Amelia Spiotto and James Spiotto

amelia and james spiotto

Crimes: Pedophiles, Child Porn, Molestation.

Amelia Spiotto and James Spiotto of Fort Smith, Arkansas, USA, are a vile pair of pedophiles. I’m going to tone down my language as Amelia Spiotto has children, and I’d hate for them to read some of the descriptive words I typically use when referring to pedophiles. Her children were not victims of this predatory pedo pair.

James Spiotto and Amelia Spiotto are not husband and wife, although they were lovers. Amelia Spiotto had been married to James Spiotto’s uncle, hence the same surname.

Besides sharing a surname, they also shared their unnatural sexual appetite for small children and babies.

For the life of me, I cannot conceive of how somebody can look at a baby or child and be sexually aroused. And I cannot conceive of how sexual arousal can make somebody discard all morals, all regard for the victims and the families, and all regard for the law and church. These people put their sexual desires on a higher level than everything else. They don’t care who they hurt and how much they hurt them, so long as they get sexual gratification for that instant.

So Amelia Spiotto and James Spiotto were in a relationship that included molestation of babies and toddlers. Where did they find their victims, you ask? Babysitting.

Who can parents trust now? If a divorced mother of 3 you are friends with can’t be trusted with your child, who can?

Amelia Spiotto got her filthy paws on an 11-month-old girl and a 3-month-old baby boy. She generously shared the little girl with her lover. Both of these nasty pervs videotaped the sexual abuse that ensued.

Amelia Spiotto kept the baby boy to herself, and videotaped the oral sex she performed on the helpless infant.

The hellbeasts watched the videos while they had sex with each other. And very likely, the videos were shared online with other pedophiles.

In February 2016, the Arkansas State Police Internet Crimes Against Children Taskforce, working with Department of Homeland Security, was conducting an investigation into online trafficking of child porn in Fort Smith and area. James Spiotto caught the investigators’ attention. They got a federal search warrant and raided the pervert’s home.

Investigators found a hard drive that had been thrown from a second storey window. The hard drive contained explicit child porn featuring the 3-month-old and the 11-month-old. From those videos, they figured out that Amelia Spiotto and James Spiotto were the molesters.

Investigators also discovered a bunch of text messages between the two monsters, They were giving each other encouragement and instructions to perform certain sexual acts on the babies.

James Spiotto was indicted in March 2016. He pled guilty in May 2016 to conspiring to produce child pornography and production of child pornography. He was sentenced to 60 years in prison without the possibility of parole, followed by supervised parole for the rest of his pathetic, useless life. Considering he was 29 when he was sentenced, he sure won’t have much left of his life when he’s released. Amen!

Amelia Spiotto, 32, was also indicted in March 2016, and she ultimately pled guilty to 2 counts of producing child pornography.

Her attorneys asked the judge for the minimum sentence, 15 years in prison, stating she needed treatment for her borderline personality disorder.

The defense argued that James Spiotto forced her to molest the babies. If she appeared on video to be enjoying herself, well that was just a symptom of her fear of abandonment and her emotional need to be attached to James Spiotto.

“I never wanted to be what I’ve become,” said Amelia Spiotto before sentencing. She claimed that her lover kept her away from her children, and physically and psychologically abused her. She claimed that she was subjected to rough sex that made her physically sick. She also claimed she tried to kill herself twice, and thought about it a lot.

Western Arkansas Chief U.S. District Judge P.K. Holmes III sentenced Amelia Spiotto to 60 years in prison. She’ll be 92 when she gets out. Yay Judge Holmes!

My heart goes out to the victims and their families. I truly hope they can overcome the betrayal and the abuse, and live long, happy, successful lives.

My heart goes out to the children of Amelia Spiotto. They too were betrayed, and now have to go through life without their mother. Hopefully they are surrounded by people who love them above all else.

Kudos to Homeland Security Investigations and the Arkansas State Police Internet Crimes Against Children Taskforce for doing such an upstanding job! It’s a job I know I couldn’t possibly endure, so these people are heroes IMO.

As to Amelia Spiotto and James Spiotto, I hope they find each day an agonizing eternity. They lost absolutely everything because they allowed their sick, depraved sexual urges to rule supreme. Thank goodness there will be no more victims because of these two.

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10 Responses to Amelia Spiotto and James Spiotto

  1. Moodymagic says:

    These sick pedos should burn in hell. The judges were awesome amen. I hope the poor victims are all ok and doing well.

  2. SydeeGirl says:

    The problem is there are not enough cops to keep up with the demand and the production of this crap. Nothing makes me more sick to my stomach are not inclined to want some “street justice.” I know, it would make me an article on this very website! This case is one of the sickest I have read. They need to convict these “people” of sex crimes, because sex offenders are the bottom of the prison pool too! They will feel the pain in there.

  3. Alabamdeb says:

    Finally a decent sentence. I hope every second of their pathetic life is spent in misery. I have zero sympathy for these scumbags.

  4. Ann says:

    I’m glad you didn’t use tabloids (Daily Mail, National Enquirer etc) as a source for this, but I’ve noticed you do sometimes. Would you mind trying not to use them in the future? It would make your site a lot more credible.

    • SydeeGirl says:

      Ann. Maybe you might open your own site! Wow.

    • insomniac and crazy says:

      Do you have suggestions for sources? I’ve been visiting this site for a long time and have never found a inaccurate fact. I’ve even searched further to see if there is more information. Everything she posts is true and not usually what I assume are sites you deem unreliable. I agree with the other comment. Maybe start your own and we could visit yours as well.

    • AngryLittleMexican says:

      Probably an appropriate post for an email, Ann. I mean being a pompous ass is completely your prerogative and that’s all fine and dandy but the time that ONE WOMAN puts into this site, the HOURS of researching and the money she shells out of pocket yearly to maintain this site and instead of praising the plethora of reputable, mainstream news sources you decide to publicly point out that some of the sources aren’t to your liking? Dickish move, Ann, dickish move.

      • Bengalpuss. says:

        You tell her angrylittleMexican, there’s always one. And its a shame that the dirty cunt this story is about wasn’t as good at killing herself as she was abusing babies, sick cunt should die.

  5. Tom Daly says:

    People like this pair of scumbags do not deserve to breathe the same air as us, or live in the same UNIVERSE as us.

  6. Reb says:

    Once other inmates find out the charges, PAYBACK IS A BITCH…Two PEDs who raped Baby Brianna in New Mexico were transfered to other State prisons under alisas’s… Protecting both is total bullshit

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