Alyssa Dailene Bustamante

Alyssa Bustamante
Crime: Murder

Elizabeth Kay Olten of Jefferson City, Missouri, was a 4th grade student at Pioneer Trails Elementary School. She loved horses, baking cookies and doing puzzles with her mom. She enjoyed dressing up her pets. Her favourite music was by Miley Cyrus and Taylor Swift. She sounds like she was a delightful girl who would have grown into a delightful woman if she’d had the chance. But that chance was taken away from her on October 21, 2009. Elizabeth Kay Olten was murdered at the age of 9 by her 15-year-old neighbour, Alyssa Bustamante.

It’s shocking and inconceivable to me that anyone would want to murder a sweet little girl like Elizabeth Olten. It’s even more shocking and inconceivable to me that she was murdered because she was deemed by her killer to be convenient and expendable.

Alyssa Dailene Bustamante killed because she wanted to kill. She fantasized killing, she talked about killing, she wrote about killing, and she made plans to kill. Needless to say, Alyssa Bustamante was not a normal teenager.

Truth be told, Alyssa Bustamante was a very disturbed individual. Her family history was certainly not ideal — rife with drug abuse, crime, abandonment and mental disorders. When she was 13, Alyssa Bustamante attempted suicide by an overdose of painkillers. She was depressed and even after she was given Prozac she took to cutting herself.

Alyssa Bustamante received inpatient and outpatient mental health treatment, but that didn’t stop her from sneaking out at night and lying to her grandparents about her activities.

Alyssa BustamanteMental health professionals have determined that Alyssa Bustamante displays the features of a borderline personality disorder. I don’t find that diagnosis surprising one little bit. That diagnosis does not mean she doesn’t know right from wrong. It does not mean she’s insane.

Alyssa Bustamante was full of anger and rage. She began to turn her pain outward and even targeted her 2 younger brothers, as evidenced by a video she took of herself convincing the boys to touch an electrified fence. She thought it was hilarious when they dropped to the ground in pain.

The teenager’s rage seemed to reach a crescendo in October 2009. She just had to kill someone. She wrote in her journal, “when I explode someone’s going to die.”

The teenager was deadly serious. She told a friend that she wondered what it would feel like to murder someone, and the friend thought she was joking. Alas, she wasn’t.

Alyssa Bustamante spent a Friday off of school digging 2 holes she planned to use to bury bodies. The fact there were 2 holes makes me suspect her brothers were the intended occupants.

Instead of her brothers, young, trusting Elizabeth Olten became the target. A week after she’d dug the holes, Alyssa Bustamante lured the young girl to her house with an invitation to play with her sister. She told Elizabeth that she had a surprise for her in the nearby woods. Elizabeth trusted her and went along to see the surprise. The pair walked half a mile from the Bustamante house.

Once in the woods, Alyssa Bustamante revealed her real surprise — she strangled Elizabeth, slashed her throat and stabbed her. She then hid the body in one of the previously dug holes and covered it well.

Alyssa Bustamante was thrilled by the entire experience. She went home and wrote in her journal, “I just f**king killed someone. I strangled them and slit their throat and stabbed them now they’re dead. I don’t know how to feel atm [at the moment]. It was ahmazing. As soon as you get over the “ohmygawd I can’t do this” feeling, it’s pretty enjoyable. I’m kinda nervous and shaky though right now. Kay, I gotta go to church now… lol.”

Holy shitballs, Batman. Alyssa Bustamante really got a kick out of viciously, violently murdering an innocent little girl. She’d even posted on her YouTube account that her hobbies included “killing people”.

Elizabeth Olten

Elizabeth Olten

Elizabeth Olten’s mother, Patty Preiss, had expected her daughter to show up for supper at 6:00 pm. I cannot imagine her utter panic as the hours passed and still no sign of Elizabeth.

For the next 2 days, hundreds of volunteers turned out to search for the missing girl. Police and FBI looked all over, including the area where the body was concealed. They had pinged Elizabeth’s cell phone and knew she was close by, but Alyssa Bustamante had done too thorough a job at burying her victim under leaves.

After a couple of days of frantic searching, the police received an anonymous letter that suggested Alyssa Bustamante was responsible. I can only speculate that the letter was written by the killer herself, or someone she confided in.

