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Ronald Dimambro Jr.

Ronald Dimambro Jr The story is depressingly similar to so many others on this site. A toddler lies dead or near death after being severely beaten and the live-in boyfriend of the mother is

Five Reasons Why Rapists Deserve No Mercy

Guest Writer Daphne According to a 2011 report by the National Crime Victimization Survey (NCVS), an estimated 217, 331 rapes and sexual assaults were committed in the U.S. that year alone. That statistic is shocking

Michael Eugene Richardson

Michael Richardson Michael Eugene Richardson murdered 3 people, and almost murdered another. If anyone deserves the death penalty, he does. In 1975, James Johnson was a cab driver in North Carolina. He had the horrible

Juan Olmos

Juan Olmos Eighteen-year-old Juan Olmos is no longer a threat to the women of Fort Worth, Texas. That's because he's in prison for the rest of his unnatural life. And that's exactly where he

Shawn Bansfield

Shawn Bansfield Canadian hellbeast Shawn Bansfield is a bad man. He knows he's a bad man which is why he uses the names Rene Shawn Bansfield, Shawn Rene St. Denis-Bansfield, Justin Michael Ryan, Ryan Windover,

Kevin McDonagh, Dean Smith & Paris Green

Green, McDonagh, Smith Kevin McDonagh, Dean Smith and Paris Green are convicted murderers. Robert Shankland was their unfortunate victim. That's the short version. The long version is a lot harder to deal with.

Scott Garrett

Scott Garrett Twin toddlers Logan and Olivia had a rough start to life. Their mother, Angela Ozuna, had a history of drug abuse and prison sentences. She was a neglectful mother, thanks mostly, IMO, to

Nicky Lee Anderson

Nicky Anderson Nicky Lee Anderson of Catawba County, North Carolina, is a pedophile. His victim was a mere 10 years old when she was first raped by this disgusting hellbeast. That was in December 2011.

Michael Richardson

Michael Richardson Lookee what we have here. Another pedophile who has so thoughtfully covered his face and body with tattoos. I love when they do that because it makes them so very identifiable. I hope

Ivan Andrew Campbell

Ivan Campbell Ivan Andrew Campbell of New Zealand is an unrepentant, sadistic pedophile. He didn't change for the better the whole time he was in prison because he really doesn't want to change. He's quite

Osvaldo Rivera

Osvaldo Rivera Osvaldo Rivera of Camden, New Jersey, USA, is a truly evil man, and thankfully a jury convicted him of his truly evil deeds. In September 2012, Rivera broke into an occupied home

Michael Smith & Robert Halder

Robert Halder and Michael Smith Michael Smith of Bransholme, Hull, UK is a pedophile. His cousin, Robert Halder is also a pedophile. Both men share an interest in young boys. They also

Garfield Boothe & Nichelle Boothe-Rowe

In 2009, Shakeil Boothe was sent from his grandmother's home in Jamaica to Toronto, Ontario, where his father and stepmother lived. His mother wanted him to have more opportunities and a

Chun Qi Jiang

Chun Qi Jiang I know it's been a while since I've written about Canadian hellbeasts but I've been waiting patiently for verdicts. And now we have one in the horrific case of the hellbeastly