Albrecht Gero Muth

Albrecht Muth

Albrecht Muth at Arlington National Cemetery, Virginia Photo: REX

Crimes: Domestic Abuse, Murder

I guess Albrecht Gero Muth ran out of patience. After all, he’d waited 21 years for his elderly wife to die so he could inherit her estate. I strongly suspect he’d married Viola Herms Drath, a woman who was 44 years his senior, with the expectation she’d die soon and leave him her money and her house. But that feisty old lady just wouldn’t die on her own, so Albrecht Muth killed her off.

Viola Drath was 91 when she died. She married Albrecht Muth, a man in his 20’s, when she was around 70. I don’t know what she was thinking! It’s not like Viola Drath was a stupid woman.

Maybe she was desperately lonely and vulnerable after her husband of nearly 40 years had died. Maybe Viola Drath found Albrecht Muth’s interest in her flattering. Maybe she found his youth and ambition invigorating. Whatever the reason, after 3 years of courtship she married him. That was in 1990.

Viola Drath was a most interesting woman, but not particularly rich. She had a bit of money from her first husband’s pension, and a row house in exclusive Georgetown.

Viola DrathViola Drath was a serious journalist. She wrote about German affairs for publications such as the Washington Times. I told you she wasn’t stupid.

Viola Drath was also a socialite with connections to Washington’s diplomatic elite. She organized dinner parties for White House officials, ambassadors, generals and celebrities.

Viola Drath had ambitions for her new, young husband, and she used her connections in a campaign to land him a high-ranking job and a social position in the elite.

Albrecht Muth was definitely a wanna-be member of the elite. He was also a bona fide, fluent liar. He tried to convince people he was a brigadier general in the Iraqi army — he’d even bought a uniform to strut around in and a fake military certificate to display.

Albrecht Muth created a family crest and gave himself the title Count Albi. He claimed he inherited that title from a distant relative who died from a fall off an elephant. Pure bullshit.

Albrecht Muth had also tried to convince people he was an East German spy with many death-defying missions under his belt. He would wear an eye patch on occasion, which to me is a ludicrous thing to do.

Muth in uniformThe elite of Washington eventually twigged to the fact that Albrecht Muth was a poseur, a fraud and a drunk, and that stymied his ascent on the social ladder. He was embarrassingly axed from a few guest lists. He was even banned from church!

These setbacks didn’t put an end to his ambitions though, and his ridiculous, over-the-top lies and schemes met some surprising success initially. Diplomats can be so gullible, apparently.

Albrecht Muth even had the balls to send intelligence reports to the US government purportedly from Iraq when there was no proof he was ever there. They were pure bullshit.

What was not bullshit was the very real abuse Albrecht Muth subjected his wife to over the years. Frustrated by his lack of real success he verbally abused her, physically abused her and was even convicted of assaulting her in 1992.

The assault Albrecht Muth subjected his elderly wife to then was brutal. He was drunk and belligerent, and he decided to pick a fight with Viola Drath. He bellowed at her that her daughter, the judge, was just a saleswoman. Viola Drath defended her daughter and paid for it dearly. Her drunken loser of a poser husband swung a chair at her, knocked her off the sofa and then pounded her head repeatedly against the floor. He could’ve killed her.

After that assault, Albrecht Muth confided in a friend that he’d wished he’d succeeded in killing her.

In 2006, during another argument, Albrecht Muth had thrown food at his wife and poured his soup over her. He broke plates, glasses and chairs, and then he shoved her around. He was never charged with that assault.

Albrecht POS loser Muth wasn’t just abusive to his wife. He was also known to abuse and threaten the boyfriend he moved in with in 2002.

Yup, Albrecht Muth had a boyfriend. He was gay. Viola Drath didn’t know it when she first married him, but later on her husband did little to disguise the fact he had affairs with men.

Why, oh why didn’t she kick the bastard out for good?!? Fear of loneliness? Fear of him?

Because Albrecht Muth didn’t really work (who would hire a faux Iraqi brigadier general/spy/count with an unnecessary eye patch?) he sponged off Viola Drath. He got a $2000 monthly allowance and had manipulated her to sign off $60,000+ into his personal brokerage account.

Albrecht Muth wanted more. He wanted it all. In the months before Viola Drath was murdered, Albrecht Muth began to email her daughters, Connie and Francesca, lists of things he wanted to have after she died. Connie and Francesca found his demands insulting, especially since their mom was in good health.

Viola Drath, having endured 20+ years of abuse, was coming to the end of her tether. She’d decided to reduce her hellbeastly husband’s allowance to $1800, and she made a will that purposely left him nothing, zip, zero.

Good for her, I would say, except I suspect it led to her death.

Viola Drath had entrusted her grandson, Ethan Drath, with her financial documents, including her will. Smart move.

Drath Row House, GeorgetownOn August 12, 2011, Albrecht Muth called 911 to report that he’d found his wife sprawled and dead on the bathroom floor. Detectives initially considered it an accident — after all, a 91-year-old falling in the bathroom wasn’t surprising.

Ethan Drath, upon hearing his grandma was dead, immediately drove to her Georgetown row house. His mother, Francesca, and Albrecht Muth were in front of the building. Ethan Drath was handed a piece of paper that instructed that $150,000 was to be put into Albrecht Muth’s name.

That paper, of course, was a forgery. *shock*

The next day the medical examiner put paid to the notion that Viola Drath had died an accidental death. She’d been strangled and bludgeoned to death.

