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Louis Ray Perez, Dorothy Grace Marie Maraglino & Jessica Lynn Lopez

Louis Perez All Brittany Killgore of Fallbrook, California wanted to do in April 2012 was move out of her apartment. She'd just filed for divorce from her husband who was deployed to Afghanistan and

Steven Currence

Steven Currence Steven Currence of Billings, Montana scares the ever-loving crap out of me. I kid you not. And the idea that his prison sentence is only 7 years isn't reassuring at all. The hellbeast

Tony Degrafreed

Tony Degrafreed Tony Degrafreed of Indianapolis, Indiana murdered his first wife. Then he murdered his second wife. That makes him purebred demon spawn and a fine specimen of a hell beast. On January 29, 1994,

Daniel McBride

No mugshot Majella Lynch of Southampton, UK, was a vulnerable person. The 51-year-old had become an alcoholic after her parents died, and remained an alcoholic until the day she died. That's not to say that

Paul Anthony Moore, Curtis Ward, & Clarence McGee

crying Nireah Johnson and Brandie Coleman were murdered over ten years ago, but their murders are still very relevant today. You see, Nireah was murdered because she was transgender, and Brandie was murdered for daring to

Lee Khair AKA Lee Michael

Lee Khair/Michael Make no mistake, Lee Michael, formerly Lee Khair, is a cruel and sadistic hellbeast. If you read no farther just know he's responsible for inflicting horrible injuries to a dog, and causing

Jerry Nichols

Jerry Nichols Marrying Jerry Nichols of Crest Hill, Illinois, was the worst mistake Diane Nichols ever made. She was a loving mother, a beloved sister, and a good person who put others' needs ahead of

Muriel Melville & Michael Leith

Muriel Melville It would appear that I'm not finished with Scottish perverts. I've just done two articles about them, and now here's a third. I'm beginning to think that Scotland in particular, and the UK