Aaron Hughes & Claire Semmens

Claire Semmens and Aaron Hughes
Crimes: Pedophile, Rape, Child Porn, Animal Abuse

It’s easy to explain Aaron Hughes of Cardiff, Wales. He’s a f*cking nasty, vile pedophile. Everything he does is centred around that fact.

Like all pedophiles Aaron Hughes enjoys child pornography. He has downloaded and collected that disgusting sh*t. He has also produced it.

Aaron Hughes also enjoys raping little boys. He was convicted of raping a 6-year-old boy and served time for that offense (not nearly enough, IMO). He is a registered sex offender who is banned from having any child porn or any contact with children — not that he lets that stop him from satisfying his perverted lusts.

Claire Semmens of Cardiff, Wales, is harder to explain. She was a babysitter in Roath, Cardiff. She looked after young children in her home. And doncha know, her home was right next door to Aaron Hughes and his boyfriend, Hamish.

Yup, Aaron Hughes got himself an adult love interest. To be clear, there is nothing to suggest that Hamish had any pedophilic inclinations whatsoever. I don’t even know if Hamish knew his boyfriend was a registered sex offender.

How convenient for Aaron Hughes that he moved next door to a babysitter. And how convenient for Aaron Hughes that the babysitter, Claire Semmens, had the major hots for Hamish and desperately wanted to ravage him sexually.

Claire SemmensClaire Semmens was no teenager driven mindlessly stupid with throbbing, aching, hormone-drenched lusts. She was a grown-ass woman with responsibilities. But she apparently still had a throbbing, aching, hormone-drenched lust for her gay neighbour, Hamish.

Incredibly, unbelievably, inexplicably, Claire Semmens was willing to do ANYTHING to get her sweaty paws on the poor man. She was even willing to do mindlessly stupid and criminal things.

I don’t know what Hamish felt sexually about Claire Semmens, but likely it was in the nature of EWWWW.

Now Aaron Hughes the boy-raping pedophile knew that Claire Semmens was insanely attracted to his boyfriend. And being a predatory pedophile he used that to his advantage. He got very chummy with the stupid bitch and confided that he was a registered sex offender who enjoyed sex with little boys.

Claire Semmens did not react like a normal, decent woman would. She didn’t report to authorities that a registered sex offender lived next door to a babysitting service. She didn’t tell him to bugger off and keep his distance from her and her charges.

Nope, Claire Semmens did none of that. Instead, she agreed to a deal — she would provide Aaron Hughes with little boys and he would provide her with a chance at a sexual relationship with Hamish.

Again, I want to be clear, there is nothing that says Hamish had any part in this disgusting, twisted, revolting agreement. I’m sure he would have been shocked had he known his stud services were being bartered. I’m sure he would have been absolutely horrified had he known his boyfriend was dickering for sex with little boys.

This is so f*cking insane and evil it blows my mind!!!

Luckily for Aaron Hughes, Claire Semmens regularly babysat little boys aged 3 to 6 in her home. How ideal for a POS pedophile!

The boys’ parents trusted Claire Semmens. They had no idea that the loathsome babysitter was willing to expose their sons to the depravities of a registered sex offender.

Aaron Hughes, with Claire Semmens’ cooperation, obtained naked photos of two of the little boys. But that wasn’t enough for the pedo perv. Nope, there was a lovely 3-year-old boy he wanted to rape.

But how to rape the toddler without getting caught? He’s old enough to tell somebody. Hmmmm. The evil duo decided to sedate the little boy. That’s right, they drugged a helpless, vulnerable 3-year-old.

Aaron Hughes, the lucky pedo, was allowed not only access to a drugged little boy but also access to a comfy bedroom in Claire Semmens’ house. It was there, in January 2013, that the evil bastard sodomized his unconscious victim on at least 2 different occasions.

To commemorate the 2 rapes Aaron the turdstick Hughes filmed them with his cell phone. He watched those videos over and over on his home computer.

I don’t know why so many of these stories involve pedophiles filming their criminal depravities but I’m glad they do. These monstrous molesters are creating the very evidence that can be used to convict them.