Considering there were no signs of forced entry, the investigators soon turned their attention to Albrecht Muth as their suspect. He was, after all, sporting suspicious scratches on his face. His DNA was found on the victim’s body even though he’d insisted he never touched it. Neighbours had heard screams and an evil laugh.

The murderous loser didn’t like the police attention and figured he had to come up with an alternate killer — a fictional one, of course. Liars lie, after all.

Albrecht Muth sent a note to officials in the Pentagon and then to his media contacts stating that his wife was the victim of an Iranian assassin who had been trying to kill him.

“I have to take a slain wife out to Arlington,” the lying bastard wrote, “mourn her, then find her killer.”

That note fooled nobody.

Albrecht Muth was arrested for the murder of Viola Drath. He decided to use his time to write his memoir about his faux life.

Albrecht Muth

Albrecht Muth (PHOTO/Sandy Schaeffer-Hopkins / MAI)

“Since being appointed Brigadier General, I have been on the radar of Iranian intelligence,” Albrecht the lying loser Muth wrote. “The crime has all the elements of a professional hit. The killer entered and exited the house and committed the crime without leaving a trace.”

Riiiight. Totally believable *snort*.

In typical poseur style, he conjured up every trick to delay the inevitable. He tried to subpoena former CIA director David Petraeus as a possible witness. He claimed he had visions of the archangel Gabriel. He feigned mental illness. He starved himself down to 92 pounds — enough to be hospitalized and too frail to appear in court.

Even though Albrecht Muth was too weak to go to court, the 6-day trial still took place in January 2014. He got to participate via video conferencing from the hospital. He did not testify.

Albrecht Muth, 49, was found guilty of 1st-degree murder. The jury found that Viola Drath’s death was especially heinous and cruel. On April 30, 2014, the murderer was sentenced to 50 years in prison. He’ll be almost 100 years old when he gets out.

I feel bad for Viola Drath being trapped in such an abusive, frightening situation. I am sure her daughters and grandson would have done anything for her but for some reason couldn’t extricate the dear old lady from her predicament.

People who abuse the elderly deserve harsh punishment. Viola Drath had done nothing to deserve the misery and pain she’d been subjected to, except placing her trust and faith in that lying bastard, Albrecht Muth.

I hope the murdering, heartless hellbeast occupies the lowest rung of the prison social ladder. He deserves no admiration, no accolades, no friendship. He’s been a fake and a phony for most of his life, and he cold-bloodedly schemed to use a vulnerable woman for his own ends.

RIP, Viola Drath. My sincerest condolences to her family and friends.

I rather hope Albrecht Muth lives until the day before he’s to be released. As it is, he will die the nobody that he really is — not a spy, not a count, not a general. He’s a nobody and a waste of space and he always will be.

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11 Responses to Albrecht Gero Muth

  1. 2cute says:

    He married a woman 44 years older than himself of course he was after her money! He was gay and married a woman of course he was after her money! I’m just surprised he chose to kill her in such an obvious way. If he’d smothered her in bed he probably would’ve gotten away with it. Instead he battered and strangled her so the medical examiner knew right off it was murder.

  2. bulldoggy says:

    He looks downright stupid and pompous in his uniforms/costumes. I myself would look handsome in Idi Amin’s uniform but I’m not a fantasist psycho loon so I’m not going to dress like that. I can’t believe anyone was taken in by this asshole’s bullshit.

    • BENGALPUSS says:

      bulldoggy, you would look handsome in anything love. What did he think david patraeus was gonna do for him, the slack twat. its a shame his hunger strike didn’t do the desired effect, and thank the lord that viola have her grandson her last will and testament, and they knew what an abusive cunt he was, otherwise walter mitty just may have gotten away with murder, so glad baron munchausen didn’t get away with it.

  3. moodymagic says:

    It takes a particular slime ball to murder a 91 year old woman. Muth you deserve to suffer the rest of your life and I truly hope you do.

  4. Jessice11 says:

    What a disgusting piece of work this shit stain turned out to be. I’m not suprised he was after her money, I would’ve kicked his ass to the curb with nothing but the clothes he was wearing *mind you that’s still generous*! R.I.P Viola

  5. awesomeblossom says:

    Women who are being abused or controlled by their significant others should definitely check out Lundy Bancroft’s book “Why Does He Do That? Inside the Minds of Angry and Controlling Men”. Go to It’s a great resource!

    • zuluzombie says:

      Started reading the book awesome blossom. Good stuff. I like how he says the abuse is not about the abuser’s feelings it’s about his attitude. He gives himself permission to hurt women.

    • BENGALPUSS says:

      read the book, lundy bancroft is an amazing man and an amazing advocate for the protective mothers movement.

  6. Agrippina The Elder says:

    Poor Viola! Viola appeared to be a great lady that will be dearly missed. My condolences to her family and friends. Albrecht Muth is nothing but a lying, lazy, slob con-man. He looks so idiotic in the military clothing. Also, what’s up with him wearing an eye patch? What a weirdo. I hope he gets some inmates who make him their little lady while they dish out the same type of domestic violence to him that he forced Viola to endure.

  7. MsM says:

    I’m so sorry that her family couldn’t help her rid herself of this man. Not only was this domestic violence it was violence against the elderly. This man needs to be kept behind bars for a very long time.

  8. BENGALPUSS says:

    Update, this piece of shite has been sentenced to 50years in prison, that will mean the only way out for him will be in a wooden box. Quite possibly sooner than later.

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