surviving children from those evil, hellbeastly parents and that revoltingly filthy house. When they were placed in foster care they were dirty and they smelled gawd awful. They had head lice crawling through their hair.

The children (3- and 4-year-old boys, and a 2-year-old girl) also exhibited exceedingly disturbing behaviors, which should come as no surprise considering their childhoods. They ate from the trashcans, and also ate the contents of their diapers.

All of the children had multiple health issues, including high levels of lead and developmental problems.

Bless those little kids, I hope and pray they can recover from their rough beginnings and life happy, successful lives, feeling secure and loved forever.

Amy Hockett

Amy Hockett

Investigators quickly and easily uncovered Amy R. Hockett’s lies. Rather than taking Khaiden to various doctors for various medical conditions, she had only taken him once, when the baby was a week old. I guess after that she had decided her baby must die.

Amy R. Hockett and Joseph L. Pierson were charged with the homicide. Joseph L. Pierson’s defense was basically his low IQ — because he was mentally slow (mildly mentally handicapped, the experts said) he was easily duped by Amy and her litany of lies.

Ummmm, no. I’m not buying it. Joseph L. Pierson wasn’t too slow to know you comfort a crying baby. He wasn’t too slow to know you feed a hungry baby. He wasn’t too slow to remove a dirty diaper. He wasn’t too slow to know you wash a filthy baby. Those things don’t need great intelligence, they just need a heart. And if he honestly didn’t know what to do or how to do it, he should have known to ask for help.

Joseph L. Pierson was mildly, not profoundly, mentally handicapped. His major handicap was his missing sense of empathy and compassion. He just didn’t give a flying f*ck that his newborn baby was languishing and dying in the back room.

Prosecutor Mike Shipman said at the February 2013 trial, “He died because the people who were supposed to care the most for him didn’t. Nobody was there when this little guy died alone in the back room of the house.”

The jury found Joseph L. Pierson, 25, guilty but mentally ill of reckless homicide, and guilty but mentally ill of neglect of a dependent resulting in death (a Class A felony). The jury took his low IQ into consideration, obviously.

The f*cktard loser faces 20 to 50 years in prison. I understand he is to be sentenced on May 24, 2013 — that’s tomorrow so I shall keep readers posted.

The jury wasn’t so kind to Amy R. Hockett. She was rightly found guilty of murder and neglect of a dependent resulting in death. She was sentenced to 60 years in prison.

The judge called the case the most horrific, unimaginable crime in the history of Wayne County.

The hellbitch did not even express any remorse at her trial or at sentencing. The judge noticed and commented on it. The defense attorney, Pat Ragains, did assure the judge that her client does have regrets.

“I think she truly regrets the loss of the child’s life,” Pat Ragains said. Riiiight. I think she regrets the loss of her freedom a helluva lot more.

The pair of evil f*ckwits have made plea deals regarding additional charges for neglecting their other children. Whatever sentences they get for those (likely 2 to 3 years) will just be served concurrently with their longer sentences.

I am so glad the 3 surviving children were rescued from such appalling circumstances, but it was far, far too late for Khaiden, bless his little heart. To have lived almost 4 months on this planet and not known human kindness, love, or even a full belly is too sad for words.

RIP, Khaiden, and may your murderous parents rot in hell.

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20 Responses to Amy Hockett & Joseph Pierson

  1. pj says:

    Great defense – I’m too stoopid to know babies need to eat. They are both mentally ill if they think living in a house with shit all over the floor and walls and windows was normal. To make them feel at home their cell walls and floors should be slathered in crap. They should also get a good dose of head lice too so they won’t be lonely. These evil cunts need to die!

  2. truckster says:

    There are so many loving people in this world who cannot have kids and all they want to do is be able to love and hold and be good parents and here these stupid, selfish people have little babies they cannot love and don’t even give them a chance. Evil.

  3. fairygirl says:

    The mother clearly did not go hungry ever. That poor little baby never stood a chance being born to these monsters. How can a parent do this, especially a mother?

  4. sunni bonita says:

    OMG, OMG, OMG! What a sick, twisted, evil thing to do to a tiny, helpless infant! I hope they’re locked away and starved. Let them both suffer the same fate as that poor baby!

  5. moodymagic says:

    Look at this pair of Fuck-Tards. They look as disgusting on the outside as they are on the inside. Well babykillers I hope it turns out to be a whole lot of pain and suffering in prison. I personally would be very happy if you both got shanked in there and we would never have to hear your names again. Burn in hell. These poor children. I do hope they grow up strong and receive all the love they truly deserved from the start.

  6. Bengalpuss says:

    What a wicked pair of bastards. Moody must be angry cos she called em a pair of fuck tard’s which she, 100% right. The mother is one chubby fucker, so we know she didn’t go without food, probably ate the baby food as well. Lets all pray that fat arse gets a good arse whooping courtesy of her new friends at her new home. And as for the oh sooo good looking boyfriend, he does look kind of stoopid, must be retarded to live in a shit hole with tinkey winky, and then expect the police to buy their story after witnessing the shit hole they were living in. Hope the 3 little ones that survived, make a full recovery and are not permanently passed

  7. MsM says:

    The only thing that woman regrets is that she got caught. Given I’ve seen cases similar to this one before I’ll give the bf a very slight pass. I have seen cases where the woman was a total manipulative bitch who paired up with a mildly mentally challenged person because they were easily manipulated. It could very well have been that this guy DID ask about the baby crying and the woman gave him a prepared answer which, given his low IQ, he believed because, after all, the woman already had three kids, supposedly she knew how to take care of them. That doesn’t completely justify his lack of empathy, at some point he should have picked the baby up. At the same time, where were the grandparents? This baby starved for months – nobody else noticed? Surely people knew she’d had another baby, didn’t they? What about well baby checks? A lot of people dropped the ball here – a nurse, a doctor, an MA, a WIC rep – any one of these people is trained to know what severe malnutrition looks like. Why was nothing done? Sadly, it’s too late now, this poor little boy lost his life because his mother was evil, his father was stupid and everybody around him wasn’t paying attention. THIS is why the child protective system in this country ISN’T working properly!

