Amanda Catherine Hein

Amanda Hein
Crime: Murder

I bet Amanda Catherine Hein of Allentown, Pennsylvania, wishes she were Canadian. If she were Canadian, she’d be serving just a couple of years in prison instead of the rest of her life. Why’s that? Because Amanda Hein delivered a live baby boy and killed him. In Canada, she would likely have faced the pathetic charge of infanticide. In Pennsylvania she was charged with murder. I am so glad she’s not Canadian.

On August 18, 2013, Amanda Hein, 26, joined her male friends at Starters Pub, in Lower Saucon Township, for an evening of fun, drinking and watching a pay-per-view wrestling match. In the wee hours of August 19 she excused herself to go to the bathroom. She told her pals she had some back pain.

I gotta admit, Amanda Hein is built tough. She was only gone for 40 minutes. In that 40 minutes, in the women’s washroom, she’d noiselessly given birth to a tiny baby, separated the umbilical cord, placed the baby in a plastic bag she found in the stall, and then placed the bundle inside the toilet tank. She then tidied up the stall.

The helpless newborn baby boy smothered to death, never knowing a mother’s love.

The only things that Amanda Hein didn’t manage to do in that whole 40 minutes were to respond to concerned texts from her friends and to call for help for her baby.

Amanda HeinBut then Amanda Hein didn’t want help for her baby. She could have chosen to place the tiny newborn on the floor or in the sink to be discovered and rescued. Instead she had hidden him away in a manner that would ensure he died.

It’s worth noting that Pennsylvania allows parents to hand unwanted babies over to any hospital anonymously. If Amanda Hein didn’t want the responsibility of having a baby (and she obviously didn’t), she could have chosen this option that would have allowed her son to have a life.

After disposing of her inconvenient baby, Amanda Hein returned to the bar with blood stains on her clothing. She refused to tell her friends what had happened and why she was bleeding. She then grabbed her purse and went outside to have a smoke.

After watching the last hour of the wrestling match and refusing a ride to the hospital, Amanda Hein returned to the Allentown home she shared with her stepmother and father.

The next day the cleaning crew of Starters Pub discovered the toilet wouldn’t flush.

Scene of murder“One of my guys was trying to flush toilets to clean inside. They were having problems, so he lifted the tank up and inside the tank was a fetus,” said the owner of Starters Pub.

I can’t imagine what it was like to make that grisly discovery. How awful for the cleaning crew.

The police were called immediately. Lower Saucon Township officer James Connell responded. In the sports bar a trail of blood could be seen leading from the restroom out to the parking lot and back to the booth where the killer had been sitting. Apparently Amanda Hein bled a fair amount in the booth. The cleaning crew had already cleaned up most of the mess but not all of it.

Using the reservation list, Officer Connell was able to identify Amanda Hein as the only woman seated in the booth. On August 20 he paid her a visit at her home.

Before Officer Connell could explain the purpose of his visit, Amanda Hein requested they speak elsewhere. I guess she didn’t want her family to overhear. And so the interview took place at the township police station.

crime sceneAmanda Hein didn’t leave anything out. She told Officer Connell and Northampton County Coroner Zachary Lysek that she’d hidden her pregnancy from friends and family. She told them about giving birth in the stall, ripping the umbilical cord and placing the baby in the bag.

“She couldn’t give a reason why she did it,” said Officer Connell. “She said she was scared.”

Zachary Lysek asked the murderous mother why she didn’t place the baby on the sink or the trash can and then call police. Good question.

“She would not answer that question,” said Mr. Lysek. “She explained that the child was still and then she cried out, ‘He was alive!'”

Yup, Amanda Hein told them the baby was alive when she placed him in the bag. And then it seems she fell to pieces. She wound up screaming and crying during the remainder of the interview.

Because Amanda Hein was still bleeding, she was sent to St. Luke’s University Hospital. She checked herself in for mental health treatment while she was there.

On August 26, 2013, Amanda the baby killer Hein was charged with murder.

I’m sure friends and family were shocked. They’d had no idea she was even pregnant. Amanda Hein’s mother said, “I’m her mother and the thing that breaks my heart is she didn’t come to me. She didn’t ask for help.”

Amanda Hein’s stepmother had once talked with her about getting pregnant. “I told her she always had a home here… We would make room. Would find a way.”

It doesn’t sound like a scary situation to me. In fact, it sounds kind of supportive.

Since Pennsylvania is a death penalty state, Amanda Hein agreed to plead guilty to murder to ensure she wouldn’t be facing capital-murder charges. She still had to go to trial for a jury to decide if she was guilty of 1st-degree or 3rd-degree murder.

