Amanda Dianne Arellano & Daniel Kelly Copeland

Amanda Arellano
Crimes: Pedophiles, Incest, Child Sexual Abuse

Yet again I am left to wonder how hellbeasts find each other. Daniel Kelly Copeland of Fort Valley, Georgia, is a drug-using pedophile. His girlfriend, Amanda Dianne Arellano of Knoxville, is likewise a drug-using pedophile. A perfect match! He brought to the relationship his penis, and she brought to the relationship her daughters. Sick bastards!

It seems that Daniel Kelly Copeland likes to blame the illegal drugs they took for making them both horny for very young girls. Riiiight. You know and I know both of them were bent that way anyway.

In September 2011, Daniel Copeland and Amanda Arellano began having sex in front of her 8-year-old daughter. Ewwww. And that was just the beginning of the disgusting depravity.

The hellbitch mother instructed (i.e. forced) the young girl to give Daniel Copeland oral sex. That wasn’t enough, apparently, to satisfy their unnatural desires. Amanda Arellano held her daughter down while Daniel Copeland raped and sodomized her.

I cannot imagine what the little girl went through — being so painfully abused by Daniel Copeland and being so completely betrayed by her own mother.

Amanda Arellano actually took photos of these revolting sex acts as if they were cherished memories.

I just cannot fathom how a mother could consent to and participate in the rape of her own daughter! Just how heartless and soulless must she be to do that?

Reportedly Amanda Arellano told the young girl, “This is how men show you they love you.” Evil, evil hellbitch.

Tragically we’re not talking a one-time thing here. Uh-uh. We’re talking a nightly thing. From September 2011 to January 2012, that poor child was raped pretty much every night by her perverted mother and her mother’s pedo boyfriend.

The rapes and molestation took place in a house they briefly shared in the Baconsfield area of Macon, at another house in Crawford County and in an abandoned trailer in Houston County.

Daniel Copeland still wasn’t sexually sated. He also had oral sex with Amanda Arellano’s younger daughter when she was 5 and 6 years old. He tried to rape the poor child but couldn’t manage it — thank gawd for small mercies.

This happy pedo lifestyle for this perverted pair came to a crashing halt when Daniel Copeland admitted to his own father that he had been having sex with children. Too bad for the evil bastard his father is a decent, stand-up guy who does the right thing. The man informed authorities about his son’s confession. Kudos to him! It cannot be easy to turn in your own offspring to the police.

Daniel Copeland was arrested in January 2012 along with his pervy partner, Amanda Arellano. At last the children were rescued from their hell.

In April 2013, Daniel Kelly Copeland, 29, wisely made a plea deal. It spared the children from testifying in court and reliving the rapes and molestation. The girls had been through enough already, and were receiving therapy.

The nasty pedophile pled guilty to rape and 4 counts of aggravated child molestation in Bibb County Superior Court. He was sentenced to 25 years in prison, plus probation for the rest of his life. He is not eligible for parole. Upon his release after 25 years he will forever be a registered sex offender.

Daniel Copeland

I find it gratifying that Daniel Copeland cried during his sentencing. When the judge gave him the opportunity to speak the confessed pedophile sobbed and blubbered, “I’m sorry.”

Sorry he got caught, most likely. He wasn’t about to stop raping those little girls on his own.

As a condition of the plea deal, Daniel Copeland was required to testify against Amanda Arellano. As it turned out, he didn’t have to.

In August 2014, Amanda Arellano, 29, pled guilty to rape, aggravated child molestation and assorted other crimes. Wise move. Courtroom observers, upon hearing the details of the sexual abuse, were upset and crying. Imagine how a jury would have reacted.

As it was, Bibb County Superior Court Judge Howard Simms couldn’t stomach it all. He reportedly glared at the hellbitch during the sentencing hearing and then vented his disgust.

“Ms. Arellano, I don’t know that I have ever said a curse word from this bench,” the judge told her. “But you may be the vilest bitch that I have ever met.” Wow. I don’t think he liked her much.

