Alyssia Skinner

Alyssia Skinner
Crimes: Child Abuse

So guess what happens when you take a perfectly healthy baby girl and shake her repeatedly, stop feeding her for a long period of time, keep her in a freezing room, and leave her lying in her own bodily waste. Alyssia Skinner of Hernando, Citrus County, Florida, found out for herself. The answer: you wind up with a badly and permanently damaged baby. Big freaking surprise.

Alyssia Skinner, 22, had consciously made the decision to neglect, starve and torture her baby girl, Isabella Marie. She allegedly told investigators that she’d abused Isabella because she resembled her father and his family. The bitch!

I don’t know why Alyssia Skinner hated her ex so much. Maybe he cheated on her, maybe he dumped her. Regardless, Alyssia Skinner decided his baby was going to suffer for her daddy’s sins.

I don’t even understand why this vile POS had the baby in the first place. She could have aborted the baby, given her up for adoption or handed her to the baby daddy’s family. But no, giving Isabella to her ex and his family would have made them happy, and the last thing Alyssia Skinner wanted was to make them happy. She wanted them to suffer — all of them including Isabella.

So instead of being a decent mother or even a decent human being, Alyssia Skinner chose to put her baby girl through hell. That makes her an evil hellbeast in my book.

Alyssia Skinner spent weeks carrying out her revenge on her helpless little girl. I have no doubt she would have carried her revenge to the extreme — until Isabella died.

Mercifully, deputies went to Alyssia Skinner’s home in February 2013 to conduct a welfare check on 17-month-old Isabella. The hellbitch right away denied being Alyssia Skinner. She denied having a child. She then locked the door to keep the deputies out.

Alyssia Skinner houseThat was a dumb move. The deputies saw through the windows that Alyssia Skinner went into a back room and brought out a tiny little girl. They saw her cleaning her up and trying to feed her before she finally opened the front door.

I can’t imagine how the deputies felt when they saw poor little Isabella. She was extremely cold to the touch and looked terribly malnourished. She was only 14 pounds. She had horrible rashes on her legs, and injuries to her face and head.

The deputies called for EMS right away and little Isabella was rushed to the Citrus Memorial Hospital.

Deputies checked out the dimly lit back bedroom and found it extremely cold from the air conditioning. The room was cluttered and filthy. Soiled diapers were scattered throughout the room, and the carpet was urine soaked and covered with feces. Baby bottles lay on the floor with maggots crawling inside of them. Disgusting!

At the hospital, Isabella’s head was scanned and subdural hemorrhaging was detected. She’d been repeatedly and badly shaken enough to cause bleeding on her brain.


Isabella Marie Skinner

And that was just the start of her medical issues. Little Isabella was suffering from chronic hypothermia, to the point where she’d almost frozen to death. Outside that hellhole of a house, Florida was enjoying temperatures in the high 70s. Thanks to the air conditioning being set on high, the poor little girl was fighting for her life.

And thanks to the air conditioning, Isabella’s legs couldn’t be straightened. That poor baby had curled up into a fetal position in an attempt to keep warm. She’d been in that position so long that her muscles and tendons were severely damaged. Even when doctors sedated Isabella they couldn’t straighten out her legs.

Isabella was also severely malnourished. She’d been without food for so long that she suffered re-feeding syndrome where the body reacts badly to food. She’d been without food for so long that she suffered muscle and brain atrophy. That poor little girl will likely have long-term developmental damage from the starvation.

From lying in her own waste Isabella’s little bottom and thighs were completely raw. The skin had wasted away. I don’t want to picture that.

Due to the seriousness of little Isabella’s condition, she was transferred to All Children’s Hospital. And her hellbitch mother Alyssia Skinner was arrested. She was in a whole shitload of trouble.

I cannot imagine the anguish that Isabella’s father and his family felt when they learned she was clinging to life in hospital. They were finally able to meet the baby, and she was so badly damaged. According to doctors, Isabella was likely to face a life of physical and mental disabilities.

Alyssia SkinnerAlyssia Skinner was charged with child neglect, child neglect causing great bodily harm, aggravated child abuse causing great bodily harm, and aggravated child abuse/torture/punish/cage child.

