Amy Hillrich, David Olvera & Emilio Pelayo Saldana

Olvera, Saldana and Hillrich

Crimes: Murder, Conspiracy to Commit Murder

It’s my opinion that if one is contemplating murder, one should have at least one working brain cell. Luckily for investigators in Ontario, California, Amy Hillrich, David Olvera and Emilio Pelayo Saldana didn’t have any working brain cells between them. They were murderous but extremely stupid hellbeasts.

John Hillrich

John Edward Hillrich Jr

Amy “Nikki” Hillrich of Yucaipa was not happy with her estranged husband, John Hillrich, and he was most certainly not happy with her. John Hillrich was very concerned that she was involved with David Olvera, a parolee. He was understandably displeased that a convicted criminal should be allowed around his children.

Amy Hillrich and David Olvera had met at a care facility, where they both worked. She was a nurse. Personally, I don’t understand why a care facility would hire a convicted criminal, no matter in what capacity.

Because John Hillrich was displeased about the new man in his children’s lives, he and Amy Hillrich were having custody issues. The hellbitch wasn’t about to give up her children or her boyfriend, so in Amy Hillrich’s teeny mind that meant John Hillrich would have to die.

Naturally Amy Hillrich approached her boyfriend to help her murder her estranged husband. David Olvera had no problem with that. The nasty pair also extended an invitation to another co-worker/parolee, Emilio Pelayo Saldana, to join in their evil plot. He accepted.

(I really, really hope that that care facility reviews the backgrounds of all of its employees now. Hiring two parolees to work with and around elderly and vulnerable people is totally irresponsible, IMO, even if they weren’t murderous by nature.)

Of the evil f*cktardian trio, I think Emilio Pelayo Saldana is the worst. Amy the vicious hellbitch Hillrich wanted her husband dead because he was interfering in her life and the custody of her kids. David the shitstain Olvera wanted John Hillrich dead because he was coming between him and his woman.

Emilio Pelayo Saldana had absolutely no reason to want John Hillrich dead. He had absolutely no reason to participate, other than for shits and giggles. If he’d had a touch of humanity in his soul, he could have called the police and saved a life, but he didn’t. Instead he chose to help kill a man who had done him no harm.

At 2:00 pm on August 16, 2011, David Olvera and Emilio Pelayo Saldana shot John Hillrich, 39, in a parkade by his Ontario office. The poor man died of his injuries, and his children were now fatherless.

David Olvera and Emilio Pelayo Saldana were seen by a witness who recorded their license plate number. Within hours investigators arrested them and Amy Hillrich. And thanks to the diminutive brain capacities of the evil trio, the police found lots of evidence to convict them.

Aside from text messages and phone calls between the hellbeasts before the murder, police found a note in Amy Hillrich’s purse — a note to the victim saying she was sorry he had to be killed. She’d signed it, “Love, Nikki”.

For the life of me I can’t understand why a killer would write an apologetic note to her victim and then keep it.

The trial of Amy “Nikki” Hillrich, 42, David Olvera, 28, and Emilio Pelayo Saldana, 25, required 2 juries. On May 14, 2015, after less than 3 hours of deliberation, Amy Hillrich was found guilty of 1st-degree murder. On May 29, 2015, David Olvera and Emilio Pelayo Saldana were also convicted of 1st-degree murder. All three are scheduled to be sentenced on July 16, 2015. I shall update readers then — reminders are welcome.

Amy Hillrich reportedly faces 26 years to life in state prison. David Olvera and Emilio Pelayo Saldana each face 51 years to life in state prison.

I do not know who is raising the Hillrich children, but I hope and pray that they are in a loving, supportive home with all the care they need to grow up to be happy, successful adults.

RIP, John Edward Hillrich Jr. He was killed for being a good dad, for wanting the best for his kids. He and his children deserved so much better.

Olvera, Saldana and HillrichI hope David Olvera and Emilio Pelayo Saldana rot away in their prison cells and never see freedom again. They are heartless killers and deserve a lifetime in prison.

As for Amy “Nikki” Hillrich, I hope she is burdened every minute of every day with guilt and regret. Her incredible stupidity and complete lack of humanity led to her children not having a dad or a mom. She deserves to suffer greatly for that.

