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Bradley Shane Jensen & Jennifer Marie Jensen

Bradley and Jennifer Jensen F*cking hell, I found another pedo pair of perverts. How do they find each other? Seriously, do they emit some kind of aura that only pervs can detect?

René Goudreau

Rene Goudreau Lucie Goudreau of Ottawa, Ontario, Canada feared her son, René. Tragically, she had good reason to. The man has a long history of mental illness, including bipolar disorder which must have made life

Gary Dale Baker

Gary Baker Being an older broad myself, I really hate reading about crimes against the elderly. They make me feel particularly vulnerable. And the story of Gary Dale Baker terrifies me. For over 2 decades

George Ross Wilcox

George Wilcox In the best circumstances, justice is meted out immediately. In the worst circumstances it's not meted out at all. In the case of George Ross Wilcox, it took six long years.

Alan Troy

No mugshot I could say a lot of bad things about Alan Troy, of Scotland, UK. I could call him a selfish, greedy bastard. I could call him a murderous, slimebucket f*ckturd. I can

Justice Robin Camp

Justice Robin Camp It's been a while since I've written about a judge. Alas, Justice Robin Camp, a Canadian federal court judge, has given good cause to have an article written about him here.

Susan Warne

Susan Warne Susan Warne of Leiston, Suffolk, UK is a loser. She's a big time loser. She's lost everything to the game of bingo. I kid you not -- she's lost her money, other people's

Jason Schiloh Brown

Jason Schiloh Brown Jason Schiloh Brown of Reno, Nevada makes me sick. Literally sick. I didn't want to write about him because his crimes involve dogs. His crimes are the stuff of nightmares, so

Vegas Bray

Vegas Bray Vegas Bray of San Diego County, California is the girlfriend from hell. Victor Saucedo was her unfortunate boyfriend. They had met while they were serving in the US Navy, but their romantic relationship

Colin Hernandez Mendez & Denicia Alfaro Lleydi

Mendez and Lleydi Colin Hernandez Mendez and Denicia Alfaro Lleydi of Greenville, South Carolina, are inhuman and inhumane hellbeasts. They didn't murder anybody, but that's about the only good thing.

Jason Cazares, Michael William Magidson, José Antonio Merél & Jaron Chase Nabors

Merel, Magidson, Nabors Gwen Araujo of San Francisco, California met Michael Magidson, José Merél, Jaron Nabors, and Jason Cazares in the summer of 2002. She had oral sex with Michael and anal sex