A year after little Isabella was rescued, Alyssia Skinner was found guilty of child abuse. At her sentencing on March 3, 2014, Judge Richard Howard sentenced the hellbitch to 17 years in prison.

I truly hope that little Isabella is recovering well and is now in a safe, happy, loving environment. After such a horrible start to life she deserves as much kindness and joy as possible.

I don’t wish kindness and joy on Alyssia Skinner. I hope she finds her years of incarceration hard to deal with. She’s only 23 now, and if she serves her entire sentence she’ll be released at age 40. I truly hope she never has another child. She’d been blessed with a beautiful little girl and almost destroyed her because of hate and revenge. She doesn’t deserve another chance at motherhood.

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19 Responses to Alyssia Skinner

  1. moodymagic says:

    This poor baby girl. She’s is going to have to grow up knowing her mother is a sick disgusting hellbeast that almost killed her. Her sick disgusting mother deserves nothing but pain and torture. Burn in hell Skinner.

  2. Datsun says:

    Get well Isabella what a horrible thing to do to a helpless child.

  3. Stacey says:

    I hope some woman in prison that desperatly misses her children beats the fukin shit literally right out of this twat. I can’t take this shit. I can’t have a baby but scum like this gets to reproduce??? Life isn’t fair……ain;t that the fuckin truth.

  4. BENGALPUSS says:

    stacey, i couldn’t agree with you more, cunts like this bitch have children, and don’t want them, yet someone like yourself would give their right arm just to be able to have your own child to love, it must be sickening to read stories like this. I too hope she gets her arse whooped, daily.

  5. Scrappy says:

    Beyond the crazy, if you look at that sweet baby’s face…she actually resembles an angelic vision of the hellbeast mama. I hope that sentence sticks and appeal doesn’t diminish it. She needs to suffer long and hard

  6. Trickster says:

    Let me preface this with, I am not condoning Alyssia’s actions in anyway. Alyssia was physically, emotionally and mentally from the age of 2 when her parents divorced. Her mother had man after man move in and out of the house. She was forced to call everyone of them Daddy although she had weekend visitation with her father. At the age of 3, she was molested by a person her mother left in her care. At age 7 her mother lied and convinced a judge to pull her away from her father and all her family and moved to FL. At age 8, her older sister, who took most of the physical abuse was rescued by her mothers sisters. Now all the anger was directed at Alyssia. At age 9 her mother put a gun to her head and threatened to kill her because she didn’t clean the house to her satisfaction. Her father and his wife rescued her after a year long custody battle and she moved to NJ where she attempted to rebuild her life. She was diagnosed bi-polar and ADHD. When on her meds, she florished. She was raped by her mothers neighbor when she was 12 during a summer visitation. When she was 13, her and her family moved to NC. She was popular at school and was finally feeling normal. When she was 14, her father became addicted to cocaine. The stepmother always did things with Alyssia and her brother who was 7 years younger. After living with her father and stepmother for 5 years and knowing her stepmother for 12, her father had been abusing drugs and alcohol in addition to having an affair. Her stepmom asked him to leave. He kept her away from her stepmom from that point on. Now the abuse began anew by her father this time. He had her put into a mental hospital and left her there. At age 16 1/2, her equally abusive mother picked her up, took her back to Fl and did not allow her to go to school.. When she was 19, her mother threw her out after her stepfather started making advances. She went from friends house to friends house trying to find her way. She then met a guy whom she moved in with. He also abused her. This is how life always was for her, so she stayed. She then met the father of her child. She was so happy when she found out she was pregnant. The day she told him, he told her he had a new girlfriend and she needed to get out of his house, denying paternity. She was crushed. She moved back in with old boyfriend who was now just her friend. She was getting better again. She loved her baby and talked of her all the time. In June of 2013, she took the father to court for support. He tormented her by standing in front of her house calling her every horrible thing he could think of. In Dec 2013, he began the process of terminating his rights. This crushed Alyssia and she sank into a depression. Off her meds due to lack of money, she could not possibly have been thinking clearly. Once arrested, they locked her in a room and badgered her for hours telling her the judge would be lenient if she signed over her rights. She didn’t want to but eventually couldn’t take it anymore. She has always cowered when in a bad situation, so when she went to trial it appeared she didn’t care. She did, does and always will.
    The so called grandparents also tormented her and wanted nothing to do with her. They changed their tune when it hit the news. They repeatedly stalled adopting Isabella, because they didn’t want her. Hate to tell her, Isabella exactly like Alyssia as a baby. She didn’t hate the way Isabella looked. She went into complete depression mode and no one knew. She deserves to serve time, but in a place where she can get the help she so desperately needs, not a state prison and certainly not 17 years. Knowing the facts can change the way you see a situation.

