Adele Sorella

Adele Sorella
Crime: Murder

When Quebec mobster Giuseppe De Vito went on the lam from Canadian justice, I am sure he had absolutely no idea of the tragedy that would result. Guiseppe De Vito was caught and tried and is now serving a 15-year sentence for gangsterism and drug trafficking. His much harsher punishment for running from the law is a lifetime knowing his absence cost his two daughters their lives.

On March 31, 2009, Sabrina De Vito, 8, and Amanda De Vito, 9, were dead in their Laval, Quebec home. Their grandmother and their uncles Enzo and Luigi Sorella found the girls lying on the floor of the play room wearing their school uniforms. They called 911 and tried resuscitating the girls but the bodies were already very cold.

Amanda and SabrinaThere was no sign of a struggle. There wasn’t a mark on the girls’ bodies, save for a little bruise on the side of Sabrina’s head. They were perfectly healthy little girls, except they were dead.

And where the hell was their mother, Adele Sorella? She wasn’t home. Police began searching for her.

The very next day, Adele Sorella was involved in a car accident on a rural road near her house. The car was badly damaged but Adele Sorella wasn’t injured. She was just sitting in the passenger seat waiting for lord knows what. She refused to identify herself to the first responder but that didn’t stop the police from figuring out who she was.

Police apprehended her at the scene of the car crash.

On April 1, 2009, Adele Sorella was charged with 2 counts of 1st-degree murder. She was ordered to be sent for a 30-day psychiatric evaluation — a smart move considering she’d tried to commit suicide 3 times after her husband went on the lam in 2006.

Pathologist Caroline Tanguay had the difficult job of figuring out how Sabrina and Amanda died. She found no sign of trauma, no sign of poison. But two young, healthy girls just don’t lie down and die together.

Hyperbaric chamberAnd then Caroline Tanguay was told about the hyperbaric chamber in the De Vito home. Sabrina suffered from juvenile arthritis and the hyperbaric chamber was used to ease her symptoms.

A hyperbaric chamber could also be used to kill.

Laval police asked an expert chemist, Jean Brazeau, to test the family’s hyperbaric chamber to see if it could be lethal. Mr. Brazeau discovered that the chamber was completely sealed when it was zipped shut and the outlet valve closed.

Performing tests on the device, Mr. Brazeau determined that a child Sabrina’s size would suffer irreversible brain damage after 4 hours, and a child Amanda’s size would likewise be brain damaged after 2 1/2 hours. If the children were placed in the chamber together, they would have died after 90 minutes.

Adele Sorella, the murderous mother, was found fit to stand trial. On June 23, 2010, over year after her arrest, she sought bail and was released into the community.

Ummm, a woman who was accused of murdering 2 people got bail? What the hell was the judge thinking? In my mind accused killers should be kept away from the population just in case they kill again. That should be a no-brainer for judges!

On October 5, 2010, Giuseppe De Vito was finally caught and arrested on mafia-related drug charges. The poor guy had learned about his daughters’ deaths on the TV news.

I know he was trafficking drugs and breaking assorted laws, but I feel so bad for him that his 2 girls were murdered when he was gone.

Now I don’t know what the hell happened but by April 5, 2012, Adele Sorello STILL had not undergone that psychiatric evaluation. WTF? She killed her kids, got bail after a year, was walking around free as a bird, and didn’t even bother getting a psychiatric evaluation?

The trial was postponed until April 29, 2013. Holy freaking hell that’s a long time even by Canadian justice standards. Over 4 years since the murders!

Adele Sorella pled not guilty. What a surprise.

Adele SorellaOn May 6, 2013, her mother, Theresa Di Cesare, was called to the witness stand. She was the last to see Adele Sorella and the girls before the murders. She said there was nothing out of the ordinary on that morning.

Adele Sorella, I guess, hadn’t mentioned to her mom she was feeling murderous. She didn’t say she was afraid she’d hurt the girls. She hadn’t asked her mom to take the kids for their own wellbeing. She didn’t ask her mom to take her to hospital because she was depressed.

In fact, Adele Sorella was given a lot of family support while her husband was on the run. Her brothers and parents visited her and the girls daily, and ate supper with them regularly.

