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Andrew Frankish & Daniel Frankish

Daniel & Andrew Frankish

Crime: Cruelty to Animals I was all set to write about a rapist, and then along came this horrific story of abuse and injustice from North Yorkshire, England. It features two nasty shitstain brothers named Andrew and Daniel Frankish, who

Adrian Goldsmith

Adrian Goldsmith

Crime: Murder I feel bad for Jill Goldsmith of Wootton Hall Park, Northampton, UK. The 49-year-old wife and mother had been a “caring, fun-loving person who lived life to the full”. She married police officer Adrian Goldsmith in May 2014

Erika Wigstrom

Erika Wigstrom

Crimes: Attempted Murder, Murder Erika Wigstrom of Belle Chasse, Louisiana was really looking forward to having a baby. The 19-year-old posted photos of her “baby bump” on the Internet, and shared with the world every experience of being pregnant including

Ashley Reichard

Ashley Reichard, 26, of Bristol Township. She’s charged with aggravated assault for allegedly abusing her 11-month old daughter – as well as perjury for claiming she had ovarian cancer when the abuse investigation began.

Crimes: Child Abuse Ashley Reichard of Levittown, Pennsylvania, USA, has no shame, no humanity and no human feelings. She puts herself first and foremost, and to hell with everyone else. Even her own baby — especially her own baby —

Chad Earl Frantz


Crimes: Pedophile, Rape Chad Earl Frantz of Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, USA, is going to prison for a long, long time. That’s because he’s a sexual deviant and predatory pedophile pervert. The evil-doer from Goodville was counting on his young victims

Michele Anderson & Joseph McEnroe


Crimes: Mass Murder If life were fair, which it isn’t, then the most evil among us would be destined to suffer the most unimaginable horrors and pain. And if life were fair, Michele Anderson and Joseph McEnroe of Carnation, Washington

Georgette Denise Backman, Steven Raymond Backman & Georgio Backman


Crimes: Elder Abuse I feel so bad for 83-year-old Deloris Pettiford. Crimes against elderly people infuriate me, especially when they’re committed by family members. I spent decades looking after my own handicapped mother, and wrecked my back doing it, so

Wayne Jones & Abbie Jones

Wayne Jones and Abbie Jones

Crimes: Child Abuse, Neglect Wayne Jones and Abbie Jones of Halesowen, UK do not deserve to have children. They had their chance and they blew it. The only thing they did right with their infant daughter was to not succeed