Monthly Archives: January 2016

Jose Flores & Juana Alejandra Damian

Jose Flores Jose Flores of San Pablo, California, USA is more disgusting than an oozing wart on a pig's testicle. That's my opinion and I'm sticking to it. That's my opinion of all pedophiles, and

James Province

James Province I feel so bad for Jason Province of Sarnia, Ontario, Canada. The young man has had to deal with stuff that nobody should have to deal with. He has, I'm sure, gone through

Clint Andrews Williamson

Clint Williamson The FBI has been working on investigating and shutting down secure Internet bulletin boards that are dedicated to the exchange of child pornography and allowing pedophiles to contact one another. Kudos to

Anthony Matthews

Anthony Matthews Anthony Matthews has earned his moniker "The Beast of Brooklyn". He never really was a decent human being judging from his criminal history. As a teenager he'd served 18 months in a juvenile

Jeannie Mae Carpenter & James John Kirksey

Jeannie Carpenter and James Kirksey Jeannie Mae Carpenter and James John Kirksey are a lovely pair -- of pedophiles. The couple from Belmont County, Ohio, won't be able to continue being a

Cody Marshall Baker & Anna Steele

Cody Baker, Anna Steele Anna Steele of Columbia, Missouri didn't deserve to have baby Finley. That's my opinion. The minute she decided to bring her boyfriend Cody Marshall Baker into Finley's life, she

Joshua Keyzer

Joshua Keyzer There is something terribly, horribly, and very frighteningly wrong with Joshua Keyzer of Wayland Township, Michigan, USA. On the surface he looks normal. He was considered a polite, caring, intelligent boy. At 15

Caylen Candy, Chyanne Powell, David Appiah & Sanjay Kalia

Chyanne Powell and Caylen Candy British girls Caylen Candy and Chyanne Powell may have girly names but they certainly have hellbeastly natures. Alcohol was a factor in their crimes, but I