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Crimes: Murder, Child Abuse, Torture
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Some crimes are truly unspeakable. The very heinous, revolting nature of them makes us all want to look away and not know. We sleep better not knowing, and feel safer not knowing.

But our ignorance is what gives the criminals hope that they can hide their sins and live among us unnoticed until they sin again. And our ignorance allows the helpless victims to be silenced and forgotten.

This is for baby Amelia.

Baby Amelia is dead. She’s been dead since May 2004. She was only 16 months old. In the days and weeks before she died, baby Amelia suffered horribly at the hands of her mother’s boyfriend, cocaine addict Alexander Suazo.

“This is one of the worst I’ve ever seen,” one veteran Winnipeg police officer said. I can believe it.

It took both the brutality of 21-year-old Alexander Suazo and the callous disregard and selfishness of the baby’s 15-year-old mother to kill Amelia. Because the mother was a minor at the time her identity is protected. Too bad the baby wasn’t.

Amelia’s autopsy uncovered 76 injuries. This little darling had been broken and broken and broken again. Her collarbone, her finger, her leg, both wrists, ten ribs: all broken. Her face, scalp and chest: bruised, cut and scarred. Her pancreas, kidney and abdomen: badly damaged. Her liver: lacerated. Her head: crushed. And finally her brain: fatally injured.

And on top of all that, baby Amelia had methyl alcohol in her blood system. Was is windshield washer fluid or antifreeze that was forced down her throat? Those who know aren’t telling.

None of these injuries had been tended to. None of them had been reported. And none of them apparently warranted the brain-dead teen mother leaving the baby-beating cokehead Alexander Suazo and getting help for her daughter.

Up until May 26, 2004 baby Amelia and her teen mommy were living with Amelia’s grandmother. Child and Family Services already had a file on Amelia and had given the thumbs up to them living with Grandma.

I can’t say in all honesty that Amelia was safe in that home because her leg and her collarbone had been broken and left untreated weeks prior to her death. She had unexplained scars on her face and chest. Neither the mother nor the grandmother ever sought help for the baby regardless of how she’d been injured or by whom.

I personally cannot comprehend how people can ignore a baby’s distress, and nobody can make me believe that Amelia didn’t suffer and cry with those injuries to her tiny body. It makes me want to inflict some suffering on those responsible.

So, to continue, the three were playing happy families all together until May 26, 2004. On that day Grandma and Teen Mommy had a fight and the girl in a hissy fit decided to leave. Or maybe Grandma got fed up and threw her ass out of the house. Regardless, Grandma didn’t have legal custody of Amelia so she couldn’t stop her from being taken by Teen Mommy.

And what did Teen Mommy do? With baby Amelia in tow she stormed off to Alexander Suazo’s mother’s condo on Kenaston Boulevard in Winnipeg, Manitoba. His mother wasn’t there but good old cokehead Suazo was. Yup, it was a perfect place to take little Amelia — a lovely love-nest for the three of them.

Alexander Suazo was in real fine fettle. He was coked up and ready to take on the world. Sadly there was nobody his size to pick on and prove how tough and macho this he-man was. Or maybe his coke-addled brain considered wee baby Amelia a suitable sparring partner.

On May 27, 2004, Suazo and his teenaged girlfriend had an argument. Does he beat her ass? Hell no. She probably would have whipped him, the big pussy. Instead, while Teen Mommy was in the shower, macho man Alexander Suazo decided to duke it out with the big, tough, 23-pound Amelia.

Guess who won the fight. It sure wasn’t Amelia, who was mortally injured.

Maybe Teen Mommy didn’t notice anything was amiss when she got out of the shower. Maybe she honestly didn’t notice Amelia all black and blue and bloody and broken.

Nah, she bloody well knew something was terribly, horribly wrong. She reported hearing four loud bangs when she was in the shower, and when she got out the baby was screaming and screaming and screaming. And what did this wonderful human being do? She chose to blithely ignore Amelia’s pain and agony.

Yup, both Alexander Suazo and Teen Mommy ignored the dying baby… for two days. Two days! For two days this pair of f*cktards carried on life as usual, drinking Big Gulps and eating KFC.

And then Suazo’s mother finally returned home. It was Suazo’s mother who called the ambulance and the police.

Finally help for Amelia who was by then in a coma.

One police officer at the condo said of Amelia, “She was in there with the empty Big Gulps and KFC boxes like she was garbage.”

Help had arrived but it was of course too late. On her arrival at Grace Hospital Amelia was pronounced dead.

Amelia’s POS, useless, brainless, unfeeling monster of a mother pleaded guilty to criminal negligence causing death. In January 2007 she was sentenced to the equivalent of 18 months time served in custody followed by two years of supervised probation. The maximum penalty under the Youth Criminal Justice Act is two years custody. That’s justice in Canada.

And this monstrous ex-mother can carry on with her life as if Amelia never existed with nobody knowing her identity. That’s justice in Canada.

One can only hope that while she was incarcerated for 18 months she managed to grow a soul.

Alexander POS Suazo was arrested in June 2004 and was charged with second-degree murder. In April 2007 he pleaded guilty to manslaughter.

Court of Queen’s Bench Justice Joan McKelvey listened to Suazo’s attorney David Soper argue that since his client had been in custody for three and a half years, mostly in segregation, he should be sentenced to time served. After all, his client had been clean and sober that whole time so he was really, truly rehabilitated.

Suazo himself whined that he no longer posed a risk to society, and he was very, very sorry, and he had become a devout Muslim since his arrest, so pretty please could he be released.

“If I could sacrifice my life to bring back Amelia, I would. She was one of the most beautiful children I’ve ever met,” Suazo told the court.

