Adrian Ernest Bayley

Hellbeast Adrian Bayley
Crimes: Rape, Murder

Irish journalist Jill Meagher, a very intelligent and beautiful young woman, did not have to die. She did not have to be raped and murdered by Adrian Ernest Bayley in Melbourne, Australia. If the Australian justice and parole system had only dealt with Adrian Ernest Bayley seriously, he would have been behind bars instead of being loose on the streets, ready and able to attack and kill.

Adrian Ernest Bayley, 41, began attacking and raping women when he was 19 years old. He was already married then and his wife was expecting their first child. His first victim was a 16-year-old friend of his sister. He held the poor kid hostage in his home and raped her. That was on June 8, 1990.

The evil asshole was arrested on June 10, 1990 and charged with rape. He got bail, and so he was free on August 30, 1990 to attack a 17-year-old girl who was walking home from a bus stop. He did not succeed in raping her although he gave it a damn good try.

On September 11, 1990, the girl identified him to the police and Adrian Ernest Bayley was charged with attempted rape. Again he got bail. WTF?

On December 12, 1990, a couple of months after his wife had given birth, Adrian Ernest Bayley picked up a 16-year-old hitchhiker, and yup, he raped the poor girl.

On December 17, 1990, the victim identified him to police and he got arrested again. Geez, Adrian Ernest Bayley sure as hell didn’t disguise himself very well, if at all. Of course if he’d been wearing a ski mask the girl likely wouldn’t have gotten into his vehicle in the first place.

In June 1991 Adrian Ernest Bayley pled guilty. He was sent to prison for the 2 rapes and the attempted rape. He was sentenced to a prison stint of 5 years, minimum of 3 years. To be clear, he profoundly impacted the lives of 3 teenaged girls, destroying their peace of mind, their sense of safety and bodily integrity. Those girls were attacked and traumatized, and the asshole Adrian Ernest Bayley got handed a mere 3-5 years in prison.

As if that wasn’t enough of a slap in the face, the hellbeast serial rapist only served 22 months of that sentence. WTF is wrong with the Australian justice system, letting a violent sex offender off that easily?

To get out early, Adrian Ernest POS Bayley participated in a sex offenders’ program. He said all the right things and convinced the authorities he was a reformed character. In his own words, he faked it.

Adrian Ernest Bayley was released in April 1993. Two years later he and his wife split up. Finally! I really have to shake my head at any woman sticking with a convicted rapist, especially one who had attacked not 1 but 3 young teenagers.

Adrian Ernest Bayley mustn’t have been too torn up about the end of his marriage because he immediately began a new relationship and fathered 2 more children.

I don’t know if Adrian Ernest Bayley behaved himself for the next few years (doubt it!) but he wasn’t arrested for anything.

On September 1, 2000, the sadistic brute began raping sex trade workers in St Kilda. Obviously that sex offender program in prison had done him absolutely no good.

Before we go any further, let me make this clear: sex trade workers can be raped, regardless of their profession. They have the right to say no, and they have the right to not be beaten and brutalized.

What Adrian Ernest Bayley liked to do was drive to a lane in Elwood, confine the woman in his vehicle and rape her repeatedly over the span of a few hours. He would threaten her and use violence on her, and force painful and degrading sexual acts upon her. I am sure he convinced the terrified woman her very life was in extreme jeopardy.

Adrian Ernest Bayley did this to at least 5 women in a 6-month period of time. His spree ended when he was arrested on April 17, 2001.

When he was brought to justice, Judge Tony Duckett sentenced the evil bastard to 11 years with a minimum of 8 years in prison. The judge said then that society needed to be protected from him.

“You used an array of threats and violence to force your victims to satisfy your gross sexual appetite,” Judge Duckett told the hellbeast. “You forced your victims to accept a series of sexual acts that caused them horrifying distress.”

Personally I think that 8 years in prison for 5 rapes was insufficient, especially when you consider his history of raping women.

Adrian Ernest Bayley had been sentenced on April 26, 2002. The evil f*cktard was released in 2009 after completing another sex offender treatment program.

The guy had openly admitted to faking his way through his first sex offender program and authorities still signed him up for another one? Wow, that was very optimistic of them.

