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Allen Dwayne SchoenbornCrime: Mass Murder
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When they say, “It’s a dog’s life,” they mean it’s a downright miserable existence. They, apparently, don’t know my dogs. I would sign up for their pampered lifestyle in a nanosecond. Free meals, comfy bed, lots of time to play, plenty of treats, oodles of love, and absolutely no worries. And in return my spoiled pooches give me unconditional love, acceptance and loyalty.

That’s what dogs do. And they don’t judge. I could rob a bank, cheat on my spouse, hijack a bus filled with kindergartners and my dogs would love me. Even Hitler’s dog loved him. And even Allan Dwayne Schoenborn’s dog loved him.

Take a look at Schoenborn’s mugshot. I double dare you not to make a judgment about his character based on how he looks. Would you give him a job? A ride? A quarter? But to be fair this was probably taken after he had a really tough couple of weeks. Regardless how he looked, though, his dog loved him.

There had been others who loved Allan Dwayne Schoenborn. Probably not so much his former common law wife Darcie Clarke. She didn’t seem overly fond of him when she accused him of sexual assault and got a peace bond against him to stop him from being near her when he was drinking. But he was undoubtedly loved by his three beautiful children, Kaitlynn, Max and Cordon. They would probably still love him today if he hadn’t gone and murdered them in April, 2008.

Allen Dwayne Schoenborn
Kaitlynn was all of 10 years old. You can see from her photo that she was a lovely, lovely girl. Max was 8, a good looking boy, and Cordon at 5 was absolutely adorable. I find if absolutely incredible that someone as frickin’ fugly as Allan Schoenborn could have fathered such a lovely family. Thanks to him, though, this world has been deprived of those charming children, but is still cursed with his repulsively evil and malevolent presence.

In September 2007 his former common law wife had moved the family from Vancouver to Merritt, British Columbia to get away from him. She had been afraid that he’d harm her since he accused her of cheating on him. The increasingly confrontational arguments they were having, the sexual assault and Schoenborn’s declining mental state didn’t make for happy families, so she made the wise decision to get away.

Clarke subsequently made the unwise decision to drop the sexual assault charge and allow Schoenborn to have continued access to the children.

Allen Dwayne Schoenborn had been diagnosed as paranoid in 1999. Kaitlynne had already been born, but regardless of this diagnosis Clarke had two more children with him.

Allen Dwayne Schoenborn
Even after he crashed his truck trying to get Kaitlynne to the hospital when he mistook her sleeping as a symptom of illness.

Even after he accused her of putting drugs in Kaitlynne’s teething gel.

If it had been me, I would not have chosen a mentally ill man to be the father of my children. Just sayin’. Especially not one who refused to be treated for his mental illness — except for self-medicating with booze.

Allen Dwayne Schoenborn never sought medical help. Not when he heard voices. Not when he thought he had a transmitter in his brain or his teeth. Not when Clarke asked him to get help.

So Clarke and the children moved to Merritt, and Allen Dwayne Schoenborn knew exactly precisely where they were. Indeed, he and Clarke continued to have an on again, off again kind of relationship although she refused to have them all live together as a family again. “He didn’t like it, but was willing to accept it,” Clarke testified. Really? I don’t think so.

Whenever Allen Schoenborn came to visit the kids, Clarke would stay with her mother. There was nothing in his demeanor that triggered any alarm bells for her in regard to the children’s safety. I’m thinking she didn’t look too hard.

Personally I would have been alarmed by his threatening of a student and an adult in authority at his daughter’s elementary school. He apparently got it into his noggin that the child had been picking on his daughter, and his threats left this little person shaken and in tears. The police came and hauled his ass to jail. It was the third time in a week he’d been arrested. The other two times were for an outstanding warrant and for being intoxicated outside the police station.

Judicial Justice of the Peace Fraser Hodge presided over the bail hearing, and Allen Schoenborn put on a great performance. He gave Mr. Hodge the impression that he and Clarke were a couple looking to patch their lives back together, that they were eventually planning to move to the Okanagan to start a new life.

“I’m a responsible adult just trying to work my way home,” Mr. Schoenborn told the hearing. “It’s really hard to be without the ones you love.”

