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Damond Williams

Damond Williams On September 17, 2012, 17-year-old Terrey Wright of Los Angeles had her life brutally cut short. Terrey Wright had been off to visit a friend that night, but instead the poor girl wound

Arthur Morgan III

Arthur Morgan III Arthur Morgan III thinks he's "da shit". Just look at his smug mug -- he probably thinks that wearing a snazzy suit makes him god's gift to the ladies. But

Bruce Hamilton, Herbert Ben Sr. & Rosabelle Ben

Bruce Hamilton Some nasty things were happening on the Navajo Reservation in New Mexico. It seems that Bruce Hamilton, now 77, had a liking for sex with minors. Ewwwww. Trouble for him was it was

Robert Bill

Robert Bill Robert Bill, a former teacher from Wales, is a pernicious, predatory pedophile and kidnapper. That's the bad news. The 59-year-old pedo perv has been sentenced to 20 years in prison. That's the

Marissa Suzanne DeVault

Marissa DeVault Dale Harrell, 34, of Phoenix, Arizona, didn't stand a chance. On January 14, 2009 his wife and the mother of his children, Marissa Suzanne DeVault, decided he must die. And she did

Jorge Torrez

Jorge Torrez Jorge Torrez of Zion, Illinois started raping and murdering girls and young women very early in life. I don't know if he came out of the womb evil, but he certainly didn't

Krissy Lynn Werntz & Jason Michael Hann

Jason Hann and Krissy Werntz Krissy Lynn Werntz and Jason Michael Hann are two of the most vile child abusers and murderers I've added to this site. They are hellbeasts in the

Matthew Foerster

Matthew Foerster In the words of her grieving mother, Taylor Van Diest was an "awesome, awesome girl. She was just loved by so many people. She just had a way about her." Taylor Van

Isaac Aguigui and the FEAR Militia

Isaac Aguigui Isaac Aguigui is only 22 but is responsible for taking 4 lives. He is a power-hungry, arrogant, amoral, little snotnose who is willing to sacrifice anyone for his insane personal agenda. Isaac

William Dhondt

William Dhondt William Dhondt, 29, of Farmington, Michigan, has a good old excuse for killing his girlfriend, Kaitlin Hehir: it was ALL HER FAULT! It had to be since he's such a good

Arnold James (Jim) Somers

Arnold James Somers Arnold James Somers, 71, is a parent's worst nightmare. He is a successful, predatory pedophile. His targets were boys -- not troubled or neglected boys, but boys who enjoyed the love,