    • Tiger says:

      None of the facts of Allyssias terrible childhood mitigate the fact that she inflicted such suffering and damage to her own child. Even an animal doesn’t treat their offspring like this. What I want to know is why the FRICKIN boyfriend, who spent 24-48 hours in the home every few days thought it was okay that he never saw or heard that baby. He is just as guilty of sin by omission. He just wanted a compliant female for sex. Why was he not charged with complicity to harm?

    • gramma2six says:

      This entire list of crap doesn’t change the fact that this person is a sick pig. Hopefully life behind bars is as bad, or worse, as we’ve heard. We can dream can’t we?

    • Johnnie S says:

      I also was abused as a child with 3 men at 3 different times , I have NEVER in my life harmed a child the way I was harmed..what this mom did is disgusting and she should be punished by jail time for the rest of her life!

      • madmaggie78 says:

        I agree with Johnnie S. Although my childhood wasnt as horrific as Alyssia’s, I too was sexually abused numerous times as a child, and suffer from major depression and panic disorder. Thats EXACTLY why I am overprotective of them. Because I would give my life in a heartbeat if it meant that they never had to be hurt the way I had. There is no excuse for this shit!! There are people out there that would love to take care of and love a baby as beautiful as this little girl. Why couldn’t she have given up her rights?? Oh yeah, because she is a selfish piece of shit hellbeast that deserves to rot.. Lets fill her jail cell with maggots, feces, urine and spoiled food. I’m just thankful she was discovered in time. God bless Isabella!

    • diekatze says:

      You use a lot of words to write absolutely nothing.

      Which family member are you? I’m guessing you’re the older sister.

    • AlabamDeb says:

      Nope, sorry. Knowing these “facts” just reiterates that she should KNOW better – firsthand! She KNOWS how it feels to be abused and knows the terror, the dread, the horror of it and yet she still CHOSE to become the abuser. Nope, she gets no sympathy from me. I truly hope she rots in hell.

    • Pamela George says:

      Tough shit…boo-hoo! There’s free mental health facilities, free medications,free everything, ever heard of welfare? If you knew they needed help, why didn’t YOU help them, call police, child welfare services? This broad needs life in prison! God bless Isabella*******

      • Pamela George says:

        Tough shit…boo-hoo! There’s free mental health facilities, free medications,free everything, ever heard of welfare? If you knew they needed help, why didn’t YOU help them, call police, child welfare services? This broad needs life in prison! God bless Isabella*******

    • Annoyed says:

      And how do you know all this? Sounds like total vs to me.

  7. Jody B says:

    I hope this fat disgusting bitch dies and burns in Hell for eternity. I dont think God takes too kindly to those who abuse His blessings.

  8. angelface says:

    I may have had a shitty childhood. But as a mother of.two girls and.pregnant.with a.son i could never hurt or allow my child to be hurt. My ex tried to keep me from my youngest daughter cuz he knew i would never.leave one of my babies behind. I admit i punched him in the face for that. But good god if u child dont have one.

  9. Bengalpuss says:

    Boo fucking inm my childhood was shit in fact most of my life has been shit, i don’t abuse kids to the point of near death so i don’t give a flying fuck what life she’s had, she’s a hellbeast and a monster. She knew exactly what she was doing hence why deny who she was to the law, and trying to clean the baby and feed her while the cops were outside? No i don’t buy your sob story.

  10. Bengalpuss says:

    Meant to say “boo fucking hoo” dann predictable text.

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