He painted himself a simple and responsible man. “I have a very good sense of sorrow on what’s happened,” he said.

Mr. Hodge had “grave concerns” about Allen Schoenborn, but chose to give him the benefit of the doubt. “I know we’re close to the line here on this one, but I am going to give Mr. Schoenborn a chance,” he said. “I have grave concerns about both your record, and your behavior . . . and particularly as (one of the current charges) relates to a young child,” Mr. Hodge continued.

“I’m giving you a bit of a break,” Mr. Hodge decided, letting Mr. Schoenborn go on $500 bail. This was three days before the slaughter of the innocents.

That very day social workers warned Darcie Clarke they would intervene if she did not take adequate steps to protect the children from Schoenborn’s increasingly strange and alarming behavior. Still no alarms going off in her head.

Two days later Clarke told Allen Schoenborn that their relationship was over, done, finito.

The very next day, April 5, 2008, Allen Schoenborn was allowed to spend time with the kids at the family’s trailer home. Clarke went to her mom’s for the night. Schoenborn made the most of their time together. The children were tired after a long day of flying kites, watching TV and playing games, and were tucked into bed.

Their doting father targeted the oldest first, striking at Kaitlynne’s neck with a knife. When Allen Dwayne Schoenborn testified at trial, he describe the attack:

“It just bounced off her. She woke. I swung at her, I was already through with it in my mind. She may have put her hand up. She said, ‘I’m sorry, Daddy.’ I swung it again, something quick at her neck. I thought this was the quickest way to give her up. I told her to go to the white father. She gave up.”

Allen Dwayne Schoenborn went next to the sleeping 5-year-old Cordon. He put a pillow on the boy’s face and his hand behind his head:

“He fussed a bit. I moved the pillow away and put my hand there. I laid on top of him, with all my weight.”

It took about five minutes for Cordon to die. He said he felt little gasps of air slip between his fingers as Cordon’s chest heaved.

“And then he didn’t. He laid quiet.”

Finally, Allen Dwayne Schoenborn turned his murderous attention to Max, 8, who fought hard when Schoenborn put a plastic bag over his head and drew it tight at the back of his neck:

“He fought me, he fought me. I told him it was daddy, ‘shhh.’ He settled down right after I said that. He was still there, he heard me. Maxie was about two minutes.”

Schoenborn took the time to clean the blood off Kaitlynne’s body in the bathtub, then wrap her up in a blanket and put her on her bed. He arranged the boys together on the couch.

Allen Dwayne Schoenborn wrote “Forever Young” in blood on a pillowcase and “Gone to Neverland” on the flip side. “Forever Young” was also written in large letters on a living room wall above the TV.

Allen Dwayne Schoenborn then fled the scene, taking the family dog with him.

Clarke arrived home at about 2 p.m. and she saw her boys Cordon and Max lying on the couch. She thought it was odd that both would be napping.

“I looked closer. They weren’t alive.”

Clarke wept as she described finding Kaitlynne.

“I went to her bedroom and she was all tucked up in a blanket. There was a huge gash from her ear to her mouth and a cut on her wrist.”

Clarke said she kept repeating to herself that it wasn’t happening, it couldn’t be real. “I started running around screaming, ‘no, no, no!”

Allen Dwayne Schoenborn and the dog eluded capture for ten days. He was finally caught in the wilderness by trappers Kim Robinson and Pat McCoy. Allen Dwayne Schoenborn seemed worried that Robinson, who was armed with a rifle, was going to shoot him. Robinson testified:

Allen Dwayne Schoenborn
“He asked three to four times if I was going to kill him. I said if I’d seen him killing his kids I’d have blown his brains out, no doubt about it.”

Allen Schoenborn seemed surprised to learn that Darcie Clarke was still alive and had not killed herself, Robinson said.

“He asked, ‘Isn’t she dead?’. He was surprised she wasn’t dead. I saw agitation when I said that.”

Allen Schoenborn was arrested and taken to hospital and treated for dehydration. He had some minor cuts on his arms. He did not resist arrest. His loyal dog was unharmed.

While in jail awaiting trial, he wrote a self-pitying letter to Clarke detailing how he’d tried various methods to kill himself while on the lam — including slashing his wrists and freezing to death (in April?) — in an attempt to “join” the children.

