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Luka Rocco Magnotta

Luka Magnotta The time has come to write about Canadian hellbeast Luka Rocco Magnotta. It's an ugly story about a heinous crime committed by a subhuman creature completely lacking in the human qualities of compassion,

Roger Dennis Owens

Roger Owens I'll start off by telling you that the dog lived. It's a terrible, horrible story, and if you're anything like me you want to know about the dog's fate before you read

Nikolas Stefanatos

Nikolas Stefanatos Nikolas Stefanatos, of Brossard, Quebec, is not merely a lousy boyfriend. He's a dangerous boyfriend. Tanya St-Arnauld found that out the hardest way possible. In August 2012, Tanya St-Arnauld and Nikolas Stefanatos had

Anthony Christie & Kirsty Marie Henderson

RIP Elsie I do not have Anthony Christie's photo. I do not have his girlfriend, Kirsty Marie Henderson's photo either. What I do have are photos of their dog, Elsie -- photos that seriously make

Steven Edward Alcorn

Steven Alcorn Steven Edward Alcorn of Calgary, Alberta, Canada, disgusts me. I should hope he disgusts most people. His lawyer would like us to think that he's made great strides in his rehabilitation, but we're

Jolly Tumuhiirwe

Jolly Tumuhiirwe Jolly Tumuhiirwe of Uganda is precisely not the sort of person you'd want to hire to care for your baby. Unfortunately, her employers, Eric Kamanzi and Angella Mbabazi, found that out the hard

Erik Austin Flores & Mariah Rita Sugg

Flores and Sugg I consider the employees of the Marinello School of Beauty in Victorville, California to be heroes. They saved 3 children from abuse, torture and possible death. Kudos to them! The Marinello

Emma Frampton

Emma Frampton I've recently learned that crime does pay in Bradford, England -- at least for thieving bookkeepers. The particular thieving bookkeeper I'm writing about is Emma Frampton, whose sticky fingers nearly gutted her

Angela Faye Stoldt

Angela Stoldt I am tempted to think that Angela Faye Stoldt of Deltona, Florida, is a raving loon. What she did is beyond the realm of sanity, in my opinion, and beyond the realm

Jason Scott McNeal

Jason Scott McNeal Not all criminals are criminal masterminds, thank goodness, and their stupidity can be almost amusing. Jason Scott McNeal of Huntsville, Alabama is no criminal mastermind. He's a stupid, f*cktardian rapist, as

Donnie Anderson, William Antone Edwards, Demontt Allen, Michael Martin, Irkis Forrest, Sandy Brown, Edward Duckworth & Jennifer McDonald

Donnie Anderson, William Antone Edwards, Demontt Allen, Michael Martin, Irkis Forrest, Sandy Brown, Edward Duckworth & Jennifer McDonald

Timothy Loehmann

Timothy Loehmann For the most part it's been my policy to wait for a trial and verdict before posting a hellbeast on this site. But based upon recent events in the U.S., I have my

Archie Collicutt

Archie Collicutt This little beast scares me. Archie Collicutt is his name, and he looks like someone who you'd expect to see on a high school debating team or chess club. Pompous, self-opinionated maybe, with

Robert Harold Scott Jr., Kanealeen Latouche, Shaniesta Kenay Banks, Shavonna Lakita Whitfield, Nina Renee Calderon & Sierra Danyelle Halsey

Robert Scott Jr So here's a question for you: how much money would it take for you to agree to make child porn with your child? Say you were really desperate for money --