Alina Orlova & Alyona Savchenko

khabarovsk killers

Crimes: Torture, Animal Abuse, Cruelty.

I admit I’ve been procrastinating with this story, but with good reason. It literally makes me heartsick. These Russian teenagers literally make me want to vomit. So be warned, animal lovers, this story includes some gory stuff. I haven’t included any photos of these animal killers’ handiwork because it breaks my heart.

I’m talking about Alina Orlova and Alyona Savchenko of Khabarovsk. They were still students when they were arrested.

Alina Orlova and Alyona Savchenko belonged to a social media troop called Mortem. All of the members shared photos of animal dissection and slaughtered pets. Sick bastards. I wish hell upon them all. Mortem is now deleted from the Internet, but I have no doubt it’ll resurface, just as appalling and sociopathic as before.

Between June and August 2016, Alina Orlova and Alyona Savchenko were disgustingly enthusiastic about their hobby. They managed to slaughter at least 15 pets. They had it all figured out. They would go to animal shelters or respond to ads looking to rehome pets, pose as animal lovers and promise the animals would be cared for.

Once the hellbitches got their filthy paws on their victims, they would head to an abandoned building in Khabarovsk. It was their torture chamber.

These two evil sacks of shit would then use baseball bats, knives, tongs, chemicals, an air gun, nails and more to torture the poor, defenseless puppies and cats. They stamped on the helpless creatures, and cut out their eyes. They maimed and gutted them. They crucified and hanged them. Alina Orlova and Alyona Savchenko reveled in every minute of the torture.

We know all of this because the stupid, nasty fuckwits not only video recorded and photographed the horror, but posted it online, on the Dvach web forum.

There were photos of the girls covered in blood, holding a puppy’s heart, posing next to or holding up their disemboweled victims. I haven’t included them here because they are too disturbing.

The unnatural hellbitches were involved in other crimes and evil deeds of course. For instance, Alyona Savchenko had video recordings of herself bullying homeless people.

Alina Orlova and Alyona Savchenko and their guy pal, Valery Smyshlyaev, committed armed robbery and hate crimes. Alyona and Valery tried to blackmail a man by falsely accusing him of pedophilia. I’m sure there are more crimes they were involved in because they are such hateful, sadistic creatures. BTW, Valery Smyshlyaev filmed some of the torture the girls subjected the animals to.

On trialAnyway, because the fuckturds had posted evidence of their crimes on social media, they were soon caught. Decent people were outraged by the photos and videos, and set about discovering their identities. Police took action and arrested Alina Orlova, 18, Alyona Savchenko, 17, and Valery Smyshlyaev, 18.

The police searched the vicious bitches’ torture chamber and discovered bones and remains of many animals. They searched their apartments and seized home computers and phones. They discovered a cat skull in one apartment, and, of course, the photos and videos.

Alina Orlova initially claimed she was being framed. She posted on the Internet, “I would like to speak in my defence…. I do not know who has put this stuff to the Internet – it is not the first time somebody wants to frame me. But I did not kill anyone and do not intend to kill …” Too bad for her that her distinctive tattoo was noticeable in the photos.

Both hellbitches, dubbed the “Khabarovsk slaughterers” in the media, wound up pleading guilty.

On August 25, 2017, Alyona Savchenko was sentenced in the District Court of Khabarovsk to 4 years, 3 months. Alina Orlova was sentenced to 3 years 10 days. Valery Smyshlyaev was sentenced to 3 years.

Interestingly, the beasts’ family members were fined by the court for inadequate child rearing.

So why did Alyona Savchenko get a longer sentence? Well, the video footage of her bullying homeless people and her extremely offensive social media posts worked against her.

russian pet killersLooking at photos of these 3 piles of sheep excrement, you can tell they think a lot of themselves. Smug little snot rags they are. Very pleased with themselves. And likely prison won’t change their heartless, sadistic, and twisted souls. Likely the only lesson they’ve learned is not to share their crimes on the Internet.

That said, I am afraid for their release from prison. What crimes will they commit with their thirst for blood and guts, pain and death?

I pray that Alina Orlova and Alyona Savchenko will be recognized for the monsters they are, and that they’ll be shunned by society. I hope and pray that nobody will ever hand over their helpless animals, babies, children or even elderly relatives to these creatures from hell. It’s such a short stride from torturing and killing animals for fun to torturing and killing people for fun.

And as for the former members of Mortem, I hope they’re all tracked down and outed as the truly horrible hellbeasts they are.

Hindustan Times article
Siberian Times article

29 Responses to Alina Orlova & Alyona Savchenko

  1. Moodymagic says:

    Burn in hell monsters.

  2. Susan says:

    If I ever come into a substantial amount of money, I will put a contract out on these shitstains, and instruct the hitman to inflict the most prolonged, and torturous deaths possible on the three of them, for having seen what they did for myself (I advise animal lovers NOT to look for it), nothing would give me greater pleasure than to end them. I hope you read this, you evil trio, and keep your fingers crossed that my numbers don’t come up..

    • insomniac and crazy says:

      If I have enough money to contribute to your cause, I would be honored to help. I am taking your advice and not looking. I’m one of those animal lovers that once I see a animal suffering, I can’t get the image out of my head. My step-father thought he would tamp down that by taking my sister and I along when he butchered a pig. I was 6 years old and I can still hear the pig scream.

      • Susan says:

        Thank you -I’m sure if we were allowed to set up a Go Fund Me we’d easily make the necessary funds!
        I’m the same – I have so many awful images that I’ve had to file away in the further recesses of my brain. But all those poor creatures are in my heart, and like the song says, that way they can go on, and in yours. I recently went vegan, and although my attachment to cheese was hard to break, I found a decent substitute ,thank the lord!