While on parole, Adrian Ernest Bayley missed 4 appointments with his parole officer. The Parole Board didn’t revoke his parole although they could have.

On August 12, 2011, for some unfathomable reason Adrian Ernest Bayley attacked a young man outside a Geelong café and broke the poor guy’s jaw. His parole wasn’t revoked.

In December 2011 Adrian Ernest Bayley got a bit violent with his girlfriend and she took out an intervention order against him. His parole wasn’t revoked.

In January 2012 the Parole Board was informed that the asshole had missed 3 more appointments with his parole officer. They didn’t revoke his parole.

In February 2012 Adrian Ernest Bayley pled guilty to recklessly causing serious injury. He was sentenced to 3 months in jail. The asshole appealed his sentence and got bail.

This is the important bit: his parole was still not revoked! He had violently attacked a stranger and his parole was not revoked! And why not, you ask? Because it wasn’t a sexual offence, it wasn’t a sex crime, that’s why!

Now why the hell hadn’t the Parole Board hauled this evil, brutal bastard’s pasty ass to prison? He was breaking the conditions of his parole repeatedly. He was avoiding his parole officer, beating his girlfriend, and violently attacking strangers, and that didn’t make them reconsider his freedom? Apparently not.

The Parole Board decided to first wait for the outcome of the hellbeast’s appeal of his sentence. *sigh*

Jill MeagherAnd so it was that Adrian Ernest Bayley was freely walking on the streets of Melbourne on September 22, 2012 when he encountered the beautiful, talented, intelligent Jill Meagher.

The young woman had enjoyed a night out with her friends at Brunswick’s Etiquette bar. She had only to walk a short distance to get to her home in Lux Way. Eight minutes after leaving the bar, at 1:38 a.m. she encountered Adrian Ernest Bayley. He was the last person Jill Meagher ever saw.

To hear Adrian Ernest Bayley tell it, he’d had an argument with his girlfriend earlier and I guess it left him in an evil, raping mood.

Adrian Ernest Bayley was trolling the Brunswick suburb of Melbourne looking for a victim. When he spotted Jill Meagher he took a chance and grabbed her. He dragged her into a laneway off Hope Street.

Hope Street lane wayJill Meagher didn’t go quietly. Area residents heard her yelling for a bit, and then she stopped. She stopped because Adrian Ernest Bayley had strangled her to death after he had violently raped her.

According to the murderous beast, Jill Meagher had to die because she fought back and threatened to tell the police. I guess the bastard really didn’t want to go back to prison.

I am sure it never occurred to the evil f*ckwit that if he didn’t want to return to prison he shouldn’t be raping anybody in the first place. Apparently, not raping wasn’t an option for him.

At 2 a.m. Jill Meagher’s husband Tom began frantically calling and texting her mobile phone. He tried 80 times before he started searching the area for his beloved wife. He didn’t find her.

Jill Meagher was already gone.

After murdering the unfortunate woman, Adrian Ernest Bayley went to his home in Coburg to retrieve his car and a shovel. He returned to Hope Street unnoticed and placed the body in the trunk. He left her purse behind.

The monstrous murdering rapist drove to Black Hill Road in Gisborne South which is north of Melbourne. There he dug a shallow grave and buried the body of Jill Meagher.

At 6 a.m. Tom Meagher reported his beautiful wife missing. He wasn’t to know that she was already dead and buried.

Cowardly Adrian BayleyFive days later, on September 27, 2012, police arrested Adrian Ernest Bayley. Yay! A security camera in the Dutchess Boutique dress shop had picked up footage of him and his victim on the sidewalk.

By the time the police interview finished, Adrian Ernest Bayley had confessed and had also revealed the location of the body.

“I strangled her,” he told the investigators. “You know it really wasn’t my intention to hurt her. All I thought was, what have I done?”

Riiight. He didn’t mean to “hurt” her. Because raping isn’t the same as hurting in his sick and twisted mind.

Discovery of Jill Meagher“I cried, man, and I dug a hole … I didn’t cry for me,” Bayley told the police.

Riiight. He was oh so remorseful. That’s why he slept late into the afternoon afterward and watched movies and ate kebabs with his girlfriend after he woke up. His remorse was sure short-lived.