FBI and the Missouri State Highway Patrol officials paid the monstrous teenaged thrill killer a visit. They discovered the unoccupied grave she’d dug near her home, but Alyssa Bustamante told them she just liked to dig holes. She also suggested to them that Elizabeth Olten had been kidnapped.

It didn’t take long before Alyssa Bustamante caved under questioning and led authorities to the grave. The little girl’s body was recovered and the murderer was taken to a Cold County juvenile detention facility.

Elizabeth Olten, much loved and greatly mourned, was given a funeral she would have greatly appreciated, complete with her favourite songs, a pink casket and a horse-drawn antique carriage. But all those thoughtful touches couldn’t ease the pain her family and friends were feeling. Little Elizabeth wasn’t alive to enjoy any of it.

Meantime, murderous Alyssa Bustamante wasn’t exactly being showered with love. I think she inspired feelings of horror and revulsion instead. She had told Missouri State Highway Patrol Sgt David Rice that she’d killed Elizabeth because “she wanted to know what it felt like” to kill someone.

It was, in her own words, “ahmazing”.

Alyssa Bustamante was charged with 1st-degree murder. She appeared in court on November 17, 2009, where the judge decided she would be tried as an adult. If found guilty of 1st-degree murder, she would have been sentenced to life without parole.

Shortly before her 2012 trial, the cold-blooded killer wisely pled guilty to 2nd-degree murder and armed criminal action.

Besides her mother and grandmother pleading for leniency, the defense presented a theory that Prozac could have been a “major contributing factor” in the murder. The prosecution psychiatrist put paid to that argument.

Alyssa Bustamante spoke on her own behalf. “I know words can never be enough and they can never adequately describe how horribly I feel for all of this. If I could give my life to get her back I would. I’m sorry.”

I don’t think her words meant anything to Elizabeth Olten’s family.

The victim’s mother, Patty Preiss, was allowed to speak to the court, and she certainly spoke her mind. “I hate her, I hate everything about her,” the grieving woman had said about the heartless killer.

Alyssa Bustamante was sentenced to life in prison with the chance of parole, plus 30 years. In Missouri justice, she must serve at least 35 years 5 months before she would become eligible for parole.

Considering that the teenaged killer had a second grave ready and waiting, and considering she’d written in her journal about burning down a house and killing all the occupants, I think it’s a good thing she got the sentence she did. She is damn scary!

Alyssa Bustamante, on the other hand, wasn’t pleased with her sentence. She appealed to have her guilty plea set aside. In March 2014 Cole County Circuit Judge Pat Joyce denied the killer a new trial, and ruled that the evidence against her was “both strong and aggravating”.

Cole County Prosecutor Mark Richardson was pleased with the judge’s decision.

“Just because that sentencing hearing went badly for her in terms of more years than maybe she expected, that’s not a reason for a judge to allow a defendant to withdraw their plea,” Mark Richardson stated.

I don’t know if Alyssa Bustamante will ever be released from prison. I hope not. If she does eventually get out, I certainly hope she’ll have grown a heart, a soul, a conscience by then. Or at the very least she’ll have developed an absolute fear of returning to prison so she’d never consider harming anyone again.

RIP Elizabeth Olten. And sincerest condolences to those who mourn her loss.

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30 Responses to Alyssa Dailene Bustamante

  1. moodymagic says:

    This is a terrible heart breaking crime. Poor Elizabeth. It is terrible that know one realized how sick and disturbed Bustamante really was. I truly hope she never ever gets out.

  2. Aletheia says:

    This woman is pure evil. I don’t blame her defense attorneys for doing their job – everyone is entitled to a vigorous defense. That’s fair. What pisses me off is that her defense team was willing to throw truly mentally ill people under the bus for a defense that doesn’t even make sense. Most people who take Prozac or similar drugs are fine, upstanding citizens – but how many people hear a story like this and assume that anyone taking Prozac must be dangerous? How many people could benefit from taking these drugs but won’t consider it because they worry what it might do to them? It is true that in a few extremely rare cases, drugs like Prozac may trigger dangerous psychological states, in which violence is possible, but in all of these cases, there was a sudden, marked change in a person’s behavior immediately after starting the medication, and the violence was a result of psychosis or uncontrollable, uncharacteristic rage. Medication doesn’t make people commit murder for fun, period.

