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Henry Chau Hoi-leung

Henry Chau Hoi-leung Henry Chau Hoi-leung, of Hong Kong, was mad at his folks. I mean really mad. Murderously mad. I think it's because they had spoiled him rotten. His mother, Siu Yuet-yee, and

Landrum David Robbins

Landrum Robbins Know what I hate more than pedophiles? Pedophiles who blame the victim. Landrum David Robbins of West Virginia is one such beast. In his twisted brain, he actually believes that his young victim

Raymond Miranda & Ruben Melanson

Raymond Miranda Raymond Miranda, 15, and Ruben Melanson, 16, of Southern California are off to a frighteningly bad start in life. In April 2014, when they were only 14 and 15, they almost became

Honolulu John Doe

John Doe 3D facial reconstruction This, dear readers, is my first attempt at a John Doe. I have hesitated to make a facial reconstruction of a man because of the many combinations

Duwayne Shaun Henry

Duwayne Henry Duwayne Shaun Henry is nothing better than a low-down, nasty stain on the underpants of British society. He fancied himself a super villain and even dubbed himself "the Ripper". In reality, he

Chelsea Maree Huggett

Chelsea Maree Huggett Aliyah Marie Branum was a disabled little girl whose entire 2 years of life were hell. She was born with a pile of disabilities, including a deformed right eye that

Jesse Peyton Rose

Jesse Rose On Easter Sunday, 2014, Sandra Jean McKinney of Red Mountain, California, was reported missing. It was a shock to the small community because she was well known and much loved by residents. The

Ian Watkins

Ian Watskins It might come as a shock to some people that I have absolutely no clue about the band Lostprophets and their music. Actually, it should shock nobody, mainly because I'm sure old

Brian Malley

Brian Malley Brian Malley seems an unlikely sort of killer. He was the respected owner of a money management firm, Assante Wealth Management, in Red Deer, Alberta, Canada. He advised people about investments for a

South Padre Island Jane Doe

Jane Doe 10708 On October 10, 2012, a man walking along the beach on South Padre Island, Texas, spotted some coyotes dining on something in the sand dunes. It turned out to be a

David McDougall

David McDougall If I had my way, David McDougall of Fife, Scotland would never see the light of day again. Lucky for him I'm not in charge. I have no compassion whatsoever for serial rapists.

Alan Justin Smith

Alan Justin Smith In February 2013, Susann Smith of Bothell, Washington, died. The 37-year-old mother of two didn't die easily. In fact, it was a brutal death. She'd been violently attacked in her bedroom