“I’m going to jail for a long time… I hope they bring back the death penalty before I get sentenced. I have no life left,” he told the police. “They should have the death penalty for people like me.”

Amen to that.

“How many chances does a person need? They should never have let me out.” Adrian Ernest Bayley never said a truer word.

Incredibly, when the cowardly hellbeast rapist/murderer appeared in court on March 12, 2013, he pled not guilty to murder and rape! Stupid asshole! He later smartened up and changed his plea to guilty.

On June 11, 2013, in a letter read out in court, the beastly Bayley apologized for his actions. Much good that does!

Jill Meagher’s father, mother and husband had provided the court with their victim impact statements. They are all devastated, of course. Jill Meagher had been much loved. She was a very worthwhile human being, as opposed to her vile, vicious killer.

Her husband Tom wrote, “The knowledge that those last moments were terrifying and painful and the knowledge that with her final walk she had crossed paths with evil haunts me every day.”

Tom Meagher additionally wrote, “I am half a person because of this crime. I think of the waste of a brilliant mind… at the hands of a grotesque and soulless human being.”

The defence lawyer asked the court for a lenient sentence so that Adrian Ernest Bayley could be rehabilitated. Hah! What a laugh!

Justice Geoff Nettle will sentence the evil bastard Bayley on June 19, 2013. I shall keep readers posted.

If there’s any good to come of this, there’s the public and political recognition that the Australian justice system had so let Jill Meagher down. If only Adrian Ernest Bayley had served the maximum 11 year sentence, he would have been in prison until this year. If only he had been returned to prison on any of those occasions when he had violated the conditions of his parole, Jill Meagher would never have been attacked and killed.

The premier of the Australian state of Victoria has ordered a full inquiry into how the serial rapist was allowed to be free to rape and kill. Good luck with that.

I’m thinking the Parole Board should be required to hand over their home addresses to the villains they release so arbitrarily. If they are so sure these criminals are safe in the community they should have no problem with that, right?

RIP Jill Meagher. And best wishes to her loved ones.

Adrian Ernest Bayley appealed his sentenced but got no joy. Chief Justice Marilyn Warren, Justice Paul Coghlan and Justice Marcia Neave cogitated for under 10 minutes before dismissing his application.

The nasty bastard will be 76 before he will be eligible for parole. Still too soon IMO.

Hat tip to Lydia for the update.

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33 Responses to Adrian Ernest Bayley

  1. trackstar1973 says:

    Hell if he wanted to kill a woman he should have moved to Texas and shot a hooker. Ezekiel Gilbert just got acquitted of murder because the jury figured he was justified in killing a hooker. She took his money and didn’t deliver the sex. That’s Texas justice for you.

  2. moodymagic says:

    Just how many run ins with the law does it take. I hope there is a life sentence for this prick. Burn in hell Adrian.

  3. bulldoggy says:

    I wish he could be sentenced to death. It is what he deserves. The parole board is culpable too and should be punished.

  4. 2cute says:

    When are courts going to take rape seriously. He was a serial rapist at 19 and he should never have been released then. And when ever did treatment programs ever work — never!

    • Lillith says:

      The only “treatment plan” I’m sure would work for sick cockbites like this one is to remove his testicals & penis with a dull & rusty grapefruit spoon (or a spork could be equally entertaining)with no anesthesia and give him a straw from a juice pouch (ya know, those really thin small little things) to replace his penis so he’ll at least have something to pee out of for the rest of his short & miserable exsistance. Then, before you throw him in the cell with big gay bubba paint him up like the little whore he is and put him in a nice short mini-dress. I guarantee you, he’ll never be able or inclined to rape another woman again so long as he wanders the planet. And just to be sure, everytime he so much as thinks of being anything but a straight laced, hard working, productive member of society remind him that big bubba knows where he lives, where he sleeps & thinks he has real purty mouth….problem solved. Next offender for Dr. Lillith’s rehabilitation program, please.

    • Jamie says:

      I agree with you, 2Cute. He was raping at least 1 woman a month (that they are aware of) practically each time he was allowed free. How in the hell could they NOT believe he would re-offend?!