On July 22, 2015, Amy Hillrich, 42, was sentenced to 26-years-to-life. David Olvera and Emilio Saldana got 50-years-to-life in prison. article – letter to husband
Inland News Today article – conviction
The Press Enterprise article – conviction

23 Responses to Amy Hillrich, David Olvera & Emilio Pelayo Saldana

  1. moodymagic says:

    Amy your a monster may you never ever get to see your kids again how could you take away their Dad and Mom. I hope every minute in prison is painful for you. The other hope you rot away as well.

  2. bulldoggy says:

    Amy Hillrich didn’t even get to enjoy one day of widowhood. Serves her right. I feel bad for the children being deprived of parents.

    • Bengalpuss says:

      Bulldoggy, don’t you just love it when the criminals are stupid fuck’s? Fancy walking around with a note in your purse saying your sorry you had to die to the victim? Bunch of stupid cunts they are. But your right bulldoggy, those kids are now gonna suffer because their mother is a selfish cunt. I hope that they do go on to have a good life full of love and happiness.

  3. Bengalpuss says:

    Talk about america’s dumbest criminals!! So glad that all three of them are as thick as pig shit.

  4. Breen says:

    I pray for all involved, I especially pray for the children. I pray that during these last days they all repent of there sins and come to the Lord as the days are short. I pray for healing for all families involved.

  5. Bengalpuss says:

    This bitch gets sentenced tomorrow so keep your fingers crossed that she’s in for a biggie, she so deserves it, vindictive, spiteful, evil murdering cunt she is.

  6. bunchofpussys says:

    Fuck you mother fuckers!!!!! There 2 sides to every story bunch of dumdum ass!!! You fuckers only know what said in the press! Assholes!

  7. DecentPeopleOnly says:

    There is Good and Evil Right and Wrong in other Words
    The World should only be For Decent People and Rapists Muggers
    Thugs Yobs Murderers and Child Abusers are Not Decent People

  8. JH says:

    I’m family of the victim , everything published was true. Now justice is being served and healing can begin. Not sure who is trying to defend their actions but that isn’t right and you should be ashamed of yourself

    • Erma Walker says:

      Amy’s mom and dad should have never got involved with their daughters affairs. Why tell her they should have confronted him. Amy was turned out because she was rejected by her husband. Why tell the person that’s not wise. Pray. I bet they will they never got involved.

    • Maria lizarraga says:

      Yo soy la mama de emilio y el mujura que no lo mató el amantes de la Niki era David dios es grande y el save que Emilio no fue no mas porque uno no tiene los medios para pagar un buen abogado para que alludarla ami hijo y de mostrar que el no el tiene 2 hijos y por culpa de David y de esa señora sus hijo están sufriendo

      • cleo says:

        This is Cleo and I believe the above comment is from Emilio’s mother. I think she’s saying that Emilio couldn’t afford a good lawyer, and the blame for the crime rests on David and his woman. Because of them Emilio’s children are suffering.

        If I got that wrong I’d appreciate a better translation.

  9. SCS says:

    I know the family of the children. It is a great Tragedy for everyone involved. But the children are being raised in a loving home and both sets of grandparents are wonderful people. Please pray for everyone involved it has been life changing for everyone.

    • Jenna says:

      How wonderful can it be that they are being raised by the parents of the murderer? Who don’t, by the way, believe she is guilty? It seems like they have brainwashed the kids into thinking their mom is the good guy. They were the ones who started trouble for John in the first place.

  10. n-a says:

    their is more than is being said only an idiot would believe everything he reads….i am sorry for the loss n the children r the ones realkt sufferin not only the victims but also those convicted i knew all of them victim n those convicted sad how people r so quick to wish some one shit with out even knowing them

    • lanthanide-highway says:

      what more can they say other than “premeditated, first-degree murder”? those two mentally deficient assclowns murdered a man in cold blood and the cunt that cock-teased them into doing it set it all in motion. they’re murderers. how are they “suffering” other than perhaps in prison when the drop-the-soap patrol turns them into muppets for an evening of fun and frolic. but maybe they aren’t suffering when they sit in uncle bubba’s lap for an evening of jailhouse downlow fun, looking at “nikki” up there, maybe they like dudes that look like a lady.

  11. JH says:

    In this case you believe what you read because they are FACTS that were found through evidence. It frustrates me that people who are “friends” with them defend their actions . They would do the same thing to you too if it came down to it.