Aaron Hughes was shocked when police officers did a routine check on his computer. They suspected he’d been downloading child porn because, hey, he’s a pedophile and that’s what pedophiles do. And that would have been a breach of his sexual offences prevention order.

The officers did not expect to find videos of Aaron Hughes himself raping an unconscious child. But there he was, in full Technicolor, sodomizing a 3-year-old boy. The fact the victim wore different sets of pyjamas in the videos gave lie to the pedo perv’s assertion that it was only one night of rape — as if that makes it any better.

On Aaron Hughes’ computer the officers also found the naked photos of little boys from next door. Investigators quickly enough determined that the children in the videos and the photos were babysat by Claire Semmens. They also determined that the videos and photos were taken in her home.

When investigators seized Claire Semmens’ computer they found child pornography. Apparently the hellbitch had developed a taste for it herself. She’d been downloading it off the Internet. Sick bitch!

Aaron Hughes and Claire Semmens rightly came to the conclusion that the videos and photos on their computers would wind up with their being sent to prison. So what did the 2 f*cktards do? They panicked. And then they scampered.

The demonic duo pawned their jewelry and caught a train to Gatwick International Airport. I don’t know where they were going and probably they didn’t know where they were going. They’d left in such a rush that Claire Semmens’ pet hamsters were left to die of starvation. (That’s the animal abuse I mentioned at the top.) The poor little critters.

Aaron Hughes and Claire Semmens were on the run but apparently they didn’t get far. I can’t find the details of their capture, but I kinda hope the marks on the bitch’s face we can see in her mug shot were from being wrestled to the ground by big, burly police officers.

When they were arrested, Aaron Hughes immediately made the outrageous claim that he suffered from multiple personality disorder! He wasn’t responsible for raping the toddler, I guess because he was mentally ill. Riiight.

Aaron the pedo perv Hughes and Claire the pedo wannabe Semmens were in deep sh*t now. They went to trial at Cardiff Crown Court in May 2014. With the videos and photos that they themselves had taken, they had no defense.

The prosecutor, Laurence Jones, told the court, “The rapes were carried out at separate times – but both were on the same boy and they happened in Semmens’ bedroom. Semmens not only supplied the boy but provided a room which enabled Hughes to commit the act and film it in a relatively safe haven.

“By her own admission Semmens knew Hughes was a child sex offender who was banned from having any contact with children. But she was trying to satisfy Hughes’s perversions for young male children.”

Aaron Hughes, 32, pled guilty to 2 charges of rape, possessing indecent images and breaching the terms of his sex offenders prevention order.

Claire Semmens, 28, pled guilty to 2 charges of causing or inciting a child to engage in sexual activity and possessing indecent images.

Judge Philip Richards told the evil bitch, “You, Semmens, made that child available not once but twice to your pedophile friend and permitted him to carry out his vile activities with that young child in your bedroom. You knew full well he was a child abuser and the level of breach of trust is probably worse than Hughes.”

I get the feeling the good judge didn’t much like Claire Semmens.

Judge Richards described their crimes as “genuinely horrendous offences”, and then said, “Each of you are going to spend a long time in prison before you see the light of day.”

On May 27, 2014, Claire Semmens, the evil babysitter, was sentenced to 16 years in prison. Good! Maybe by the time she gets out she won’t have any lustful urges any more.

On that same day, Aaron Hughes the predatory pedophile was jailed for life. He will not be considered for parole until he has served 12 years in prison. Here’s hoping the nasty bastard never gets out.

Both of these hellbeasts were barred from working with children ever again and they must sign the sex offenders register for life.

I truly hope the little boy is fine and can go on to live a happy, successful life without any stigma or trauma from what was done to him.

And I truly hope Aaron Hughes and Claire Semmens never get the opportunity to harm another child. May they suffer daily in the years ahead.

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18 Responses to Aaron Hughes & Claire Semmens

  1. 2cute says:

    Both of them are freaks! They should both of them never be allowed out in society. They belong in a cage in Bengalpuss’s basement.

