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Shane Swindall Chambers

Shane Chambers Shane Swindall Chambers, 31, of Michigan, is an old lady's nightmare. Seriously. What he's done to 2 old ladies is horrific, and I have no doubt he'd do it again to a

Aaron Hughes & Claire Semmens

Claire Semmens and Aaron Hughes It's easy to explain Aaron Hughes of Cardiff, Wales. He's a nasty, vile, revolting pedophile. Everything he does is centred around that fact. Like all pedophiles Aaron

Cassandra Elyse Norwood

Cassandra Norwood Josiah Lucas Norwood is a nice name for a baby boy. It's the kind of name you could imagine belonging to a teacher, a lawyer, a doctor. Unfortunately the baby named Josiah Lucas

David C. Wise

David C. Wise David C. Wise of Indianapolis, Indiana certainly has a friend in Marion Superior Court Judge Kurt Eisgruber. And for the life of me I can't understand it. Why the hell

Christopher Bour & Natisha Hillard

Christopher Bour I can totally believe that approaching the FBI would be nerve wracking. IMO, most people wouldn't even want to be on the FBI's Christmas card list, much less on their watch list. But

Alan Robert Johnson & Jennifer Sparks

Alan Johnson and Jennifer Sparks Alan Robert Johnson and Jennifer Sparks are too stupid for their own good and too evil for anyone else's good. I am pleased to report that these

Joseph-Charles-Philippe Côté

Joseph Cote Eighty-three-year-old Joseph-Charles-Philippe Côté of Montreal, Quebec is a pedophile, and he is finally facing justice for his disgusting crimes. I'm pretty sure Joseph-Charles-Philippe Côté figured he'd evade justice in Canada because he committed

Sarah Cullen

Sarah Cullen I really have to wonder why the hell anyone who disliked other people's children would become a daycare worker or a nanny? Sarah Cullen of Omaha, Nebraska might have the answer. She worked

Albrecht Gero Muth

Albrecht Muth I guess Albrecht Gero Muth ran out of patience. After all, he'd waited 21 years for his elderly wife to die so he could inherit her estate. I strongly suspect he'd married Viola

Ana Lilia Trujillo

Ana Trujillo You don't want to make Ana Lilia Trujillo angry. You wouldn't like her when she's angry. And drunk. Apparently, Ana Trujillo of Houston, Texas has one helluva temper. She may be small but

Amanda Catherine Hein

Amanda Hein I bet Amanda Catherine Hein of Allentown, Pennsylvania, wishes she were Canadian. If she were Canadian, she'd be serving just a couple of years in prison instead of the rest of her life.

Jeremy Brent Cramer

Jeremy Cramer I don't even know what words to use to describe Jeremy Brent Cramer of Washington State. Hellbeast even seems far too nice, and monster far too bland. Jeremy Cramer is the definition of