Amanda HeinAmanda Hein’s version of events changed on the stands. She told the jury that she didn’t know she was in labor when she went into the bathroom. She thought she was only 3 months pregnant and didn’t realize until she saw the baby’s head that she was giving birth.

Amanda Hein testified that she thought her baby was dead. He made no sounds, didn’t move and didn’t appear to be breathing, she said.

“I was completely in shock and panicking and I didn’t have any conscious thought process,” she testified. She said she didn’t learn the baby was alive until she was later questioned by police. She admitted she “reacted in a poor way” after giving birth.

The defense produced doctors who opined that the baby wasn’t healthy. He was a few weeks premature and weighed only 3 pounds 12 1/2 ounces.

“This was a baby that had numerous strikes against it,” said Dr. Albert Sarno Jr.

The biggest strike that baby had was having a heartless mother who did nothing to save him and everything to kill him.

That tiny, unwanted, premature infant officially died of suffocation, with cold-water exposure and a lack of medical care contributing.

For all Amanda Hein blubbered that she thought the baby was dead, it didn’t change the fact she told Officer Connell and Northampton County Coroner Lysek that her baby was alive.

Amanda Hein’s testimony also didn’t change the fact that she knew she was pregnant and chose to hide it from her family. It didn’t change the fact doctors told her to discontinue indulging in alcohol, cigarettes and marijuana for the baby’s sake, but she didn’t.

In April 2014 a Northampton County jury deliberated for 3 hours before finding Amanda Hein guilty of 1st-degree murder. The baby killer will spend the rest of her life in prison without the chance of parole.

RIP nameless baby boy. May you rest in the arms of angels.

I wish a long life full of regret for Amanda Catherine Hein. She deprived herself of a future when she deprived her baby of his life. Judging from her before and after pictures, the former party girl is not happy and thriving in prison.

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Photo courtesy of Northampton County Prison

11 Responses to Amanda Catherine Hein

  1. moodymagic says:

    Well Hein’s is were she deserves to be. I hope she suffers each and every day with the memory of the night she killed her son. burn in hell.

  2. 2cute says:

    Canada’s gotta fix that infanticide crap. Murder is murder and motherhood is not a mental illness. That said, I’m glad this baby killing bitch is behind bars for life.

    • Scrappy says:

      Here here. If you can’t be trusted with the life of a baby you need to be permanently institutionalized.

      I love Canada and Canadians but they are way too soft on crime against children…

  3. awesomeblossom says:

    Doesn’t look like prison agrees with Amanda Hein. Good.

  4. cleo says:

    Just a heads-up that I probably won’t have a new article until Friday. We had a fire very, very close to our house and that has prompted me to undertake scanning and uploading all my family photos. There are so many and they go back several generations! I strongly recommend everyone do the same if they can — that way photos can be shared with family and friends, and an unexpected disaster won’t be able to wipe them out of existence.

  5. Aletheia says:

    I don’t get the infanticide thing. I understand that some mothers experience postpartum psychosis and may become violent, but when when a person is sufficiently broken from reality that she doesn’t understand the nature of her actions, she isn’t guilty of a crime. If she knows what she’s doing and that it’s wrong, it’s murder. Period. No matter how wacky your hormones yet, you always have the option of not committing murder.

    I wish someone would give this little guy a name. He deserves that much.

  6. zuluzombie says:

    Fugly bitch won’t be breeding any more. But to be sure she should have her girly parts sewn shut with a rusty needle and twine.

    • BENGALPUSS says:

      zuluzombie, i like the way you think, definitely a rusty needle and twine, don’t forget to be done without anaesthetic, now at least the bitch will feel a bit of what that poor baby went through, evil pig she is.

  7. Supermom says:

    What a horrible way to die, stuffed into a toilet tank & suffocated to death. I agree, this bitch needs a taste of her own medicine. It’s just not right; she gets to live her life with 3 hots & a cot while her nameless baby lies under the ground. Some really happy couple could have given this baby a good home! It’s just a shame. RIP sweet soul.

  8. Agrippina The Elder says:

    STUFFED THE BABY IN THE TOILET TANK??? (Yes, I know that I’m yelling!) This devil spawn deserves to be stuffed into a sewage tank while she’s still alive and choke to death on raw sewage, piss, and shit!! It’s also good to know that she is having a hard time in the slammer….yet, it isn’t enough. As 2cute said above, she deserves a dose of her own medicine and more!

  9. Star lord says:

    Poor girl is mentally ill. Yes I am Canadian. I feel sorry. For the baby, her family and Amanda.

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