    • awesomeblossom says:

      Where were the grandparents, MsM? Well considering this fertile little bitch had 4 kids in 4 years and was only 21 years old, I’d say she didn’t listen to them if they had anything to say about her life. She did what she wanted to do and damn the consequences. And they were the ones she probably lied to about taking the baby to the doctor, and the baby having all kinds of illnesses.

      I’d be shocked if I learned her parents ever entered her house and saw that filth and didn’t act to have the kids removed. If that’s what happened, they should tossed in prison too.

  8. bulldoggy says:

    At this point I would be willing to have dental implants for my dog Charlie so he could gnaw on the bitch’s fat saggy corpse. Sixty years isn’t long enough IMO cuz her surviving children could live to see her get out. She’d be old, fat and saggy by then but still not deserving of one ounce of pity or forgiveness. Better she should die in jail.

    • Bengalpuss says:

      Bulldoggy, don’t you dare do that to charlie boy, he could pick something up from lard arse, she hasn’t had her shots lol. Personally she should be put in a cell to share with nicola tedder, they’d get on great together, could compare their wicked acts, see which one is more evil. I wouldn’t even let tyke scratch this fat bitch’s ass, he could come down with some disease, like typhoid or the plague, its not worth the risk to charlie or tyke.

  9. scrappy says:

    As disgusted and hateful as they make me feel, I keep thinking about my own parents.

    My mother gave birth to her 4th baby before she turned 21. (ignorant, weak willed, and Catholic)My father started going through his first major schizophrenic breakdown about that time. It was 1970. Noboby really understood what was wrong with him…figured they just had two many kids and that he was messed up from his stint in the military.

    Thing is, we had food. We were clothed. We were washed from time to time. She might have left us in the car while she went in the store (lot of folks did back then) and when she was asleep she was out like a rock (imagine having 4 kids in 5 years!) and we were loved.

    I’m sure our house was a mess. I’m sure though that no one would have allowed us to live in such a condition. Even my young, inexperienced, and mentally ill parents. They actually wanted us to grow, to do well, to be loved.

    My mom’s parents did have to step up and help her out at one point, she had no income and no husband working. She couldn’t get aid, since her crazy husband was home…my aunt thought we should be removed, but my grandma took us on until Mom could get on her feet.

    That is how normal people in dire circumstances do it. I’m gonna guess this pig was raised as a pig though I ‘hope’ her family would have been schocked to find them in this condition.

    I pray those poor babies get good foster homes where they will be loved and grow to their full potentials. Who can imagine a child so hungry it would eat from its own diaper?

  10. Bengalpuss says:

    Update, just to let you know this disgusting turd joseph pierson was sentenced to 37yrs for the death of his four month old son, looks like his claim of being a retard didn’t help him very much. May he have a miserable existence, but nothing can be as bad as what those two cunts that were supposed to look after him will go through. Evil Fucking twats.

  11. Sassedame says:

    RIP, Khaiden and Thank You for saving your brothers and sister.

  12. Oz Of Wizard says:

    If I absolutly had to stereotype what a sicko-creep-psychopath would appear like physically, I would sketch Joseph Pierson’s image. Too slow to care for the baby….but not too slow to create one? Uh huh. Righttt. Now that’s highly believable!

    This poor child died weighing more at birth. Poor wittle baby.

  13. just me says:

    I had the unfortunate occurrence of mooting this mother at the jail. She had absolutely NO remorse and pretended her infant wa srill aluve TWO years after his death. Her mother was there at that home EVERY day and NEVER reported the conditions of her grand children. Thrse children went thru HELL in the worst way. The details you mention here are nothing compred to her transcripts nor her dcs paperwork. I do hsve to say, the surviving 3 children have been adopted by a WONDERFUL family and are thriving.

  14. MommaJo says:

    I just now read this story a few days ago and it’s hard to get it out of my head. It’s terrifying to think what kind of a rotten human being you actually have to be to be able to do shit like this. I have a beautiful little 13 month old boy of my own and it’s heartbreaking to hear him cry over something like a tummy ache. You’d have to be a seriously wicked and soulless creature to feel nothing over a helpless infant and to not give a damn about their cries and pain. Jail isn’t nearly enough punishment for what scumbags like these two do to little angelic babies. Whatever that baby had to go through, his abusers should have to go through the same torture but even worse. I hope they serve their time in hell and thankfully that little angel is at least in peace and is no longer suffering.

  15. Teri says:

    I am ashamed to admit I was friends with these people. I saw their home and know how gross it truly was and how uncared for those kids were. All they did all day was get high. I was not friends with then when this all happened. This is just so horrible :( im glad that they got what they deserved.

  16. Bengalpuss says:

    Just me, if thats true that the grandmother visited that disgusting filthy house and obviously must’ve noticed the condition those babies were in then she deserves to be locked up with those two evil pieces of crap.

  17. goat says:

    Safe haven laws, people.

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