    • Prettiest Girl in the Morgue says:

      Hell, I’ll do it for free. Ever since accidentally stumbling on photos of animal torture some years back, they have continued to haunt me. They’ve become intrusive. Whenever I look at one of my cats I can only think, “I can’t save them all, or undo the pain already inflicted on so many, but I can at least protect you all”. My cats will never, ever know a day of pain, or fear, or betrayed trust. It just destroys me to know that for every animal saved and given to a loving family, there’s several more who suffer at the hands of these cunts in pretty human suits.

    • Courtney McLaury says:

      I’d do it for free.

  3. Tom Daly says:

    How is it that people like this pair of monsters can be allowed to live? I’d like to see them be butchered and tortured and have their organs ripped out like they did to those animals! Now THAT is karma.

  4. Jeni B says:

    This is textbook behavior of serial killers. They start by torturing, maiming and mutilating animals. Then, when it is no longer giving them the same thrill as when they first started, they want to move on to humans. These turds will always want to do this, even after they are released from jail. Their appetite will only get bigger while they are in jail. They will want to satisfy that urge as soon as they are released. They should be done the exact way they killed their victims. It is only fair. Let them get a taste of what they inflicted on their victims. But, we won’t be that lucky.

    • Tom Daly says:

      Do you agree with me that women who do these things shouldn’t be allowed to share the same planet as the rest of us

      • AngryLittleMexican says:

        Women, Tom? Yes because it’s not like MEN don’t make up the majority of ANY violent criminal perps, right? Let’s put aside your slip of the tongue and pretend you don’t have issues with women, Tom, and just agree that ANYONE, EVER, in the world who can have the indecency, lack of morality and disrespect for a fellow animal, child, adult, elderly etc to think that torturing and killing is somehow acceptable, should be put on a spaceship and let out in space, away from the rest of us who find such actions repulsive.

        • Tom Daly says:

          I don’t have issues with women, just to let you know. But I agree with you, people who do this to innocent animals should be made to live on a far off planet in a distant universe. Or alternatively, they should be put through the same torture as the animals; being crucified and having their eyes gouged out and being skinned.

      • Jeni B says:

        Yes I agree with both of you, Tom, and Angry Little Mexican. Anyone who does vile things like this don’t deserve to be called human. They are animals. They have no conscience. It is scary to think that there are other young people just like these two, who do things like this to animals…AND humans!! They don’t deserve the life they were given.

    • Bengalpuss. says:

      We’ve got future andre chikotilos with these two worthless Bastards.

  5. Bengalpuss. says:

    Pls someone make these cunts lives a misery pls someone kick their Fucking worthless heads in and if someone can tear the cunts heart out while their still alive I’ll give you a thousand quid but you have to post it online so we can all see the worthless cunts suffer

    • Tom Daly says:

      Couldn’t agree more

      • Bengalpuss. says:

        It takes an evil souless wicked cunt to commit the atrocities that these 3 worthless pieces of crap have committed. And I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again, “please people, stop giving these poor animals away to anybody” of course they’ll tell you that they’ll look after the kitten or puppy really well, because they want to get their sick hands on these poor defenceless animals. Pls stop advertising and giving the animals away, because you don’t know who the Fuck has got their evil hands on the poor animal.

    • Jeni B says:

      Hey BP, I think that your method of execution is too good of a way for them to die. They deserve so much worse!

      • Bengalpuss. says:

        id pack the worthless pieces of crap throats with cat shit to smother the cunts.

        • momof3canada says:

          They can be added to your island. Btw have you built it yet? Been reading your comments over the years

          • Bengalpuss. says:

            My basement you mean lol. If only I was a psychopath id have a field day with worthless Bastards like this motley crew, however that’s probably the reason why I’m not on hellbeasts myself, I wouldn’t bat an eye makin turds like these cunts suffer. Obviously pathetic attention seekers who obviously look that plain and simple that they’ve resorted to committing acts of barbarity just to get noticed.

  6. vendetta says:

    Today they torture animals. Tommorow they graduate to human beings.

    Execute these shitbags. I am sure the Russians would have little qualms in doing so as their legal system isn’t as criminal friendly as ours (USA)

    • Bengalpuss. says:

      Stick the pieces of crap in a siberian jail and then forget the pieces of shit even exist. I somehow know we’ll be hearing about these worthless pieces of shit in the future.

  7. Stu says:

    This is classic psychopathy of abused children. I hope their parents were investigated.

  8. Prettiest Girl in the Morgue says:

    I am in fucking tears now. Just imagine what went through the minds of those poor creatures when they were first adopted. They probably had already fallen in love with and trusted these whores. Then I can only imagine the bewilderment, the agony, the torment they felt; their poor sweet brains could never have possibly understood WHY the nice humans who took them home wanted to hurt them.

    Excusr mr, I’m going to go be sick. I can’t take it.

  9. Maria Los says:

    Orlova was ashamed to show her face……maybe she won’t repeat. She’s probably more of a coward than bad. But Savchenko? I believe she could be more dangerous. I would love to pummel that smirky face of hers, sadist creature. The authorities should keep an eye on her when she’s released….

  10. TimothyFaste says:

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  11. Anna Mortsensen says:

    I would torture them to death!!!!!!!! They would cry and sweat blood if is on me!!!!!!!
    They are gonna get out of jail and doing the same thing or not nastyer, everybody knows this….. I hope someone will hun them down and do the same with them, I really really hope!!!!!!!

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