Aaron Cutsinger

Aaron Cutsinger

Crimes: Murder, Attempted Murder, Hit and Run

If you believe his mother, Aaron Cutsinger of Hartford, Arkansas, USA, was destined to be alone. According to Cynthia Cutsinger, her boy had ADHD and autism, couldn’t make friends, couldn’t work, didn’t like to be touched and had a boodle of emotional problems. He also abused alcohol, which I’m sure didn’t make him more charming.

Despite these setbacks, Aaron Cutsinger actually managed to find a woman willing to include him in her life — for a while. He should’ve been grateful to have experienced loving, but no, he was too greedy for that. He didn’t want to let her go.

When Leanora Rippy broke it off with him, Aaron Cutsinger didn’t take it at all well. He began sending text messages full of profanity and death threats. He threatened her and her little boy. He hoped they burned in hell.

I guess Leanora Rippy wasn’t responding to him, so Aaron Cutsinger sent threatening text messages to one of her friends with the instructions to pass it on to her.

I’m not sure how it happened, but on September 19, 2015, Aaron Cutsinger wound up with both Leanora Rippy and her 2-year-old boy in his pickup truck. I don’t know why she got into the vehicle, but maybe he gave her no choice.

Aaron Cutsinger drove to Sugar Loaf Mountain Road in south Sebastian County. It was a remote location on a mountain. I’m sure Leanora Rippy was terrified for her safety, but then the hellbeast threw her and her toddler out of the truck. He drove away, leaving them stranded.

Possibly Leanora Rippy was thankful as she walked down the road, carrying her little boy. They were still alive, albeit in a difficult situation. What she didn’t know was that Aaron Cutsinger drove a distance down the mountain road, and then he turned around. He’d decided to kill them after all.

Soon enough Aaron Cutsinger spotted the woman and her son on the road and aimed for them. He hit them with his pickup truck. It wasn’t enough for him. He put his truck in reverse and backed up. That’s right, the evil asswipe drove over Leanora Rippy and her toddler as they lay in the road. He then changed gears, drove over them yet again and headed up the mountain. He eventually turned around and headed back to where his victims were left in the road.

When Aaron Cutsinger got back to where his victims lay, he tossed Leanora Rippy’s bags out of his truck into the undergrowth. Finally content, he drove away down the hill.

The murderous, monstrous hellbeast naturally did not call for help. Instead he washed his truck, bought sandwiches and drove home to watch football on TV. He was probably feeling smug at the thought he’d successfully murdered the woman he “loved” and her baby boy.

Actually, while Leanora Rippy was indeed dead, her little boy wasn’t. That incredible, loving mother had somehow saved him from being run over by the truck.

After Aaron Cutsinger drove away for a final time, the injured toddler managed to toddle a quarter mile down the road. He was found by a family driving up the mountain road. The poor little guy was sitting naked, battered and alone in the roadside underbrush. He had serious but not fatal injuries, bless his heart.

After the toddler’s discovery, a search was underway for his family. His mother’s crushed body was subsequently found. The police used evidence found at the crime scene to identify her and her boy.

Because of the plethora of threatening text messages the victim had received, it didn’t take much for investigators to consider Aaron Cutsinger a prime suspect. They got an arrest warrant for terroristic threatening, and another warrant to search the evil f*ckturd’s home and vehicle.

Despite washing the truck, Aaron Cutsinger left behind some crucial evidence. Police found Leanora Rippy’s blood on the truck’s underside. There’s no innocent explanation for that. Also, tire tread marks on the victim’s shirt matched the truck’s tires.

When interviewed by sheriff’s deputies, Aaron Cutsinger had a story to tell, and then another, and another… All tolled, the murdering shitstain gave five versions of what happened to Leanora Rippy. He first said he wasn’t there and hadn’t seen them that day. He progressed to saying it was all an accident.

Riiight. Running over a woman 3 times was accidental.

On September 23, 2015, Aaron Cutsinger, 25, went into Sebastian County Circuit Court to face first-degree murder and first-degree attempted murder charges. He pled not guilty. In Arkansas, first-degree murder is normally punishable by 10 to 40 years or life in prison. First-degree attempted murder is punishable by 6 to 30 years in prison and a fine of up to $15,000.

leanora rippyOn November 9, 2016, Aaron Cutsinger was found guilty, guilty, guilty. On November 11, 2016, the evil hellbeast was sentenced to 80 years in prison: 40 for the first-degree murder charge, 30 for the first-degree attempted murder, and 10 for committing felonies in the presence of a child. The sentences are run consecutively. The monstrous killer will have to wait 48 years before he’s eligible for parole. I personally hope he’s denied parole.

Leanora Rippy was only 23 years old when she was killed. She was such a loving mother, and should have been able to live a joyous life raising her little guy. RIP, Leanora. I’m sure she’d be content knowing her son is being raised with much love by his grandparents, cousins and aunt and uncle. Bless his heart, I wish him a happy life.

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10 Responses to Aaron Cutsinger

  1. Moodymagic says:

    This is one sick hell bastard. Locking up and throwing away the key is not enough for this hellbeast. A loving mother is dead and a poor child was nearly killed and now is forced to grow up without his mom. Burn in hell Cutsinger.