    Patty Preiss should be sighing and shaking her head at Elizabeth’s teenage hijinks right now, not weeping over her grave. I only wish Alyssa Bustamante could experience even a taste of the hell she made of that poor woman’s life, but I don’t think that’s possible, as that sort of pain requires a capacity to love. I guess I’ll have to settle for hoping she gets a taste of Elizabeth’s hell with some other inmate’s hands around her neck.

  3. Jessice11 says:

    What a sad outcome for both families. I’m glad Allyssa is in jail. She certainly deserved that sentence. As for that sob line “If I could give my life to have her back, I would”, no you wouldn’t. If you can be so cold and dead to murder a child, anyone for that matter, you would be equally selfish. It’s sad to see two young people lose their lives. Elizabeth sounds like a beautiful cheery child, I hope her family can somehow put their lives back together. R.I.P x

  4. bulldoggy says:

    I read about this when the victim was first found and had a bit of trouble believing a teenager would be a thrill killer. She’s one scary little bitch and I really hope she never, ever, ever gets out. At least if and when she does get out she’ll be too old to breed.

  5. Jamaica says:

    I’ve heard of this. That poor, poor little girl was killed by Alyssa Bustamante. The worst thing about this crime is that Alyssa had ultimately no excuse. Sure she grew up rather rough, but still, she didn’t really have that bad a life. She had a mother that was on drugs or an alcoholic, a father that didn’t help, but she had a loving grandmother willing to do anything for her, Elizabeth was an innocent little girl who hasn’t done anything to anybody, and she was nice to Alyssa. And she killed her. And she did it for ultimately no discernible reason other than she was just aroused at the sight of someone dying. Killing for the thrill. She should stay in jail for the rest of her life, so that she doesn’t endanger someone else’s life, especially a child’s.

  6. Better Living Through Nihilism says:

    She’s kinda hot. She should have just gotten her little cunt stretched out. That’d have calmed her down.

    • BENGALPUSS says:

      @BETTER LIVING THOUGH NIHILISM, you talk about making a 15year old vagina bigger to stop her from being a murderer, are you a nonce? or just a disgusting troll? i hope the web master off this site forwards your i.p address to the appropriate authorities you sick mother fucker.

      • cleo says:

        Bengalpuss, I hadn’t spotted this asshole commenter until you pointed him out. And yes, I have reported molesters to police before and I will again. I’ve got his IP address to hand over to them. I wonder if they’ll send the same officer this time. The last one was very nice.

      • DecentPeopleOnly says:

        Indeed I Agree Bengalpuss

        The Non Philosophy of Nihilism is Evil

  7. BENGALPUSS says:

    And your fucking disgusting, dread to think of any children around you with thoughts like that, sick fuck.

  8. BENGALPUSS says:

    @BETTER LIVING THROUGH NIHILISM, so you are actually a child molester then? you think that screwing a 15year old girl will make her not commit heinous acts? you need to be locked up whoever you are, and i hope the web master of this site gives your i.p address to the authorities, you sick nonce fuck. DROP DEAD.

  9. Mike says:

    There are a lot of inacuracies and lies spread by the media during thoe whole ordeal. 1) Alyssa’s first suicide attempts started 2 years earlier when she was 11yo. The media mentioned 13yo because that was the only time the attempt almost worked!

    2) The whole friend thing saying she wanted to know what it felt like to kill someone isn’t true either. I have been in touch with 2 of Alyssa’s friend and both told me the exact same thing eventhough they didnt know each other. The rumor started when Jennifer started doing interviews on morning shows telling the interviewer ; ‘Alyssa pull me away at her bday party and told me ‘she wanted to know….”. Both friends told me that Jennifer and Alyssa never been alone together during the party and that Jennifer was sitting on the couch during the whole party which had jam-packed! Both friends also said that Jennifer loved Alyssa but Alyssa wasnt feeling the same way toward Jennifer.

    From her best friend; Alyssa never ever talk about death, killing etc… This comes from the media once again because she listed her hobbies as ‘killing ppl’ and cutting on youtube. Cry me a river, I know ppl who wrote more sadistic things on their facebook, youtube, etc… so this little thing went out of proportion if I can say so!

    The ‘when I explode someone’s going to die.’ is true but the whole citation is about her cellphone battery which died which in return her unable to talk with friends about her mind states/depression ‘If I don’t talk about it, I bottle it up, and when I explode someone’s going to die”!

