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Gloria Tiger & Ahmad Murphy Jenkins

Gloria Tiger and Ahmad Jenkins

Crimes: Incest, Pedophile, Rape, Child Pornography Gloria Tiger and her boyfriend Ahmad Murphy Jenkins are two of a kind. Both of them must’ve been spat out of hell because they’re both pedophiles. IMO, Gloria Tiger came from a deeper subdivision

A Bad, Bad Mother


Crimes: Child Abuse, Fraud You know, sometimes I come across hellbeasts who are so totally deserving of being named and shamed, but who remain anonymous in order to protect the identity of their victims. I totally understand that, but it

Nigel Brent Wilkinson

Nigel Wilkinson

Crimes: Serial Rapist Nigel Brent Wilkinson of Bristol, UK, is now a convicted serial rapist. Thank gawd he’s been stopped for now, but seeing as this is a British hellbeast getting British justice, he’s going to be released back into

Ira Task & William C. Byers Augusta

Ira Task, William Byers Augusta

Crimes: Pedophiles, Rape, Child Abuse, Conspiracy, Child Porn It’s a good thing I took my blood pressure meds because learning about these two hellbeasts nearly made my head explode. I am simultaneously seething with rage about these monsters, and heartbroken

Kenneth Earl Seel II & Tiffany Lynn Seel

Tiffany and Kenneth Seel

Crimes: Incest, Pedophiles I don’t know if you dear readers have noticed, but lately there has been a slew of hellbeastly couples. I am completely mystified how the hell these sick and twisted people find kindred spirits, and it’s tragic