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Samuel Onyenweaku

Samuel Onyenweaku In my youth (a few decades ago) I used to work in a nursing home and I vowed then to never put my handicapped mother into that situation. I cared for Mom for

Andrew Michael Wilson

Andrew Wilson Andrew Michael Wilson of Wakulla County, Florida, could've had it all. He had a young, beautiful girlfriend and a baby boy. Too bad he also had a vicious, vindictive and jealous nature. Too

Michael W. Sherman

Michael Sherman Michael W. Sherman of Hutchinson, Kansas, did one right thing. That's one right thing in the middle of a whole shitload of wrong. He confessed. And that was enough to make

Stephen Douglas Hoffman

Stephen Douglas Hoffman Stephen Douglas Hoffman of Azusa, California must've felt like such a big man when he struck Malaikye Payne in the head. Yup, he's a real man. He trounced Malaikye Payne

Fiona Morag Donnison

Fiona Donnison Fiona Morag Donnison of Lightwater, Surrey, has a narcissistic personality. Psychiatrists have said so. And if you don't know anything about narcissistic personalities, just know you shouldn't mess with them. It won't end

Robert Edward Molinski & Mary Leann Webb

Robert Molinski and Mary Webb Baby Piper and her twin sister, Ella, had the horrible luck of being born to 2 massively evil hellbeasts, Robert Molinski, of Virginia, and his f*cktardian girlfriend,

Justin Lee Alston & Brittany Nichole Oliphant-Alston

Justin and Brittany Alston Magon Rutledge and Caleb Fuller of Hood County, Texas, saved a baby's life back in December, 2011. That was pretty awesome of them, especially considering they were teenagers at

Jarrod Wyatt

Jarrod Wyatt Taylor Powell's family remembers him as a big teddy bear, and a "generous, free spirit with a quick loving smile" according to his mom. Tragically the rest of the world, when they

Laura Jean Shoulders

Laura Jean Shoulders Geez, it seems like there's been a real infestation of pedophiles on this planet lately. Jeanie (Laura Jean) Shoulders of Burns Flat, Oklahoma isn't a particularly clever sort of pedophile --

Heather Leann Horst & Aaron William Allen

Heather Horst Brandon Horst, of St. Paul, Minnesota, was a staff sergeant with the National Guard's 133rd Security Force Squadron. He worked at the Airlift Wing, and I think he liked it because he re-enlisted

Rachael L. Baker, Gary T. Cramer & Stephanie Bennett

Baker, Cramer and Bennett When you have the New Jersey Internet Crimes Against Children Task Force, the New Jersey State Police Digital Technology Investigations Unit, NJSP Cyber Crimes Unit, NJSP Missing Persons

Camille Solomon-Eaton & Caleb Wade

Camille Solomon-Eaton Camille Solomon-Eaton of Brooklyn, New York, is going to pay a heavy price for her f*cktardery. That's as it should be. Thank goodness, and thank law enforcement, that her f*cktardery was nipped