      This is so maddening! When will the “justice” system realize that rape affects people for THE REST OF THEIR life? How is it justified for a rapist to serve less than a year for each count of rape?! When will they realize that most sex offenders cannot be rehabilitated?

      Wish they’d cut this guy’s penis off WITHOUT using any anesthesia

      • 2cute says:

        Jamie, instead of cutting it off I think they should dip it in acid. Harsh I know but he would get the point.

        • Jamie says:

          Excellent idea! Bet he won’t be turned on by it, that’s for sure :)

          • bulldoggy says:

            Acid? Slicing off without freezing? Sounds like something bengalpuss would agree with. Yikes! So glad bulldoggy jr is safe from your clutches!

  5. pj says:

    Jill Meagher was absolutely beautiful and had so much to live for. Her killer isn’t worth spit on the sidewalk. The world would be far better off without the likes of him sucking on our air and taking up space. He can’t be rehabilitated. His lawyer is off his nut if he thinks he can be.

  6. awesomeblossom says:

    The parole board should be sued every time they screw up like this. Why the hell did they want to wait for his appeal of his sentence for beating up that guy? He pleaded guilty so they knew he was guilty. Who cares if he got 3 months or 3 weeks or 3 years? He was guilty of committing a violent offence so that should have been more than enough to haul his flabby ass back to prison.

    • 2cute says:

      The parole board should have to give serial rapists like this their daughters’ phone numbers when they release the bastards. If they’re safe enough to live among regular folks they’re safe enough to hang around their daughters, right? This guy isn’t too fugly and it looks like he works out so I’m sure the daughters of the parole board members would be thrilled to meet up with him in a lane way. Coz he’s rehabilitated right? He’s had TWO sessions of psychiatric treatment so that should mean he’s more normal than the rest of us who haven’t even had one! Right?

      • Jamie says:

        Have to wonder if this guy had his own daughters and if so it’s be difficult to believe he didn’t sexually abuse them!

        As “rape-happy” as this guy is, I’d think there’d be more victims that haven’t yet come forward.

      • scrappy says:

        LOVE that solution.

  7. Bengalpuss says:

    Jill’s, family should sue the parole boards arse off, because they failed jill meagre. As for this murdering bastards lawyer, what planet is he on? Asking the judge for a sentence so this killer and serial rapist and murderer can be rehabilitated, it didn’t work the last 2 times he was locked up, so you know it isn’t gonna work ever.

  8. Lynda says:

    This man is embodies everything that makes a person sick and evil. He is nothing but a waste of breathable air. I hope he rots in prison and I hope he gets raped over and over again. Why do some men just want to hurt women?

  9. MSM says:

    Australia really seems to have issues where their legal system is concerned – which is rather ironic when you think about it given they were a penal colony and all…

    • Bengalpuss says:

      Msm, i love it, your bang on again. Yes it definately was a penal colony, where us brits shipped our scumbag criminals. The irony now is that australia is the no 1 place where the british, want to emigrate. I like the way they don’t take no shit with immigration, us british should take a leaf out of the aussies book, but while ever we’ve got a bunch of arseole’s running the country, then were fucked. I need to take a leaf outta your book msm, and live by the tranquil sea, ahhh, one can dream. Anyway that said, the parole board dropped the ball on this one, doncha think? And you know what there going to say? Lessons have been learned. I wouldn’t want to hear that bullshit if that was my daughter, i’d be suing whomever, was responsible for screwing up and letting this murdering bastard free to roam the streets.

  10. Ms M says:

    Cleo et al: Update on Bayley – Today given ‘lifetime’ sentence with minimum 35 years non parole. He’s already been warned “your muscles won’t save you in jail” by an ex-inmate. Dead man.

    • Jamie says:

      I surely hope someone beats his ass. He deserves to be slowly tortured before becoming a ‘dead man’ though. 😉

    • Soljah Boii says:

      the thing is, he has fuck all muscles.

      I hope he gets brutally butt fucked in prison by every single inmate and fucked twice as hard by guys that have dicks bigger than 9 inches

  11. Bill says:

    Not only has this coward logged an Appeal for a lighter sentence, because he thinks 35 years is “Grossly Unfair” HIS WORDS.