Adele Sorella was not alone in the world. The girls had extended family that loved them and would have taken good care of them. All their mommy had to do was ask. But she didn’t.

Giuseppe De VitoOn May 8, 2013, Giuseppe De Vito took the stand. He shouldered the blame for his daughters’ deaths, saying, “I blame myself, I guess — yes. Maybe I could have been there. I could have done something, like a father should.”

As much as he blames himself, Giuseppe De Vito wasn’t the one who placed both of his darling little daughters inside the hyperbaric chamber, zipped them in, closed the outlet valve and left them to die.

Caroline Tanguay, the pathologist, testified about the cause of death, and how it was likely the hyperbaric chamber that was used to murder Amanda and Sabrina.

Caroline Tanguay said that if the girls were comfortable inside the chamber they would not have noticed the air was gradually losing oxygen. The girls likely fell asleep and died peacefully. I truly hope that was the case. I hope they had no clue what was happening to them.

On June 24, 2013, after an 8-week trial, the jury found Adele Sorella guilty of the 1st-degree murders of her daughters. And so they should!

Superior Court Justice Carol Cohen sentenced the murderous mother to life with no chance of full parole for 25 years. I hope she never gets paroled.

As gentle and pain-free as her daughters’ deaths may have been, they were robbed of a long and fulfilling life. For NO GOOD REASON!

I don’t know if Adele Sorella intended to punish her husband for running away, or to relieve herself of the stress of being a single mom, but murdering her little girls was pure, unadulterated evil. And for that may she rot and fester in prison.

RIP Amanda and Sabrina.

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7 Responses to Adele Sorella

  1. 2cute says:

    I don’t understand. Why did she kill her little girls? If she was suicidal she should have just killed herself. Why did the girls die and she go on living? Her family loved them. Did she just want to punish them all because she was a useless waste of shit? May she rot rot rot.

  2. pj says:

    Evil bitch. If she didn’t have the chamber what would she have done? Stabbed them? Poisoned them? Suffocated them? Drugged them? Drowned them? Just because she chose a painless death for them doesn’t make her any better than any other killer. Those girls didn’t have to die. It should have been herself she killed, not those innocent children.

  3. awesomeblossom says:

    It makes no sense. Did she have a new man lined up who didn’t want kids or did she just want to hurt her husband as bad as she could. Those poor kids. She should suffer horribly for what she did.

  4. Bengalpuss says:

    Im sorry but i can’t feel sorry for the father. If he wasn’t a criminal scumbag, he would’ve been there for his daughters. I find it hard to feel sorry for someone who has made peoples lives a misery. As for the bitch of a mother*cough* what a selfish cunt she is. Sentence her to death, im sure good old mobster husband can put a hit out on this worthless piece of shit, won’t of had problems organising peoples deaths before, should do it now for this worthless piece of crap. Failing that sentence the child murdering bastard to life in prison no parole. Shit i better be carefull what i say, i might have a price on my head tsk tsk.

  5. bulldoggy says:

    The husband is an asshole who abandoned his family, but she was not the only woman ever whose husband left her, and you don’t see any other divorced, separated or abandoned women kill their children. She was relatively well off considering she had a family who was there for her, and if she was depressed she could have done a better job of killing herself instead of murdering her trusting, loving little girls. May she rot in hell.

  6. wickedgran says:

    She is a heartless narcissist to choose to kill her children instead of handing them over to their grandparents or anybody else who would love them. I hope she finds a razor in her cell and finishes herself off.

  7. Bengalpuss says:

    Isn’t it amazing that this worthless piece of crap was inept at killing herself? For Fuck sake she tried 3 times but was an expert at murdering two little girls. Its a shame her husband can’t put a hit out on her, cos lets face it, she’s using oxygen that those beautiful girls should be breathing not her. It always pisses me off when these lowlife arseholes cannot get it right at their *cough* suicide attempts. Rest in peace beautiful girls, you deserved so much better in life, and I actually have to take back my previous comment, I do feel for the father because he may have been a criminal but at least he didn’t murder his daughters, and I bet not a day goes by that he doesn’t regret not being there to protect them. I would honestly love to know why that bitch took their lives? Here’s hoping her next suicide attempt actually works.

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