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Edward Carreon

Edward Carreon Edward Carreon of Chicago, Illinois, USA, is indubitably a pedophile. Happily, he's been convicted of sexually assaulting a child, and is now residing in a cozy cell. That's what he deserves -- that's

Hayley Cowan

Haley Cowan I've been busy with a facial reconstruction, but I just had to interrupt my efforts when I learned about Haley Cowan of Tyldesley, UK. There is something very wrong with Haley Cowan,

Ray Ojeda

Ray Ojeda Just before midnight on June 13, 1997, hellbeast Ray Ojeda was driving around Denver, Colorado looking for a victim. When he drove to the 2800 block of Holden Place, he found her. He

Daniel William Marsh

Daniel Marsh Daniel William Marsh of Davis, California, scares the crap out of me. He's a bottom dwelling creature who feeds off of terror and pain to feel good. He's a sadistic, monstrous hellbeast who

Felipe Hernandez & Maria Esther Hernandez

Felipe and Maria Hernandez Felipe and Maria Esther Hernandez of Orange County, California, fooled a lot of people for a long time into believing they were decent folks. They became foster parents, taking

Bradley William Lemay

Bradley Lemay A woman in Camden, Maine, had needed some work done on her property back in 2008. She needed help with landscaping, mowing and general cleaning, so she hired Corey and Lise Prock to

Scott L. Gifford

Scott Gifford If Scott L. Gifford of Nobleboro, Maine, was ever normal, it must've been when he was very, very young. He became a sexual predator before he was 10 years old when he began