    Alyssa has been on prozac (supposedly ppl younger than 18 cant take this drug but yet was given to a 13yo) for a little more than 2 years. The month before the incident Alyssa had been extremely depressed, eventhough she was taking her prozac, then 2 weeks before the incident, her dosage went from 20mg to 40mg. It was during that relapse that Alyssa sneaked out twice at night to go sleep in the woods behind her house.

    One of the 2 graves was only an attempt as there were too many rocks and roots to dug through.

    The full comment that said it was ahmazing etc was found through forensic because the page was totally blurred/blacked out and the rumor of the LE/FBI receiving a letter is that just a rumor. Police searched the house since EO was present in it and it is during that search that polices discovers the diary under the mattress of her bed!

    EO wasnt lured to go to Alyssa’s house! In some interview EO’s mom said that Elizabeth wanted to go play with Alyssa’s sister which she was doing quite often!

    Ppl can’t really say that EO was a little 9yo because on the FBI poster distributed during the search it mentioned that Elizabeth was in fact 5’2” and weight 108pounds while Alyssa is presenly as I type this Alyssa at 21yo is 5’5” and 117 pounds so let say at 15yo she probably was 5’3” 1/2-5’4”. So not really a big difference in size so we cant really say EO was a poor little girl unless ppl meant young girl!

    There has been speculation as well that Alyssa didnt do it but participated in it! The bf, who Alyssa met 2 weeks previously and was totally in love with, had been interrogated a couple of time by the FBI and even failed a polygraph test and moved to Arizona the same day Alyssa was arrested. A lot of Alyssa’s friend and his think he might have had something to do in this as although the FBI and LE searched the whole area of the crime scene as well as Alyssa’s house, they never found EO blood on any of Alyssa’s clothing or items nor did they find a murder weapon so did it simply disappeared in thin air.

    Also, the time span for the murder was only 45min as EO was on her way home at 6:15pm and polices and searchers arrived at 7pm giving just 45min. From the coroner report EO was strangled until unconsciousness the problem I’m having with Alyssa doing this is that I think serial killer Joel Riftkin who is 6’ or more strangled smaller women back in the 80s and he said that strangling someone isnt like on tv and it is way harder than what it looks like and it took him around 15-20min per woman so with that being said and the size ratio between EO and Alyssa I think it would have taken Alyssa way more time doing so and also I’m sure there would have been a huge struggle between the 2. Plus add to the fact that the body was so well hidden that searchers and policemen walked right by it and never notice it which means it was very well hidden and Alyssa had to walk back home etc… so her alone couldnt do it in 45min I think!

    An officer I wrote to told me about seizing 2 shovels but then he never mentioned it after but if true then why 2 shovels??

    I think there is more than meet the eyes in this case to be honest!

  10. Mike says:

    PS : Sorry for the many gramatical errors I clicked submit before verifying it all :(

    • TONY says:

      Also they say the police found 2 graves they say she digged 2 graves before the murder beacuse her 2 main victims were her 2 twin brothers but when elizabeth olten came in she changed it and the victim was elizabeth olten but idk

  11. dig it says:

    I always search deeply about news i heard ,
    i just find her youtube adress
    but there is somethings missing about story
    there might be 2 persons
    and i agree with everything what @MIKE said.
    Once she actually has cute face but i dont know personally her we didnt met.
    People always jokes about die,killing etc but it never happens
    Second Elizabeth was almost powerfull as her.
    Third media shows being in mental illnes
    like depression
    taking medicine is wrong
    its mostly why im suspicious about media
    media always shows story pitch black
    i want to see causes , why its always gray

  12. uW0tm8? says:

    Sure wouldn’t mind if she got offered to a pedophile network :)
    Well…15 is too old for them she’s not a child anymore…maybe a torture rape network?

    • Erica Zaragoa-Buschard says:


  13. Bengalpuss says:

    Mike what difference does it make if E.O was a sywet little girl or a badly behaved little girl? Because She was badly behaved its ok for her to be murdered? And your explanation regarding her diary entry “when i explode someones going to die” is bloody stupid, she’s talking about a phone battery dying? Are you serious? At the end of the day she murdered a nine year old girl brutally for shit’s and giggles. Bustamante is where she needs to be and thats locked up in jail to protect society.