The judge added that there was “a special place in hell” waiting for her.

Amanda Arellano had apologized to the court, whispering, “I’m so sorry, and I will punish myself more than you can probably ever punish me, sir.” Riiiight.

Judge Simms sentenced the foul creature to 30 years in prison, and lifetime probation. She will be a registered sex offender when she’s released.

I wish much love and support for the young victims. I hope they are now safe and cherished and have all the therapy and help they need to live happy lives.

To Daniel Kelly Copeland I wish his gonads would wither and die while he rots away in prison.

To Amanda Arellano I wish a lifetime of pain and betrayal. She as a mother owed her daughters her love and protection and instead she violated their trust in the worst possible way.

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5 Responses to Amanda Dianne Arellano & Daniel Kelly Copeland

  1. FlyingLeadChange says:

    “Yet again I am left to wonder how hellbeasts find each other.”

    It baffles me too, Cleo. The best I can come up with is that in a free society, people tend to gravitate towards those of the same moral standards as themselves. While a creep would seem “off” to most normal people, a fellow scumbag would pick up on their vibe and go with it.

    Kind of annoying, I know.

    On another note, I wonder why we don’t have the death penalty for these sorts of folks. Like really, can you find a more worthy candidate?

  2. MoodyMagic says:

    These 2 very foul creatures need to burn in hell . I hope each of them suffers greatly in prison as child molesters. (Rape and Torture sounds like a good start) As for the poor victims I wish nothing but good things for them. Peace and Happiness.

  3. BENGALPUSS says:

    I think daniel copelands father is an amazing guy, instead of loyalty to his son, he put those two girls pain and suffering first knowing that informing the police would send his son to prison for a long time, i have to praise him for doing the right thing. As for the mother of those girls and i use the term mother loosely, she should be sentenced to death for what she did to her own children, and the judge was right when he called her the “vilest bitch”, i hope those two girls are not too badly traumatised and are given all the love and anything else they need to help them on their road to normality, poor little loves. Gawd i hate nonces.

    • Agrippina The Elder says:

      I concur everything you stated. Daniel Copeland’s father deserves much respect and praise for doing the right thing and saving these little girls despite knowing that it would cause his own son to go to prison. You know it can be easy for him to know that his report to the police started the motion of events rolling to send his son to prison. I can’t begin to even fathom one of my children telling me that they had done something so vile and sick to a small child…, Daniel Copeland’s father is truly a hero for saving those little girls. Thank goodness he did the right thing because he probably prevented many other children from being victimized by this pair of sickos.

      My heart aches for the loss of innocence and betrayal of trust that they two young girls endured at the hands of the one person who should have done everything within her power to protect them – their very own mother! This female thing doesn’t deserve the honor of being referred to as their mother. People like this sicko are just breeders who have children for their own sick pleasures and then they treat these children as if they are their own possessions/property instead of treating them as human beings. My thoughts and prayers are with these two young girls. May they be surrounded by love in a positive and nurturing environment where they are being told that they did nothing wrong, they didn’t do anything to cause their mother to be imprisoned, and none of the things that have transpired was their fault in any way. I hope happiness, safety, and security will surround them from this day forward.

      As for Daniel Copeland and Amanda Arellano, I hope you two rot away slowly and painfully at the hands of other inmates who seek to make you pay daily with their twisted sense of humors! As prisoners say in their convict lingo, “You ain’t got nothing coming!” Normal prisoners usually don’t have anything coming, but the inmate welcoming committee will definitely be making an exception in each of your cases and they will make sure that you both receive a daily dose of humiliation and ridicule and mental torture. Smile and welcome to prison! You both deserve the hell you are each about to endure!

      • bengalpuss says:

        I was abused and in some ways i’m a basket case, i really feel for those kids, that’s what probably makes me angry when i read these articles and i let loose at the scumbags, its like therapy for me, seriously.

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