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Michael Marshall & Sharon Glass

Sharon Glass and Michael Marshall Sharon Glass of Titusville, Florida, began a relationship with Michael Marshall in 2009.

Wayne Sperling & Lorinda Bailey

Wayne Sperling and Lorinda Bailey The children of Wayne Sperling and Lorinda Bailey of Denver, Colorado, would have been better off if they'd been raised by neanderthals. I'm serious. Prehistoric cave-dwellers would

Mary Rader, Deana Beighley & Dennis Beighley

Mary Rader and Deana Beighley Mary C. Rader of Greenville, Pennsylvania, along with her mother, Deana Beighley, and her stepfather, Dennis Beighley, are really lucky people. They might not feel so lucky,

Allen T. Rockwood & Christine Tumulty

Allen Rockwood and Christine Tumulty First the good news: the baby lived. And more good news: the baby recovered. The bad news is that the 5½-week-old infant had been horribly abused

Mikeal Shane Pruett

Mikeal Pruett It's not often that I can name incestuous pedophiles, which is too damn bad but totally understandable. We have to protect the children, after all. But this is my lucky day -- I

Harby Ausbon Burden

Harby Burden Four-year-old Ausbon Juan ("AJ") Burden deserved better. He deserved a life full of love and free from fear. He deserved days filled with laughter instead of screams. He deserved childish joys instead of

Joshua Varey, Shaun Mullens & Paul Ashworth

Joshua Varey, Shaun Mullens, Paul Ashworth East Lancashire, UK, has some unsavory characters roaming about -- nasty fellas who enjoy watching animals suffer and die. I'm talking about Shaun Mullens of

Elaine Campione

Elaine Campione Elaine Campione of Ontario, Canada, is sick in the head, but she knew full well that what she did was wrong. She knew full well that she was a monster, and she admitted

Two People Behaving Badly

Lauren and Humphrey I learned about this story yesterday, and it's a shocking case of hellbeastly behavior. The two participants are both the victims and the victimizers. Neither are going to the

Matthew David Ayers & Patricia Allana Edmond Ayers

Matthew and Patricia Ayers Matthew David Ayers and Patricia Allana Edmond Ayers of Florence, Alabama, got their asses handed to them by Judge Mike Jones of Lauderdale County Circuit Court.

Maria del Carmen Granados Fajardo

Maria del Carmen Granados Fajardo Hell hath no fury like Maria del Carmen Granados Fajardo scorned. Her ex-boyfriend, Victor Hugo Sanchez, found that out the hard way. He found out that she