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Cleo’s Got A Project!

Cleo's got an art project! Cleo's busy, busy, busy making art! Yup, I'm making faces again. Click on the link and learn all about it!

Johra Kaleki

Johra Kaleki My own mother, R.I.P., wasn't perfect, but I considered her wonderful. She never yelled at us, or insulted us. She didn't spank us or ground us. She was quiet, considerate and thoughtful,

Horacio Piombo & Benjamin Sal Llargués

Argentine judges Horacio Piombo & Benjamin Sal Llargués I am admittedly outraged by the outrageous actions and attitudes of Argentinian judges Horacio Piombo and Benjamin Sal Llargués, and I

Joseph William Wehage

Joseph Wehage Joseph William Wehage, aka Joseph William Brestler, of Portland, Oregon, had a history of sex crimes. In 1997, when he was 23, he was convicted of possessing child pornography, and was ordered to

Susan Monica

Susan Monica See this here woman? And yes, that is a woman, I promise you. She's crazy, and not in a nice way. She's psycho killer crazy, and she definitely belongs on this site. She's

Mark Jones

Mark Jones Sarah Jones of Pontnewyyd, south Wales, UK, didn't realize it but her father, Mark Jones, had done her a big favour by walking out of her life when she was a child. Why?

Edwina Louis, Bobbi Sue Pack & Juan Carlos Sanchez

Louis, Pack and Sanchez I know that I'm sounding repetitive, but life is SO UNFAIR that some people who would make wonderful parents can't have children, yet others who are downright evil, depraved

Blake Leggette & Victoria Lea Henneberry

Victoria Henneberry and Blake Leggette Loretta Saunders, a 26-year-old Inuk woman from Labrador, Canada, had worked hard to get her life on track. She'd dropped out of high school in Grade 9,

Diane Davy & James Davy

Diane and James Davy Poor Viola Simonds, she deserved so much better. The elderly former nurse from Ontario, Canada had made the horrible decision to give her daughter, Diane (aka Diana) Davy, power

Stuart Young

Stuart Young Stuart Young of Edinburgh, Scotland must be sweating bullets right now. He is waiting to hear his sentence, and odds are good he won't get any lenience. The big day is May 28,

Christian Jorgen Fahnoe

Christian Fahnoe As you like have surmised, I am indeed a judgmental person. I don't pretend to be otherwise. I get particularly judgmental when I'm writing about individuals who subject the most vulnerable among us