Alison Murphy and Gary Murphy


Crime: Attempted Murder.

I feel terrible for Tony Murphy of Whitehaven, Cumbria, UK. The poor fellow nearly lost his life, and his brother and his mother have both been convicted of trying to murder him. That’s a helluva load to carry, especially since he’s convinced, so far, that his mother is innocent.

Alison Murphy has two sons, Tony and Gary, and both of them were a handful for her for years. Tony Murphy has had a real problem with alcoholism, and Gary has Asperger syndrome.

For those who aren’t aware, Asperger syndrome is on the autism spectrum, and those afflicted have trouble with social interactions and exhibit repetitive behaviors and/or a limited range of interests.

Gary Murphy, unfortunately, was fixated on self-harm and suicide. He was particularly fixated on not dying alone — he wanted to take someone with him, preferably someone he hated.

Both young men most certainly didn’t get along. In fact, when Tony talked of moving in to his mother’s house, Gary made it clear to Alison Murphy that he’d “come down in the middle of the night and stab him to death on the sofa”. No love lost there.

It’s not a great stretch of the imagination to figure out that Gary Murphy had no issues with choosing Tony Murphy to accompany him in death.

Alison Murphy knew full well that her boy Gary wanted to kill before he died. She knew full well that Gary hated his brother. And she made use of that knowledge.

Possibly the woman was fed up with Tony Murphy mooching off of her and not getting clean and sober. She fed him, she accommodated him, and she put up with all the bullshit that her alcoholic son dished out. Everything she did to help him for years likely led him to sink further and further into his disease.

And possibly Alison Murphy was fed up with Gary Murphy and having to deal with his quirks and odd behaviours. Possibly she was appalled at the idea of having to care for him for the rest of her life. Possibly she wanted finally to be free to carry on unfettered with her life. Whatever her reasons, the woman was willing to see one son murdered and her other son either kill himself or be put away for life. That is monstrous.

And so it came to pass on April 15, 2016, a very intoxicated Tony Murphy visited his mom, and not surprisingly there was an argument. She wanted him to get his drunk ass into bed, and I presume he refused. Alison Murphy then phoned up Gary and at some point she handed the phone to Tony. If Gary wasn’t very riled up at the beginning of the conversation, I’m positive he was by the end.

After the phone call was over, Alison and Gary Murphy began texting each other.

“I wish I’d never had him,” Alison Murphy complained about Tony.

“I definitely think he should be killed,” she texted, “but not sure stabbings is the right method. We should make him fall in the harbour or off a cliff.”

“I’m fine with whatever as long as he dies,” replied Gary Murphy.

At some point Alison Murphy left the house. I don’t know if it was to meet up with her murderous son, but when she returned, she was followed by Gary. Tony was sitting on the sofa.

Alison Murphy didn’t stick around for the killing. She hightailed it upstairs and left Gary and his knife to do the dirty deed.

“At first I thought he was hugging me,” said Tony, “Then I thought he was hitting me. Then I looked down and saw blood dripping on my trainers and on the floor.”

Gary Murphy had stabbed his brother in the jugular vein in his neck, but it didn’t render Tony helpless. He put up a big fight and managed to put Gary in a headlock and wrestle the knife from him.

Tony Murphy, bleeding heavily, called his mother for help. Alison Murphy took her sweet time to call for an ambulance. She kept asking him if he really needed an ambulance.

Finally, seeing the murder plot had gone oh so wrong, Alison Murphy made the call. By the time Tony Murphy got to the hospital, he’d lost a litre and a half of blood. If it weren’t for the efforts of the medical staff, he likely would have died.

Gary Murphy managed to flee the scene but was later captured by police. He was easy to spot — being covered in blood and carrying a knife.

Gary Murphy, 22, pled guilty to a charge of attempted murder. Alison Murphy pled not guilty. She went to trial at Carlisle Crown Court in November, 2016.

It took the jury just over 4 hours to deliberate before finding Alison Murphy, 52, guilty. Judge Peter Davies ruled that she and her son should be sentenced together.

On March 10, 2017, the judge deemed Gary Murphy to have a mental disorder. He was sent to hospital indefinitely. Alison Murphy was sentenced to 17 years in prison.

As I said before, Tony Murphy is convinced his mother is innocent of trying to have him killed.

“She’s a great mother and she’s never been in any kind of trouble before. There’s nothing that justifies her being in prison. She’s always helped me out whenever I’ve needed help, financially or emotionally,” Tony Murphy said.

If it hadn’t been for those damning texts, Alison Murphy likely wouldn’t be behind bars.

Having had a most wonderful mother myself, I cannot understand how any woman could scheme to have one son kill another son, and then kill himself. It’s awful beyond words. It’s hellbeastly. article – about Asperger Syndrome
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6 Responses to Alison Murphy and Gary Murphy

  1. Jeni C says:

    And people like this bitch are able to breed and have children, while others who so desperately want a child, are unable. It isn’t fair at all. Having this c*nt for a mother, it is no wonder these two men turned out the way the did! The article never mentioned their father, and I am sure that is probably one of the main reasons they turned out the way they did. But, the way their mother was, it is no wonder she couldn’t keep a man around! Any mother who would feel the way this woman felt about her own children, well, they don’t deserve to be a mother! So glad she got what she deserved! And I guess her son is just in denial about his own mother wanting him dead. At least he doesn’t have to worry about her or his brother trying to kill him anymore!

  2. DecentPeopleOnly says:


  3. Tom Daly says:

    I agree. She shoulda been sterilised.

  4. Ellesar says:

    Alcoholics don’t just come from liking a drink. I have no doubt that Tony was a pain in the arse, but his alcoholism came from somewhere. If he reflected on it he would probably see that she hadn’t actually been a wonderful mother. But I guess he has to cling to the illusion because the truth is too terrible to contemplate.

  5. Bengalpuss. says:

    A wonderful mother isn’t somebody that’s prepared to have one son kill the other, and the other then kill himself, no Fucking wonder he was an alcoholic, that’s enough to make anybody a basket case. I bet she wishes she never sent those text messages!! Stupid idiot she is.

  6. bulldoggy says:

    If there were any justice in this world then sick bitches like her wouldn’t be fertile in the first place. She doesn’t deserve her surviving son’s devotion.

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