Aco Simonoski

Aco Simonoski
Crimes: Attempted Murder, Felonious Assault

Aco Simonoski of Strongsville, Ohio is not a good family man. The fact that he’s going to prison and his children are pleased about it speaks volumes about the kind of asshole he is.

Aco Simonoski is going to spend a lovely stint in prison because of his particular assholery on August 21, 2009. He and his ex-wife Milka, 51, had an argument. Milka wanted him to move out since, well, they were divorced and he was not that pleasant to live with. She was not happy that their attempt to reconcile wasn’t working, and she was especially not happy that Aco Simonoski was probably having an affair.

I don’t blame Milka Simonoski at all for insisting her ex should move out of the family home on Hollo Oval. Unfortunately, Aco Simonoski had no intention of moving out — at least not without inflicting some serious damage before he left.

There had been previous incidents of domestic abuse, but nothing like what happened on August 21, 2009. This went beyond abuse into the realm of attempted murder.

After the argument, Milka Simonoski left the house to go to church. Hours later she returned with her daughter Bilyana. Aco Simonoski was lying in wait … with an axe.

Bilyana Simonoski did her best to thwart her father’s murderous scheme but it’s hard to argue with an axe.

Milka Simonoski

Milka Simonoski

“He’s like I’m going to kill you… and started to swing towards my mom. I grabbed the axe but he came down and hit me in the hand,” the brave young woman said. The cut went right down to the bone.

Aco Simonoski turned his attention to his ex-wife, and struck her in the head and the back with that axe.

Incredibly, the injured Bilyana Simonoski managed to push the murderous bastard into the garage, but he overpowered her and managed to strike Milka one more time.

Bilyana Simonoski, knowing that her mother’s life was on the line, desperately wrestled with her father and took the axe away from him. Poor Milka was lying on the floor in a pool of her own blood. And Aco Simonoski, according to his daughter, was “laughing and smirking” and saying, “I told you so.”

Bilyana Simonoski pushed her monstrous parent back into the garage, and began screaming, “He killed my mother!”

Her screams were mercifully heard by neighbours. One of them called 911 right away. They headed to the Simonoski house to offer help.

When the neighbours arrived, they saw Aco Simonoski walk out of his garage and light up a cigarette, just as if nothing much had happened. Heartless bastard.

Simonoski house

Simonoski house

Strongsville police officers arrived soon after and arrested the nasty POS f*cktard. They found Milka inside the house, lying face down in a growing puddle of blood, but still clinging to life. A neighbour, Nick King, had applied pressure to her head wound and likely saved her life. Kudos to him!

Paramedics were called and they rushed the horribly injured woman to hospital. The vicious blows from axe had actually pushed part of Milka’s skull into her brain.

Bilyana Simonoski was also taken to hospital, and she required many hours of surgery to repair the horrible injuries to her hand.

Doctors were able to save Milka Simonoski’s life, but the poor woman will never be the same. She cannot see due to the brain injuries. She is now able to walk and feed herself. She can say a few words too.

Bilyana Simonoski said of her mother, “We think she’s in there, but just can’t form the words. Our mom was such a communicator. She was the kindest person and made everyone feel better.”

Milka Simonoski now lives in a nursing home. That kind, loving mother deserved so much better.

On April 20, 2010, the Cuyahoga County Grand Jury indicted the monstrous hellbeast Aco Simonoski for attempted murder, domestic violence and felonious assault.

On March 30, 2012, the cowardly, abusive Aco Simonoski, 52, entered a no contest plea, and on May 2, 2012, he was sentenced by Common Pleas Judge Ronald Suster to 10 years for the attempted murder and 8 years for the felonious assault on Bilyana Simonoski. Those sentences are to be served consecutively. That adds up to 18 years in prison.

All of the Simonoski children had asked that their father be sentenced to the maximum and were pleased that he was.

“Only a monster could be capable of the things he did that night,” Alex Simonoski had said in court. “Only a coward would ambush two women half his size and use a weapon like an axe.”

Judge Suster permitted the siblings to speak to their father in court. Alex Simonoski said, “You’re a coward. You know that? You’ve never been a dad to me. You never will be.”

Aco Simonoski’s response was to tell the judge that he was sorry for what he’d done (riiiight), and that not everything his kids said about him was true.

Hmmm, I think he was referring to Bilyana and Alex telling the court how he had disrespected their mother, insulted her, poured beer on her, even spat upon her.

Aco Simonoski wasn’t too thrilled with the outcome of his trial, so he appealed to the Supreme Court of Ohio. He complained that evidence of the crime scene and victim impact statements were allowed in court. He complained that his sentence was cruel and unusual punishment. His appeal was denied. Yay!

I wish Milka Simonoski and her children all the best. And I wish Aco Simonoski would grow a heart and a soul while he’s sitting in his prison cell. Anyone who can inflict such damage on his family is, IMO, heartless and soulless.

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4 Responses to Aco Simonoski

  1. moodymagic says:

    Bilyana you are one amazing daughter the pain you must have been in and yet you were still able to push that horrible man to the garage twice away from your mother. Aco deserves so much worse than 18 years in prison for harming his poor wife the way he did. Burn in hell Aco.

  2. Supermom says:

    It would cerrainly take an incredible amount of courage to stand in the face of this evil, soul sucking douchbag & have the courage to fight back. Fear is an aweful thing but the driving forces behind it saved her life; and the life of her mother. I just wish the outcome would have better.

  3. bulldoggy says:

    It takes a pissy pants kind of coward to use an ax to win an argument. Did his ex hurt his widdle feefees when she told him to move out? Pathetic excuse for a man. I feel really bad for his ex and his kids and wish them all the best. And I hope the bastard doesn’t live long enough to see freedom again.

    • BENGALPUSS says:

      Widdle feefees? lol, bulldoggy, you are priceless. Yes it takes a big man to wield an axe against two defenceless women, fucking pathetic piece of shite he is.

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