    He has just been to court again for $12,559 in unpaid parking and speeding fines, and the Magistrate has converted it to 87 days Jail, which he can serve Concurrently instead of added onto his Sentence.

    Why don’t they just give him a Box of Chocolates and let him go !!!

    These Magistrates are Pathetic, Give him Life ” Real Life ” not Australia’s Stupid 25 years Life Sentence.

  12. 2cute says:

    The only grossly unfair thing, Bill, would be if this asshole gets out of prison alive. His victim didn’t survive her ordeal and that was vastly more grossly unfair.

    • Bill says:

      @ 2Cute, I totally agree, I am not a violent Person but I would love to hear he Got whats coming to him in Prison, but they will spend thousands and thousands of dollars to protect him.

      I was just being realistic.

      I wish they would bring back the Death Penalty for Confirmed Murderers like Adrian Baily, Julian Knight “Hoddle Street Mass Murderer”, Ivan Milat “Back Packer Killer”, Martin Bryant “Tasmania Mass Murderer”.

      But realistically Australia will never Bring Back The Death Penalty, but the “25 Years Life Sentence” is Pathetic, If you take a life you should Forfeit your Life for a Natural Life Sentence ” never be released ” at the minimum.

  13. Aussie says:

    Welcome to Australia, home to the most pathetic judicial system in the world.
    Where fines for speeding are triple that of armed robbery.
    Drugs are treated as a lifestyle choice and penalties for use, production and sale are minimal.
    Where judges and lawyers have committed some of the most brutal crimes, but remain untouched due to their position.

    Australia, no longer the lucky country.

    RIP – Jill Meagher

    • Sue says:

      I agree Aussie. It is getting ever worse too. Also one no longer knows who one is living next to. Not a safe place to grow up in. Some Judges and Lawyers are the biggest consumers of fetish brothels because money talks.

    • Bengalpuss says:

      Aussie, i have to disagree with you there, you see british sentences are pathetic. Shoplifters get bigger sentences that rock spiders, and murderers don’t even serve 15yrs of a life sentence, unless they’ve been given a tariff minimum years before they can apply for parole. Even terrorists come to my country knowing that with the court of human shite, they can fight extradition for 8yrs cost the taxpayer 2million, and they don’t even belong here, preach hatred how we all should be beheaded, and the cunt has more rights than me. Just the other day, the home office had a van driving round with a board and a slogan saying “go home, or you will be arrested if you are here illegally” nothing wrong with that. But guess what? The advertising authority have said that its jingoism, so your country isn’t as bad as the uk, because you don’t take no shit when it comes to immigration. Plus this murdering scumbag, has been given 35yrs not bad for Australia

  14. Soljah Boii says:

    thats Victorian law for ya, what a fucking joke Victoria, you guys are the reason why Jill Meagher died, the way you run shit in Victoria is bullshit and you guys should be ashamed of yourselves

  15. Tammy says:

    hey! I’m from Michigan. Where did that “thing” get that shirt from? Was here over HERE raping women? >:(

  16. Outrageous says:

    Welcome….Welcome all!

    Come to Australia. Rape our Women…. We will support you.

    You will not go to jail…We promise. At least NOT for the first maybe 10 rapes…

    We will continually let you out on Bail because we can rehabilitate you! We can fix you. It’s ok…..

    Our Justice System is a fucking joke. Its disgusting and I am ashamed.

    Shame on you Australia. Shame on you to the Government. When Will you learn????????

    – Disgusted

  17. James says:

    Hang him. Let him swing like a puppet in front of women. Hang him high. Sway in the breeze…

  18. Waity says:

    2017 now…. our judicial system is still as weak as ever!

  19. Jodie says:

    Am so so very sorry that Jill had to pay the ultimate price for this hellbeast to finally get locked up for 35years min. Our Aussie justice is embarrassing. It boggles my mind to think “what if” Jill had been someone that society would not have missed? (As much as I hate to admit this stigma still exists in modern times of today) Would he have received yet another slap on the wrist and been given bail to inflict even more pain on innocent woman?

    We need to revert way way way back in time to punish this prick. Torture rack, out in public, where peeps are free to shove wateva, wheneva into every orifice of his body to be carried out over months and months! Wouldn’t want him to die too quickly now would we?

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