  14. Tandarat says:

    Mike makes some good points. BENGALPUSS, I think he means she was ranting about the fact her battery was dead and she had no way to talk to people about her issues. While I agree that Prozac can do very weird stuff to children, including rages and increased suicide, I’m not sure about this. I had been incorrectly diagnosed as depressed and was prescribed an antidepressant (Serzone I think?), and within 12 hours I was a blubbering mess. I spent the night switching between rage and close to suicidal, paranoid, and basically just batshit crazy. It was scary and something I never want to repeat. I threw the pills away and gave the doctor who prescribed them a serious tongue lashing. But – I was 33 at the time. This girl was 15 and allegedly, according to Mike, had just had her meds doubled. Now, I’m not saying that what happened was ok, or that Alyssa should not be punished, BUT – we are talking a 15 year old (whose brain is far from being fully developed, and therefore suffers a lack of an ability to make proper decisions and control impulse),a sudden increase in meds known to cause psychosis in children, severe depression, frustration at not being able to release or control her emotions, and the perception that younger family members/loved ones, which very well may have mad her feel it was up to her to protect them. Can you see this as a recipe for tragedy? Alyssa is a very sick young woman who would be better off in a psychiatric hospital than a jail cell. Of course, if she truly does have bpd with homicidal ideation she needs to be locked up. There is no real cure for borderline personality disorder, and if you add any urge of harming others, that person will be a danger to others until the day they die.

    What Mike is talking about is the very reason I don’t like media discussing current, ongoing trials/cases. Misinformation, intentional or not, can send someone away who is innocent, or let the guilty (and possibly dangerous) walk free.

    Regardless, Elizabeth is never coming back. She lost her life in a senseless, horrific way. I can only hope the jury got it right and Alyssa needs to be in jail, not a psych ward. The case doesn’t need a second tragedy. Of course, if that is the case, I fear the day she she is released, as not one of us is safe the moment she sets foot on the outside.

    • Bengalpuss. says:

      Tandarat, I do agree that if she is mentally disturbed then she should be in a facility to be treated, but she should be in prison. We have to draw the line at some point otherwise we would be having a lot of teenagers murdering ppl and using the same excuse. I think that if that happens then their medical records need to be scrutinized to check out what’s going on, make sure that its not Bullshit.

  15. Sean says:

    Alyssa no doubt deserves her punishment, but it’s just very sad all round.
    The USA is the only country in the world that gives life sentences to child, she need to be rehabilitated in some capacity. Alyssa Grew up in a broken home, her dad was in prison most of her childhood, her mom abused drugs and alcohol and then abandoned Alyssa. Alyssa tried to commit suicide and would regularly cut herself and was on Prozac which is proven to cause psychosis in teenagers. Her life was fucked from the beginning.

    • TimeToFaceFacts says:

      Agreed! We have a duty to attempt rehabilitation while the perps are incarcerated. I am for strong punishment and strong rehabilitation. Society as a whole will benefit.

  16. DecentPeopleOnly says:

    Many People have had less than Perfect Childhoods but have Not become

    I Feel Sympathy For Victims Not Villains even in this World Turned Upside Down

  17. John says:

    The article is only a fan-fiction art, essay or whatever. Alot of what has been written as fact in this article were rumors spread by gossipers around town. Sorry but this is a laughable article imo.

  18. Timbits says:

    The timeframe of 45min is way too small for such thing. The mother talked to her daughter at 6:15pm and at 6:45 she called the cops who were there by 7pm and immediately looked out for her. So, in 45min she couldnt have
    1) lured a girl who was scared of the woods and the dark into the woods while it was already dark outside
    2) the strangulation that I just explained
    3) the stabbing that I just explained
    4) the throat slashing which I dont know what is sooo important about it since the girl was most likely already dead due to the sternum blow.
    5) then burying the girl so good that nobody could find her, no FBI, no LE, no searchers nor the FBI dogs could find her but yet they walked by the burial site many time during the search.
    6) Hiding the murder weapon and her bloodied clothes (The FBI seized everything from Alyssa in both house, they never ever found blood nor DNA on Alyssa’s clothes and even if she had washed it, the forensics would have been able to find body liquids from E.O. but yet they found absolutely nothing. Same thing with the murder weapon, no weapon was ever found. They never found a knife nor bloody clothes at the crime scene or its surrounding so I guess the weapon and clothes disappeared). Let say she hide those items which adds some more time to the time frame. But I repear they never found a murder weapon nor Alyssa bloody clothes anywhere inside the houses nor the crime scene. Beside there were 7 (or 6 as nobody can be certain if the grandpa was abroad or not) ppl Inside the house. They would have noticed Alyssa had changed clothes.
    7) Just the fact of running in the dark and on a muddy uneven ground is difficult. That October was a record for MO when it comes to raining days. Oct 21rst was one of the very rare day that it didn’t rain but then around 7pm during the search it started raining. etc…

