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Stevie Michael Irwin

Stevie Michael Irwin OK, this is a ridiculously short story in the telling, with not much in the way of details. Still, it's the story of a hellbeast who most deservedly belongs on this

Cathy Lynne Lentini née Piper

Cathy Lentini Beulah Dickerson of Raleigh, North Carolina, lived to the ripe old age of 91. Tragically, she didn't die of old age. The much-loved mother and grandmother died of blunt force trauma. What a

Loren Marita Fothergill & Nicholas James Murdoch

Loren Fothergill and Nicholas Murdoch In October 2008, Loren Marita Fothergill and Nicholas James Murdoch of Brisbane, Australia became a couple. They had a lot in common, apparently. Both came

Gemma Gaye Killeen

Gemma Killeen Gemma Gaye, what a pretty name. It's the kind of name a mother would give to her infant daughter with visions of her growing up to be pretty, bright and very happy. It's

Amanda Dianne Arellano & Daniel Kelly Copeland

Amanda Arellano Yet again I am left to wonder how hellbeasts find each other. Daniel Kelly Copeland of Fort Valley, Georgia, is a drug-using pedophile. His girlfriend, Amanda Dianne Arellano of Knoxville, is likewise a

Darren John Morgan, Shirley Ann Veronica Bulsey & Ivan Ronald Morgan

Darren Morgan I really feel very bad for the people of Oombulgurri. The small community in Australia's Northern Territory was located in an extremely remote spot, accessible mostly by plane -- by road only during

Jose Luis Aguilar

Jose Aguilar Jennifer Reedy of Richland, Washington, has received a whole lot of online hate and blame. I found it quite shocking what individuals have said about her, from calling her a brain dead slut

Justin Christien Bourque

Justin Bourque Justin Christien Bourque has just done Canada a favour -- he pled guilty to 3 counts of 1st-degree murder and 2 counts of attempted murder. I, for one, am relieved that we

Stephen Mark McDaniel

Stephen McDaniel Lauren Teresa Giddings did not stand a chance. The beautiful young woman, who had just graduated from Mercer University's law school, had no idea that a fellow graduate was obsessed with her. She

Tabetha Van Holtz & Steven Gallegos

Tabetha Van Holtz and Steven Gallegos A month before Leland Valdez turned 3, his father, Andrew Valdez, discovered that the toddler's body was covered in bruises. Naturally he asked the

Charles Reed Black

Charles Reed Black When Lisa and Charles Reed Black got divorced in 2013, you could only be surprised it took so long. They'd only been married for 9 years, but if I were Lisa