    • Jeni C says:

      That is exactly how I feel about this, and about that shitstain. Autistic? I am beginning to think this pathetic turd is no where in the vicinity of being autistic. Seems to be just fine from where I’m sitting. I have an autistic cousin, and I have friends and coworkers who have autistic children. He acts in no way like the autistic children I’ve known He drove, he had the mental capacity and ability to think of/plan what he did to that poor young woman and her child. Most autistic kids/adults I know, don’t act this way, and don’t have the mental capacity to do even the most basic of everyday tasks. He knew what he was doing, he seemed to have had a plan, an agenda, for what he did. I am glad the judge and jury saw him for what he really is: a spoiled brat who always got what he wanted and was never told “no” when he was growing up…all because he was allegedly autistic. He didn’t like that his girlfriend rejected him, didn’t like that she wasn’t doing what HE wanted to do. This is exactly what kids nowadays are like. They don’t like to be told no, they don’t like it when people don’t think they way they do, they want everyone to like what they like, and if you don’t think and act like they do, they stomp and throw tantrums. They can’t handle rejection and they have no clue whatsoever how to be a good loser. This guy is exactly like that, but much worse. RIP Leonora. You didn’t deserve what he felt you deserved. As for her precious baby boy, I wish him the best, and hope he has a childhood, and a life, filled with love and support. I just hate it that this little boy is gonna eventually find out what happened to his mother…and what happened to him (thank God he won’t remember any of this). He is gonna know how much his mother loved him, and what she did to protect him. This woman literally gave her life for her child. At least he will have that comfort and will know for a FACT that his mother loved him. TRULY loved him.

      • Vicki says:

        You are an ignorant ass who has no idea what his life was like. You don’t know anything but what you read. It is so easy to judge people when you are not a part of the story. The victims behavioral and drug addiction was not brought up because both families did not want to bad mouth the victim. It was never reported that she called him to pick them up that day. This was a case of two adults both doing something they shouldn’t be doing leaving a child to pay for the rest of his life.

        • Deanna says:

          Stfu Vicki

        • Maranda Cason says:

          Stfu Vicki. Lea was my best friend. And she had been off of drugs long before she got pregnant with Slayde. Stfu about what you do not know. And quit defending Aaron. He was a psychotic piece of shit who tried to kill a baby and his mother. And just fyi, if you knew how manipulative Aaron was, you would know why she ended up in the vehicle with him that night.

      • Sarah says:

        You’re ignorant. Not all people with autism are retarded and can’t drive. It’s a spectrum. Do you even know what autism is? So you must be an expert because you allegedly know someone?

  2. DecentPeopleOnly says:

    Indeed One Evil Bastard and Ignoramus

    Why should Scum who Murder get Parole ? It makes a Mockery of Justice

    In the UK Probably would of got No more than 5 Years if some Disgrace
    of a Judge did Not give a Suspended ” Sentence ”

    This Sadistic Murder Warrants the Death Penalty Not Parole

  3. Brianna says:

    He is my ex, I literally dated him right before this..

  4. Maranda Cason says:

    Leanora Rippy, Had been my best friend since 8th grade. Her son Slayde, is my God son.She was an amazing mom, A wonderful person. I loved her and Slayde with all of my heart. Her smile lit up all who were lucky enough to see it. I miss her so much. It doesn’t get easier, ever. Losing her, not to some natural tragedy, but having her life stolen from her. She died protecting her baby boy. She was the epitome of motherhood. I wish you could have all known her as I did. I knew Aaron too, I hope he burns in Hell. I hope he gets tourtured in prison every day, until he dies, and I truly hope he dies a slow, agonizing death. I truly hope he NEVER finds peace. Rot in Hell Aaron, from which you spawned.

  5. James says:

    Aaron, myself, and another friend of ours grew up together in the same neighborhood in Greenwood. We always hung out together even though Aaron was 2 years older than us and had a vehicle and license way before us. He definitely was slow on some way and was bullied constantly by everyone but most of the people including me didn’t look at it as more than just giving someone a hard time. Once he graduated ( two years before us) he was stuck since he was socially challenged and really couldn’t make any actual friends except for underage people wanting him to drove him around and buy cigarettes and alcohol. Myself and our other friend were the only actual “ friends” he ever did anything normal with. 6 months before this murder we all were on our annual camping trip and everything was normal. But that year I got engaged and the other friend was heavy In college and Aaron moved to Hartford because his parents I guess wanted to retire there. I only visited him one other time about 3 months before this happened to show him my new truck and even then he was fine and no apparent drug addictions or anything could be seen on him. The last time I talked to him before this all went down was a month before.. I still have it on my phone. And all we were discussing was his religious stuff and we talked for a couple hours. Aaron never could figure out his place on society and it was a running gag with the group that every time we saw him he was changing his plans for his life. One day it was college to be a pharmacist, one time it was army, the marine, then one day he was catholic, the next he was messianic Jew then orthodox… he couldn’t figure anything out. The night I found out I could not believe it. No one ever would think he could do this. I haven’t even seen him with a girl at all! I mean there was a time we really did think he was gay or something. So all of this I literally couldn’t believe. No one that knew him would ever tell him that he was capable of this and I even told everyone that he didn’t do it because every time we got into trouble as kids he would be the first to cover for one of us so I thought he was covering for some dude or something. When I wrote him the first time he told me he did it and that it was a drug deal gone bad. So idk… I didn’t know my friend like I thought I did for sure. I am eternally sorry for the mother and so much more sorry for the child… I have a 1 year old son now and couldn’t imagine… even though Aaron is my friend.. he deserves every bit if not more punishment for his deeds. He knows this.. he knows that he deserves it and is sorry but there is nothing you can say to help heal this act. My friend is a murderer my only hope is that God has mercy on him and that he repent and change his ways. I am so sorry for the little man and the friends and family. If I knew he was hiding this drug thing I would have done something. I would have stopped him.

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