“I was not running from my doing or police. I was running toward my children,” he wrote. He was singularly unsuccessful as a suicide. He was afraid even that Robinson would shoot him. Why didn’t he beg Robinson to finish him off if he wanted to join his children?

Clarke visited the killer in jail to find out why he had murdered their children, and heard for the first time his “belief” that the children were being molested. He didn’t say who was abusing them, but believed it was his duty to kill the children to “protect” them — to save them from a “life of humility.” Yeah, right.

“And it just came on me in one big flood. And I realized there’s nothing I can do about it, no matter how hard I try. So I put them where they’ll be safe … and stay young and innocent.”

And dead.

Allen Schoenborn then told Clarke he didn’t torture the kids despite what she’d been told.

“I didn’t torture anybody, Darcie,” he told her. “I thought it was going to be quick. I thought it was going to be quick and when it, it, it didn’t go quick … Not like I knew what I was doing.”

Too bad his determination to murder was greater than his determination to die.

The prosecutor’s office didn’t buy this kill-to-protect crap. It just seemed too coincidental that his ex tells him the relationship’s over and they won’t live as a family again, and the very next day the children are murdered.

If it looks like vengeance and smells like vengeance, it’s vengeance. And never, ever at any time was any evidence found of any sexual abuse inflicted on the children. The only sexual abuse in this situation was perpetrated by Allen Schoenborn himself upon Clarke.

In February, 2010, B.C. Supreme Court Justice Robert Powers, who heard the three-month trial in Kamloops without a jury, found that the killings were deliberate and planned by Allen Dwayne Schoenborn, and found him guilty of first-degree murder in their deaths BUT that he was not sane at the time. Guilty but not criminally responsible was the verdict. That’s right, deliberate and premeditated murders, and a subsequent ten-day flight from police, but he’s not responsible.

“I find on balance of probabilities he was suffering from a disease of the mind,” Justice Powers told the court Monday. Hmm, a balance of probabilities, he said. That’s justice? Why couldn’t that balance weigh in favor of the victims, past and future, for once?

Justice Powers rejected the Crown’s assertion that Allen Dwayne Schoenborn killed his children as revenge against their mother.

“Any reasonable or rational person would know that was wrong,” Justice Powers said. “However, due to his psychosis at the time he was not able to make that decision.”

Once again the courts have given Allen Dwayne Schoenborn the benefit of the doubt. He possibly was in a delusional state when he murdered three innocent children, but possibly he wasn’t. The court psychiatrist said it was impossible to tell what his state of mind was.

Outside the courthouse, Kim Robinson pulled no punches when asked by reporters what he thought about Allen Dwayne Schoenborn being found not criminally responsible because of a mental disorder. “That’s bullshit. He’s an asshole. He’s not insane.”

So instead of prison, Allen Dwayne Schoenborn was sent off for a psychiatric review to determine where and how he’ll be spending his future.

The British Columbia Review Board at the Forensic Psychiatric Institute in Port Coquitlam ruled that Allen Dwayne Schoenborn poses a serious threat of violence to the public. Despite his plea to be freed immediately, convicted child-killer Schoenborn will remain in psychiatric care.

Upon hearing the board’s decision, Allen Dwayne Schoenborn said he agreed. “I think you decided right for me and the public,” he told the panel.

He also asked panelists not to allow the children’s mother to make a victim impact statement, calling it hysterical.

The panel disregarded the request and did hear a statement from Clarke. She told the panel that she’ll never be able to get the image of her dead children out of her head.

“I fear if he ever gets out, I will have to go into hiding for the rest of my life,” Clarke said in her statement, parts of which were read out to the panel.

All that separates Allen Dwayne Schoenborn from freedom is the panel of experts. And if he ever convinces the panel he is sane, he could be walking the streets a free man. I am praying that he is never given the benefit of the doubt again, as long as he lives.

And what about Darcie Clarke? She made some very bad choices in her life, but instead of going to hell she is living it each and every day.

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18 Responses to Allen Dwayne Schoenborn

  1. KD says:

    This guy should rot for what he did.

  2. Tara says:

    Those poor babies. RIP little ones.

