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Darius Lamont Virger & Alexis Jade Cave

Alexis Cave and Darius Virger Thirteen-month-old Diarra Nicole Chappell didn't stand a chance. No chance at all, really.

Richard Brittain

Richard Brittain Richard Brittain of Palgrave, Bedford, UK, is a pathetic, vindictive and very scary individual. He was once a champion of the British TV game show "Countdown", but in all other aspects of

Update on Cleo’s Facial Reconstructions

Cleo the artist The Medical Examiner's Office of Volusia County, Florida, has been keeping me busy with facial reconstructions. I haven't been given express permission to publish all of the cases I've done, but

David Etzel

David Etzel I know that being drunk releases a person's inhibitions and greatly impairs judgment. Some people become gregarious, promiscuous and silly, but others become belligerent, destructive and mean. David Etzel of Florida is

Shaun Joshua Deacon

Shaun Deacon Shaun Joshua Deacon is on the streets of British Columbia again. Damn. He's been described as one of Canada's most notorious child molesters and he's free. Even though he's been assessed by

Yuan Xi Tang

Yuan Xi Tang Yuan Xi Tang is one cowardly shitpile of the dog turd persuasion. And if I hurt his feelings to say that, good! I only hope that all who encounter him in

Richard Soto

Richard Soto Richard Soto of Middletown, Pennsylvania, USA is a POS pedo pervert, and his nameless girlfriend is a POS pedo pervert enabler. The victim was the young daughter of the girlfriend -- a very

Jacqueline Numata

Jacqueline Namata Hell hath no wrath like Jacqueline Numata scorned. Indeed, her wrath comes complete with gift wrap. Her acts of revenge come signed with a bow on top. The person toward whom she directed