  12. Love says:

    She was a good person once upon a time but she got twisted up with those two psychotic people I knew all three of them he was crazy a meth head got her addicted to meth and the father did not want that type of stuff going on around her kid his kids she couldn’t deal with that and she did some pussy s*** she had her kids involved in her plot to set their dad that she was going to have the daughter accused of molestation she was going to put cocaine in his car and call the police she was just pure evil I don’t know what happened to her cuz she used to be so sweet kind and loving I think she got mixed up with the wrong people the boyfriend was accused of having sex with a child under the age of 14 and it’s just sad all the way around I feel sorry for his family and the kids and that is all because this is something that they will have to deal with for the rest of their lives and it’s all her fault because the ball was in her hand and that’s how she dropped it and I know that she left her kids and her kids love her very dearly so it’ll take a while for them to realize that their mother was wrong right now she’s all they have and that’s sad and she is suffering because she has to close her eyes every night and know what she has done to her kids and it has to be eating her up no more drugs to escape from reality

  13. Steve Jenks says:

    I just came upon this tragic story & I’m compelled to post a comment. I didn’t know the people or the families involved & I’m from a different part of the country.I just have to say that no matter what the facts are regarding the murderer’s side of the story… There is never no facts that would justify your brutal murder in my opinion .You took it on to yourselves to get involved with a father’s fight for the safety & wellbeing of his children. By all accounts it turns out that his fears were well justified in proof of what you have committed. Its just to bad that your state doesn’t have the death penalty!!If it does you 3 are prime candidates for death.The sooner the better.By the looks of the mug shots of the 2 young thugs & their criminal history…it was just inevitable that they were going to end up behind bars or worse. As for you – Amy…make no mistake…you are the major cause of this tragety…all the heart break that you’ve caused John’s family ( including his & your own children )could have all been avoided if you would have or could have chosen 100 different options or sollutions to your problems in your marriage. Number 1 you could have gone to the very one that you took your very oath of marriage under.( assuming you were married in a church) The love of CHRIST COULD HAVE SAVED THIS WHOLE TRAGEDY FROM HAPPENING!!BUT…you decided to take what you thought was going to be the easy way out by enlisting in the tools and ways of the devil!! By now you have probably realized that your life wasn’t all that bad (before you selfishly ruined so many other lives) ,compared to what it is now.But you now deserve all the hell that you caused onto so many others.I would hope you could admit & repent for the sins you have caused apon John & his family & loved ones.The love of JESUS is your only hope now.Otherwise… Eternaty with your master in hell is what you have to look forward to.As for the 2 murdererous thugs…I have a short story that my grandfather told me when I was just a young man finding my interest in girls.He said remember to think about an evil women (not a godly women)…as having the ” the devils eye brow” – ( use your imagination)- as to where & what part of a women a man wants to get from a women.It will take six good men – ( pallbearers ) – to carry you to your grave…BUT…it can only take one evil, bad , (unholy) women to get you in that box.You boys have taken the devils bait !! I hate to say this ,( because I believe in GOD & JESUS’ GRACE IN FORGIVENESS)…but I hope you both rot in hell for all eternity for the taking of John’s life ,& all the pain & suffering that you both have caused his family ,& the pain that they will suffer for the rest of their lives !!…To John’s family… GOD’S BLESSINGS TO YOU ALL…I know John’s watching over you all & you will all see him again when its time for each of you to join him in GOD’S time & place.Until then…I know first hand the pain that you carry with you every day,& at times it seems to get worse than better…may JESUS BE WITH YOU ALL !! I’m so very sorry for the loss of your beloved JOHN !! And (somehow) GOD’S PEACE be with you all!! Sincerely Steve J.- in the dairy state of Wisconsin

  14. Reggie Cart says:

    I just came upon this story and i just can’t make up my mind on Amy guilt or not. I have read and listened to about everything. In my mind, there is something telling me that maybe she was framed into that story.
    And if i’m right, i wish her well for the future

  15. JH says:

    When there’s texts on your own phone planning a murder and post it notes in your purse telling him sorry he has to die …what more evidence would anyone need? The story was told , jury took 1 hour to deliberate because the guilt was so obvious. And the two men involved would have no reason to murder him aside from her wanting it done.

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