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Arthur Robert Brokop

Arthur Brokop Arthur Robert Brokop of Farmington, New Mexico, just didn't learn his lesson. That's not surprising because he's a pedophile, and pedophiles never change. Arthur Brokop was first exposed as a pedophile back in

Anthony Novellino

Anthony Novellino Anthony Novellino, of Denville, New Jersey, told people his ex-wife, Judith, was a pig. He'd been married to the woman for 37 years before she divorced him. He last worked as a security

Maryann Castorena & Anthony Alfred Delagarza

Anthony Delagarza and Maryann Castorena Jose Patricio Hernandez of Grand Haven, Michigan, was in love. The object of his affections was Maryann Castorena. I personally don't see any particular beauty in the

Dr. Myles Bradbury

Dr Myles Bradbury Pedophiles are sneaky bastards. Not all are disgusting creatures that hang around playgrounds to grab a child, although some are. Pedophiles often hide in plain sight, cloaked in respectability by

Dr. Robert Ferrante

Dr. Robert Ferrante Forty-one-year-old neurologist, Dr. Autumn Klein, wanted a baby. She and her much older husband, Dr. Robert Ferrante, already had a 6-year-old daughter, but she wanted a sibling for her. I'm sure

Susan, Joan & Rebekah Gensiak

Gensiaks I used to work with special needs children way, way in the murky past. I met many young people with a variety of physical or mental disabilities, and the ones I most enjoyed were those

April Cleary McGlamery & Robert Bauguss

April Cleary McGlamery April Cleary McGlamery of Millers Creek, North Carolina, is a freak. No, I'm not talking about her appearance. In fact I shall do my best not to mention her appearance, because

John Balyo & Ronald Lee Moser

John Balyo Evil comes in many guises, including Christian radio hosts. John Balyo, 35, of Grand Rapids, Michigan is most certainly evil incarnate. The loud and proud, married Christian was really a predatory pedophile in

Miguel Mejia-Ramos

Miguel Mejia-Ramos Deisy Garcia of Queens, New York, lived in fear of her husband, Miguel Mejia-Ramos, for months. She feared not only for her own life but for the lives of her two baby girls.

Cincinnati Jane Doe (aka Pearl Lady)

Pearl Lady A funny thing happened when I was about to post this latest Jane Doe. She was identified just days ago. I am pleased as heck that she's no longer unclaimed, but I am

Steven Edward Kaine Akers

Steven Akers Steven Edward Kaine Akers is a big, tough guy. Yeah, he's really tough. He's ready to duke it out with anybody, it seems -- at least anybody who doesn't have a chance of

William Rodgers

William Rodgers Sherri Ann Rodgers of Mount Vernon, Washington was only 48 when she died, but she sure packed a lot of living into her life. She got her BA and Masters in Environmental Sciences,

Steven Joseph Bruno

Steven Bruno Ernest Joseph Bruno, 60, was living a fairly comfortable life -- not perfect but comfortable. The man was a businessman whose company, EJB Wholesale, sold specialty golf-related products and embroidered golf tournament shirts.