Monthly Archives: April 2016

April Nichole Jones & Antavis Dewayne Thornton Jr.


Crimes: Pedophiles, Incest, Rape, Sodomy, Neglect, Child Abuse It’s time once again to expose more hellbeasts to the light. Today’s evil creatures come from Tallapoosa County, Alabama, USA, and they are as evil as evil can be. April Nichole Jones

Christopher Sefton & Lori Lloyd


Crime: Child Abuse Christopher Sefton and Lori Lloyd of Auburn, Washington State are a pair of fugly f*ckturds who deserve the same hell they inflicted upon a little boy — but where the boy was rescued eventually, these hellbeasts deserve

William “Frankie” Dugan & Valerie Ojo


Crimes: Sodomy, Sexual Assault, Incest, Pedophiles William “Frankie” Dugan and Valerie Ojo need to be shipped off this planet. That’s my opinion, and I wouldn’t be surprised if others agreed with me. I totally begrudge them the space and the

Nicole Friedman Hulbig


Crime: Animal Cruelty Nicole Friedman Hulbig of Tennessee, USA, has a whole lot of legal woes coming up involving embezzlement. What I’m concerned about are her past encounters with justice, which IMO don’t constitute justice at all. Nicole Hulbig was

Ashley Russell & Christina Storey


Crimes: Aggravated Assault So WTF is wrong with Ashley Russell and Christina Storey of England? They are, as my dear mother would say, “whackadoodle”. I figure they’re sadistic POS f*ckturds who decided one day to destroy somebody’s life. On the

David Richard Wilson


Crimes: Pedophile, Rape I’m not going to mince words here. David Richard Wilson of Houston, Texas, USA, is a filthy, diseased, baby-raping pedophile. I’d leave it there, but I know you have questions. David Wilson has been a registered sex

Catherine Bartlett


Crimes: Attempted Murder, Arson, Fraud Catherine Bartlett doesn’t deserve to have family and friends supporting her. IMO she doesn’t deserve to have family and friends at all. The woman from Fawley, Hampshire, UK is a fake, a phony, a thief,