  2. awesomeblossom says:

    Multiple personalities? I wonder if any of them are decent human beings. Doubt it! I think he has only one personality and it’s a shitty one at that.

  3. BENGALPUSS says:

    claire semmens will only serve 8years then, but judging by our usual sentences in the uk, they both got dealt with good sentences. death sentence would’ve made me happy, but we don’t always get what we want, at least these two sick fucks won’t be hurting any children for a long time, because we all know you can’t stop nonces, they can’t be cured, unless its an axe in their heads.

  4. bulldoggy says:

    Wish they could get the same fate as the hamsters, locked up and forgotten with no food. Seems fair to me.

    • BENGALPUSS says:

      or bulldoggy, stick them in my basement like 2cute said, we could do some really horrible experiments on them, like seeing if rubbing salt into their mutilated genitals really does hurt as much as citric acid, or making them eat tykes and tullys turds, that sounds like a new flavour of potatoe chips “tykes and tullys turds” lol

  5. zuluzombie says:

    The bitch looks like a zombie! My kind of woman lol!

  6. Rhonda says:

    People like this are so depraved and sick that they can never, ever be cured. The laws need to be changed so people who harm children in this manner never, ever, ever walk free ever again! What’s more I don’t think decent, moral, law abiding citizens should have to be forced to pay taxes to keep low life, looser, scum, degenerate, filthy, pig, monsters like these in three hots and a cot. Especially not to the tune of cable television, job training, school and other such enrichment activities for the next one, two, three, four – however ever many decades until finally at long last they die. No they should get the death penalty and without any chance for appeal either. I mean when the proof is as conclusive as this and especially when the guy has done the same thing before – really how many little boys have to be raped before the powers that be finally get that this man is beyond any and all hope of redemption? Kill them quickly before they have a chance to repent so after they die they can go immediately straight to hell and there burn and roast and fry and suffer for ever!

  7. moodymagic says:

    What really concerns me is the little boy I really hope he is doing well.
    Why the hell were these 2 pricks not charged with administering a noxious substance. Bengalpuss and Rhonda you both said it best.

  8. Jessice11 says:

    Disgusting pigs. It amazes me how these type of people happen to find each other! Hopefully that little boy is safe now :(

  9. Devyn says:

    Why not just kill these people?

  10. fuctup says:

    Is she stoned or concussed or crazy? She doesn’t look normal.

    • BENGALPUSS says:

      I’d go with crazy, she looks stunned, probably because she got arrested, bet she wasn’t expecting that.

      • BeenThere says:

        Is that a herpes sore on her lip? Dazed and confused cuz her ass got BUSTED..
        I would of loved to slap the cuffs her and tightened them up for the ride to PD..Two nasty dirty cunts

  11. CommonDecency says:

    The Sickness of Modern British Society show’s what Happens when
    Liberal Do Gooders and Murderer Lovers put the ” Rights ” of Murderers Rapists Child Molesters and Bestiality Committers before
    that of their Victims

    Animal Abuse is as Worthy as Capital Punishment as Well because
    it Stops the Sicko Pervert Abusing any more Animals

    Some Countries in Europe have had ” Legalised ” Bestiality and
    I am Totally Opposed to the UK following suit even in this Sick
    and Degenerate ” Modern Age “

    • BENGALPUSS says:

      commondecency, the problem is that the british have got a bunch of muppets running the country. I despair some times at the pathetic sentences that they dish out.

  12. BENGALPUSS says:

    There is primeminister kermit the frog, chancellor miss piggy, and home secretary fozzy bear, and not forgetting immigration minister gonzo.

  13. TimeToFaceFacts says:

    People always want to blame society for the ills that individuals do. I reject that and believe that accountability for ones actions is the only solution. Almost every time i read these horrific accounts the perps say they are mentally ill, or the drugs made me do it. I believe in harsh punishments, but also rehabilitation while you do your time. Contrary to what others seem to believe, society is not comprised of animals and our punishments shouldn’t give way to our base instinct for revenge and retribution.

    These two should be locked up for 30 years while doing hard labor so they can repay they cost of society housing them. They should be forced to take rehabilitation programs while incarcerated – and no early parole!

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