“I could never have imagined my hands could do such a terrible thing to such an innocent victim as Amelia.”

Suazo explained he was “trapped in the wrong state of mind” what with all the cocaine fogging up his brain.

Justice McKelvey decided that the crime would not be accepted in our community (duh!) so time served was not sufficient punishment. Good thinking!

And then Justice McKelvey decided to credit his three and a half years time served as double, which made seven years, and sentenced him to three additional years for a grand total of ten.

And now Canadian society has in its midst these happy shining demon spawn who are hopefully living upright, upstanding lives. And baby Amelia is still dead. Because of the laws we cannot know her real name. We cannot see her picture. We only know she was beautiful because her killer said she was.

What we know truly and for certain is that this helpless 23-pound, 16-month-old child was tortured and murdered in May 2004 in Winnipeg, Manitoba by Alexander Suazo, and unloved to death by her anonymous mother. Rest in peace, baby. And may those who contributed to your pain and death rot in hell.

An alert reader sent us a tip that Alexander Suazo now goes by the name Prince Wasim NajmuDeen.

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17 Responses to Alexander Suazo

  1. bengalpuss29 says:

    Poor baby amelia 7 years time served so just 3 more years mean’t ten years, was the 3 years halfed to one and a half years, probably was and the fucking mother useless bastards. I feel the mother should be named and shamed. The only decent one out of the lot of them was that murdering bastards mother who had just come back from holiday took one look at baby amelia and rang an ambulance, its a shame she didn.t come back 2 days before then maybe amelia would have had a chance. And the grandmother the mothers mum she was fucking useless as well, wasn.t some of the injuries old so that must have happened at her home. That poor little girl so young and small and that waste of space mother the little girl didn.t stand a chance rest in piece baby amelia. We care your in god’s playground now.

  2. bengalpuss29 says:

    Just re-Read this story and it breaks my heart that this baby endured suffering that no human being should have to go thru and this was a little girl. What makes it worse is the fact that she was left for two days after being beaten by that fucking wanker of boyfriend and a dip shit of a mother. The sentences were a joke. Also why didn’t the grandmother ring child protective services and tell them that her daughter had taken the granddaughter away when she should be living with the grandmother. Anyway its too late now because the little girl is dead by those two bastards.

    • 2cute says:

      You’re right, Bengalpuss, this is heartbreaking. That poor wee baby, and now forgotten as her useless, worthless parents/killers are going about their lives probably procreating and behaving badly. I hope they’ve died of drug overdoses rather than bring more babies into the world to be neglected and abused by them.

      • bengalpuss29 says:

        If that turd brain would’ve beaten an adult severely and not gotten them help for two days and the adult died he would be getting a life sentence, so why the fuck did those two pieces of shit get pathetic sentences. And i don.t give a fuck that the mother was 15 so she was basically given a slapped wrist. In my opinion she was big enough to open her legs and have a baby (The one she killed by doing fuckall) Then she’s big enough to take the punishment. I just hope that she can.t give birth again that she’s infertile and that twat fires blanks, its the only way to be sure.

  3. Netherwarper says:

    “But our ignorance is what gives the criminals hope that they can hide their sins and live among us unnoticed until they sin again. And our ignorance allows the helpless victims to be silenced and forgotten.” very beautifully said! have a 19 month old, and at 16 months he was a silly goofy(whiny)adorable little baby. How can anyone not see that in any child this age? As i read this i can picture a poor little toddler who probably didn’t even have toys to play with or food to eat and then in between that awful shit she had to endure being a punching bag for some cokehead. Just horrible. God what if this idiot has more kids by now?? I am determined to find out where this chick is and make sure she doesnt have any more!

  4. lana says:

    Its sad cus the mother of this amelia which is the babies real name…. has had 2 and i think another baby on the way i cant believe it i see this so called mother around n she looks discusting with that fake smile i cant believe she would even be gifted with more babies

    • pj says:

      If there were any natural justice her ovaries would have withered and dried up so she couldn’t have any more babies. I truly hope her children are all right. I wouldn’t trust her near a vulnerable child ever!

    • momof3canada says:

      The system is so messed up here in canada. Ppl who need kids taken away are poping them out left right and center.. what is the moms name

  5. Daniel says:

    Alex Suazos’ new name is Prince Wasim NajmuDeen, check him out on facebook, he is now a muslim extremist hmmm, beats a baby to death then worships a pedophile.

    • BENGALPUSS says:

      Daniel, your bang on with that comment, it isn’t a shock to discover this arsehole has become an extremist, worthless piece of shite he is.

  6. Lissa says:

    R.I.p beautiful !
    When I first heard this story years ago I was very
    Shocked cuz I used to go to school with Amelia and her mom at the adolescent
    Parent centre here in Winnipeg! Amelia was the cutest of cute always
    Smiling laughing and talking! ….. Whats the mothers
    Name??? Cuz I forgot but long story short she can be seen at
    The back of portage place asking if you need weed yup
    She’s a dealer!!!! Next time I see this cunt I’m gonna kick her
    In the teeth!! Rank ass bitch!

  7. Jaen says:

    Im so glad Im not the only one who remembers this child. I cried when I read the initial article in the paper in 2007. I will NEVER understand what ppl are thinking or what motivates ppl to commit these crimes agains children. I can only read the childrens stories and not forget them. This isnt drugs. There are alot of alcoholics and drug addicts that would never harm a child. Most would not. RIP Baby Amelia, Baby P, Brianna Lopez, six year old Heather White ( ) and all those little ones who were not protected by the ppl who shouldve loved them most.

  8. Raynelle says:

    My poor neice

  9. wildchild says:

    Dear Raynelle, if Amelia was your niece, then I’m sorry you lost her. Bless you and your family.

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