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Dina Rodrigues, Sipho Mfazwe, Mongezi Bobotyane, Zanethemba Gwada & Bonginkosi Sigenu

Dina Rodrigues Dina Rodrigues of Cape Town, South Africa is the kind of woman you don't want to cross. Seriously, if you value your life or the lives of those you love, don't mess with

Michael Perry

Michael Perry Michael Perry, 21, of Leeds, UK was feeling lonely and friendless. Aww, the poor guy. Apparently he'd been bullied in his younger years and that made him somewhat reclusive. Aww, the poor man.

Alex Anselmo

Alex Anselmo Alex Anselmo of Clinton Hill, New York didn't kill his ex-girlfriend, but only because a concerned neighbour called 911. Thank gawd for concerned neighbours! Alex Anselmo planned to kill his ex-girlfriend, but only

Thomas Morrison

Thomas Morrison As promised, this is my second installment of my Scottish pedophiles named Morrison. Last time I wrote about David Morrison. This time I am writing about his nephew, Thomas Morrison of Falkirk, who

David Morrison

David Morrison I've decided to focus on Scottish pedophiles named Morrison this week. This first one, who is the uncle of the second one, is David Morrison of Grangemouth, Stirlingshire. He's not the sort

David William McLeish

David McLeish I'm feeling very judgmental today (just like I've been feeling every single day of my adult life), and thus I proclaim that David William McLeish of Thriepland Wynd, Perth to be the moral

Traigo Ehkid Andretti AKA Dylan Harold Grubb

Traigo Andretti I'm pretty sure that when Traigo Ehkid Andretti changed his name from Dylan Harold Grubb he thought his life would change too -- more exciting, more successful, and all-round better. Too bad for

James Roland Irvin

James Irvin Once upon a time there was an evil warlock named James Roland Irvin of Mercer County, West Virginia. He possessed magical powers. He could raise the dead and cure illness. Such awesomeness! Such

Shannon Grant McCoole

Shannon McCoole Australian Shannon Grant McCoole was the head administrator of a popular pedophile site. Alarmingly, shockingly, disgustingly, 45,000 people were members of that site. No wonder we seem to trip over pedophiles these days

Michael Gagnier & Christal Natasha Gagnier

Michael and Christal Gagnier Pedophiles, sadly, are so adept at hiding themselves in plain sight. They pose as solid citizens, and often as role models for the rest of us. Their guises