    The diary in itself isnt a physical proof at all! There are many stories to prove this point but let’s take Laverne Pavlinac who interjected herself and her husband in a rape/murder case! Here’s a fast summary : She went to the FBI and mentioned what she and her husband did to a murder victim. Her story was corresponding with the investigation, she even showed where the body was found and its position. She told the FBI how she and her man raped the girl, killed her and threw her out of their car etc… Months later, someone in a restaurant restroom noticed a smiling face grafiti that said something like ‘The couple is innocent, I did it’ (not in those precise words but it has the same meaning) and that someone went to the police, etc… time later the police started to received letters which says the couple were innocent. The sender said he did it! He then asked the FBI if they had found the victim ID a short distance away in the bushes. Days later, someone found a purse and ID spreaded across a short area. The FBI then knew (even if the woman said she and the husband did it and knew exact details of the crime scene) that Laverne was lying and both were set free. Some time later they arrested the Happy Face seriel killer! Had this serial killer not being so stardom-seeking, Laverne and her husband might still be in prison to this day because Laverne kept telling the same story. When asked why she lied about the whole ordeal, she simply said she wanted out of the relationship. So even if someone admit to something, this doesn’t mean they did it and even less in a diary!

    Alyssa and the bf were taken into custody (not arrested nor accused) the following day of the disappearance but there are 2 versions of the event.
    1) A school worker saw them, thru the window, in the parking lot and called the police. He called the police because he saw 2 ppl in the parking lot? The school and the parking lot are kinda far from each other. It sounds stupid I think!
    2) The other rumor was that Alyssa spent the day at her bf’s house. In both case she was with the bf! If they had been found at his place then why wasnt he in school himself?

    Now, regarding a technical court aspect of the case. Why was the same judge who sentenced her, the one officing her appeal. This, in many places is ‘illegal’ because of course a judge wont overturn his/her sentence/case. The case was huge in town and in the county plus it was an election year so what is the good thing to do? To please the ppl who elected you! I also think the judge somehow wanted to ‘show off’ (not so sure on how to explain it) and make a name for herself because it was a big case that also attract some national news. Why such sentencing and refusal of an appeal when around the exact same time, but in another MO county, a perfectly normal woman in her 30’s stabbed her 8yo son multiple time (killing him of course) and who then drowned her 3yo in the bathtub only got a total of…. 40years! Another technically in the case,why wasn’t Nancy Grace found guilty of obstruction of justice in this case? She mentioned Alyssa’s name the night before the court allowed her to be named!

    Lots of lies by the medias (who picked rumors from the population and turned it into truth who then upsetted those same ppl who then spreaded even more rumors/hearsays as truth, etc and the vicious circle kept circling around), corruption and much more in this case! I’ve got much more to say but I think I wrote enough for today!

    • Timbits says:

      The first half of my text is missing so I will either continue it here or as another comment

      • Timbits says:

        Like Mike (is it Mikael from Germany to whom I explained the whole case/shared my research to?) said the media’s and mainly article like this are spreading lots of inaccurate info’s, lies and misinformations! I read the article quite fast because after a few paragraphes I noticed how silly it was and that it had a lot of inaccurate info’s.

        Alyssa never ever beat up her brothers nor half-sister! The sibblings mentioned it quite a lot back then in forums and said Alyssa was like a mom figure to them and was an amazing sister.

        The writer who wrote this fiction wrote like he knew Alyssa when he said ; ‘she fantasized about killing,etc…’ She never did actually, this was a rumor started by a tv station simply because of what her youtube channel was listing as her hobboes (luckily for me nobody ever saw my MySpace nor Flixster lol). Imo this article was made to get ppl’s reaction and isn’t telling the truth nor real facts (was based from rumors or hearsays from the medias or locals).

        Another lie is the mention about Alyssa writing in her diary about wanting to burn down a house and killing its occupant lol. This writer is spreading local rumors! Why? Because on a very popular forum, an old lady went to every court sessions and guess what? There has never been mention of anything like that otherwise she would have told the forum since she was repeating everything that was being said in court and the tv media would have been all over it yet the media in that city never mentioned anythign about it nor the tv stations/radios.

