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Naveed Ahmed

Naveed Ahmed What the hell is wrong with the world these days? I know that makes me sound like an old broad but hell, that's what I am. What I'm referring to is the

Jodi Russell

Jodi Russell Jodi Russell of Halesowen, West Midlands is absolutely one of the most self-absorbed people I've heard about. She's a single mother, heaven help her kids, and seems to live her life around the

Timothy Tucker

Timothy TuckerTimothy Tucker, 51, of Michigan, is one evil turdpile. Already I'm calling him a nasty name but he's deserving, believe me. He's a woman beater and a dog killer. If you still

William Paul Cisneros

William Paul Cisneros William Paul Cisneros, 51, of Coos Bay, Oregon, is probably feeling very sorry for himself right now. And so he should -- he's got 600 months of prison time ahead of

Shawn Ryan Grell

Shawn Ryan Grell Since I began this blog in September 2011, I have written about 500 articles. I have despised and detested every one of the 500+ hellbeasts posted here, but I

Marc Partridge

Marc Partridge Look closely at this face, ladies. It belongs to Marc Partridge of Accrington, UK. He is a convicted rapist. He is not a fellow you want to get close to. Marc Partridge won't

Markiece Palmer & Dina Palmer

Markiece and Dina Palmer Dina Palmer, née Harris, originally of Illinois, was having a crisis of faith in 2011. And then she went on the Internet. And lo! she found her faith renewed

Roland McKoy

Roland McKoy To call Roland McKoy, of Hackney, east London, a hellbeast is an understatement. His sick, twisted and evil nature is such that I am tempted to label him the devil himself. I cannot

Kenneth Alex Grad & Laura Grad

Laura and Kenneth Grad Not everyone is cut out to be a good parent. I should know because I've literally written about hundreds of hellbeastly parents who have killed or nearly killed their

Thomas Fleming & Autumn Ash

Thomas Fleming and Autumn Ash Here we go again! A couple of hellbeastly pedophiles meet, begin a relationship and then begin to rape and molest children together to spice up their sex

Savannah Humphrey

Savannah Humphrey On June 12, 2013, 3-month-old Evianna Burke of Clarksville, Tennessee, nearly died. She'd started the day a happy, healthy, cooing baby as evidenced by the video her babysitter had recorded at 12:45 pm.

Christian Ferdinand

Christian Ferdinand Shaniesha Forbes was a smart and pretty 14-year-old from Brooklyn, NY. And like a whole lot of 14-year-olds she had a Facebook account. Being such an attractive girl she attracted male attention, unfortunately