Adam Donald Lutz

Adam Lutz

(photo: Waterford Police Dept.)

Crimes: Attempted Murder, Unlawful Imprisonment, Torture

Adam Donald Lutz of Michigan is one pathetic excuse for a son. The 46-year-old Waterford Township man was apparently anticipating the day his mother, Gloriann Lutz, would die and leave him his inheritance. But he wasn’t happy being a part of his mother’s trust. Oh no, he wanted to be the trustee. His mother had appointed his sister to be in charge of her financial affairs, and that made Adam Lutz very unhappy.

See, Adam Lutz didn’t get along with his sister, and he didn’t trust her. “I was worried that my sister was going to write me off totally once my mother was deceased,” he said.

What a terrible way to think about things! His mother was 78 and healthy, and instead of celebrating that Adam Lutz was worried about her will and her money. How crass!

Adam Lutz blamed his mother for what a loser he was. “You’ve taken my life from me. I’ve no kids, no wife, because I’m stuck with you,” he told her. IMO she was stuck with him.

Instead of patching up his relationship with his sister, instead of getting on with his life and becoming an independent man, Adam Lutz went full hellbeast on his mother.

In August 2013, apparently after drinking some booze, Adam Lutz argued with his mother in the Coseyburn Road home he shared with her. About what? Money of course. He had wanted her to make him trustee, and give him $1,000 in cash that very day.

When it became apparent to Adam Lutz that he wasn’t going to get his way, he decided to make his mother pay.

“Mother, I’m going to kill you. You’re going to die. You have eight minutes,” he told the poor woman. His mother was sure he was going to push her down the stairs, but instead he took her to the garage. Adam Lutz handcuffed his elderly mother to a filing cabinet in the garage.

“I kept asking him, ‘Why don’t we talk about why … Why didn’t we go to Red Lobster, somewhere to work something out,'” said Gloriann Lutz.

Adam Lutz was not going to listen to reason. He started up the engine on their SUV, closed the garage door and walked away, leaving his elderly mother alone and choking on the fumes.

Luckily, Gloriann Lutz is no quitter. She grabbed a golf club and managed to hit the switch to open the garage door. Unluckily, the poor woman couldn’t run for her life because she was handcuffed to that damn cabinet.

Adam Lutz returned to the garage to check what was happening, and seeing his mother had foiled his attempt to gas her, he tried again. This time he handcuffed her next to the hitch of the SUV, closed the garage door and left her again, alone and choking on the fumes.

Mercifully, the SUV shut itself off. Apparently it automatically shuts off after 25 minutes. Adam Lutz used a remote starter to get it running again, and again it shut off. For 3-and-a-half hours an increasingly frustrated Adam Lutz restarted the vehicle repeatedly and the uncooperative SUV shut itself off repeatedly.

During those 3-and-a-half hours, Adam Lutz asked his mom repeatedly, “Why don’t you die?” Obviously his intention was to make her die, and he made sure his mom knew it.

Gloriann Lutz, that plucky senior citizen, wasn’t going to die if she could help it. She used a garbage can to breathe in air and to block out the fumes.

After all those hours of fighting with the SUV, Adam Lutz finally gave up. Yay! The murderous bastard threw the keys to the handcuffs at his poor mother and left her alone. Gloriann Lutz freed herself and tried to drive away but her son returned and confiscated the car keys. The gutsy woman sprayed her murderous son in the eyes with hand sanitizer to make him leave her alone. She spent the rest of the night outside, breathing in fresh air and recovering. Besides inhaling the fumes she suffered severe bruising on her wrists and knees.

The morning after her ordeal began Gloriann Lutz made her way to a neighbour’s house and called the police.

Adam Lutz was arrested and charged with assault with intent to murder, unlawful imprisonment and torture.

In September 2014, Adam the f*cktardian hellbeast Lutz was found guilty of attempted murder, etc. His lawyer’s attempt to convince the jury to find him guilty of a lesser charge instead didn’t work. It was as obvious to the members of the jury as it is to me that he intended for his mother to die.

At his sentencing in October 2014, Adam Lutz spoke to the court. He said that he didn’t mean for his mother to die.

“The deal was to strike fear into her and threaten her, not to injure her,” the hellbeast said. Riiiight. As if terrorizing his mother would make her appoint him trustee of her will.

“I stood nothing to gain by killing or injuring her,” Adam Lutz continued. “I still love my mother very, very much and I’m remorseful for everything that’s happened.”

But Adam Lutz couldn’t stop there. Oh no, he just had to blame his mother for what happened.

“She promised me she was going to change the trust two years ago and take care of this, and she hadn’t, and I had been drinking the day of the incident, and I was very intoxicated when this happened.”

