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Luc Tieman

luc tieman

Crimes: Murder. On August 25, 2016, Valerie Tieman of Skowhegan, Maine, USA, disappeared from the face of the earth. Now why would a beautiful, married, 34-year-old woman vanish? She was deeply religious, friendly and very talented. She wrote poetry and

Yoselyn Ortega

Yoselyn Ortega

Dear readers, I have received an article written by Epi, to whom I express my heartfelt thanks. — Cleo. Crimes: Murder. No parent who hires a nanny expects to lose their children to murder. A nanny is supposed to love

Kaela Mehl

kaela mehl

Crimes: Murder. It seems a long while since I’ve actually posted a story about a Canadian killer. Well, dear readers, I have one for you today. It is also one of those stories of murder/suicide where the suicide part fails.

Patrick Radebe, Sipho Mbele and Sphiwe Motaung


Dear readers, we have another great contribution by Harper Blythe. I thank her very much for her article. Crimes: Murder, Torture, Rape, Animal Abuse. I would like to reserve a very special spot in hell for Patrick Radebe, Sipho Mbele

Patrick Brooks


Crimes: Murder. It’s a despairing thought that, despite having written about more than 700 hellbeasts, I find there are far more out there. It’s disgusting that I have so many from which to choose. That said, I’ve decided that today

Brandi Worley


Crimes: Murder. I am sitting here trying to comprehend the evil that was in the heart of Brandi Worley, but it truly is incomprehensible. There is no sense to it, no rhyme or reason. It just existed within her, and

Gao Chengyong

gao chengyong

Crimes: Serial Killer, rape, murder, dismemberment. Before I begin the tale of Gao Chengyong, I want to thank my readers for their patience. I haven’t written for a long time, but I’ve been battling a bad bout of depression. The