  3. Sheryll Meldahl says:

    Thanks for sharing, I like this blog!

  4. Minx says:

    I think those who cross the line and break the law, especially to this degree, should not be entitled to any kind of help. I am sure there are plenty of law abiding citizens out there who would appreciate the chance of being treated for a mental illness, would appreciate the support, would appreciate a “placement” in such a facility. Instead the good old taxpayer is lumped with the cost of these hellbeasts, instead of the government helping someone else who may actually of a chance of improving their quality of life, for themselves and their family’s.

  5. Trace says:

    Killing your kids is not a ‘mental disease’ it is a choice you make based on pure greed and selfishness. This piece of shit ‘only snapped’ when he realized his wife was leaving him and took his rage out on the kids – for that, he deserves the innermost pits of Hell!

  6. Kimber says:

    If he sucessfully fled from the law for all that time, he’s not insane. He’s just a murdering bastard who deserves a bullet in the gut.

  7. Trace says:

    I just read this scumsucker is applying to get out on day passes. Whatthefuck kind of justice is that? You can’t tell me the psychiatrists fixed him already. He needs fixing with a 2×4 upside the head.

  8. bengalpuss29 says:

    So this fucker gets out once that panel me psychiatrist’s says he’s sane, not that i thought he was insane, just a vindictive bastard, that wrong. He killed three children for fuck sake, he didn.t just get caught shoplifting or burglary. Once he’s been proven to be sane, then he should go to jail for the rest of his life, what drugs was that judge on fucking magic mushrooms or acid tabs. I wonder if it were the judges three children he had murdered, would he still have given him the same sentence, doubt it somehow. This is another example of the victim’s getting two fingers stuck up at them-while the murdering bastard’s get away with murder literally.

  9. bengalpuss29 says:

    So when he stood in front of the first judge and said “Im just a simple man trying to work his way back to his family” He didn.t have a disease of the mind then, when he was given the benefit of the doubt, maybe that judge shouted have guilt on his conscience and the judge that basically said he didn.t mean to kill 3 children or he didn.t do it for revenge needs to have a Labotomy Performed to stop him delivering future verdict’s as fucking useless as this one. Of course that bastard killed them kids on purpose. And i also wish he will kill himself but looking at his pathetic attempt’s after the “Murder” Of his children i don.t hold out much hope, but think the world would be a much better place with this cunt removed from it.

  10. Matt says:

    Arm yourself Mrs Clarke and shoot the fucker the minute he comes anywhere near you. Pretty sure the jury will believe you were acting in self defense.

  11. against stupid people says:

    that man is heinous go ahead and put him in general population in prison. Put a sign on him with details of what he did to innocent kids. also go ahead and lube him up with baby oil

  12. BENGALPUSS says:

    Those poor children, i just don’t understand why that judge made a stupid mistake by giving this cunt a break, for him doing that gave this prick freedom to murder his kids, absolutely horrendous.

  13. vcamp says:

    Analyzing this case for one of my classes in university. The prof wants us to argue why he deserves to be NCRMD and why he should deserve help and a chance in this world. however, i do not believe a word i am writing, i am finding it ever so hard to think of reasons why he deserves a conditional discharge.

  14. Bengalpuss. says:

    Cleo I’m sorry to go on at you love, this fucker who has left that comment is absolutely a sick, my main concern is that the family of those beautiful children would be mortified stumbling across such a nasty vindictive evil comment. I’ll never understand why sick fucks have to leave such horrible comments? Actually I do, they get a kick outta other peoples misery. Please could you remove it love?

    • cleo says:

      The “Snart” troll is now gone. Sorry that his comment slipped past me.

      • Bengalpuss. says:

        I realised that you hadn’t spotted it, otherwise it woulda gone as soon as you seen it. Thanks Cleo, there’s always some nasty bastard that has to post sick shit like that snark twat.

  15. One of many angry Canadians says:

    The review board keeps trying to let this loser out, but every time he gets some freedom he starts trying to contact his ex and menace her. So he keeps having it revoked. Let’s hope this turd never sees the light of day. Unfortunately I do not trust the review board or Corrections Canada/the parole board. They have made far too many mistakes in favor of the criminal, not ordinary people or victims.

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