        Then the Jennifer friend! Well she was Alyssa’s ex-gf who ‘whored’ herself on tv spreading false statements on different tv stations across the state (with paid accomodation and free hotels) about Alyssa telling her that she wants to know how it felt to kill…… Many ppl who were present at the party which Jennifer M. talked about said that she was sitting the whole time on the couch sipping soda while Alyssa was never alone in that whole party because it was jam-packed!

        What Mikael (if he’s the same I’m thinking of) meant with the prozac is that Alyssa met this bf who was, was a druggies and a weirdo (which is what most of Alyssa’s friends and other ppl at the school thought about him). She met him around the same time that her prozac was doubled so the question is more like if she hadn’t taken prozac would she had dated him? They were always hanging out and were together all the time from what ppl who knew who they were, said. The girl, like I also told ppl, wasn’t a little girl but a very tall 9yo (and little ‘tom-boy’ and not the girly girl the media made her look like(her own aunt said she was playing rough with the bro and boys, who was bullying Alyssa’s sister (known fact that the half-sister and other ppl knowing them said so) to the point that the 6yo half-sister told Alyssa she wanted to die. The weirdo bf was probably there when the half-sister said so and him being on drugs often well….. otherwise why would they find 2 shovels and why did he left for AZ immediately after they started interrogating Alyssa? Btw, him treatening to bring in a gun in the HC to shoot ppl talking against them should have been taken into consideration. Plus the fact that he failed a polygraph test and the fact that the D.A. even said on a tv show, some years later, that the LE main suspect was the bf at the beginning (something to wonder…. how did they suspected him on the first day before they even talked to Alyssa? How did they know about him? In the following days, in a motherhood forum, one of Patty’s friend even said and I quoted ‘I hope they find and tried the juveniles who did it’ (if you read carefully you will notice something strange with what Patty’s friend said))

        The famous ‘I wanted to know how it…..’ wasn’t said by Alyssa herself. The thing is, she was being interrogated while her grandma was there with her. Alyssa kept saying ‘idk’ to questions asked to her which upsetted her grandma for whatever reasons and the grandma left the room leaving Alyssa alone with both investigators who illegally continued to interrogate her (she had no legal guardian and no lawyers and wasn’t under arrest), and at one point, one of the investigators told her they knew she did it and pressured her into confessing and then one of them told Alyssa they knew she did it to know how it felt like. They continued to pressure her… which at one point she replied ‘yes’ which turned out to be part of the ‘interrogation’ that wasn’t allowed in court because it was received via deceitful tactics or something like that (Not sure of the court term). This was leaked by someone from the sheriff department.

        What lead me to believe, that Mike might be the same person who asked me questions about the case is the references to Joel Riftkin. What this means was that the girl was strangled until unconsciouness. Joel Riftkin whose victims were very short prostitutes said in an interview back then that it strangling someone wasn’t like on tv and it took him 15min to manually strangle someone til unconsciouness. Now if you put this circumstance onto Alyssa and EO who were of similar size (Alyssa was only about 1 to 1 1/2 inch taller and about 7 pounds heavier (E.O. was 5’2’’ and weight 108 pounds and Alyssa around 5’3’’ to 5’3 1/2’’ inches and about 115 pounds), imagine the struggle there would have been unless the girl (who was said to be able to fight with her bro(s)and get the better end of it) would have been happy to be strangled lol! After unconsciousness, she was stabbed 8 times which one of the stab was so powerful that the blade went thru the girl sternum and shattered the breastbone! How can Alyssa, a weak girl, be able to do so or have this much herculean power? BESIDE…. when Alyssa was arrested she had no visible scars at all like she would have had in a struggle with someone of similar size and dont forget the coroner mentioned that the girl was manually strangled! Also imagine that 2nd part with the stabbing! For a knife to be able to go thru a sternum, you need to be powerful as I mentioned but also it would have caused a real wound on Alyssa’s hand! Imagine stabbing someone and then you hit the sternum (example stabbing jello and then with the last hit you hit a wall)… what would happen you think? As soon as the knife hit the breastbone, there would have been a form of ‘high resistance/stop’ which then in return would have made Alyssa’s hand that was holding the knife slide toward the blade thus cutting or wounding herself pretty bad but she had no such wound on her hands nor any facial scratches.

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