Adam Lutz additionally went on to say, “I hope she will forgive me someday soon, too, when I get released from prison, if and when that may happen, and we can have a relationship.”

If his mother finds it in herself to forgive her son for trying to kill her, she’s a better person than I am.

Adam Lutz finished off his statement by saying he was glad his mom wasn’t hurt.

Judge Martha Anderson had a good answer to that. “Sometimes injuries don’t always appear as visible injuries,” she said. “If anything, those heal over time but your mother’s psychological injuries are going to be long-lasting.

“I heard your mother,” the judge continued. “She testified on two different days here in court. I saw the toll that it took on her and she’s never going to get over that, Mr. Lutz. Time may ease it, but she’s never going to get over it.”

The judge then laid out very clearly how lucky Adam Lutz was that his mother hadn’t died. “She could easily have succumbed to carbon monoxide. She could easily have suffered a heart attack. Fortunately for you, she’s a strong woman and she survived.”

And then Judge Anderson asked the murderous hellbeast, “Did you ever try to think about just sitting down and discussing it with your mother? That might have worked better. To me, there isn’t any property on earth that’s worth doing that to a parent.”

To most people there isn’t anything worth trying to kill their parents. But for heartless hellbeasts like this selfish f*ckwad Adam Lutz, her estate was more precious to him than his mother’s life.

Well, Adam Lutz won’t have to worry about food, clothing and shelter for the next while. He’s been sentenced to 23 years, 9 months to 80 years in prison on the assault with intent to murder and torture charges. He was also sentenced to 8 to 15 years in prison for the unlawful imprisonment charges.

Good news for Adam Lutz — he’s being credited for the 412 days he already served in jail. That means that, if he’s lucky, he’ll be out when he’s 68 years of age.

Bad news for Adam Lutz — he won’t have his mother to mooch off of if and when he gets out. And I’m pretty damn sure his sister won’t give him a cent.

The judge wisely prohibited Adam Lutz from contacting his mother. The last thing that poor woman needs is to hear her whiny loser son calling her up to complain about his life. I’m glad she has a daughter who is watching out for her. I hope Gloriann Lutz enjoys a safe, comfortable, and satisfying life. As well, I hope she gets all the support and therapy she needs to recovery fully from the horrific experience.

Adam Lutz will hopefully grow a heart and a soul during his incarceration. Doubtful, I know, but it’s not like he will have better things to do.

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8 Responses to Adam Donald Lutz

  1. moodymagic says:

    This is one sick Fuck. How could anyone do this to their own mother. Blaming alcohol is crap. I hope the 80 years is what you get. Gloriann you are one feisty gal. I am glad you have your daughter watching out for you as well.

  2. Bulldoggy says:

    So did he own handcuffs before he decided to kill his mom or did he buy them specially?

  3. PJ says:

    I feel so bad for his mother to learn the hard way that he loved her money but not her. I bet she supported him financially for his entire life, and gave him almost everything he wanted. She had to know for a long time he was a loser because she trusted her daughter with her estate and not him.

  4. 2cute says:

    His mother is a strong woman considering her age. Kudos to her for figuring out how to stay alive, and for finding the strength to turn her stupid ass son in to the police.

  5. AngryLittleMexican says:

    My moms a pain in my butt but I would never even CONSIDER raising a hand or anything else to ‘strike fear in her’! Someone who gave you life and apparently let him live in her home doesn’t deserve that!

  6. Andrea says:

    He got the handcuffs from his father, who is a deceased former cop. Adam was left alone a lot as a child.
    We spent a lot of time together building forts and riding bikes about 1978. He was really good company and probably my best friend then. His parents divorced and Mom left. He was left to live alone with his father who was gone a lot, it was a big house.
    The biggest problem was probably that money was seemingly constantly thrown at him to make up for it. At 19 (a decade or more later), we ran into each other and went on a date. I was shocked to find him in a high end apartment with brand new high end black leather furniture. I thought maybe he had a great job, because the rest of us were in college and sitting on ratty furniture. Nope. It’s just a case of a guy that didn’t have a good childhood and got used to living like a lonely pampered lapdog poodle. His parents seem very nice, but they failed him too. I liked Adam a lot, will always remember that sweet cute little boy that I’d run down to see after school.

  7. Bengalpuss. says:

    What a trophy horrible little bastard, tryin to kill your mother off so you get the inheritance!! Wicked cunt he is.

  8. AreYouF'nSerious?! says:

    Shhiiiittt… If my mom threw $1000 cash at me I’d probably die of shock, that or go shopping 😁

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